RagLak os : when will it end?

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So hai friends first of all. Hope every one is doing good. Thanks for your response for my previous one shot. I’m glad that you all enjoy my works. 

so just like my one shot  RagLak os : will the change come? This is also a kind of social message one. So kindly read it till the last.


Now the story.

The dialogue will be in bold letters.

so what’s your thought on women??asked Ragini to the man standing in front of her. A sarcastic smirk formed in his lips.

women? he asked with the least interest while Ragini noded her head seriously.

there is nothing much to talk about women I guess. So shall we talk something interesting?? asked the man while Ragini smirked.

do you mind marrying a rape victim??asked Ragini casually while the man’s eyes rounded in shock.

He stormed out of the room frustrated, while Ragini followed him smirking.

maa!! Are you trying to get me married to a shameless girl?? grumbled the man to his mother who was sitting there clueless.

What are you talking beta I can’t understand??asked his father.

papa.. she is a rape victim. How can just think I’ll marry her??asked the man furiously.

While Ragini interrupted. excuse me. Did I tell you I’m a rape victim? the man looked at her befuddled.

Mr. Singhania I’m not a rape victim. I just wanted to know about your views on them. But what did you say ” shameless”?? Anyways there is no point in explaining this to a man who don’t have the least ethnicity to respect a woman. So Mr. Singhania you may leave now. I have no interest in marrying a person like you. ragini stated as a matter of fact.

The singhanias left from there hunging their head down in embarrassment.

what is this beta?? This is the 7th person you are rejecting! Why are you doing like this.asked her mother who was really concerned about getting her daughter settle in a good family.

ma I don’t care, even if it is the hundredth one I don’t mind. I just can’t marry someone who can’t respect women.  Ragini replied in a serious tone. Her mother, sharshmita sighed knowing that her daughter will never change her mind.

After few weeks. Another family came to see Ragini. Actually the head of the family dp, is a friend and business partner of shekhar. Dp, ap, and the boy who is none other than Laksh maheshwari were welcomed heartily and were asked to sit in the sofa. Ragini slowly came their with coffee smiling and served it dp, ap. And when she came towards Laksh, she slowly lifted her eyes and saw him who was actually staring at her awestruck by her beauty. They shared an cute eyelock which was broken by. take the coffee beta. said shekhar bringing them back. Laksh shrugged his shoulder taking the coffee and mouthed a “thank u” for which Ragini smiled in return.

Ragini’s POV.

hayee.. he is so handsome. Though I’m not a person who rely on outer appearance and material benefits, but his look is just a killer. I don’t know why, but I feel he is the one for me. I hope he answer my questions properly. Oh God ji. . Please I never asked something like this before. But I really want him as my life partner so please make him answer my question properly . I really a connection between us.  Uff!!

End of her POV.

Keeping her thoughts aside Ragini asked laksh… Hmm.. can I talk to you in privacy.??  Laksh nods his head and both go to the balcony.

After few minutes of awkward silence, Ragini broke it.  hmm .. Laksh what do you think about women??  asked Ragini curiously. Laksh smiled and replied back women are foolish to think they are equal to men. 

While Ragini rolls her eyes in disappointment.

chal gayi.. wow God ji I asked for a simple thing but you can’t do that right? And this stupid Laksh!! Hey idiot can’t you understand that I have fallen for you, and want to hear something good so that I can marry you??  Ragini thought.

Actually she could still marry him if she want, after it’s her first love. But will she do that? No! Her instincts were more important to her than anything else. And thus with heavy heart she has to break her first love.

Laksh continued breaking her chains of thoughts. because they are always superior to men and have always been. We guys may be physically strong. But women are strong from here!  he said tapping his head with his fingers. Ragini smiled widely.

Her pov.

cha.. what’s this Ragini.?? You considered him to be a wrong person. Eeee.. jolly.. do first question, answered. Now second one ! Uff..

End of pov.

laksh… Do you mind marrying a rape victim?? asked Ragini nervously. While Laksh smiled in return.

yes!!.. they might have lost their virginity, but they are pure at heart. Laksh replied smiling genuinely. Ragini looked at him suprised and saw the stark of honesty in his eyes. She smiled thinking that she found her soul person.

lets go Laksh.. ragini said and turned to go, when he caught her wrist. Ragini looked at him and found him kneeling down in front of her. She looked at him befuddled.

ragini I came to know that you have rejected many people before me. But please don’t reject me! I don’t how, why , but the moment I saw you I just fell in love with you. I know that sounds crazy. But the truth is I’m head over heels in love with you. laksh confessed her .

Ragini smiled and made him stand.

laksh do you know why I rejected them?? Laksh nods in a no. Because they don’t know the value of a women Laksh. They don’t know how to respect women. But I guess I found my soul mate in you. ragini assured him with smile. Laksh gets happy and hugs her.” i love you Ragini.”  ” I love you Laksh.” both confess their feelings and feel peace in each other’s embrace.

Days passed, RagLak got married in a lavish manner. And as a symbol of a their love a girl was born, Diya. And after 4 years a boy was born, Rohit. The cute little family was always filled with bliss. Diya was pampered by Ap and dp alot as she was the first girl child in their home. They considered her to be the cute princess and Rohit was the laadli of everyone. They felt contented, happy and in short they were beyond satisfied. Everything was going smoothly.

After 9 years.

An award fuction is shown. Everyone were cheering. And the award for best documentary film goes to Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari. says the host clapping his hands. The whole auditorium cheers for her.  Ragini gets into the stage. And she takes the award in her hands with a faint smile in her lips. The host gives the mic to her and asks her to give a speech.

first of all I’m really glad that I got this award. I would like to dedicate this award to my husband Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, who had helped me out . laksh who was sitting in the front row smilies seeing his wife’s success. Ragini continues well I’m going to give a very lenghty speech so please bear me with that. But before that I would like to show an AV for you all.  saying she connects the pendrive to the projector and AV plays. It shows the pictures of great women who have done great things in their life.

  • Mother Teresa – missionaries of charity
  • Kalpana Chawla – first Indian American women astronaut
  • J.K. Rowling – novelist
  • Indira Gandhi – iron lady of India
  • Lakshmi bai – jansi ki Rani, freedom fighter
  • Kiran Bedi – Indian police officer
  • Sarojini Naidu – freedom fighter and poet
  • Mary Kom – boxer
  • Sania Mirza – tennis player
  • P.T. Usha – athlete
  • P.V. Sindhu – badminton player
  • Sarla Thakral – first Indian to fly aircraft

there is no explanation needed for them . Because they all are well known , and are respected by everyone. But let’s see how many of you know about these women!

does any one know who she is?? asked Ragini to the crowd, and when she got no response, she continued.

she is Elizabeth Short popularly known as ” the black Dalhia ” due to the mystery of her murder. She was killed in 1947 in a in human way. Post mortem report said that she was tortured before she was killed, she was forced to eat faeces. Her organs including uterus and intestine were removed. She was badly mutilated. Her body was completely drained of blood before she was dumped . She was cut into half through the abdomen at the ribs. Her mouth was slashed ear to ear. Her case remained unsolved for several decades. But later it was found that she was asked to murder by a Hollywood businessman who wanted to get rid of her.


i know this looks inappropriate. But it’s something really heart wrenching. No one has the real picture of the lady , Nangeli. Over three hundred years ago, there was a system of taxation in Kerala. Women have to give tax if they wanted to cover their upper parts. Sickeningly the amount would depend upon the size of br*ast. Isn’t it something disgusting?? Yes!! Nangeli felt she enough of it. And thus when the village collecter came to ask her share, she lit a lamp and laid down a plantain leaf as per custom. But instead of money she cut off her own br*asts and placed them in the leaf. And she bled to death. But it’s because of her , the disgusting system of taxation was banished.


can anyone recognize her?? Yes she is Waris Diere. Well everyone know she is a famous model . But apart from that she also a UN special ambassador. Because of her initiative 7th February is declared as “female genitals mutilation against day”.  But saddest part is she herself had undergone it. Her gentials was mutilated when she was just 6-7 . ( friends I’m not going explain it more because I have written a separate os on it , and that’s the link which I gave in the beginning)

well everyone know great women who have done great things. But none know about women to whom great thing have Happened( not the sarcasm) women are brutally raped. They are considered to be man’s toy thing. Do you guys really think we women are just existing to fulfill your filthy desires?? “s*xploitation” has became the trend now . If you look into the newspaper , there won’t be a single day without a rape case. I thought at least girls are safe in their home. But someone proved me that I would be a stupid if I think so. “A father raped his daughter for 5 years and that too with mother’s consent” Chi!! How cheap is this. Does a man really become blind in s*xual thirst that he rapes his own daughter?? They say that ” since God wants to be everywhere, he created mothers!” If thats case then why men are doing such stuffs. Why they can’t understand that whom they are harassing , can be a mother to someone, a sister to someone, a daughter to someone, a wife to someone?? From Nirbhaya to Hasini. Will it stop or not?? Many lose their previous person in their life. And even I too lost my daughter! silence prevails in the whole auditorium. Ragini wipes her tears remembering her moments with her daughter. Laksh hides his face in his palms and cries silently. With a cracking voice Ragini continues yes!! Even I lost my daughter. She was raped when she was just 7. But still we couldn’t find the culprit. It’s been two years, but still the void has not filled, still the wound has not healed . I’m not able to get justice for my daughter. ragini couldn’t speak more and so she just managed to say a ” thank you” and left the auditorium followed my Laksh.

The ride to their home was silent. Ragini remembers her moments with Diya. The first time she called her mumma, the first time she walked, the first time she went to school, the way she used to hug her when she was scared, her smile, how happy she was when she got her new baby brother, her cheeriness when she got first rank, everything. They reached home after an hour of journey. As soon as they entered Rohit comes there running and hugs RagLak .

mumma.. I’m really happy.. you got award na..?? asks Rohit in a childish voice.

haan.. bachcha..mumma got award..!! says Ragini kissing his cheek.

mumma tomorrow di’s memory day na.. asks Rohit innocently. Ragini’s smile fades away. And she nods her head.

After making Rohit sleep, Ragini mives towards the window with diya’s picture in her hand. Tears started making their way down his cheeks.

Flash back.

diya beta.. Kahan hai aap?? Rohit?? See mumma bought you the favorite ice cream. says Ragini entering the home.

diya… See Papa bought birthday dress for you … Tomorrow is princess’s birthday na… Come where are you…?? says Laksh searching her.

They search her in the whole house ,but couldn’t find her. They see Rohit in his bed . Ragini panicks.

laksh .. where is Diya..?? Where could she go at this hour?? raginj asks crying

ragini beta ..Kya hua..?? asks ap, dp entering the home . They had gone to one of dp’s friends home.

ma… Wo.. Diya is no where to be seen..!! says Laksh shocking them.

They fired a complaint in the police station, after searching her by themselves.

After a week.

Few police carrying some one wrapped in a white cloth come there.

Mr. Maheshwari , we are sorry. But unfortunately Diya was murdered. She has been raped and killed. We found her body near the dam. says the inspector .

Everyone gets shocked and cries. Ragini breaks down completely and cries in Laksh’s embrace.

Flash back ends.

Ragini is lost in her thought, when Laksh comes there. He hugs her from behind. Ragini turns and hugs him.

bachcha.. let’s sleep.. says Laksh hugging her. Ragini nods her head and drifts to sleep.

Next day

Everyone is perparing for diya’s Pooja. Laksh is busy in calling the pandit. Rohit is seen playing near the entrance. At that time a man in his mid twenties comes there with few luggage. raagu di… he says grabbing everyone’s attention.

arrey … Vicky… You here?? Its been two year yaar.. you left to Australia ..  says Ragini hugging him. While Vicky just passes a smile.

how are you Vicky?? asks Laksh holding his shoulder.

I’m fine jiju… replies Vicky hugging him.

hey… Rohit.. how are you champ… You have grown up a lot.. he says trying to lift him up. Rohit jerks his hands and stares him.

you are very bad..!!  says Rohit in a childish tone and runs from there. All laugh at this.

Vicky is their neighbour. Ragini considers him as her own brother. He went to Australia two years ago and now he has returned. He came to maheshwari mansion Because his parents have gone in a business trip. And thus he is here to stay for a week. The pandit comes there and do the pooja.

At night.

Vicky is the guest room. He comes out of the washroom after freshing up . He opens his bag to take his dress. But his eyes falls on something else. He takes a single payal in his hand. He remembers how Diya used to call him Vicky uncle with all love and affection. He gets angry and throws the things in his bag here and there. And he leaves to the terrace.

In the terrace.

Vicky smokes and stamps his fist on his thigh. cant this police men arrest a guy… he thinks. from when you have this habit?? ragini questions him from behind. from the day Diya left us!! he says throwing the cigarette. Ragini wipes her tears and keeps a hand in his shoulder.  I can understand Vicky.. Diya considered you to be her own uncle..  he nods his head. After sometime she leaves to her room. On the way, while crossing Vicky’s room she sees all the things scattered around. “He’ll never change..” she says and starts taking all the things. She then takes the payal.

this payal looks like diya’s… But…!! 

Flash back.

Mr. Maheshwari these are few things of diya’s.. please check. says the inspector handing over the packet. The packet consists of two hair clips, a bangle, a bracelet, a chain, and a single payal.

Flash back ends.

there was only payal..given by inspector.. and even I’m having that.. then how this one with Vicky..?? ragini asks herself. She gets suspicious. And thus to clear it, she goes to her room. Laksh and Rohit are seen playing with each other. She strodes towards the cupboard and searches for the payal. At last she finds it. She matches it with the one found in Vicky’s room. And it matched. Tears started running down her cheeks. She looks at Rohit and remembers how he said ” you are bad” to Vicky. She goes towards the bed and pulls Rohit .

beta.. why you told today that Vicky uncle is bad.?? she asks nervously.

ragini.. why.. laksh asks but stops when Ragini shows her palm.

mumma woh.. that day..when you went out. I and di played hide and seek. She was the catcher. And I went and hid in our store room. But di didn’t can in search of me. So I went to search her. And I saw Vicky uncle with di in her bed. Di’s dress was torn. And she was crying. Vicky uncle did something.. and di screamed.. I got scared.. and I ran to my room.. and then I don’t know how I slept. But after that di left us. So that only I said he is bad.! rohit reveals everything. Ragini rushes to the balcony and cries hardly. Laksh makes Rohit sleep, and goes to her.

la..Laksh.. that Vicky.. that Vicky is responsible for diya’s death. .. how can he do that..?? I considered him to be my own brother… Diya loved him as her own uncle … But he… ragini cries hugging Laksh. Laksh makes his grip tighter.

ragini.. we should inform this police..  says Laksh breaking the hug.

no Laksh… Police will not give him the punishment he deserve.. says Ragini as a matter of fact.

then what you want to do?? he asks confused. Ragini’s lips form a smirk.  I’ll give punishment to him by myself. I’ll kill him..!!  Ragini reveals her desicion, shocking Laksh.

have you gone nuts?? If you anything like that then police will arrest you.laksh tried changing her desicion.  I don’t care..  Ragini replied emotionlessly. Laksh gets angry and slaps her.

what do you mean by you don’t care?? Huh?? Can you imagine what will mine and Rohit situation when you do something stupid and get yourself into jail?? Ragini not just you.. but even I lost my daughter. I can’t afford to lose you.. you pour your emotions in front of me, in my embrace.. but did you ever thought about me?? I never cried in front of, cause I know that will worsen your situation. I cried alone without letting you know. Even I needed a shoulder to cry.. even I wanted embrace.. Ragini please don’t do anything stupid….  pleaded Laksh. Ragini nods her head and wipes his tears.

laksh I decided what should be done.. says Ragini determined and calls her friend  Dr.Sheela.

hello Sheela.. ragini says in a cracking voice.

ragini.. are you ok?? asks Sheela finding her low.

sheela.. it’s… Vicky.. Vicky was the one Sheela.. he killed our Diya… And I want your help in punishing him… says Ragini

im ready to do anything Ragini.. Diya is not just your daughter but mine too..  says Sheela determined. Ragini says something which is muted.

Next day

At breakfast.

Ragini mixes some powder in Vicky’s drink. Vicky drinks it and falls unconscious. RagLak after convincing AP and dp, takes Vicky them.

After few hours.

Vicky is seen lying in the hospital bed. RagLak are standing glaring him. Vicks slowly gains conscious. raagu di… he says only to be cut off by Ragini.. chi.. tumhari ganti zaban see Mera naam math lena..  vicky gives a confused look.

how can you do such a filthiest act?? I thought you are my own brother.. you know how much Diya loved you?? But you… You harassed her.. and killed her… Chi..ragini says disgustingly. Vicky looked on shocked. He starts feeling pain in his lower parts

and now you can’t rape anyone!! laksh declares. Vicky opens his eyes wide open. He removes the besheet and gets shocked. RagLak smirk and comes out of the room. They meet Sheela there.

as you said… I have removed his important part Ragini… I detached his p**is … says Sheela.

thank you Sheela.. says Ragini smiling.

Back in Vicky’s room .

He shouts holding his head.

RagLak leave the hospital.

At the evening.

RagLak along with Rohit are seen sitting in front of diya’s grave. Ragini feels a soft touch in her shoulder, she turns and finds Diya there. thank you mumma.. I got justice today. The one who is responsible for my death is finally punished. I’m really happy mumma now. And promise me.. from now you won’t cry. You should take care of Papa and Rohit.. bye mumma.. now I should leave.. she waves her hand in a bye and slowly disappears into the air. Ragini wipes her tears and looks at laksh, who is trying hard to control his tears. She hugs him. And tears flow down freely from his eyes.

After sometime. RagLak stood up.

rohit.. let’s go beta..  says Ragini keeping her hand on his head. Rohit wipes his tears and keeps a rose in diya’s grave saying i miss you di.. and they all starts to leave.

In the blue sky

Diya is standing there and witnessing her family. She is surrounded by girls of almost all age. A girl in her mid twenties keeps her hand on her shoulder.. what happened Diya?? 

nothing Nirbhaya di.. says Diya smiling. At that time a small girl of 8 years comes towards them.

who are you dear??  asks one of the girl.  I’m Asifa di.. says the little girl and joins the big team.

The end..

So how is it??  I’m sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Asifa case made my heart wrench and I decided to share it with you guys. I also included few information about Elizabeth Short, Nangeli, and Waris Diere. I’m sorry if anyone found anything offensive in my story. I really want to stop all these nonsense things in such a way that our future generations should be unaware about the words “abuse” , “harassment” , “rape” ,”s*xploitation”.

Ok guys bye..

With love,

Devihaa ❤

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  1. ChandanaSSV

    Really heart touching story….. I have tears in my eyes while reading it……. And the information u collected was awesome…… Salute to ur work…..

    1. Devihaa

      Hey chandana.. thanks a lot dr.. I’m glad u liked it.. . And about the information.. I knew about them before itself dr.. so that was easy for me..
      And dr… Salute..is a big thing.. I don’t deserve it… I just wrote the reality in the form of a story..

  2. Sakthi gayathri

    Really heart touching story….

    Hats off mam…

    1. Devihaa

      Hey sakthi..thanks a lot dr…
      Mam?? Please no!! I’m just 17..

  3. Sorry…em a silent reader….to be honest I never comnt…….bt dis ws smthng diff……u made me numb……dis is wonderful…. actually my words r nt enough to xpress my gratitude for u dear…..A BIG SALUTE TO U

    1. Devihaa

      Hey Riya..I’m glad that u liked it…
      But I’m much more happier that u broke ur silence..
      Salute is a big thing dr.. it’s for them who do great things.. things which are impossible..
      I just wrote the reality.. that’s what happening right??

  4. devihaaa take a bow…u literally deserve it…the ending was really awesome..it is reality..a huge team..n all because of these monsters in the face of a human..n idk when this is going to end..n how..

    1. Devihaa

      Hey sanaali..I’m glad u liked it..
      Yes dr.. it’s really a team than one can imagine..
      And yep the credit goes to inhuman beasts..
      Really dr.. even I don’t when it’s gonna end..
      That’s why I gave the title “when will it end?”..
      Bow ?? For me… That’s do sweet of u.. but I guess I don’t deserve it.. coz I believe it should for them who fight against such things.. and also for all rape victims who come up and tell the truth.. and lead a strong life..
      Thanks again

  5. Awesome update

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks anju..

  6. Fabulous dear

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      Thank u dr..

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      Thanks sherin..I’m glad you liked it


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  13. It was really heart touching di.it even made me cry…it was awesome:)

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      Thanks dr.. I’m really glad that u liked it.. <3..

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    Fantastic dear and loved it

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      Thank u Zoya..

  18. Sargam

    I felt really sad reading it.glad that ragini got a good guy like laksh but I wonder if there are such men.
    That av and information I had heard earlier but reading it again made me realize again that we are living in a heartless and actually society filled with beasts.what happened with Diya…I can’t express how agitated I feel reading that even little girls are not safe.but you did a great job by showing that ragini didn’t kill that man but gave him equally grave punishment.
    The end just broke my heart and asifa’s case…i am just speechless.i was so Disturbed and frustrated with this patriarchal society where girls are just treated as commodities and whose heart didn’t bleed for that little girl.
    But I just hope that the next generation won’t have any such negativity around them ,I really hope.
    You did a great job dear expressing every bit of emotion, you have great writing skills along with a superb creative, innovative and
    expressive side.
    Take care dear.

    1. Devihaa

      Hi sargam..I’m glad u liked it.. just like how a coin as two sides similarly.. this consists of bad people as well as good people..
      But the thing is..now a day’s the bad one have started overpowering the good ones..
      And yes dr.. girls are not safe even in their home.. if they can’t be safe in their own home.. doesn’t know where we has to go..to be safe and secure..
      And abt punishment.. I honestly felt that it was the correct punishment they should get.. but Indian rule?? Uff I have Ntg to say abt it.. I really think that our constitution should amend! Everyone are telling that it’s a big job to do..it’s really difficult..
      Yeah I agree it’s difficult, but not impossible right?? If they can amend the constitution in 1952 which was framed in1950!! They y can’t they do it now??
      Abt Asifa case… Even I felt frustrated dr.. instead of thinking what that innocent soul would have gone through.. people are debating abt Kashmir ..or ..Jammu.. Hindu.. or Muslim.. that’s just ridiculous..!!
      I personally consider every religion to be same.. and I’m saying just like that , I really mean it.. and to be frank I’m kinda patriotic.. so this thing really bothers me..
      I really wish ..and pray that future generations be free from all these filthiest act..
      Thanks for ur compliment..dr.

  19. thank u for publishing this …i am out of words , i just can’t express through words…..i wish something as such happens in real also..lets hope it happens..tc

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks niami.. I’m glad that you liked it … Even I too wish something happens like this.. at least then I guess all these would stop..
      Let’s hope!!

  20. TUFriendsForever

    Hmmmm devu one thing u r really studious u know that much of them?? What brain u have inside??? Really I didnt even knew those people I just knew how tax was collected in Kerala but I never knew how is was eradicated and yeah there are lot of people like them who have contributed lot but still not into light and many brutal things happening in life is not in bright light too many places are dark till but I hope they change soon and we all have a big part to help out and let me talk about the starting like really the whole scenario had sense many have that wrong mind set ragu’s portrayal was too good u know I ask some question at home against my dad my dad even won’t dad even don’t say anything but all my relatives jump into it and say that I am not grown up properly because I talk of equality they think girls are just to do house hold works but we have brains too if we say then many people come saying the generation is wrong they are taught of imaginary things and it’s not pratical shitttt why can’t we be equal are more than boys!?? Really there are more shitty rules for girls at home but I wanna say those who say girls are not equal to boys then yep u are correct we limit ourselves thinking we are equal to u but we are far above than u as said in the story and one more point u are soo silly and your thoughts are wrong

    If I ask my dad to take a cup of water which is near he would take and give it to me but some say it’s rude u shouldnt ask dad to take don’t u have hands??? Don’t u have manners??? What the hell is manners in that??? That’s close to him I asked him to take if it was close to me and he asked I would have done the same but when I asked its wrong he also has hands but it’s about helping each other and Make others work easy not about girl and boy
    The thought of society is wrong and if we raise voice against it all come and just put as down
    Creepy people
    Devu u went lot off topic but this was just awesome it gave lot of thought and message I loveddd it
    Your writing skills are awesomeeeee
    But I still think such an awesome writer was not granted instant approval??? Ridiculousss
    Devu just keep writing
    The way u connected all things together was too good
    Just loved
    And the last part was too moving yep people are soo merciless and Ruth less
    God please help us getting peace for all such people and no one should ever get a position like them
    Ragu’s talk was too good
    U really need a salute devu
    And lot of hugssss and love from my side
    Just keep writinggggg

    1. Devihaa

      Hey rufi..thanks for reading sissy.. and studious?? Even u?? Uff!! Everyone keep saying that I’m studios.. but Actually I’m not.. I get good marks..but I’m not a nerd.. ennoda Amma kitta keta kaluvi vuthuvanga and abt knowledge.. I usually read something like this that’s y I know..
      And yes dr.. these things cane to light so we know them.. but there are few more things which are still in dark..pitch dark..
      And yeah same pinch dr.. even I used fight saying that we girls are equal.. or to say much clearly.. we r greater than boys in all ways.. even in studies girls are scoring good marks..
      But I feel that ur relatives are still thinking that we girls r fit for nothing..
      We take pledge everyday that all indians are my brothers and sisters.. but why they harass their own sisters?? I guess this question will remain unanswered for ages!!
      And what if man does the things women’s do..?? Can’t they just do simple works.. it’s not that we are born to do just house hold chores…
      Thanks for ur appreciation dr..
      And I’m scared what if their population( the rape victim team) becomes more than Earth’s population one day..??
      A lot of hugs.. kisses..
      I’ll keep writing dr..
      And yeah what a small comment as u said..( note the sarcasm).. ??

  21. OMG just amazing shot

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks vennila

  22. Fantastic mind blowing awesome amazing

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks ashly.. I’m glad you liked it..

  23. Amazing work dear, most know the facts but none will react,which is a curse to our society. Every culprit who have enough money will easily get out using legal loophole.

    1. Devihaa

      Hi rehna.. firstly thank you for reading this.. and yes dr .. u r right!! Everyone about the ugliest truths but they just ignore it.. they read all these kind of cases everyday.. and feel sorry for them, and think our responsibility ends here. But actually no! Not at all!! It’s our responsibility to stop all this things..
      But how???
      There is saying that Just one hand can’t make sound .. . But I guess we can .. *snap* .. true right.. but that thing is everyone should contribute to that.so that the effect becomes greater. and that’s when it will end..
      It’s true dr.. it has become a eternal fact that.. if u have money.. then no one can stop u.. , do whatever u want.. but u will be free if you have money..
      That’s just disgusting..!!
      Hope this money power ends..
      Hope this brutal acts comes to a halt!!

  24. Good one, keep writing

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks vini

  25. Excellent dear

    1. Devihaa

      Thank u Monisha

  26. Laashya

    Wonderful concept didu
    Heart touching one

    1. Devihaa

      Hey laashya dr.. thank u so much..

  27. Amazing

    1. Devihaa

      Thanks thahseem

  28. amazing,beautiful no words to explain..its a huge message for everyone…every rape victim should get justice and the culprit must be given this type of punishment.Massive respect to u dear u wrote a very beautiful os and yes a very unique and special one too. No words to express my feelings its so so so superb..keep writing n stay blesses amazing girl.

    1. Devihaa

      Hey Jessica.. thanks for reading this.. yes dr.. I feel from the bottom of my heart that every victim should get justice.. and also should have their right to punish the accused in the way they want.. Because they r not only losing their virginity..but also their dignity…
      Thanks a lot for ur compliment dr.. I’m in cloud nine reading ur appreciation.. but I guess the whole world will be happy if all these ruthless acts stop!!

  29. Outstanding os dear and the concept you taken for it was amazing. Feeling really bad for all girls those are brutally raped and killed by monsters ( I don’t want to mention them in human category). I just cried reading this os same like I cried reading Asifa’s news. I don’t know when it over but I hope they will get best punishment which they deserve. Thanks a lot for writing this story and I really loved Raglak characters here and loved sheela too. Love you dear and take care ??????

  30. Devihaa

    Ammu!! Thanks a lot for commenting dr.. even I feel that these beasts should get the right punishment!! In many countries they r giving the most appropriate punishment.. but India?? Nada..!! I hope all the rape victims get justice!!
    Thanks a lot for ur compliment dr.. love u too.. take care..??????

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