Raglak os: Ur bachha and my princess made our family

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At HP hospitals delivery ward: 1

A woman’s POV,
U r just looking like ur mom i.e. me. (A deep sigh) If u looks like ur father then he might kill u for his reputation. He even doesn’t know that u r born. I think he even don’t remember my name. I am dame sure if I stand in front of him with u then he will think that I am somebody’s wife with somebody’s child. He doesn’t even like me. (Tears form in her eyes) I am just his… one night stand (Tears fall down and dropped on a child’s face that was sleeping on her mother’s lap. She got disturbed by that tear. Still closing her eyes she slightly wiped it from her face. Her mom smiled looking at her with tears in her eyes). U r doing just like me. Even I don’t like someone disturb my beautiful sleep. My brother always disturbs me while sleeping. My stupid duffer brother was such a lovely guy. He always teases me and makes me cry, but he was the one who always save me from others who were teasing and making me cry. I even don’t want to think about that person who made me cry and spoiled my every relations i.e. ur father. But what to do, I madly loved him, trusted him. But he cheated me in the name of love. He just threw me like a tissue paper. And its result only tears, heart break but u too. U r my gift for my unconditional love on ur father, Karthick. No I don’t even want to hear his name in my life time. I promise u mera bachha that I will always support u in each and every situation. I won’t leave u like my family left me in a road. I came to know that all their love were just fake. They just brought me up because for their reputation. When they came to know that I am pregnant. They scolded and beat me. But finally they asked me to marry someone by aborting u. They said that u r an illegal child. They said that u r a black spot for me and my family. They even cursed u that u will be responsible for destruction of my life. According to them a girl should do all the things what their parents saying and next she should marry someone and bear a child quickly. They don’t want to know about that girl’s emotions. They at last said that if I want to stay with them then I should kill u or else I should get out of that house changing my name from ‘ RAGINI GADDODIA’ to ‘RAGINI’, so that their reputation will not be spoiled. But u knows what my brother supported me. He tried to convince my father and mother. But they didn’t even paid attention to him. So he came out of the house with me. But my father who wants an heir for his business asked him to come back. But my brother, Balaji kept a condition that they should take care of me. So my father asked me stay in his guest house and he just sent some money for me still in the name of ‘RAGINI’. Both my mother and father didn’t even see me after sending me out of the house. Only Balu (Balaji) came to meet me every evening and morning. He also stays with me some nights against my father’s wishes. He tried hard to make my father to change. But he doesn’t change. Balu always asked me to say ur father to destroy his life. But I didn’t say it to anyone. It was a secret even I won’t tell u. U don’t worry about my family and others. I am there with u always. They all r just stupid idiot duffers. They don’t know that u r my love, my charm, my happiness, my weakness. They don’t know that u will make my life happy and secured. They don’t know that u r the light in my dark life. I love u so much bachha. Please at least u stay with me. There is no one in my life except u. (At that time she heard a baby cry. She looked around and found that it was from next ward. Then she remembered something.) I think so the baby in next ward was crying. I heard it from the morning I was admitted. When I asked the nurse why that baby was always crying, she said that the baby was born when I was admitted. But that baby’s mom died while delivering it. Now that baby should be br*ast fed. Doctor advised that baby’s father to find a temporary br*ast feeder for the baby. But till now they couldn’t find. I felt bad for that baby. I thought to have a look of that baby. I had a normal delivery so now I can walk. I went to the next ward and found that no one was there even that baby’s father and nurses. I was having my bachha in my hands. I went to the cradle and looked at the baby. It was a girl. It looked so beautiful. She was like an angel. She was so cute. (While thinking this she felt hit on her chest, it was her bachha. She smiled looking at her jealous, which was also her character. She whispered sorry in its ear and found that she smiled while closing her eyes.) Besharam bachha! (Then she looked at the child in the cradle. It had stopped crying and was looking at her face with some tears on its tiny eyes. She sat on the bed and made her bachha lie next to her and whispered in its ear ‘bachha please don’t disturb. I am going to feed ur sissy. So u sleeps quietly.’ Like responding to her, it just shakes its hands and legs and then slept. Then she took the child from the cradle and kept on her lap and patted on its chest lightly. She then started to feed her.)

A man’s POV,
I had failed to find a br*ast feeder for my princess. She was crying from the morning. I am not a good father, good husband, good son, and good grandson. I have failed in every relation in my life. With that failed face I went to the hospital and entered delivery ward. I didn’t hear any crying sound. I was panicked. I quickly rushed to ward: 2 and opened the door. But I saw a lady sitting on the opposite side facing her back towards me and a child next to her but with my princess on her lap. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know shall I let her to feed my princess or stop her. But my heart said that I should allow her. For the first time in my life I listen to my heart. I closed the door slowly and went outside and sat on a chair. If I had listened to my heart I won’t be sitting here. I will be enjoying my time with my wife and my princess i.e. my small family. But in a nick of time, everything was changed in my life. My parents had died in an accident when I was just 2. Then my dada and dadi brought me up. I always listened to them. I have no choices in my life. Whatever they say I blindly followed it. They always said me to be a good boy, study well, no friends especially girl friends, no partying, no dating, no movies and etc,. Whichever a normal boy does was restricted to me. I always thought that they are saying for my future life. So I didn’t even enjoy my childhood. I let my grandparents to rule my life. Finally a new life entered my life in the name of wife, Swara. I had married her because my dada said that I will get profit in my business. She was an orphan but a very good girl, sweet, lovely, cute and most importantly very beautiful. I had a dominate relation like my dada have with my dadi. I thought it was right. I spoke very less to her and always force her to follow only my decisions which were actually my grandparent’s. There was no love in our relation. But little does I know was she loved me to the core. One day she said that she was pregnant. For the first time in my life I felt happiness. I took her in my arms and twirled her. She laughed loudly which made me mesmerize to see her continuously. For the first time I saw her blushing. Something inside me was jumping and butterflies were flying in my stomach. At that time I don’t know that I was in love with her. I, ‘LAKSH MAHESHWARI’ was in love with my wife, ‘SWARA LAKSH MAHESHWARI’. One day she came to me and said that she was in love with me. I was shocked and surprised. From that day I keenly observed her and started to buy some things which made her very happy. I smiled whenever she smiled, I laughed whenever she laughed, I felt bad whenever she was crying. My dadi doesn’t like the way I was with Swara. She said that she might over power me and rule everyone if I was not strict towards her. For the first time I ignored my dadi’s words. Rather than she I was shocked more. At that time I came to know I am in love with my Swara. I thought to propose to her when she delivers my princess and come to my house with my new family member. But on her delivery time, my dream was broken when doctor said that she was having some complications in her delivery. I went to the god and asked him to save my wife, my life, my love, my Swara. At that time dada came to me and gave some papers and asked me to sign. I was about to read it but dada shouted me to sign without reading it. I blindly trusted him and signed it. It was my biggest mistake in my life. Because of my blindness I lost my wife and my princess lost her mom (Tears fell down from his eyes continuously). When doctor came and gave my princess in my hands, I immediately asked about Swara. She looked at me shocked and said that she had died. I became hell angry and shouted at her. She was more shocked and said that I was the one who had asked to kill my wife and make my princess live. I saw her with dumbstruck. She said that she had said to dada and dadi about Swara’s condition. When she said that she can save only mom or child, dada immediately asked to save the baby. She asked for signature from me so only dada came to me and took signature. I looked at dada and dadi with unbelievable look. They said that only child could be named as their heir. They said that they thought it to be boy. They said that if they came to know that it was a girl then they would have asked to save Swara. I was even more shocked to hear this. At that time I suddenly asked if I was girl then would they have dumped me while my parents’ dead. They immediately said yes. It was the limit for my patience, respect on them. I shouted at them and asked them to get out of my life. Everybody in the hospital thought that I was disrespecting elderly people. But only I know how cheap they were. But still I have some duties. So I just joined them in a ‘home’. When I was about to leave they looked at me very innocently. But I know their cunning mind so I left there and came to hospital. Swara was taken outside. She was looking pale with cold skin. I lightly touched her cheeks. I cupped her face. It was the first time I touched her so smoothly. My tears fall on her cheeks. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear that ‘I LOVE U’. For the first time I hugged her. I felt my heart break. I couldn’t do anything. I then completed her last rights. I walked into my princess’s ward like a lifeless body. She was crying badly. I could not control anymore I fall on the floor and cried loudly. A doctor came in and asked me to control. But I couldn’t. She said that my princess needs br*ast feeding and I should find a temporary feeder or else she would die. No I can’t afford another loss. Now she was the only one in my life. No one is there in my life except her. I need her. I rushed out and called everyone and asked for help. I drove my car to different places and asked for help. But I couldn’t find anyone. (At that time he heard a door sound. He lifted his head and found a lady looking at him with a child on her hand.) I immediately went near her and found that child was not my princess. I peeped inside the ward and found my princess sleeping beautifully and peacefully on her cradle. I then looked at that lady. She was having her head down. I thought to say thank u. But after many incidents in my life, I came to know that money is everything. So I took my wallet and picked all the money in it and forwarded it to her. She looked at me with wide eyes. Then slowly some tears formed and she rushed to ward: 1. I felt bad that I hurt her. But still I don’t know how I felt that she was hurt.

Ragini’s POV,
How dare he was? I just fed that child in the name of humanity but not only humanity something more than that had happened to me. Every rich people do like this. When I opened my eyes after a night with Karthick, he throws a bundle of money on my face and went from there. I felt my love world collapse and I left from there heartbroken. Today I feel the same heartbroken when that man gave me money. I just wanted to slap tightly on his face but my bachha was in my hands. So I left from there. Bachha I promise u that I won’t let u have any heart breaks like me. I love u so much bachha.

Laksh’s POV,
Those tears were killing me here. I felt like I hurt her. I didn’t do it intentionally but still I am feeling bad for that poor lady. A nurse told me that she was admitted by her brother and her husband didn’t even came here to look at her. I felt bad for her. I am sorry princess. Now I am promising u that I will protect u from every evil and I will go to any extend to save u. U r my gift of Swara. U r just looking like Swara, just be like her. Don’t be like me believing someone blindly. It will hurt u very badly princess. Now I will ask sorry to that lady for hurting her. Princess please be with me always. I love u so much princess.

Next day morning,
Laksh came to Ragini’s ward and found that it was empty. He asked about her to a nurse. She said that she had discharged in the early morning. Guilt surrounded in Laksh’s heart. But he just let his thoughts away. Then his princess too was discharged.

After 2 days,
Laksh was with his princess in a temple and praying god to give him a way to feed his princess’s hunger. Tears were rolling down from his eyes. He opened his eyes and found a lady next to him with a child and praying with tears falling down from her eyes. He then recognized her and immediately falls on her feet with his princess next to him. Yes it was Ragini. Ragini was shocked.
Ragini: What r u doing? Why r u doing like this? Who r u? Please get up. Please.
Laksh looked at her and stood up with his princess. Ragini was looking at him with wide eyes. Laksh: I am so sorry. I had hurt u. I had done that because everyone helped me for my money. So I thought u too like that. But u proved me wrong. I am sorry for it. Now I had fallen on ur feet because I am begging u to be a temporary feeder for my princess. She was starving for milk for 2 days. After that night, she didn’t have anything. God only knows how much she was struggling to live to support me. Please help my princess. I will do whatever u say but please help my princess, please.
Ragini’s tears were continuously coming down from her eyes. She looked at princess. Her face was pale and tired due to crying. She couldn’t take it anymore. She looked at Laksh.
Ragini: Where is ur car? Take me to there.

Laksh looked at her confusingly then he asked her to follow him. He unlocked his car and looked at Ragini. Ragini sat on the back seat and made her bachha to lie next to her and forwarded her hands for his princess. He gave her to Ragini and she asked him to close the door and wait outside. He nodded his head and was about to close the door, he looked at her bachha. He then looked at Ragini for permission to take her in his hands. Ragini just nodded her head. So Laksh took her and closed the door. He found that she was smiling brightly at him. A small smile came in his mouth. It had been 2 days he had smiled. Bachha then lightly hit his chest with her small legs. Laksh laughed and started to play with her. Here Ragini was feeding his princess. She found that she was very quiet and stop crying whenever she touches her. This made her to smile. Princess smiled while drinking milk and Ragini felt it and she chucked. Then she thought that his princess needs her like her bachha. So she decided to help him. After a while both princess and bachha had slept. They were sleeping in the cars seat while Raglak were looking at them lovingly. Then Ragini said him about her decision. He felt very happy and thanked her continuously. Ragini then said that she need not want any money. Laksh tried to convince her but Ragini was so stubborn. So Laksh asked her stay in his house. Ragini informed Balaji about her decision and he too said yes.
Now Raglak were in same house with Ragini and her bachha in a room and Laksh and his princess in a room. They became good friends and they shared about their dark past to each other. Laksh too asked about Karthick. But Ragini ignored so Laksh too doesn’t wanted to hurt her more. So he left it just like that. Ragini helped him to come out of pain of Swara’s death. She thought him that only memories can make a life beautiful. From then Laksh started to concentrate more on business and his two princesses. Ragini too moved on forgetting Karthick and concentrated more on her two bachhas. Raina (Bachha) and Swarya (Princess) were now 5 months. They both were just like sisters. Whenever Raina cry Swarya too join her and vice versa. Whenever Raina laugh Swarya too join her and vice versa. Whenever Raina naughtily disturbs Laksh’s sleep, Swarya too join her. Whenever Swarya was sitting next to Ragini during pooja, Raina too join her. Raglak loved their beautiful bond. Raina will always be with Laksh and Swarya will always with Ragini. Laksh always took the 3 to picnic. First Ragini objected it. But later she started to like Laksh’s company so they 4 were always roaming together. Soon this news spread to everyone and Laksh’s business clients accused him that he was in relationship with Ragini. Laksh became angry and cancelled those clients’ projects who accuse Ragini. Soon this news spread to reporters and they kept on accusing their relationship. Laksh just ignored the reporters and their news.

One day Laksh kept a party in his house. There an elderly man misbehaved with Ragini. Laksh felt very angry and beat him black and blue. Finally a man came in between and said that Ragini has no relation with him then why he was supporting her. Laksh anger falls on peak and he dragged her to a temple and took sindoor and filled her hair line with it. He then took a mangalsutra (Swara’s mangalsutra will always be in his pocket to get a feeling that she was around him) and tied on Ragini’s neck. Ragini was standing dumbstruck and could not even utter a word. Now world’s mouth was closed but with that a beautiful friendship was ended. Ragini felt very angry because of Laksh’s impulsiveness. But she never showed her anger on his princess. Laksh was guilt ridden but still her behavior with his princess surprised him. Now they both were like strangers to each other and husband and wife to the world. This news was heard by Balaji, Ragini’s parents and Laksh’s grandparents. Ragini’s parents felt very happy that she had married a rich man whereas Balaji was happy that her sister’s life was secured. Laksh’s grandparents were happy that she was a daughter of a business man. Ragini’s parents and Laksh’s grandparents came and shed their crocodile tears but Raglak did not allow them in their life.

But Balaji was allowed in and he decided to stay there to check if Ragini was happy in her life. If she had moved on then he would start his life. If not he will wait in his life till Ragini was settled. Ragini came to know about his thoughts so she started to act like a lovely wife. At first Laksh felt it awkward but when Ragini explained him about her brother’s intentions, he accepted to act. Before Balaji’s arrival they both were in different rooms. But now they had to share same room and same bed (no couch and they don’t want the other to sleep on the floor). Raina and Swarya were still sleeping in cradle. So Ragini made a bridge between her and Laksh. But at morning there will be no bridge and Laksh will be sleeping by laying his half part on her and other half on the bed, sometimes Ragini will cross the bridge and sleep on his chest. They both first felt little awkward but then they let it be. Laksh always act like doing romance with Ragini whenever Balaji crosses them. Even though Ragini knows that it was just acting, she liked it. Slowly she started to like his every activity like sleeping with open mouth, dancing in the bathroom, getting pissed off because of Raina’s naughtiness, doing make up for his both princess, making Swarya to have her medicines. She started to care for Laksh more like waiting for him till midnight to have dinner, shouting at him if he drench in rain, putting medicine if he was hurt. Laksh observed her activities but thought it was just acting. Now Balaji can feel that ‘RAGINI LAKSH MAHESHWARI had fallen for her husband LAKSH MAHESHWARI’. So he left the house. But still Ragini continued to care him. Laksh liked it but still he doesn’t want her to do this. But now Ragini had confirmed that she loves Laksh. She decided to propose him.

One day Ragini made Raina and Swarya to sleep early. She decorated garden romantically. A table with two chairs opposite to each other and table had some dishes with a flower pot with red roses and way to the table was with rose petals. She dressed in red saree with black borders and matching black blouse. She left her hair free which Laksh liked and had a sindoor and mangalsutra with small bindi. She had a bracelet (Laksh’s favorite) and a ring. She called Laksh and asked him to come early and waited for him. Laksh came and was shocked to see the decorations and Ragini’s avatar. Ragini came to him and asked to get fresh up. Laksh too went from there and came after some time. Ragini switched on music system and Sanam Re song was playing. She forwarded her hand to him for dance. He too gave and both started to dance. Soon they started to dance very closely and Laksh was lost in her fragrance, her touch, her feel, her eyes. Laksh was completely lost in her and Ragini blushed looking at him. Then she whispered in his ears, ‘I LOVE U LAKSH’. Laksh came out of the thoughts and pushed her on the ground.

Laksh: No. I loved only Swara. I will always love her only and no one can get her place in my heart. She only taught me how to love. Only she deserved my love. I can’t love anyone than her. I thought u knows this Ragini. But u cheated me saying ‘I love u’. Why have u done this? I thought u r my best friend, my companion, my supporter. I liked ur each and every activity. Ragini, u r the best mom, but u r the worst friend in this world. I hate u Ragini. I hate u.
Saying this he went from there. Ragini was sitting on the ground with heavy heart and Laksh’s words in her ears. She started to cry loudly and Laksh in another room was crying thinking about Ragini’s proposal and Swara’s death. The night was very big night for Raglak.

At morning Laksh ignored Ragini and breakfast and went to his office. Like this he started to ignore the children also. Ragini felt really hurt and she wants to get her old Laksh back. She thought she can bring him only when she goes out of his life. So she went to lawyer’s office and asked for divorce papers. Now she started to ignore him so that when she leaves him, she won’t miss him. Laksh felt affected due to ignorance. He tries to speak to her and say sorry as he hurt her but she just ignored him.

Now her thoughts were how she can separate Raina and Swarya. They can’t live without each other. They both were like twin sisters. Now they were 9 months old. Then Ragini thought to leave both to Laksh. But she feels that Laksh may think that she had left a head ache to him. Then she thought to take both with her. But she feels that Laksh may think that she had separated him from his daughter. She also can’t live without Swarya.

She was sitting in the garden thinking it. While she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned and shocked to see Karthick standing. She immediately pushed away his hand and stood away from him. She yelled and shouted at him to get out of the house. But he moved forward and Ragini moved backward and finally her back hit a tree. Karthick locked her in between his arms.

Karthick: U knows what Ragu? After that night everything was changed. I didn’t even touch another girl after u. When u came and told me that u r pregnant. I felt that my reputation will be destroyed because of that child. But I failed to understand that it was my child, my happiness. I searched for u in different places. But u was lost. So I went abroad to make myself comfortable with loneliness. But once again I saw u but with some other person, my business rivals that Laksh Maheshwari. I thought to kill him and attain u. But I came to know that u had applied divorce. So I came here to pick u to my no no our house with our child, Raina.

Ragini became hell angry and shouted: How dare u to talk to me like this? Stay away from me. Don’t even have a dream that I will be back in ur life. I am no one to u. Get out from my house. If my husband came to know that u r again troubling my life, then he will kill u. I am warning u to stay away from me, my husband and my children. I am very happy without u. So get out now.

Karthick lost his patience and started to drag her outside. Ragini was struggling to let her free but she couldn’t. Swarya came in front of Karthick and shouted in her voice. Raina came hearing Swarya’s voice saw this. She started to shout at her peak of voice. Karthick became irritated hearing their shouts. He took a gun and aimed at both of them. Ragini was shocked and she searched for something and found a vase. She took it and broke it on his head. He was shocked and angry. So he shot at Ragini’s chest and falls down. Ragini didn’t expect this and falls unconscious. Raina and Swarya came near Ragini and started to cry. Laksh who came to house for some file hears his princesses crying, rushed to them and found Ragini unconscious with blood and near to her his business rival, Karthick was lying in a pool of blood. He was shocked and came near Ragini. Tears were falling down from his eyes. He tried to wake Ragini but she wasn’t responding. At that time Karthick gain conscious and tried to attack Laksh. Laksh in no time took his gun and shot at his leg. He falls down.

At hospital,
Ragini was struggling for her life. Raina and Swarya were crying badly. Laksh now felt the fear of losing her. He started to cry badly and prayed to god.
Laksh: Please god! At least save Ragini. U has already snatched everything like my mom, dad, childhood, happiness and many things. Now I can’t afford the loss of Ragini. She was very much important in my life. She was the mother of my princesses. Moreover she was my wife. I know I didn’t have given her the wife rights. But she never complained it to me. I always stayed with her like a good friend. But I don’t know when my friendship turns into love. Yes, I love Ragini. I really love her. At the time of loosing Swara I came to know that I am in love with her. But with Ragini, I felt it when she ignored me. Her ignorance taught me that I am in love with her. I thought to propose but before that I came to know that she had applied divorce. I was broken by her decision. I wanted to shout her for this. But before that these had happened. Please make my Ragini to live. Please. I don’t want anything more than her. Please save her at least for our princesses. Please.

At that time doctor came and informed Laksh that Ragini was saved. He rushed to her and found her sleeping peacefully. He took Raina and Swarya along with him. As though they could understand that Ragini was saved, they stopped crying and started shouting to make her wake up. They succeeded and Ragini opened her eyes. Laksh goes close to her and cupped her face. His tears fall on her cheeks. He kissed on her forehead and looked at her. She was looking at him shocked and surprised. He then suddenly kissed on her lips and Ragini was shocked. But later she too joined and they two kissed passionately. With that single kiss Laksh showed his love on her. They joined their foreheads and smiled with tears in their eyes. Raina and Swarya in the name of jealous started to shout. Raglak looked at them and they kept a pout on their lips. Raglak then looked at each other and laughed loudly. Raina and Swarya too joined them.
Ragini told Laksh about Karthick’s evil intensions and Laksh complained to police and now Karthick was in the jail for the price of his evil things.

After 4 years,
Raglak were searching something. They looked under the bed, on their cupboard, under the table, bathtub and etc,. Finally they stopped searching looking the three musketeers Raina, Swarya and Ragya (new entry of 2 years) in the kitchen finding the sweet box. Ragini shouted at them and they three looked at each other and started to run in 3 different direction. Ragini was trying to chase one by one but nothing succeeded. Laksh was enjoying this and laughing loudly. The three musketeers planed something and came in front of Laksh and gave the sweet box to him and said ‘papa, we said naa, mama will get angry. But u didn’t listen to us. So now get punishment from mama.’ Saying this they innocently went from there by showing their tongues to Laksh secretly. Laksh didn’t expect that and he turned to look at Ragini who was standing like a volcano. He tried to say something but Ragini started to chase him. He went inside the bedroom and Ragini too followed him. The three musketeers locked the bedroom door from outside and ran to the garden giggling. Here Laksh was getting scolding and beatings. Finally Laksh’s naughtiness peeped out and he pushed Ragini on the bed and fall on her. She tried to move but he started to kiss her neck and her shoulders making her to mourn. They then started to have a passionate love making. After a while, Ragini was having her head on his chest and Laksh surrounded his hands around her and gave an embrace

Ragini smiled and whispered: UR PRINCESS AND MY BACHHA MADE OUR FAMILY.
She looked at Laksh who was having happy tears. She kissed on his forehead and at that time three musketeers came and stand with pout lips. Raglak looked at each other and laughed loudly and signed them to come to them. The 5 had a group hug.
Hey guys. This is Harini Priya. This is my first OS. I think so it was tooooo long. Did u all like this? Please comment about ur views on this OS.

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