RagLak OS Tu ishq mera, Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha

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hello guys
dis os is not by me but by yush di i m posting it here for those who did not read it

After kaveri got arrested, instead of laksh coming down from stairs and handing over ragini, his wife to dadi maa. Laksh dragged ragini towards their room, ragini was still stunned with whatever happened downstairs. Laksh came into the room with ragini and then locked the door. Ragini was looking at laksh with a stunned expression in her eyes, she was stuck at his face and remembering the way he saved her after all what she did and the way he wiped the blood from her neck. Laksh was looking at ragini too, he came closer to her
“whatever you did till now tumhay uski saza milay gi aur wo saza mai doon ga”

Ragini was quite and was ready for her punishment because after all what she has done, papa ji still saved her and dadi maa and laksh saved her life so in a way he kinds of owns it now
“ab ap chahein toh raat jagaein, ab ap chahaein to raat jalein”
Laksh took three steps towards her and put his finger on her lips
“shhhhhh bohat bolti hoon tum, tumhari saza mai decide karon ga”
Laksh wrapped his arms around her waist and made her half fall in his arms, ragini’s eyes were at his face and his eyes were at hers. Laksh bend towards her neck a little and placed his lips on the wound that knife gave to ragini. Ragini closed her eyes as she felt his lips on her neck the same place it pained a while but right now the pain was gone and it turned to be something unexpected when laksh sucked on the same spot and then kissed it again. Ragini gripped laksh’s coat in her hand and moaned his name

Laksh made her stand again
“jaan chali gait hi meri, ab aur nahi ragini”
Ragini’s eyes were red and her face was heat up by the closeness now, laksh held her face slightly and softly kissed her lips once.
“I love you so much ragini, yeh pyar hai, tum kismat hoon aur meri khushi bhi”

Laksh hoped ragini knew where it all was going now, he didn’t want to hover over her and he would do his best to make her realize that all this is real. But truth was he could not take his hands off her now. Laksh caressed her arm and then brought ragini closer to him, she dashed into his chest, laksh wrapped his arms around her and ragini without saying anything placed her head against his chest.
“I love you 2 laksh, humnay har lamha apsay kia hai aek nai kai baar kiya hai”
Laksh smiled as he realized that beneath this malkin there was that “hum” wali ragini still alive

Laksh and ragini hugged tighter and tighter never letting each other go. Laksh patience was being tested now. She was in his arms and it was hell for him to stop and control and he was ready to end this judaai of theirs. Laksh placed his lips on her bare shoulder and repeatedly kissed her from neck to shoulder and then shoulder to down the arm and said
“I love you ragini I just love you”
Laksh made ragini believe that it was all happening and he hugged her back
“calm down now you are with me safe in my arms the place where you belong”

Laksh held her hand and kissed it gently, laksh easily gathered ragini in his arms and placed her on their bed, switching of the lamps beside them only dim light of moon would witness what will happen tonight in this room. Ragini smiled at him as she realized that he was doing all this to make her feel comfortable, such a gentle man laksh was and this was the guy she fell in love with. Today it was happening and all she could do is cry. Laksh took off his watch and placed it on the side table. He came closer to ragini cupping her cheek and kissed her lips again and again, ragini brought her hands around his neck and kissed him back. The kiss was softer at first which later turned passionate as ragini laid back and laksh was on her and they were still kissing. Ragini locked her arms around his neck and laksh pressed his chest against hers. Laksh kissed every inch of ragini’s face and both were swimming in the pool of love. Laksh looked at her face
“you are beautiful and you are mine”
Ragini smiled at this

Laksh un buttoned his shirt and threw it away, he kissed her again and both of them were getting used to off each other’s taste now. Laksh kept on kissing her neck as it seemed to be his favorite place and ragini felt his back and arms by hugging him back. Laksh took his hands under the gown and explored ragini’s waist with his hand and his touch sent such feeling in her that she didn’t knew what was actually happening all she knew was laksh loved her and he was hers now only hers. Laksh slightly slid the shoulders of the gown from both sides and kissed all the places where her skin was bare. Ragini ran her fingers through his hairs, laksh looked at her and ragini knew what he wanted and what she wanted but the chivalry in him was something she can never get off with. Ragini moved her hands on her back all by herself and unhooked the gown (this time hooks are on back) laksh let her undress herself instead of ripping on her clothes and that showed that his love was real. Ragini felt exposed now and laksh covered both him and her with a blanket. Both of them felt each other’s body heat under the blanket, ragini closed her eyes as a tear skipped from the side of her eyes, today in every true sense she became his. The only thing a girls keep safe for the one man she marries or love was his now. She had nothing left now she was all his

“ragini I was a fool because I didn’t knew before that protecting you was what my life was all about but now I promise mai zindagi mai kabhi inn ankho mai dard ni anay doon ga”
Laksh kissed her again and she hugged him slightly sobbing
“are you okay?”
“hum theek hain laksh apkay sath hain ab maut bhi ajye toh koi ghum nahi”

Laksh placed his lips on hers and slightly bit her lower lip
“this is for talking about death, never do that because you and me have to make three little dolls together and live with them forever, iss janam mai nahi har janam mai ragini laksh ki hai”
Her eyes shined with tears
“ragini mujhy nahi pata tha that you were hiding treasures under those sarees and gowns and pallus”
“lakshhhhhhhh hawww ap kuch bhi keh rahay hain” and she blushed as she kissed him on his neck and gave a love bite too
Both of them resumed their love making journey back under the moon becoming witness o two souls uniting


Itnay paisay mai itna hi milta hai ‘
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