Raglak OS- Respect Self-respect

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Hey guys kitkat here with a new OS….. I know all r waiting for my ff but u have to wait some more days for it as I have my exams now….. was feeling miffed studing n was just thinking for a new story n this story strucked my mind……. so here we go….. this OS is on Raglak but it consists of some swaragini cast too…..
ff part 5:- Here
ff part 4:-Here
OS:- Here

Durgaprasad Maheswari:- a retired army man. Lives with his eldest son.
Annapurna Maheshwri:- wife of durgaprasad n has 2 sons
Adarsh Maheshwari:- Eldest son of Durgaprasad. Leaves in baadi with them. A normal worker in a private bank.
Parneeta Maheshwari:- Wife of Adarsh. She is too greedy n thinks AP-DP as burden on them so treats them badly.
Vidya :- Daughter of adarsh n pari 8 years old
Sanskar Maheshwari:- Younger son of Durgaprasad. Has his own Bunglow. He is a government officer n everything matters to him is only money. Hates Dp to core as he thinks that DP always neglected him n his needs.
Swara Maheshwari:- wife of Sanskar.
Swikaar:- son of swasan. 10 years old
Laksh Schindhia:- A young n successful surgen from kolkatta. Is an orphan but was later adopted by Mr Pranav Schindhia n Mrs Prajwala Schindia who were famous surgens too. But Prajwala was not able to concive due to some medical problems so they adopted Laksh when he was 4 but they both died in an accident when he was 12. He now runs his fathers hospital named “SANJEEVANI CHIKITSALAYA”.
Ragini Schindhia:- Wife of Laksh. She is too n orphan. She n Laksh are childhood friends n gradually feel in love as he use to visit the orphanage as they were from same orphanage…. she is a gynacalogist….. n has joined Lakshs hospital now.
Ragya Schindhia:- Daughter of raglak. 6 years old.
Nikhil:- A chirpy n bubbly boy from baadi n helps everyone their. Considers AP n DP as his mom-dad. Is an Orphan……

The screen opens in baadi….
@Adarsh n Paris home,
In kitchen Pari was murmering in anger stamping n throwing things in her hands n Adarsh was doing his breakfast with helpless expressions…….
Ap was cutting vegitables in waranda while crying and coughing badly. Suddenly she got a cut on her fingers due to knife n this was noticed by Nikhil who was passing by their he got tense n brought first aid box from a neighbour n dressed her wound n later took her to dr. Till then DP who went to drop vidya at her school returned n fumed listening what happened from a neighbourer n when AP returned Pari shouted on her saying that she instigated others in baadi against them. That was it for DP he shouted on her. This made Adarsh furious n he shouted on Dp saying that they should keep quit as they are alive on his bread. N said that or else they can shift to any oldage home.
DP in his rage announced that in one week he with get a new place for him n a new son too. Till then he will pay rent to him from his pention n will live their only as a paying guest. Ap was shocked hearing this.
Adarsh n Pari laugh on this sarcartically n said who will take care of oldies like u. To which Dp replied that someone who knows the significance of parents n carving for their love.

@swasans home,
Sanskar gets to know this n says it to swara.
She suggests him to bring them at their home but he gets angry n denies.
After 6 days @Raglak home,
Its a lavish big sized royal bunglow With “PRAJWALA KUNJ” written on its Name plate n 3 cars n a black bike are proudly standing in its parking lot with a big garden n a kids park,

@rglak room,
Ragini is geeting ready n laksh comes n back hugs her n kisses her cheeks,
L:- gm jaan.
R:- gm luckey.
Just then the smile on her face vanishes thinking about something n Laksh gets it,
L(while turning her towards him):- its ok don’t think about it. I will talk to ragya.
Ragini just nods in yes n laksh gives a kiss on her forehead n they go downstairs to have breakfast n go to hospital. Ragya already left early moring to her school.
While reading news Laksh gets shock while his eyes caught a news n he showed it to Ragini too n a smile creept on boths face……

Next day @baadi,
Adarsh throws AP n DP out of his home with all their belongings as the given time to them is over n pari n sanskar were watching all this n enjoying. Nikhil went went out for some days so he didn’t knew anythimg.
DP tries to argue but Adarsh pushed him n AP too who was tring to calm DP. DP n AP were about to fall but two persons hold them n they were reveled to b raglak.
All were shocked but laksh made DP stand n gave a tight slap to Adarsh……
All saw it with just their mouths hung……
Then Adarsh shouted in rage as he got back his sense,
A:- how dare u slap me? Who gave u this right?
L:- i slap u with my hands n about rights, i don’t have that now but will soon get it as their son.
R:- Maa baba we are here to take u with us…….
DP:- but how how u got to know about all this? Why r u helping us? N who r u?
L:- i know this through the article. N i m helping u as ur son n myself Dr.Laksh Schindhia n she is my wife Dr. Ragini Schindhia. All were awestruck to hear his name as he was a very reknown Dr.
Saying so he showed his n raginis id proof to them n then continued,
R:- Maa baba we r here to take u with us u will come na????
Hearing so sweet request of Ragini DP melted n nodded in yes…… AP was sad for living her children but now everythiny was much for her so she decided to support DP………

Whithout wasting much of their time Laksh brought all belongings of AP-DP n wereabout to leave but Ap remembered something n again went in n came out with a medium size metal box n was about to go near DP n raglak but was stopped by Pari,
P:- A budhia what is in this??? N where r u taking this??? She asked it rudely n grab Aps arm Harshly…….
N their she received a tight slap within no time n the person was no one else than Ragini……
R:- whatever it might b its their property n its none of ur business now… they r no one to you so just mind urself n stay away from them………………….
Then as they reached out where no one can see them swara rush to them who was trying to control her emotions but failed misrebly n she hugged AP who hugged her back…… n while breaking the hug said,
S( to ragini):-plz maa aur papa ka khayal rakhna……. aur maa apni dawai time pe lena Dr ne data tha na aapko pichli bar??? Ab to ragini jib hi hongi to mujhe pareshan honeki jarurat nai he pr me roj aapko phone jarur karungi……. Said she suppressing her sobs n they AP who was also crying said…
AP:- don’t worry Swara beta i will take care of myself n ha u to take care…… n i will b waiting for my daughters call egerly…..

Hearing this Dp was happy that atleast one of their daughter-in-law cares for them n raglak were smiling to see their bond..
R:- don’t worry didi we will take proper care of maa papa…..
Swara nodded in yes n they left…..
Laksh said everything in details about them n Ragya to AP-DP on the way they both were overwhelmed by their love…… laksh on reaching home introduced them to all servents n instuced them everything perfectly about their stay arregement…………….. both raglak were looking very excited………..
Ragini stopped them from coming in as they reached waranda n went inside alone pot before….. she came back with pooja thal n rice pot n did aarti of them she asked AP to kick the pot before entering n said…..
R:- u r the eldest laxmi of this house n maa our house need ur aashirvad….. AP smiled to it with teary eyes n entered in……..

when Ragya returned she was bit scared to speak with AP-DP but later Ragini made her understand that they are her dada dadu…… she was most happy person at that time as she had always carved for her grandparents love…..
@Raglaks room,
Ragini was in her night gown n was restind on bed in lakshs embrace n boths eyes were closed…..
L:-Ragini u know i m beyond happy today to see 4 important persons in my life so happy……
R:- 4 persons….????
L:- ha mom-dad you n ragya…..
R:- they are so simple n laksh n mom is so sweet u know she is going to teach me so many new things from tomorrow…..
L:- Oho….. means this DIL will not have time for her husband from tomorrow…????? very bad so why to waste our time today sweetheart…..
saying so he dragged ragini on bed before she could react n closed the Lamp…..
Some days later Ragini n Parineeta both were Pregnant n then Parish realised importance of their parents as they saw AP-DP pampering Ragini n Parineeta was suffering due to stress….. but they knew that it was too late…….
AP even did a pooja to remove evil eyes from Ragini n her baby…….

Many a times Adarsh apologise AP-DP n requested them to come back but they rejected it politely as they knew that the thing they need from their children was given to them by Raglak n that was only pure love……..
Swara with swikaar n vidya use too visit them regularly n they both shared a good bond with ragya…… swaragini too became good friends….. Sanskar was still stubborn……
Parineeta faced a miscarriage in her 5th month whereas Ragini gave birth to a healthy baby boy in her 9th month……. who was named ansh by Ap……
But soon a storm entered their happy life when Ap was detected as Tuberculosis patient……
Raglak tried every cury….. contacted best doctor of india n abroad but no use n one day after Ansg turned 5 Ap lefty this world…….
But DP had a satisfaction as atleast in final phase of life AP was happy n got love of her children…..
At final rituals Sanskar n Adarsh came to ask their right of giving fire to AP but AP had already said that Laksh will only do it as she has only one son ……

Finally adarnita n sanskar regrated to their deeds but it was of no use…..
DP enjoyed rest of his life with his son Laksh both DIL i.e swaragini n grandchildren…

N this was the start of his life on the path of his self respect…….

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  1. Berdilla

    Superb dear friend i loved it

  2. Got a bit emotional while reading but loved it very much .

  3. Harinipriya

    A very beautiful and cute OS. Very good end and loved it a lot. Parents have taken care of their children when they were small but why can’t those children take care when their parents become old????? I loved this os and every person should have self respect. Thank u for giving such a simple and awesome OS. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Richa19

    Awesome!!!!! Parents are an important part of our lives n we should respect them and support them in their old days!!!! U r a grt writer n I loved it!!

    It reminded me of the movie Baghban! But urs was a bit different so loved it!!! Keep going dear!!! ? ?

  5. Awesome…….

  6. Aanchal

    Awesome and heart youching??

  7. Mintu

    Awesome dear..simply superb nd heart touching story.!!! No words to say… Amazing

  8. Shana98


  9. Superbbbbbb awesome!!!!!! Choco di??????????? I became emotional while reading it…. It’s really very heart touching story…
    It was soooo cute os that I can’t tell you…. ‘Children should take care their parents’ such a beautiful message you give with your story​… Really I loved it to the core of my heart…..
    Keep writing like this my sweetie choco di???????????????
    Take care
    Keep smiling…
    And ALL THE BEST today’s your last exam na….???
    Love you very very Very​ very very muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!???????????????????

    1. Kitkat

      Oh my sweetheart….. thanx aa lot….. n yup my exams will end today…..yaay…. love u…..??????????

  10. Varshni

    Amazing ???

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  19. IQRA222

    Kitkat di the story was really heart touching and emotional
    I really felt a lump while reading it
    The story had a unique concept which is very delicate as its the message for those who dont care for thier parents and think themselves super smart but they are indeed the biggest fool i wish no parents has children like parish they really are like devils

  20. Asra

    it’s really heart touching story dear….love thz os lot dear…some people are lyk thz dear…They didn’t understand their parents value, love, care whn they are with us…and parents are important in our life…hate that type of person mentality….They r really poor beggars infront of whole world….In thz ff in got onething….if they give a birth to children….that person only not their child….who give a selfless love care to elder…They are also child of them…tkcr dear….


  22. Superb dear, loved it

  23. Astra

    excellent work dear…

  24. Dharani


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