Raglak os – our funny marriage

Ragini who was in bridal attire is held by two boys. They are holding Ragini’s hands tightly. Laksh who was in groom attire smirks looking at Ragini.
Ragini looks at Laksh angrily.
“I don’t want this marriage. Leave me…!” Ragini shouts, but those boys were holding her hands, Laksh steps forward and ties mangalsutra in her neck.
“NOOOO..!!” Ragini shouts.
The screen becomes blank..

The screen becomes clear on Ragini who is sleeping on bed which is surrounded in garland of flowers. She suddenly wakes from her beautiful sleep remembering her forced marriage.
She looks at the door as the door was opened. Laksh enters into the room and closes the door.
Ragini clutches the pillow in her hand.
“Ragini….” Laksh calls her naughtily and is about to come near her.
“Stupid…!” Ragini shouts throwing the pillow at Laksh.
Laksh escapes from it, but soon other pillow hits him.
“Ragini, stop it.” Laksh shouts…

But the other things keep shooting on Laksh from Ragini’s hands.
“How dare to marry me, without my permission…!” Ragini shouts. Laksh manages to reach her and holds her hands tightly.
“Ragini, we all know very well your childish behaviour. It’s you who said Ok for this marriage first. It’s you who said that you love me. Then why this change over suddenly…!” Laksh asks her, but Ragini was trying to free her hands without looking at him.
Laksh drags her a little near holding her hands, and then she looks at him.
“Tell me that you don’t like me, looking into my eyes.” Laksh asks. Ragini becomes calm.
“This is third time you are running away from our marriage. And, every time marriage was fixed on your wish. What is this Ragini??”

Laksh leaves Ragini’s hands and she stands silently.
“That’s why, I have to do this. You have love on me in your heart. But, not ready for marriage?? So…”
Laksh says and keeps his hands on her shoulders. Ragini jerks his hands away.
“I hate you..!” Ragini says and Laksh looks at her shocked.
Ragini sits at the window side looking at stars,
“Yes, it’s true that I love Laksh. But, I never wanted the marriage because; I don’t have trust on the marriages. I feel, love of a boy becomes less after the marriage. I have seen many boys who look at other girls even if their wife is beside them. What if my Laksh also becomes same like that?? I can’t tolerate if my Laksh’s love decreases on me. If marriage is the only reason why I become less to Laksh, then I don’t want this marriage. I want Laksh’s love forever…!”
Ragini thinks.
“That’s why; I was trying to escape from marriage, and sadly caught by my brothers and parents. Then, Laksh has married me. Some say, Love is only beautiful for some days… but, I don’t want that half love. I want infinite never decreasing love. Can Laksh give me that being a husband??”
Ragini thinks and closes her eyes.
*Next day evening, in their marriage reception*

“Ragini, please talk to me. It has been 18 hours since you talked to me.” Laksh asks her. But, Ragini was looking away from him. All guests are coming and congratulating the new couple. They are taking photos. Raglak are just standing beside each other.
Whenever they are alone Laksh was requesting her.
“Ragini, what’s your problem? Everyone knows that we are lovers. We wanted to complete our relation with this marriage. And, it’s you who made your parents agree to this marriage. Suddenly what happened??”
Laksh keeps asking her. Ragini is silent again.

“Ragini, talk to me please..! It’s killing me if you are silent. At least shout and beat me and take your revenge on me. But, don’t be silent…” Laksh request her.
“This is your punishment Laksh. Punishment for marrying me. Only, ‘silence’ remains forever” She says.
Laksh gets frustrated and gets off from stage. Ragini too gets down looking at Laksh.
Laksh goes near the wine table and drinks glass full of wine and pours more and more wine into his glass. He completes the whole bottle, and soon the scene in front of his eyes starts to blur while Ragini is talking to her sisters.
Laksh sings loudly,
“Twinkle twinkle little star.
Ragini is my heart star..!”

All looks at Laksh in confused mode whereas Ragini was shocked.
“up above the world of love..!
Like a angel in my heart..!”
Laksh sings as a child. Ragini comes near Laksh to hold him.

“Ragu is my heart star..!”
Laksh keeps singing and hugs Ragini tightly.
*Back to home*
Ragini pushes Laksh onto bed, and Laksh was holding Ragini’s hand she too falls on him. Laksh keeps his hands around her.
“Leave me Laksh” Ragini says.
“You are my wife and it is supposed to be our night..!” Laksh says and tries to kiss her. Ragini punches him on face.

“Umm…” Laksh groans as kid and falls into sleep. Ragini gets up from him.
“Laksh, you will have your first lesson tomorrow.” Ragini says and tights her fists.
*Next morning*
Laksh comes down to table for breakfast in hangover.
“My head is spinning..!” Laksh shouts and falls into chair. Ragini was standing with a bowl of some dish before him with a smile.
“My heart is also spinning if I see you like this Ragini. You look very pretty..!” Laksh says rubbing her eyes.
Ragini serves him a plate full of noodles.

“I know to cook only this” Ragini says.
“Oh my dear Ragu! I will eat whatever you give me” Laksh pinches her cheek and Ragini smiles wickedly and gets up from there.
Laksh keeps one spoon in his mouth.

“Ahh..!” he shouts. Ragini laughs.
Laksh runs here and there, and snatches a water bottle and pours it into his mouth.
“arrrggg” Laksh clears his throat and looks at Ragini.
“Now the hangover is over???” Ragini asks looking at him in a smirk. Laksh goes near her and drags her near holding her hand,
“Why did you make it too much spicy?” He asks.
“Punishment for drinking..! You know I hate it.!” Ragini says and keeps going.
“What is this Ragini?? I don’t have freedom to marry you and I don’t even have freedom to drink??”
Laksh asks.

“Yes. You lost your freedom because you have married me now. This should happen to you..!” Ragini says and goes away.
Laksh looks at her blankly and goes into a flash back..

Laksh was coughing as he ate chilli. Ragini pats his head and gives him water.
“My bachha, be careful. Don’t eat chilli.” Ragini says.
“Ok, my bachha..” Laksh says patting her cheek.
Laksh comes out of that flash back.
“What happened to that cute and sweet Ragini. Suddenly she turned as fierce and cunning?? Why is this change???” Laksh scratches his head.

*Next day*

Ragini comes out of the washroom and surprises to see all the room is decorated in pink balloons and pink flowers. It was just changed within the time she went for bath and came out.
Laksh was standing before a stand where a chocolate cake is kept. He was holding pink colour roses in hand.
“For the girl who loves pink, Happy Birthday..!” he says in a smile.
Ragini gets happy soon she runs and hugs Laksh tightly. Laksh too hugs her back in tight embrace and lifts her up a little.

“I love you Laksh..!” Ragini says hiding her face and tears in his shoulder.
“I know sweet heart..!” Laksh says patting her back. He keeps Ragini down and makes her cut the cake. Ragini eats the cake and spreads the cream on Laksh’s face.
“You..!” Laksh says and chases Ragini, she runs from him. Laksh holds Ragini from back,
“Now say sorry or get yourself dipped in cream” Laksh says.
“Both of them won’t happen..!” Ragini says.
“Then take this..!” Laksh says and about to put cream on her face.. Ragini stops his hand.
Ragini then remembers that she was actually angry on Laksh and he was trying to change her mind.
“Move away Laksh” Ragini says little seriously.

Laksh removes his hands in amazement. Ragini moves far from him,
“This is not the marriage which happened on my wish. So, you should be far from me forever..!”
She says.
“Forever?? Forever means for EVER..??” Laksh asks in confusion.
“Yes..! Ever and Ever..!” Ragini says.

Laksh thinks in himself, “Ragini, now time to teach you a big lesson..! I will see how it can be, “For.. EVER”

*Night, at a party*
Laksh brings Ragini on force to party by playing so many dramatic dialogues. Ragini comes unwillingly.

Ragini sits in a chair looking around.
Laksh looks at a girl far from them and he winks his eye to her. She too winks. She was dancing for a song and comes near Laksh.
“Excuse me, is he your boy friend??” that girl asks to Ragini. Ragini says, “NO. I don’t know him..!”
“Oh, then I’m lucky. Come hottiee” that girl drags Laksh holding his collar and takes him to dance floor.
Ragini’s eyes become big.
She makes Laksh hold her hips. Ragini closes her fists. They both are dancing on the floor. Ragini tries to turn away her eyes.

But she tries to kiss Laksh on his cheek… before her lips reach Laksh’s cheek… Ragini fumes onto the floor and pulls that girl and slaps her.
That girl, Laksh and everyone around was shocked.

“He is my husband. You idiot, stay away from him” Ragini shouts on her.
That girl just keeps looking in shock; Ragini holds Laksh’s hand and takes him away from there.
“Ragini, have you gone mad?? Why did you slap that girl like that?? She is my friend..!” Laksh says.
Ragini gets very mad.
“Not slapping. I will kill you first..!” Ragini shouts, takes a stick and starts beating Laksh.
“Ouch, Ragini… stop..!”
Laksh keeps yelling.
“How dare you to touch her hips?? See, what I will do..!” Ragini says and pinches Laksh in his waist and bites his shoulder.
But, Laksh laughs, “hey hey Ragini… it’s tickling..!”
Ragini pushes Laksh on floor annoyed and she kneel downs and she starts pulling Laksh’s hair and slapping him.

“How can you dance with her?? I hate you..!” Ragini shouts in tears. Laksh holds her hands,
“But, I love you.” Laksh says.
Ragini becomes calm and looks into his eyes.
“I love you. I will love you, For…EVER.” he says looking into her eyes. Ragini sits beside him, closes her face in her palms and cries. Laksh too sits and rubs her head. She jerks his hand.
“I’m sorry Ragini. I just made it to make you jealous and make me accept.” Laksh says.
Ragini looks at him and says in frustration,

“This is what I don’t like. I always had a feeling that your love on me will decrease if we get married. I always had a feeling that you may get attracted to other girl losing interest on me. I don’t want this..!”
Laksh amazes with her words,
“What are you saying Ragini. Why would I do that?? I love you so much. And I will still love you, till your cheeks get wrinkles and your hair turns white..!”
Ragini beats him a little,

“What do you mean? You won’t love me after I get old??” she asks.
Suddenly, Laksh grabs Ragini near and locks his lips onto hers. Ragini shocks but soon melts down.
Laksh breaks the kiss and cups her face.
“It means till the world ends. Till my breath…” when he is about to say.. Ragini closes his mouth gently. Laksh removes her hand and kisses on it.
He keeps it on his cheek.
“Trust me Ragini. I will be with you forever and ever. I don’t even think about other girl in my dreams.” Laksh says.
Ragini bends her eyes and wipes her tears.
“Promise?” she asks.

Laksh hugs her tightly.
“Million dollar promises..!” Laksh says. Ragini smiles.
Then the girl inside the party comes, Ragini eyes frowns.
“Guys, come inside and enjoy the party. Ragini… I love your possession for your husband. You need to control Laksh like this always.” She says.
Laksh looks at the girl shocked, “Girls are girls. They are always one party..!”
Later, Raglak both on dance floor..
tu safar mera, hai tu hi meri manzil

tere bina guzara, ae dil hai mushkil
tu mera khuda, tu hi duaa mein shaamil
tere bina guzara, ae dil hai mushkil
Laksh took Ragini’s hand on his softly and placed her another hand on his shoulder. They looked into each other’s eyes and lost themselves. They slowly moved their hips along with the beat.
mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
junoon hai mera, banoon main tere kaabil

tere bina guzaara, ae dil hai mushkil
He suddenly twirled her and Ragini twirled her hair flows along with the breeze and legs move according to Laksh’s wish. He finally made her to fall in his arms and looked at her intently making her blush.
ye rooh bhi meri, ye jism bhi mera

utna mera nahi, jitna hua tera
tune diya hai jo, wo dard hi sahi
tujhse mila hai to, inaam hai mera
He slowly released her and stood infront of her. He closed his fist and tapped on his left side of his chest and mouthed ‘I love u…forever Ragini!’ Ragini smiled and ran into his arms and hugged him passionately.
mera aasmaan DhoonDhe teri zameen
meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
zameen pe na sahi, to aasmaan mein aa mil
tere bina guzara, ae dil hai mushkil
He broke the hug and she was still in his embrace and looked into his magnetic eyes whereas he cupped her face and sang that lyrics for her. She looked at him amazingly and admiringly.

maana ki teri maujoodgi se
ye zindagani mehroom hai
jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
na mere dil ko maaloom hai
He broke the eyelock and rounded around her singing for her and within a second he took a pink rose bouquet and kneel down infront of her.
tujhko main kitni shiddat se chaahoon
chaahe to rehna tu bekhabar
mohtaaz manzil ka to nahi hai
ye ek tarfa mera safar..

He looked directly into her eyes and showed how much he love her just with his intense gaze which sent shivers to Ragini. She immediately ran to him and kneels down to his level and hugged him. He too closed his eyes drowning in her warm embrace.
safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi..
adhoora hoke bhi, hai ishq mera kaamil
tere bina guzaara, ae dil hai mushkil
He released her from his embrace for which she frowned her eyebrows. He within a blink of eye took her in bridal style. He circled around with his lady love in his arms and eyes locking with hers’ and heart beating for her and mind frozen only with her thoughts. Suddenly they felt pink rose petals on them. They drowned themselves in each other’s arms with the rose petal shower on them.

This os is dedicated to darshu by her lazy sisters.., astra, hari, mintu

Happy birthday dear… have a long life… always keep smiling…love u

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