Raglak OS – Ek Mai Aur Ek Tum

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This is during the abhimanyu track..

Everyone got to know about mansions wrong deeds and Laksh accepted his identity.. The whole family was angry at Laksh for hurting Ragini so much..

What he did to Ragini could not be justified..

Even Laksh knew what he did was wrong..  he made her suffer for six months and that is not a small thing..

Both families were in the gadodia house..
In the hall..

” laksh… hum kush hai ki tum vapas a gayi ho .. par jo kuch bhi tumne kiya .  Wo galat tha.. mana ki tum mishika ki safety ke liye wo sab kiya par bhi…atleast  Ragini se tho tum  apne sachayi bata sakhti thi.. thum nahi janti ho ki bechari kithne kuch saha hai.. aur is baar mujhe ye nahi lag raha hai ki har baar ki tarah Ragini tumhe maaf kar paaogi.. ”
Said ap… trying to explain Laksh about his mistakes…

( laksh we all are happy that you have come back to us. But whatever you have done was wrong..I agree that you were doing it for mishikas safety.. But you could have told about this to Ragini.  You have no idea how much that poor girl has suffered.. Laksh .  This time I dont think Ragini will forgive you easily.as she always does… ) said ap trying to explain Laksh abt his mistakes. 

” I know maa.. And this time.. Im ready to do anything to gain her forgiveness.. I am sorry to all of you.  I know what i did is wrong .. I could have atleast told you abt it.. But.  ..  ”
He sighed.  He did not know how to continue.  Right now the only thoughts in his mind is to gain Ragini’s forgiveness anyhow..

In Ragini’s

Rag j ni was sitting on the bed with her legs folded up .. she was hugging her knees and sitting. 
She was thinking of all the happenings in her life.  It was always her who had to suffer and he would always  come and ask forgiveness and she would forgive  him easily .. But this time she was hurt.  Very hurt..

She wouldn’t forgive him at any cost..
The amount of tears she has wasted for him has no limit.. In the past six months she was having a miserable life.. some called her a widow … while some called her unlucky.. The others said she was an abshagun.. It was not easy to be in such a situation where people look at as if you were an alien..
But she ignored all those .. because she knew her Laksh would come back.. She had faith in her love..

And at the end her belief had won he came back.. But he was least interested to be her husband again. …
He was not even ready to accept his own identity.. The moment mishika called Laksh her papa.. Ragini was shattered. This was beyond her imagination..  She felt like dying ..
She was imagining things that she would have never thought about.  But gain she knew her Laksh would never cheat on her. again she tried her level best to make him accept his identity.. But everything went in vain…
He was also ready to put jhooti kasam on his Ragini… She doubted.. was that her Laksh.. He would never do such a thing.. her subside drama also have her shock.. how can a person stand seeing his love suicide. Did Laksh completely forget her..
Didnt he need her any more.. Did the love between them die..
No.. It was still alive.. But she was fed up.. after that incident she never went behind Laksh maheshwari. 
She didnt even want that title to be with her. She was tired of running behind him..  She felt that even god doesnt wanna see them together .. that is why he always separated them.. And now she knew what she had to do… for the past two days.. She was behind this. She would no more be the old Ragini .. 

She went to her cupboard and took out a file..  And she marched down to the hall. 

The whole family was there… Laksh was about come to Ragini’s room to ask her forgiveness.. that’s is when he saw her coming down with a file in her hand ..

Laksh’s eyes were teary looking at her state. He immediately went and stood in front of her .. He cupped her face and said.  ” Ragini.. I know what i have done is wrong.. I know I could have told you abt mishika .. But Ragini I was bound by my promises.. I didnt know I was being cheated .. Ragini do you think your Laksh can ever leave you ..  pls bachcha forgive me.. ”
He was shocked to find her standing with a null expression..

” is it over Laksh.. now you have to hear my point of view… Laksh..have you ever thought what would have gone through when the whole society called me and abhshagun .. do u under stand what i felt wuenmoshika called I her papa and mandi claimed you her husband.. do you know how broken I was when you didnt even react when i attempted suicide.. … do u even realise what shock I got when u put ur jhoothi kasam on me.. do u even know much I carved for you Laksh.  No.. No..  I dont know anything.. because.. Laksh maheshwari never understood his wife Ragini. .. it was she who always understood him and behaved according to his wish.. It was she who always ran behind him whenever he left her.. Im fed up Laksh ..I cant bear more..  I just can’t..  ” she could hardly continue. . She was sobbing…  She was broken..  Laksh didnt have an answer.. because he knew whatever she said was true.. But he never wanted to stay with mansi he wanted to tell his ragu abt it .. But he couldn’t reveal half of the things in between.. He did not want his family to worry..

” and now i have decided something Laksh…enough of these games.. I understand ..we can never be together.  Our relation is the relation that i have force upon you Laksh.. ( laksh was nodding his head in a no with tears in his eyes..  )
And today me Ragini lal.. No Ragini gadodia herself is breaking this relationship.. “she broke her mangalsutr.. her eyes were red and tears were rolling out from it.. Laksh was numb..He was praying whatever just happened now should be just a night mere and nothing else.  But it was reality…his Ragini had broken their relationship.. only he knew how much he craved for her and wanted her during these six months..

And now everything was gone… his Ragini was no more his.. No.. He cant let that happen.. while he was standing there numb and frozen Ragini handed him the file which contained the divorce..

” laksh if you had loved me even a bit pls sign this .. I dont think we can have a good future together. L.. “Ragini said trying hard not to break down in from of him… ”

The whole family was shocked.. they never expected this.. that too from Ragini.. She was the one who was mad for him.  And now she herself was breaking this alliance.. they all felt sad… But they couldn’t blame her.  Whatever she said was true.. 

Laksh got furious ..  He snatched the file from her and tore the divorce papers apart..
” laksh.. ” ragin yelled ..

He held her shoulders tightly
” what’s wrong with you Ragini..  are you out of your senses.  Do you even know what you are doing.. “he screamed at her.

” I very well know mr maheshwari.. And i think i have made my point clear.. ” Ragini said determined. 
Laksh softened a bit. 
” Ragini pls. Lets talk and solve it… pls Ragini I cant live without you… Laksh is nothing without Ragini.. baccha I have had a lot of dreams about our family.. me you and our bacha… And I know even you too want that.. Ragini atleast for our love.. pls.  ”
Ragini was breaking down each second .. She loved him truely and dearly ibut her heart doesnt have the power to face one more heart break..

Ragini was about say something when suddenly ap fainted.. all of them went toward her and made her lie on the bed.. 
After sometime the doctor came and checked her. 

” see mr maheshwari she had already fainted right few days before.  I had already told you pole not to give her more stress.. .  Her heart is already week .. She wont be able to face any shocks or something .. so pls dont give her any tension.. ”

Few hours passed and ap opened her eyes.  ..

All of them came near her..
She called Laksh and Ragini near her .  

“Ragini.. Laksh.. pls.. stop all this.. ragini.. think that your mother is begging you … I cant see my son and daughter suffering..  I know you can’t live without Laksh and even Laksh cant love without you… so pls come to mm .  I want you both to be together.    Pls. ” she said inspite of her weakness

” maa but “Ragini started only to be interrupted by Laksh..

” haa maa.. we both are coming to mm.. dont worry .. nobody can separate us …”He assured his mother…

” haa maa .. hame will come.. But its only for you ..  ” Ragini said without even sparing a glance at Laksh..
Laksh was getting killed at each passing second due to Ragini’s ignorance.  

After a few weeks in mm..  ..
Raglak room.
..  its four in the morning …

We can see a sleepless soul lying on th bed and staring at his wife who is in a deep slumber with love and longing .. .inspite of being under the same roof they live like strangers…

This punishment was too much for laksh.. every day he tried something or the other to make Ragini talk to him .. its difficult for him to bear her ignorance.  And moreover everyday when she comes after bathing with wet hair sticking into her face..  
Only he knows how difficult it is to control himself..

Ragini slowly turns in her sleep and the part of sari covering her waist moves..

Laksh was smitten by the sight.. He was already hungry for his wife for the past few weeks ..

He got up from the bed and moved closer to the couch where Ragini was he slowly went near Ragini and caressed her waist ..  He bent down and placed a kiss on her navel..Ragini gasped and opened her eyes.. Laksh too lifted his head and moved closer to her face.. both of them Were in a trance.. He slowly traced her lips and placed his lips on her ..  it was a very hard and passionate kiss even though Ragini wasn’t participating in it.. Laksh was trying to make her understand how much he wants her .. how much he had been missing her.. 

Ragini was too shocked to react… She still loved him… even if  she is angry with him it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him.

Tring Tring..
Both if them Were brought out of their trance by the sound of the alarm ringing..

Ragini immediately pushed Laksh and ran into the wash room.  .

Laksh had tears in his eyes.. He wanted the old Ragini back.. who loved him dearly.. who used to blush by his touch.. who used to die for him.. But he knew he had to bear her punishment..

Later that evening Laksh gets a call from his office that he had too attend a party of one of the businessmen …

It was meant for couples so he had to take Ragini with him..

Laksh was really happy.. After a long time her could spend time with his beloved wife…it has been ages since he and Ragini had gone out together
And now he can take her out using this as an excuse…

He knows if he tells this tho Ragini personally she would never listen to him…so he thought tell it in front of the whole family …

That evening the whole family was having coffee when Laksh presented this topic… so due to the family pressure Ragini  had to agree..

The next day evening….

Ragini was wearing a red colour saree and she left her hair open… She didnt wear any other ornaments other than her jhumka and nuptial chain (mangalsutr).. She wore sindoor on her parted hair..

They entered the party pretending to be happy.. Laksh was actually happy but Ragini.. She was happy inside but her anger did nt allow her  to show it out ..

Laksh introduced her to his friends…After some time  Ragini felt bored and she sat near the bar counter.. She asked for a glass of cool drinks.. But the bartender did not hear her properly and served her with alcohol.. Ragini drank it not knowing that it was alcohol she found it to be little butter. But thought that she might be feeling may be due to the sweetd she ate before…

Ragini started feeling dizzy.. She was feeling irritated by the noise in the party.. She went Laksh and told him that she is not well an needs to go ..

Laksh asked her to wait near the car and went to tell a final bye to his friends..

Ragini did as he said .. But by the time Laksh came back Ragini was fully affected by the alcohol …

Laksh came and asked ” chalo Ragini we can go. ”

” nooo” she said in a kiddish voice.  Laksh was confused looking at her expressions..

” Ragini are you all right..? “Laksh asked being concerned.. 

” nooo… I want ice cream..otherwise I am cutty with lucky.. ” Ragini said whinning like a child. ..

laksh understood what might have happened .. 

” acha fine ill get ice cream for you ok.. But before that tell me did u drink anything.. ” he asked her..

” haa .. I drank that cold drink na.. chiiii..  it was bitter.. .  Kadwi kadwi.  Yukkkkkkkkyyyyy” she said scrunching her nose. 

He confirmed that she had alcohol .. But he was happy inside that  being drink she atleast talks to him properly. 

After sometime both of them standing infront of an ice cream parlour Ragini was eating the ice cream like a kid.. She smeared it all over her face..

Laksh was really enjoying her cute antics… He could see a all child in her.
He just imagined if their child would also be like her..
The thought of their child itself was giving him a kind of pleasure.. But when he thinks of the way Ragini ignores him lately all his hopes are in vain..

After sometime Raglak where in the car.. They were going back to mm.. Laksh had to put on alot of effort to bring Ragini back.. He had never seen this naughty ragu n i in his life..

In between it started raining heavily..
Laksh couldn’t drive properly…
And Ragini was also behaving damn crazy and not allowing him to drive.. .  so Laksh through to spend that night in their guesthouse which was few meree away.. as soon as he stopped the car Ragini ran out and started playing in the rain.. 

She was completely drenched. .. her sari was clinging on to her curves ..
Laksh couldn’t control himself..

He slowly caught her bare waist with one hand and started nuzzling the curve of her neck.. He made her turn and kissed her lips passionately..
Ragini was having new feelings inside her.  Even though she was not in her senses her craziness was gone..
She loved his touch.. She loved feeling his lips on her skin.. She too responded to his kiss. 

Laksh was growing more and more horny .. 

He picked her up and took her to the room..  And made her lay on the bed.’.  He his face in her neck and was pleasing her with his openmouth kisses…
He slowly unplanned her sari.. making her curves visible to him.. He kissed her collarbone and moved to her neck..
Meanwhile his hands were massaging her waist.. 

He was growing more and more hungry for her.. They had never been intimate before.  All the problems in their life.. And Laksh missing. And now Ragini’s ignorance. ..
Laksh couldn’t control himself more..

Ragini was enjoying his pleasure.. dur to the effect of the alcohol and Laksh sweet torture .. She was completely losing herself..  Laksh slowly kissed her possible cleavage pulling her blouse more lower ..
She gasped and pressed into his arms more tightly leaving imprints of her nails..

After some time he undressed both fully and made love with her. 

The next morning.. as the sun rays reached into the room. Raginibslowlybopemed her eyes. She was blank for a second. 
Then  she realised the she was naked and lying next to her hobby..

She immediately covered herself. With the blanket and sat up straight.. ..
“What is all this Laksh. How could you do this.  You knew I was not on my senses then how could you. ” she yelled at Laksh who just woke up..

” Ragini relax.. I know you are angry at me.. But whatever happened between us is not t wrong.  We are husband and wife. Whats wrong if we get intimate.. im fed of this Ragini.. I want my Ragini back .. pls.  I love you more than myself Ragini.. pls.. o want our own family.  I want your l vow. I want be you r Laksh.  Pls stop ignorance me .. I cant bare it any mor… ”

Ragini lost control and burst out hugging him..

” laksh even i love. But did sieve think what i was going through those six month and what o felt when u told mandi as your wife and ignored me. I love you Laksh.  But i wanted you to know how o felt when you ignored me.. Thats it.  ..” She said hugging him..

” I am sorry Ragini.. o will never leave you alone.. ” he said pulling her more closer to him.

” even im sorry Laksh.. fr ignoring you ” she said.

” but that’s not enough Ragini..  o want some else too. ” he said smirking and liked her and continues with one more session of love making. 

The end. 

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