Raglak- mom’s kid (part 2)

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Here comes mom’s kid our Ragini papa…
Check out the intro and 1st part if you didn’t read.. bcz, you don’t understand present part without reading them..

Intro: https://www.tellyupdates.com/raglak-moms-kid-intro/

1st part: https://www.tellyupdates.com/raglak-moms-kid-part-1/

Mom’ kid part 2

Aim, on your wish I’m changing Sharmista character to Janaki.

Here the story starts,

Janaki who just came to the college gate glares at the boys who tried to rag Ragini.

“Omg, collector Janaki devi. We are finished now..!” those boys think. But, Laksh is just looking at her. ‘Janu aunty’ he surprises.

Principal comes in a run to Janaki.

Prici: mam, any problem.

Janu: I have to talk with those boys.

Those boys shiver and go near her. JAnaki smiles.
“See boys, you may enjoy in this age. But, it shouldn’t cross limits. Teasing a girl who came for studies is really a bad thing.” She says politely.

“Understand..?” she says in tough glaring voice.

Those boys nod their head and leave.

Janu: ragu beta, now go bravely and study. Mom is there na…!

Ragini nods her head cutely. Janaki leaves in her car to office. Ragini heads ahead into college. All boys give her way and no one come in her way after this dose.

But, Laksh was following her.

“where is first year IT class..?” Ragni asks a peon. He shows towards a class. Raginni is going and laksh is following her still. When he is about to step into her class, his friends stop him.
“our first year is finished. We are second years now. Our class is that way…” They try to drag him.

“But, my focus is this way…” says Laksh and rushes into the class.
All juniors look at Laksh amazingly as they knew he is a senior. Ragini sits in the last bench in a corner. Laksh sits in the beside row of boys in last bench. He was looking at her.
Ragini was chewing her nails in nervous. She is looking all around the class like innocent baby and all the girls and boys. Some boys slowly comment, “what a beautiful girl dude..!!”
Laksh smiles with their words, “yes, she is beautifull..” he thinks.

First lecturer comes. He introduces himself and asks all to introduce.. at last, Ragini’s turn comes.
Ragin who was already nervous says, “My name is Calcutta, I’m from Ragini”

The class at once bursts into laughter, but Laksh doesn’t laugh he silently look at Ragini amazed. Ragini beats her head lightly,
“sorry..sorry sir… My name is Ragini and I’m from Calcutta…”
Lecturer asks her to sit. Ragini sits, by this time her nervousness was at peaks, her hands are trembling and her head is sweating. The tears are about to jump from her eyes, her head is only revolving with the laughter which whole class gave her..!

She wanted to run away from class and shout loudly on all who laughed on her. she was offended. Seriously offended which she was facing from her childhood. Then, Ragini feels a warm hand on her hand. She amazes and looks beside, it’s Laksh. He was looking at her in a warm soothing smile.

“Hey, need not worry. I’m there naa..” he says very slowly. Ragini suddenly remembers her childhood, a boy nearly her age, holding her hand in same way… and saying her same words..

{guys, imagine Ragini childhood as Anjali papa.. whom we all know. The same hair, the same chubby cheeks..}

Ragini unknowingly smiles with his smile, but suddenly she remembers her mom’s words.
“Ragu baby, don’t talk with boys. Don’t let them touch you..!”
Soon, Ragini moves her hand away from Laskh and she moves far from him. Then she runs her hand with kerchief where Laksh touched her. laksh laughs and shocks to look at the glaring lecturer towards him.

Lecturer: what are you doing there Mister..?
Laksh standing: nothing sir…
Lecturer: you are 2nd year student right..! what r u doing here..? get out..
Laksh nods his head and moves out of the class. Ragini feels little uncomfortable when Laksh left the class. She keeps looking out from door and window to see Laksh. He is nowhere, she was getting a little disappointed, and then suddenly he appears at window smiling at her. a new way of blush forms on her cheek making her bend eyes again.

Evening, the college over. Ragini is walking in corridor slowly. Her steps are different from the normal students. She is walking as if she has learned to walk very newly. But, whatever, her eyes are looking straight with braveness. But why did she felt depressed in class..?
Laksh was thinking all these things while walking behind her.
Avi: lucky, are you going to miss classes everyday like this..?
Laksh: let me follow her to house first..!

Ragini sits in her chocolate color car, and Laksh follows her on bike. Ragini’s car stops before a house, she goes inside.

Laksh: hmm, so this is Anjali papa… no no Ragini papa’s house. But how come Anjali name changed to Ragini..? I’m sure her name was Anjali…

Laksh was looking at the house if he gets any chances to see Ragini. Then suddenly numerous cars stop before that house. Obviously Janaki gets down from car.
“Mammaaa..” Ragini shouts and hugs Janaki again. They both goes inside.

Laksh smiles: she is a kid still. 18 years kid..
He goes away.

Janaki and Ragini goes inside and they shock to see a person. He is Adarsh. As soon as looking at him, Ragini hides behind Janaki.

Janaki happily: Adarsh beta… come inside.

Adarsh: mom, I have come to take you. Leave that devil and come with me..!

Ragini gets tears as soon as Adarsh spoke like that.

Janaki sternly: oh..! your father has send you..? go and tell to your father that his wife won’t come until Ragini becomes his daughter..! and for you, she is not devil. She is your sister..! if you can’t accept this, then get out of here..!!!

Adarsh goes away looking angrily at Ragini. Janaki looks at Ragini who was bending her head sadly,
“Arey beta, don’t worry.. see, I have kept ice cream in fridge. Don’t you eat..?” she asks.
Ragini’s eyes shine, “ya… ya..” she says as child and runs inside. Janaki takes a sigh.

“How can you live without this mom Ragini..? now, time has come to stand on yourself..!” thinks Janaki.

To be continued…..

With love from..

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  1. Vyshalivyshu56778

    aww…..that’s so cute…waiting for the next part…

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    Awesome yaar keep going

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  7. Mintu

    Awesome sis. . Ragu introduction in class is hilarious…!! Ragu is anjali papa which laksh knows its superb… I think both r friends in their childhood..!!! Adarsh and his father is hating ragu…bcoz of her childish act..?? Waiting for the next part..!!! Finally ur back.. Missing ur ff alot dear..Post it soon

    1. Astra

      thanks dear.. hmm, there is something more than that.. u will come to know soon..

  8. IQRA222

    Astru di do i even have to tell you that this part was awesome and mindbliwing loved it

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  11. Awesome episode and Ragini is so cute. Loved Raglak scenes

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    awesome astu dear…ragu introduce herself s superbbb dear….ragu s chooo cute…laksh u know our anjali papa….y adarsh call her devil…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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