Raglak my mad wife ts (shot 1)

Raglak My mad wife
Hello guys this is Harini Priya back with another ff. This is my second Raglak os after ‘Love has no eyes’. Yes I know that it was not completed but I am writing another for request of a crazy fan of Raglak ‘Nikky’.

This is a ts on Raglak when Ragini’s kidnapper was found and Laksh was about to kill her and Swara saving Ragini. Here it starts…
Ragini saw Laksh’s car was approaching her with great speed. If it continues to come in that same speed then Ragini could travel only to heaven or hell. She saw that car with tears in her eyes. She thought the person whom she loved the most and the person for whom she had turned into a devil before her loved ones eyes and the person from whom she wanted the love was going to kill her. This made Ragini to stand like the statue. She remembered that day when she pushed Swara into the river and her betrayal for her sister’s pure love.

Meanwhile Swara was inside the car struggling with Laksh to save her sister. Suddenly the car’s door opens and both of them have fallen down. Swara managed to get up before reaching the cliff. But Laksh rolled and jumped from the cliff. To his surprise his hand was catching a tree’s branch. But it looked so weak and he need to get any other strong hold or else he would die. Ragini who was seeing this shouted “Laksh!” and ran to save him. Here before Sanskar could come Ragini hold Laksh’s hand forcibly who declined her offer of saving him. Then with full force she made him come out of the cliff and both fall down in which Ragini lied on the ground and Laksh on top of her. They had an eye lock. But removed his eyes and moved away. Just then the whole Maheshwari and Gaddodia family members reached the spot. They blamed Laksh as wrong and AP slapped him.

Here Laksh opened his mouth and started to his hatred frustration towards Ragini. He complained that because of that he had lost everything and continued that because of that girl he had stooped low to kill her and said that he don’t want this type of obsessive selfish girl in his life. All of them were looking at Laksh except Ragini who was in the sitting position and her head down with her full of tears and determination. She then wiped her tears and took off her pallu then she removed her rings except the engagement ring and she removed her other ornaments like bangles, ear rings and maangtika except her mangalsutra. Just then Swara’s eye fallen on Ragini she gave a confused look and called “Ragini!” Everyone turned towards Ragini including Laksh.

Ragini stood from there and looked at everyone’s face. She then started to say that for everyone present here I have done so many things which made to lost happiness and remaining only confusion and sadness. She continued that she could not be a good daughter or good granddaughter or good sister or good friend or good daughter in law or good wife. She said that she had failed in each and every relationship and continued that this world doesn’t want a failed one like her and said that she was going away from this with her wish. All of them were taken aback including Laksh. She then turned towards Laksh and removed that ring and mangalsutra then took her tears and rubbed her sindoor from her forehead and everyone was shocked. She said to Laksh that she wanted to fulfill his dreams at least now so she was freeing him from this hell relationship. She said that she didn’t deserve him. Then took some steps backward where Swara shouted that without Ragini Swara was incomplete.

Ragini looked at Swara and said that if Ragini was there then Swara will die. Sanskar came forward and tried to stop Ragini. But Ragini asked him to stop if he wants see her alive for some more minutes. She said that no one can get a good friend like u. Even though I got u as my friend I just wasted ur friendship and spoiled ur life. She then took one step backward and at last looked at Laksh and said that ‘I Love U Laksh’ with her faces showing truth and her eyes looking at him with much love and passion which could make even a stone hearted melt down. Laksh was about to say something just then she opened her arms and looked at the sky signifying god to take away her soul and took final step with eyes seeing at Laksh only. In no time Ragini had fallen down from the cliff. Everyone shouted “RAGINI!!”

But Ragini could hear only at Laksh’s screaming and smiled thanking the god at least now he called her with much intensity.

Days passed by Ragini’s family didn’t have any information about Ragini. They searched for her at different places at last in a village they got information that a girl in a costly dress without any ornaments was founded on the banks of the river and came to know that while on the way to the hospital, she had passed away. Everyone was shocked and believed that Ragini had died. But Swara, Ragini’s dadi, Sanskar including Laksh didn’t believe that Ragini had died. Everyone returned to their normal life with no sadness worries and happiness. Swara was completely heartbroken and Sanskar gave his full courage to her. Laksh then moved to Mumbai to forget his past and especially Ragini because he was very much used to her wifely cares.

It has been 2 years after Ragini’s suicide incident. Laksh became a great business man in a short time. Even though it has been 2 years, Laksh didn’t move on in his personal life. Because the last words of Ragini made him mad at her. But 1 year back an alliance came for Laksh. Laksh accepted it only for his family. Whenever he go out dating with that girl he would call her as ’Ragini’. This made the girl frustrated and broke his relationship till engagement itself. Now coming to the present, Laksh was hanging out with his friends to every new place in India for a change in his tension filled business life.

On one fine early morning in a small traditional superstitious and uneducated village, Laksh came to the balcony in his hotel room. He saw many new things around and at last his eyes got stuck on a girl who belongs to that village and was in bridal costume. But her face was very much familiar to him. She had the same innocent face with her red eyes even which make her to look so beautiful just like Ragini. But it was not ‘like Ragini’ but Ragini itself. His eyes widened and entered the small house in which Ragini was sitting on the stage with an old man as her bride. He was shocked and called her name loudly. Everyone looked at Laksh even Ragini too saw him but didn’t give any reaction.

Why Ragini was going to marry that old man? Why Ragini didn’t have any reaction on her face when she saw him standing before him? What happened to Laksh? Was he longing for Ragini’s cares? Is he in love with Ragini? Wait for few more shots. Please comment on this ts.

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    By god!!!its so so soooo mindblowngggg!!loved it sooooo much…waitng eagerly for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed sweety???

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    Hmm…atleast in real serail it would have happened like this..!!! They showed rag always-ve. I guess laksh will stop. Of course, he will stop..!!! He has to stop. She is his ragini….

    1. Harinipriya

      u r right! I don’t like that malkin scene. I thought those things were such a waste of time. I loved only innocent Ragini not that negative devil Ragini so I had written like that:):)

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