Raglak love after marriage chapter 9

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It has been more than one month I updated my stories. Sorry guys I was really unwell nd caught up with my work. Kumal nd ragholic asked me many tym abt d story. Sry guys I promised to back soon but couldn’t make it on tym due my health nd busy schedule.
I know simple sorry is not enough this tym. But guys am really sry abt d gap. I can’t even promise to u guys to be regular. But I will give my best to upload remaining parts as soon as possible guyss

Recap: maheswaries trying to cheer up ragini. Jealous swara.

Ragini was shocked nd d phn fell from her hand. She stood there numb with tears falling countinuesly from her eyes. She lost her everything.
Laksh go just got out from washroom patted her shoulder. As soon as she felt his touch she hugged him tightly . Laksh was nw totally confused. He cupped her face nd asked her
(laksh) kya hua mere bachaa
(ragini) laksh dadi ma.
She let out a loud cry nd broken dwn in his arm. Its pain like hell to o c his love in this
It has been a month dadi passed away. Still ragini could not cop up with d reality that her dadi is no more. Laksh nd maheswaries tried their best to bring their ragini back. But every tym they failed miserably. It pained all maheswaries to see their ragini except one swara. Ragini’s tears brought happiness to her. She tried her level best to make ragini ‘s wound bleed more.
That nyt laksh brought his nd ragini’ s dinner to their room. He got to know that his bacha didn’t had anything from mng. He himself made her fav dishes.
Ragini was in deep thoughts while he entered d room disguised as chef.
(laksh) tandaton my lady love. For u the great chef laksh maheswari prepared special dinner.
She didn’t even know his presence. It pained him to c her this broken. He placed d food tray on night stand. Slowly patted her head which brought ragini to d world.

(ragini) when did u came laksh. (just nw shenoticed him.) yeh sab kya hai laksh

(laksh) Mmm. I cooked food for u. Eat it fast nd tell me hw is it
(ragini) man nahi hai
(laksh) aise kaise
( ragini) plz laksh
(laksh) no way.

He made a chunk nd try to force feed her. But ragini showed it away.
(laksh, shouted angrly) enough is enough ragini. Hw long u r going to be like this . Why r hurting everyone whoes love u.
(ragini) no one loves me laksh that’s why my all loved one leaving me alone. Am I that bad laksh. I know u people will also walk away from me.
He dragged her to d balcony nd showed d starts.
(laksh) u r d one who told that d person becm starts after death. Look at d sky ragini u told me that those to starts r ur ma nd dada look their a new one joined them. They r not shining becoz

ur ma, dadi, dada was sad that their ragoo can’t face her problems. Its paining them to c their ladoo heart broken. U r selfish ragini. U r just thinking abt ur self. J know hw am feeling to c u like this. Not only me everyone here. This house forgot to smile as our ragini forgot to smile.
She fell on her knees nd cried. He too kneeled dwn nd touched his forehead with her.

(laksh) plz ragini return my bacha back. U promised me to be d reason for smile. But u becm reason for pain. U know its paining here like hell( pointing towards his heart ) to c my bacha like this.
He got up from there nd walked past. Before he could move away two hands back hugged him

(ragini) am sry laksh. I was busy in cursing my fate I couldn’t c ur pain laksh. Mujhe plz maf kardo plz. She turned him nd kissed on his chest near heart.
(ragini) laksh I will try my best to overcome this. Bus aap saath deegiyega.

He took her in a bear hug nd kissed her forehead

First sry for typos. What happened raglakians nw day very less stories on tu. Ap sab apani raglak of bhool gaya.

Raglakholic dear ur stories r just awsm sry couldn’t cmmnt on ur work.to D one who writes love u my angry man u r just awsm dear I just love ur dr

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