Raglak love after marriage chapter 5

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Sry guys I couldn’t post from past one week. I was really busy with sm wrk
Thank you guyss for d warm response on my previous chapter
Many of u were worried about swara’ entry in raglak lyf. Let us c what’s swara up to.

Here u go with chappy 5

Ragini was in her room thinking about ap ‘ s words. She got know why HER Laksh is soft with out any hard feelings for any one. Everyone loves her so much becoz she is Their LAKSH’ S SOULMATE, THEIR LAKSH’ S RAGINI. she felt blessed to have such a family
Ragini was worried abt laksh. But happy to c him back to normal with his family.he was on d lucky mode again. Swara’s presence around himdoes not affect much.ragini was relieved . But swara’ presence near him made her fell insecure. But laksh doesn’t given any chance to it get over him. When ever he is in d house he was always around her. He didn’t let her for a single sec. When she was alone in d kitchen no one cm to her as everyone one knows the newly found love need sm privacy.
She was making palak paneer as pari was craving for it. Laksh was with her helping her
Ra: mr. Maheswari don’t u have any o
Work in ur hospital. Nw days u r spending ur most tym in house following me like a love sick puppy.

( sry guys I forgot to mention that laksh is well know neurologist nd he is d MD of maheswari group of hospitals)

La: its becoz I changed my work tym to give my precious tym to my lady love. She too needs me

He slowly back hugged her nd placed heroine over her shoulder
L: god gave me world’s best so I should keep it safe nd happy.

Both stayed like that sm tym. Laksh knows that ragini’s heart accepted him wholeheartedly but she is ridiculant to confess it. Laksh felt her insecurity with swara so decided to give sm break to his profession nd make her feel that WHATEVER HAPPENS HER LAKSH WILL NOT LEAVE HER SIDE. He slowly turned here kissed her forehead and eyes.
It has been more than one month swara entered to their lyf. But it doesn’t change anything between them. They were d same ragini nd laksh who they used to be. Both feeling love with eachother deeply all over again. Swara’ presence around laksh doesn’t make any affect on ragini more.
Ragini was in her room getting ready for d mng aarthi. Laksh cm out of washroom with a towel just around his waist. Laksh is mesmerized to c her with wet hairs. The glimpse of her white milky bare waist arouse a strong feeling him. He walked towards her nd passed his wet hands on her waist made her shiver.
He took her in his hand. Both were lost in each other’s eyes. He placed her on d bed and leaned over her. He nuzzled her neck nd inhaled her fragrance. He slowly kissed her eyes nd cheeks. Then he slowly kissed her belly button. She clutched d bedsheet on her just like she may rip theme. Hid gaze went on her moving chest nd he placed his lips other neck nd bite there.
It brought her to reality. She pushed him.
R: laksh
She just noticed that she was just in his towel.
R: che laksh go nd change to smthng neat fast
She said with ut looking at him d got up. Suddenly she felt sudden pull on her hand. She fell on his chest nd her lips met his broad chest.

Laksh leans to her ears
Laksh: u saw more then what’s nw. Its not like that u r not able to control upset. Vaise bad ragini u saw me full already but ur not allowing me to c d treasures u r hifing
He said with a wink nd got up.
She felt bad as his warm went way. Suddenly he leaned back to her
L: if u want we can continue in d nyt.
He winked at her nd walked to cupboard leaving a crimson red ragini

In d same nyt ragini were folding her saadi . Laksh cm to her nd holder it another end

R: leave it laksh I will do it
L: no way darling, if I helped u so we can get in to work
She gave him confused look
Laksh cm near to her nd whispered her ear

L: we can continue d work which we left in d mng
Ragini eyes were popped out. She pulled d saadi from him but both lost d balance d fell on d bed.
Laksh was on top of her.
L slowly whispered to her
L: so naughty
He tilted his head nd placed his lips on her. She clutched his white kurta tightly . He broke d kiss look at ragini’ s eyes. He turned off d light nd again leaned over her.
Again the two soul met their love
Early mng rays fell on raglak who were sleeping peacefully in eachother’ s embrace. Laksh slowly opened his eyes. A beautiful smile cm on his lips as soon as he found his Lady sleeping on his chest. He slowly pecked her lips

R: I love you laksh
Ragini said with out opening her eyes nd hided her face in his bare chest where as her laksh encircled her in a protective cocoon.
Laksh was in d hall with ma pa nd ragini suddenly ragini’ s dadi cm there
Ap: are masi ji ap yahan
Dadi: mare jamayi ji mare ko bulaye aur hum na aye
Ap: ji andar ayiye
Suddenly there was a knock on door. Everyone looked at door as soon as dad’s eyes met d person in doon she got stiffen

Screen freeze on dadi’ s face

So raglakian his it
Smtym its not need to confess ur love with words sm gestures r enough to feel d love. Same did happen for raglak

It’s just a love story. Hw a boy fell in love after a forced mrg with an innocent girl nd hw their love got strong nd sanity

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