Raglak My Love My Life Chapter 13

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Laksh is shocked to find his love his life lying unconsicous in the lap of Swara.. Everyone runs towards and tries to wake her up but still no response for Ragini’s side.. Everyone was worried and so Laksh lifted in his arms take hers towrads the exit.. Everyone were following them expect Bua and Kavya.. Bua and Kavya were feeling guilty..

Sanskaar was driving the car with Swara besides him and Laksh is having Ragini in his lap and continously pattting her cheeks to wake her up.. Laksh eyes are welled up with tears look at his life like this… Sanskaar was worried for his Ladoo and Swara was trying to console him..
Ragini is brought to the hospital and she is taken inside for check up… Everyone are waiting outside… Swara notices Sanskaar who is sitting with his hands covering his face.. She walks towards him and places her hand over his shoulders.. Swara notices Sanskaar’s eyes are welled up and she immediately hugged him.. Sanskaar cries holding Swara.. Swara consols him..
Sanskaar:- Swara.. I cant able to protect my Ladoo… Look at her condition… As a friend im feeling like useless..

Swara :- Sanskaar.. Please dont say like that.. Your the best friend everyone wants to have.. Ragini is luck to have you dear.. Dont worry she will be fyn.. we will be with her always..
Sanskaar:- Thanks Swara… Ragini is very lucky to have you all…
Swara:- No need to thank me for these.. She is our family.. My bestie.. My bhai’s true love..Bhai… Where is he??
They both search for Laksh and finfs him standing alone.. His face is pale and eyes are red with tears… Swara’s heart pricked to see her bhai like this… She runs to him and hugs him.. Sanskaar also foolow Swara…

Swara:- Bhai.. Dont worry.. Ragini is going to be fyn.. She will be back to us.. Ur angel will be fyn..
Laksh jus holds her sister tightly and tears are flowing from his eyes continuously.. He cant able to see his love his life in this condition

Laksh:- Swara.. Im not able to see her like this.. Its hurting.. Y does everything happens to her!! She is the most innocent soul in the world y does god is punishing her like this??
Swara :- Bhai.. She deserves happiness bhai.. Oly you can give it bhai
Laksh:- Im getting afraid Swara.. Because of my love many are hurting her.. Do you think I will be able to give her happiness??

Sanskaar :- Only you can Laksh.. If Ladoo deserves happiness oly u can ur true love can give it..
Laksh and Sanskaar hugs eachother.. Doctor comes out after checking Ragini and everyone rushes towards him..

Doctor:- She is fyn now.. She fainted because of emotional breakdown.. She will gain consciousness soon.. We are shifting to the normal ward.. We will discharge her tomorrow.. We gonna take some test for her.. So after that you can meet her..
Everyone thanks doctor and feels relieved to know that their Ragini is fine…. Laksh sends everyone home and he stays with his angel…
Laksh enters the room and finds his love sleeping … He just cant take his eyes off from his angel… Seeing her sleeping feels too good for him but he remembers the incidents and tears are welled up in his eyes.. His love is suffering a lot.. He goes and sits hear her.. He holds her hand and kisses it softly…

Laksh:- Ragini… Im really sorry dear… I still cant believe that Kavya stooped so low.. If I had known before for her plans surely I would never let these things happen… Dont ever say like that Ragini… Dont ever say that you have none.. You have me.. Your Laksh this is there for ou always dear.. Dont ever think to take your life.. Because without You I cant live Ragini.. Your my life.. Your my soul.. Your my love… Your my everything… Your my breathe… I love yo so much Ragini… I want you to be with me always… dont leave me…
Laksh drifts to sleep holding her hand and into Raglak dreams…

Next morning… Ragini opens her eyes and finds her in hospital… She tries to move her hand but she wasnt able to.. She was shocked and looked at her hand to see Laksh holding her hand and sleeping like a baby… Ragini finds it cute to look at him like this.,. She smiles looking at him.. She tries to take her hand without disturbing him but unfortunately Laksh can feel Ragini’s slightest movement also.. So immediately he waakes up from his sleep and fings his love looking at him innocently.. He jus felt to kiss her but he controlled his emotions and smiled at her..
Laksh :- How are you feeling now Ragini??

Ragini smiles at him and says Im good…Ragini tries to stand and Laksh rushes to her asking whats the matter
Ragini hestiates to say and Laksh is confused
Laksh:- Ragini.. what happened?? you want anthing?? let me help you??

Ragini:- Um… No need Laksh.. actuall I need to useee… wash room…
Laksh smiles sheepishly and mutters sorry
Ragini stands up but she was about to fall but Laksh holds her immediately.. Ragini fits in the arms of Laksh… The were drowned in those beautiful eyes…
Tere Sang Yaaaraaa song at the back
Everyone reach the room to see Ragini but are shocked to find Raglak in that position which makes them to smile at this love birds…

Swasan :- ahem.. ahem…
Raglak are brought back to the world and both are embrassed… And then everyone where speaking with Ragini and Ragini forgets about everything and smiles… Laksh is feeling happy to see his love like this…. Everyone leaves the room leaving Raglak and Swasan…
Ragini finds Swalak talking among themselves outside the room when she came to look for Swara…
Swara :- Bhai.. I think its the time to say it to Ragini.. Propose her bhai!!!
Laksh:- Im feeling nervous Shona…
Swara:- Bhai.. Are you really my brother…!!! Please.. dont spoil your Shona’s name..
Laksh:- okay meri maa.. I will propose Ragini soon…
Ragini hears everything and turns back to see Sanskaar… Sanskaar notices Ragini is blushing and feels happy…
Sanskaar:- Ladoo.. ur blushing?? So U too na??

ragini:- Sansky.. Shut up…
Sanskaar:- You took it so easily Ladoo.. Your not shocked..
Ragini:- Nahi.. because I know Laksh loves me..
Sanskaar:- Really!! How?? When?? Y u didnt say to me Ladoo??
Ragini:- Arrey Sanskaar.. I know yesterday oly.. Laksh thought I was sleeping so he confessed everything but I wasnt sleeping.. and smiles
Sanskaar:- Arreyy Whhaaa!!! Laadooo… So u too love him na??
Ragini blushes and Sanskaar smiles looking at her

Precap:- Ragini is avoiding Swara and Laksh… Sanskaar says to Laksh not to love Ragini..
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