RagLak~ Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi Mili Hai Har Dafa (8~Court Hearing)

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Lawyer was arranged, the court hearing began and everyone settled at their places, in one witness box stood Shaurya and in other witness box, Ganguly sir was called, he looked at Shaurya and then at Swara who looked at him hopefully. The lawyer came to Ganguly and asked him to swear.

G: whatever I may speak will be purely a truth, I swear not to say anything besides truth

He swore keeping his hand on the Geeta Book. The lawyer began asking questions.

L: so you were Swara’s college’s principal?

G: yes

L: and how was she in studies and in everything else?

G: Swara was very good student, very well behaved, sweet, obedient, but.. (he glanced at Swara) she was a characterless girl (Swara began to cry while Ragini held her trying to calm her) she used to roam around with every boy of the college, now you see, every good student doesn’t means a good character, that’s why it’s said, never judge a book by it’s cover

He said and went to his place. Ragini glared at him angrily. Next witness was the doctor who examined Swara.

Dr: (she too swore and said) sir this girl is lying, she wasn’t ever raped, she made fake reports, have a look at this sir (she showed a fake report) everything is crystal clear in this report that she is a virgin

Swara broke down once again. Next witness was also called. It was Rishi, the one who raped her in the last.

R: (he swore and gulped and looked at Swara) sir.. this girl is a lier, she is saying all rubbish, first fake love for Shaurya and now this rape case, I know Shaurya since my childhood , Shaurya can never even think about it

He went to his place. Next witness was called who was Karan, Swara’s second rapist.

K: (he too swore and said) your honor, I didn’t even thought in my wildest dreams that she will give us such a humiliation in return of our friendship, she just wants to ease out money from Shaurya, nothing else your honor

He too went back to his place. Swara, Sharmishtha and Ragini cry. Another witness too came who was Tarun.

T: (he swore and said) we were stupid to get caught in her trap, this girl is a number one lier, deceitful and shameless who is a gold digger, don’t go at her innocent face, she isn’t like what she looks like, behind her white clothes beats a black heart, she has poison in her brain, she should get the worst punishment ever

He too went. There were no more witnesses besides Sanskar who was kidnapped by Shaurya and his friends because they couldn’t bribe and buy him, Ragini was called.

R: (she swore cryingly) whatever I will speak of will purely be a truth, I swear not to say anything besides truth (she cried and said) all the witnesses who came before me, they all were liers, but I won’t let anything bad happen with Swara, she is like a sister to me, Swara was raped damn it! I have seen it myself

Sh: she’s a lier, fake tears, lier tongue, fake everything!

R: aeyyyy! My statement isn’t completed yet… Your honor, this man and…

Sh: sir all the witnesses who gave statements before her were all the truthful ones, she, Swara and Swara’s family just wants money

Ragini was asked to go.

R: I won’t go without completing

But she was dragged away to her seat, she got angry. In the last, Swara was called. She stood up lifelessly and went to the witness box.

Sw: (she swore and said) I am so sorry, this all happened by my wish.

She was cut in between by Ragini, she looked at Sharmishtha and then at Swara and stood up angrily.

R: Swara! What the hell are you saying! Have you lost it!

Swara startled.

Judge: let her speak

Sw: I and Shaurya love each other alot, I wasn’t raped, Shaurya is innocent.

She said all this as Shaurya said to her that if she says anything against her so she should be ready to see Sanskar dead.

Judge: and the winner of this case is… Shaurya Goenka

Shaurya jumped in joy and Swara looked at him angrily. Swara was then sent to mental asylum where she was given shocks and wrong medicines due to which she became fully mad. Neither did Swara got back Sanskar nor she got Sharmishtha, only Ragini was there for her.

Flashback end.

R: she got defamed in return of a slap, poor girl lost her mental balance, but now no more, now Shaurya’s support system will have to break by hook or by crook

L: but how?

R: his biggest support, his mom, we planted a camera in her room, didn’t we? Come let’s view the scenario

She said and they both chuckled and smirked.

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