RagLak~ Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (5~Plan And Execution)

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Ragini took Laksh to her maayka and rung the doorbell. Janaki opened the door and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

J: Chirag beta you?

R: ma he’s Laksh, Chirag’s lookalike, I have told him each and everything, and he is ready to help me in my revenge.

They came in.

Shk: but his family?

L: I have no family

Shk: no beta, from today, we all are your family, call me papa

J: and call me ma

Laksh got emotional and hugged them and took their blessings.

J: I told you Ragini that God might’ve thought of some way and you will have to wait and see you got the fruit of your patience

Shk: and I also got the fruit of my patience in early age, your sweet mother Janaki

He said and Janaki blushed.

J: kids are here

Shk: any problem kids?

Ragini chuckled: not at all papa

Shekhar kissed Janaki’s hand.

R: ma now we’re going to the same house from where the evil started (then she said to Laksh) and Laksh please remember that you will be living there as Chirag, and Chirag always takes blessings from his step mother Sakshi no matter what and he talks with Shaurya the rapist very angrily but loves him as well, be careful, if anyone gets to doubt you, your life can be endangered

L: Rapist? Who did he rape? Don’t tell me it was you

R: no no it wasn’t me, I will tell you everything on the way.

L: ok come on let’s leave

R: bye ma

They went from there and took an auto and sat inside.

L: so who did he rape?

R: a girl named Swara

L: oh, but why?

Ragini got angry as well as teary eyed.

Shaurya, his friends, Karan, Tarun and Rishi were laying on the roofs of different cars which were very near to each other.

K: Shaurya, tu to us Swara ko apnay bed tak lejanay Wala tha, or aaj to bet ke hisaab se last date thi

Sh: last date thi nahi, last date hai, main is pani mein ye dawai mila doonga, is se vo nashay mein ajayegi, or phir main usay shaanti se apni goad mein utha kar lejaunga, hahahaha

He said mixing a tablet in water and just then his gaze went behind him and saw Swara standing there. He got down the car and went to her.

Sh: hey, tum itna jaldi agayi?

A slap landed on both his cheeks, he turned to face her and she was boiling in anger, before he could say anything else, she went away stomping her feet. Karan and others too got down the car.

T: aray iski itni himmat ke isne tujhe thappar maara?

Tarun pointed at Swara who was walking away.

K: haan iski itni himmat ke isne tujhe thappar maara? Ja, ja kar bata de isse ke tujhse panga lenay ka Kya nateeja hota hai.

Shaurya got provoked by them and went behind Swara, poor soul didn’t knew what’s coming next. He went inside her house unknown to her and stopped when he saw Sanskar, who was a true friend to Swara. Sanskar stopped her on the stairs.

Sw: hi Sanky

Sn: hi Swara, let’s go the terrace, and enjoy, like we always do

She happily agreed.

Sh: saala mere jaise ko reject Kiya vo bhi is sarak chhaap k liye, maaf nahi karega tumhe ye Shaurya Goenka.

Flashback disturbed.

They stepped out and Ragini paid the driver.

L: oh bechari Swara

She held his bicep.

L: why do you hold my hand again and again?

R: because now you will live in this house becoming my husband Chirag, I used to enter this house with Chirag like this only, so you’ll have to cooperate with me, haan vo baat alag hai ke akelay mein hum aisay nahi rahengay, ab chalein? Fake husband

L: hmm let’s go

They went towards the gate and rung the doorbell and Sakshi opened the door and she was left totally shocked by seeing them and smiled. They took her blessings surprisingly and hugged her.

Sk: where were you both for one year?

R: we were on a vacation

Sk: then where is your luggage?

R: (puppy face) actually na mom, on the way back home, the car’s brakes failed and we both had to jump out of it saving us and the car bursted and we had no time to save our luggage.

Sk: oh no, you both ok?

R: yes Mom, maybe it happened because at that time, we went without your blessings.

Sakshi chuckled: no dear, they’re always with you

R: aww I didn’t know I have such a sweet mother in law

Ragini hugged her.

Sk: you both go freshen up

Ragini in her mind: don’t know if to trust you or not

R: mother in law, if you permit us, can we come inside?

Sakshi smiled politely and moved aside and Ragini entered along with Laksh holding his hand. Sakshi went to Shaurya

Sk: Ragini and Chirag have come back from vacation

Sh: what? Vacation?

Sk: yes

Sh: ok

Shaurya in his mind: aray yaar.. chalo koi nahi, har baar to kismat saath nahi desakti, main is baar bhi haar nahi maanunga

On the other side:

R: Laksh we will have to go for shopping

L: why?

R: kiun ke us blast ki wajah se humari sab cheezo k cheethre cheethre urr gaye

He laughed at her cute style of talking.

L: achha theek hai, chalengay

R: wow, sadu bana hasmuskh, anyways 2 3 ghantay baad chalengay, filhal tum rest karo

L: waisay ek baat batao, tumne sab dekha kya?

R: Kya dekha maine?

L: vo Shagun k Ghar mein

R: han sab dekha, lekin ab tum yahan kaam nahi karogay, tumhari wohi zindagi hogi jo Chirag ki thi, or ek baat yaad rakhna Laksh, tumhe sirf is ghar mein Chirag ki jagah mili hai, is dil mein nahi, jaisay hi badla pura hoga na, tumhe yahan se jana hoga.

L: achha theek hai boss.

He saluted her and she sadly turned away her face recalling something.


Ragini had cut her hand while working in kitchen. Chirag saw this and came to her and sucked her blood.

R: haww.. Chirag?!

Ch: aray kya hua Ragu?

R: ye kya Dracula wali harkat kar rahay ho?

Ch: main to bas tumhara khoon rok raha hoon

R: nahi Chirag, khoon mat chooso, tumhe kuchh hogaya to? Sirf saniplast laga do, theek hojayega.

He saluted her: Ok boss

They had a laugh as he covered her cut with a saniplast.

Ch: done

He kissed her forehead.

Flashback end.

She looked at Chirag’s photo on the wall and stood up from the bed and walked towards his photo and touched it.

R: I know that not only me, but you’re also missing me, but my time hasn’t come yet, I have to live right now, I have to live for your revenge, I have to calm the fire of revenge burning in my heart

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she wiped her tears real fast and turned around and felt relieved seeing it was just Laksh

R: Laksh tum ne to mujhe dara diya

L: sorry, lekin agar meri jagah yahan koi or hota to vo chaunk jata, isliye ye waqt ronay ka nahi balkay unko rulanay ka hai taakay tumhare Chirag ko insaaf or uski aatma ko shanti mil sakay.

R: tum sahi kehtay ho, main nahi roungi, lekin ye sab pata nahi kaise shuru karein?

L: unho ne Chirag ka jeena mushkil kiya tha to humko unka bhi jeena mushkil karna hoga, unko thora bhi chain nahi milna chahiye

R: hmm, abhi se hi ye sab shuru kar detay hain

L: lekin us se pehle.. (he forwarded his hand) dost?

She smiled and shook hands with him.

R: dost.. ab chalein? Sab se pehle Shaurya, phir Sakshi

They went out together and went towards Shaurya’s room, she looked inside and saw that he was nowhere.

R: tum bahar pehra do, main kaam kar ke ati hoon

She went inside and looked at the jug of water, she took Shaurya’s perfume and sprayed it in the water to make it bitter and went outside. She went to Sakshi’s room and did the same.

L: karwahat ko door karnay ke liye vo log cheeni..

Ragini smiled and they went to kitchen and replaced sugar with salt and went from there.

L: bas? Itna sa badla? Itnay baray kaand ke liye, itna sa kahan kaafi hoga? Main batata hoon ek bara badla.

R: kya?

L: unko pagal banatay hain

Ragini smiled.

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