RagLak- The Journey (5)

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Journey 5

Raglak and san shocks looking at the men standing with weapons in their hands. Ragini hides her face behind the seat of Laksh.

Those people come near their vehicle.

“Sorry for interrupting sir, we are searching for a girl.” They say and look into back seat. Ragini is not there.

“she is not here.” Those men shouts and they go behind another vehicle.

“Rowdies have increased these days.” Sanskar says.
“Let’s go.” Laksh says.

Sanskar starts the jeep. They go a little far. Till then laksan will be talking something.

Lak: hey Ragini, why are you silent??

Laksh and Sanskar looks back. But, Ragini is missing. Laksh shocks, san applies sudden break. They both look each other.

“Turn back..!!” Laksh says. The jeep turns back…


Ragini happens to get down from the jeep when those men came. She knows that those men are his mama’s men. That’s why she got down slowly before they notice.

Fb end.

Now, Ragini hides behind bushes. Those men don’t notice her. she gets tensed when, laksan goes away. She was hiding behind the bushes.. still those men were there itself.

It has been 15 minutes she has been waiting like that. suddenly, she feels a hand on her shoulder. Ragini’s breath stops in her neck.

‘what are you doing here??” she hears Laksh’s voice. Then she gets her soul back. She looks at Laksh who was looking at her anger reflecting eyes, but deep down there is concern.

“what was this childishness Ragini?? We have feared a lot. Why did you get down from the jeep??” laksh starts shouting on her.. (not too loudly, but a little)

With his noise, those men look at those bushes. They proceed towards the bushes to see who are there??

Ragini notices that they are coming at their side by their approaching shadows. She shocks. laksh will be in trouble if they see her. laksh was still scolding her. and back of them, there is a valley.
Ragini holds her hand and asks, “let’s go Laksh.”
“No..!! tell me, what was it first..!!” laksh questions.

Ragini then scares as the men came near, she acts as if she got skid and falls on Laksh, with her sudden weight, Laksh loses balance in his legs, and as they are standing at the point of valley, Laksh falls down and Ragini falls on him. Both roll down the hill.

Those men go back without caring them. Sanskar was far to them, as he was searching Ragini there. Ragini and Laksh both roll on each other and they both finally reach the end of hill, (small hill). They are now at the edge of a river.

Ragini is lying down, Laksh was above her. he has placed his hand on ground so that he don’t fall on her. Ragini was closing her eyes as she feared. Laksh was looking at Ragini who was shivering in fear and her breath is abnormal. Now, she opens her eyes as they were stopped finally and looks at Laksh. Both have a brief eye lock.

Ragini moves her eyes, then Laksh comes into world, he sits properly, and Ragini too sits. Both of their hands were stick with twigs, leaves and their hair is messed up. They both are removing them. Ragini laughs looking at Laksh, as a twig was stuck in his collar making him look as he has horns. Laksh removes it and throws aside. Ragini was still laughing. This was first time Ragini laughing this much. He wanted to lose himself in those angelic laughs but…

He stands,

“what happened to you suddenly Ragini??”

Ragini becomes calm.

“do you think it is a game?? Why did you fall on me?? See, now where we are..!!” Laksh keeps showing his anger.

Ragini’s eyes start becoming moist. He stops. Now Ragini shouts,

“then who asked you to give me lift..? I will do like this only..!! if you don’t like me, go in your way. I will go in my way..!!”
Ragini shouts and Laksh shocks, “Ragini gets anger too..??”

Ragini steps back to him, and she slips and falls in water. now, Laksh laughs.

“Hmm, will you go in your way??” Laksh asks. Ragini glares at him. Laksh stops his laugh and gives her hand.

Ragini stands with his help and doesn’t make eye contact with him. Laksh looks surroundings and finds it as some deep forest. the sky is covered with clouds.

The rain starts, Ragini was already wet. Laksh removes his over coat and places his head and invites Ragini under it. Ragini hesitates to go near him being shy. But, Laksh pulls her and makes her come near him. Ragini bends her head in red cheeks. Laksh places his hoodie on both of them.

“walk slowly Ragini” he says and keeps walking.. Ragini is taking steps along with him. Laksh is looking around, but Ragini was looking at him. She was looking at Laksh emotionally.

“Laksh, I’m loving you this much. I’m being attached to you this much. Don’t you feel my love a little?? Can’t you find any love in my eyes? Why don’t you notice it? just look at me once Laksh.. once..!!”
Ragini speaks in herself.

Laksh looks at her. Ragini amazes.

Lak: did you call me?

Ragini nods head negatively. Laksh smiles at her cuteness. They both go under a tree for shelter. It was already evening time.

Sanskar who was on the top of hill on road, ‘lucky where are you??’ he shouts. He tries to call him, but no signal.

‘I’m sleepy.’ Sanky thinks and he sleeps in jeep parking it aside.

Here, under that tree RagLak are sitting. Laksh was placing some twigs for the fire. Ragini was helping him. Laksh takes out the lighter and Ragini looks at it.

Lak: hey, don’t think I smoke. This belongs to sanky…

Rag: hmm, somebody has said me once that he has smoking habit.

Ragini says in a smile. Laksh remembers telling it during their first sight for marriage. Laksh laughs.

Lak: but soon I stopped smoking when you said you hate it. I carried it for any emergency like this.

Ragini laughs, “ok, I believe you”
She sits back leaning to tree trunk. Laksh sits beside her.
“hey, I’m saying truth”

Rag: ok Laksh, I believe you. (she keeps laughing) Laksh looks at her silently.


There, Sanskar is sleeping happily in the jeep, but disturbed by a phone call. It’s Swara.

Swa: Sanskar. Why Laksh is not lifting the phone??

San: why? You said him not to come and you said you will marry groom seen by your dad know.

Swara starts shouting,
“I said something bcz of mood swings. That means, you have to take it granted?? How mad both of you are. Tell me why Laksh is not lifting the phone?? Tell..!!!!”

Sanskar cries and wipes his tears,
“that lucky is enjoying with her, and here she is killing me.” He beats phone to his head.


There, Laksh is sleeping placing his hand back on his head. Ragini is looking at him, holding her knees. The rain starts again. Laksh may get wet. Ragini removes her duppatta and ties it to tree stems so that it can protect them a little. Now, Ragini sits nearer to Laksh so that she can get shelter too.

She looks at the lightening striking the sky. She goes into a little flash back.

“It was two months before. Laksh’s family comes to see Ragini to her house. It was already late evening. They have to come on such time for some reasons. Ragini was completely nervous that it was her first time facing a boy for marriage sights.
(every girl can understand this)

Finally, after all talkings.. raglak are left aside alone in balcony. It was raining. Ragini was looking at rain in smile.

Lak: do you like rain?

Ragini nods her head bending her eyes.

Lak: don’t be shy. Be free…

Ragini just fakes a smile in hesitation. It’s not like she didn’t like Laksh, but.. her eyes became heavy to see him. She is a normal traditional girl. That’s why.

Laksh can understand her situation.

Lak: let me tell about me. …., …, … (Laksh says his interests and all)

Lak: now, your turn.

Ragini’s fears increase. She starts rolling the duppatta on her finger.

“Ragini, look at me” Laksh says. She looks at him.

“whatever you talk, look into my eyes and talk. I promise, you will not feel scared. I’m not a vampire.”

Ragini laughs with his words.. Laksh too laughs. Then, Ragini starts talking with him.

Later, he agreeing for marriage., the marriage getting fixed in a month and later they having a little phone talks… engagement. Everything went on smoothly. And when Laksh is going to marry her within few minutes, she has to hear the most unbearable word, ‘groom eloped’

It’s really a big horrific situation for any girl who has build up her dreams till then, and it was all destroyed in seconds. The society starts looking her as alien. Is it her fault? This society fault or groom’s fault? Whom should we blame??

Ragini gets tears remembering all that. she holds her palms tightly. Then she feels a hand wiping her tears. She opens her eyes. It’s Laksh and it was already morning.

Ragini has slept like that only during night. Laksh forwards her duppatta to her. Ragini soon grabs it from his hand. She gets a little uncomfortable that how long Laksh has looked her without duppatta over her.

“It was nice shelter Ragini. I woke up just now too.” He says flicking his hoody. Ragini stands and sets her hair.

Laksh was just looking at her mesmerized.

“what??” with Ragini’s question he comes to world.

Lak: shall we go?

Rag: no, let’s stay here and play. (says in frustration)

Laksh confuses what happened to Ragini suddenly.

Lak: everything ok Ragini?

Rag: nothing is ok..!! I’m not feeling good. Laksh, did you think marriage was a joke?? Why didn’t you at least tell me before running away?? You betrayed my dreams..!! I hate you..!!!

Ragini shouts and pushes him back. Laksh sighs. Ragini was weeping. Laksh comes near her.
“why I have to be silent always? that’s why, showed my frustration. Sorry, if I hurt you.”
She wipes her tears. Laksh gives her kerchief. Ragini takes it.

Lak: let’s go.

Ragini nods her head and both start walking silently.

“I shouldn’t have shouted.” Ragini thinks.

The silence remains as the answer between them for a long time.

To be continued…


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