Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (episode 17)

Ragini doings arthi and gives Prasad to all asual.
Rags was doing work in kitchen while dad was reading newspaper. She brings coffee for her..and sits with her..

Dadi:- what happen why your face is glowing like that did something happen.

Ragini blushes remembering their closeness and nodes her head to dadi by saying nothing.

Dadi:- oh I thought something happened between you both like happy happy moments.

Ragini:- dadi..

Here Laksh shouts…

Laksh:- ragini could you get me coffee plzz.

Dadi:- go go your Laksh is calling…

She smiles and enters room and sees all empty.

Where did he go before asking me for coffee..

Before she could turn Laksh from back and hugs her…

Ragini:- Laksh you scared me…

Laksh:- who can hug you other than me.

Ragini smiles and shows him coffee while he takes it and keeps aside hugs her back.

Ragini:- you don’t want coffee.

Laksh:- no

Ragini:- then why you asked me.

Laksh:- because I want you and coffee was a reason to bring you to me so that I can hug you and kiss you.

Ragini smiles and leans back on him. While he starts kissing her on neck both gets lost in their world. He turns her and kisses her on lips..

After few minutes both get parted by uttara call.
When she about to go Laksh holds her and nodes no.

Ragini:- I am all your Laksh you can do anything with me when ever you want and present leave me. She pushes him and goes out by setting herself.

Uttara:- tonight you will help me na babhi..

Ragini:- sure and see you will top this time too.

She hugs and goes..


Ragini lays on bed and sees Laksh photo in her cell she smiles while caring his photo. I love you Laksh…

She gets call from Laksh and lifts his call with smile..

Laksh :- missing me my love…

Ragini:- I don’t knew about you but I am missing my husband.

Laksh:- shall I come now.

Ragini:- come come dadi is waiting for you only.

Laksh:- unromantic kiddo fellow.

Ragini giggles and gives him kiss threw phone and cuts the call.

Laksh comes back and sees ragini searching something in cupboard. He slowly goes towards her back hugs her. He passes his hands around her bare waist drags her close to him.

Ragini:- Laksh what are you doing.

Laksh ignores her by nuzzling in her neck and starts kissing her while she to lost in his fragrance.

He makes her turn and pins her to cupboard and looks at her lips and claims when she gives him permission by moving close to him. They lost in their own world by tasting each other and gets parted when they are out of breath.
She places her head on his chest.

Precap:- alliance for uttara.

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