Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (epilogue)

After one year….

Ragini was roaming whole room and breathing heavily.. She scolds Laksh…who is walking with her..


This is all because of you only,… I hate you..

Laksh:- what I did…

Ragini:- achaa with out doing anything how can I be pregnant..this is paining alot…when will baby come Laksh. I want to see it..

Laksh:- kiddo,i too want to see our baby and what do you mean by its all done by me.. You also equally involved with me naa. Don’t you knew at that time these all will cause this…

He point at her large bump.

Ragini hits his hand and says don’t say this… It’s my baby..

Laksh:- it’s our baby..

Ragini:- then why are you saying this.. Saying this she cares her bump…

Laksh nodes his head will all his family members were laughing at them.

She holds his hand more tightly and sweats..he holds her and takes her to OT with other doctors…

She cries by increasing pains and he cleans her face starts talking to her…

Laksh:- bacha, I knew it will pain alot but trust me when you will see our Pari you will feel blessed..

Ragini talking with difficulty..

Laksh how can you say that its girl.. It can be boy too.

Laksh cups her face and says.. Father can understand ragu that his Pari is coming…but you will be always my first and last kiddo. That’s why I fed you more almonds so that baby goes on me instead of this u grown kiddo.

Ragini screams I hate you Laksh…

Finally she falls back feeling exhausted… While Laksh hugs her tightly…

Doctor:- congratulations Mr. And Mr. Maheswari it’s a girl…

Ragini slowly:- you were right. It’s our Pari..

Laksh kisses her forehead and says I told you…

After few months…

Ragini was observing phone  while laksh hits on her forehead and says.. Look at me while I am teaching you ragu.. All will laugh if they come to knew that you don’t knew how to change diper..

Ragini pouts but soon smirks and starts staring at him lovingly while he gets disturbed of her this seducing stare…

Laksh:- watch here carefully ragini not me..

Ragini:- but I want to watch you only Laksh she cares his face with her fingers to his neck and then chest…

After changing.. He stood up and stares at her while she blinks her eyes about to run  he pins her to wall..

Laksh:- now stare and do those all acts which you were doing before.

Ragini:- me what I did.. Nothing..

Laksh:- achaa.. This girl deserves a punishment..

Ragini:- Haa.

Before she could say he switches off light by placing her on bed..

After few years..

Ragini is running whole house chasing a girl.. Finally dayal catches Pari and asks..

Why are you running Pari..

Pari:- Dada, I don’t want drink milk…

Ragini:- dad ask her to drink Naa see how she is making to run whole house and u don’t knew what this Pari father doing..

Dayal:- he is doing that work which you didn’t learn this time also…

Ragini looks at him confused while he continues saying..

Laksh is changing diper to your new born baby boy..
She smiles feeling caught while he laughs and goes from their taking Pari and her milk..

She goes inside their room and sees Laksh making Rahul placing inside cradle.

She back hugs him and says sry for not learning about diper…

Laksh hugs her back and says.. Don’t worry you can learn when our third child comes..

She looks on shocked while he laughs dragging her more into him.

Sry sry for so late… I almost quitted tellyupdates..

These days I am posting my works in Wattpad…

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    Awesome dii…u nailed it…it’s me Gayu??i really loved this part…totally this ff…still Ragini didn’t grow up…dono to change diaper??thanks for giving such a wonderful ff…love u??❤

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    Superb. Do you have account in wattpad.

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      I can’t say but I will try to post here too

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    Haha Ragu don’t know how to change diper … Awesome

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      Yaa she is still kiddo

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  25. I’m really sorry for the late comment. After a long time, I really missed u and also ur stories here. But I already completed read ur story in Raglak FB. It’s outstanding epilogue dear and loved Raglak scenes are really cute. Ragini is still a kiddoo, don’t know how can Laksh manage his kiddoo. If possible please write more Raglak stories in Raglak FB. Love u dear and take care

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