Raglak ff: She is my wife (Part 23)

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‘Tomorrow I will end everything’ thought Laksh.

But that tomorrow hadn’t come for Raglak even after 3 weeks. Laksh tried hard to say everything but he was caught up with the new deal whereas Ragini was caught up in taking care of Swara and her cute baby. They couldn’t even speak well together. All Laksh could do is ask Ragini about her health condition and make her to take the medicines on time. Even if they got time, this topic didn’t arise between them or say even before the situation was clouding they would be disturbed by their family members. So it’s been three weeks after that night…

It was a pleasant evening time. MM was decorated like a wedding hall. Ladies were busy in checking each other’s outfits and gossiping and giggling while men were busy in having business talk and at corner of eyes stealing glances of their beautiful wives making them blush.

While at Raglak’s room,

Ragini was dressed in royal blue velvet saree – like this. She stands infront of dressing table and drying her wet hair while humming a tune. Laksh was sleeping in his business suits. He had gone to office early in the morning even before cock’s crowing and returned at afternoon and slept without even changing. Ragini sighed and went downstairs letting him to sleep more. But within few minutes… Ragini barged in making Laksh to startle and wide awake.

Ragini: Phew! You had woken up! (She sighed in relief and ordered him.) Now go and get ready for the party.

Laksh groans in response and said: But I want to sleep more.

With that he immediately hides into the blanket making Ragini to glare at him. Ragini nudges his arms through the blanket and called him but he said only ‘hmm’ or ‘5 more minutes’. Even after 5 minutes he continued doing the same. So she took the water jug and smirked evilly at him who was sleeping innocently.

Ragini: I am gonna count till 10. If you didn’t wake up before 10, then you will feel sorry for it. Ok?

Laksh didn’t respond though he heard it. He just sleeps more comfortably while Ragini started her count… ‘1…2…3…4…6…8…10’ before even Laksh could know what was happening, Ragini poured the water on his head and started to laugh looking at the shocked reaction of Laksh.

Laksh whined like a kid: Ragini?! That’s not fair.

Ragini smirked: Everything I am doing is fair! So now get up or else I will give you another punishment which maybe sleeping on the couch for 1 month.

Laksh gasped while Ragini grinned. He made a crying puppy face while Ragini showed her tongue. Laksh sighed and went towards the bathroom while mumbling something under his breath. Ragini giggled and turned around.

She mumbled: If I had a child like him then… (She was about to say something but Laksh back hugged her.)

Laksh: Aww mera bachha! Just 5 more months then my exact copy will be in our arms.

Ragini blushed hearing him and struggled to get out of his hold but Laksh didn’t leave her so she whispered: Laksh! Leave me! We need to go to party…go and get ready.

He shook his head and whispered: But I don’t want to bachha! Let’s drop the party and cuddle in the bed.

Ragini shook her head in disbelief; she again tried to get out of his embrace but he just pulled her more so Ragini just stomped on his foot hardly. He released her while groaning in pain. Ragini glared at him while he made a puppy face. He was about to go but before that he kissed her cheek saying ‘I will be back soon and then let’s continue from where he stopped.’ With that he winked at her and rushed into the bathroom leaving Ragini blushing furiously whispering in her thoughts ‘dΓ©jΓ  vu’!

After a while,

Ragini tied her hair in messy bun while some strands of her curly hair falls on her neck giving a view of her long slender neck and shoulder. She was wearing her earring that’s when she heard the unbolting of the door. She turned only to her eyes literally fall down from her socket. There stood Laksh infront of Ragini only in towel and some drops of water running down his body. Ragini gulped the lump on her throat at the sight of him but suddenly turned around and closed her eyes tightly.

Ragini with fake anger tone: Don’t you have any sense?

Laksh in innocent tone (but his eyes are filled with mischievous): What?

Ragini gritted her teeth understanding his mischievous plans: What ‘what’? Won’t you even take your shirt and go?

Laksh smirked but said innocently: Oops! Sorry Ragini! I had even forgotten my boxers!

Ragini turned around and looked at him with disbelief while he scratches his hair like he was nervous. She then shook her head and said: Ok! Atleast now change and come, it’s getting late.

Laksh grinned and said: Ok!

He took a royal blue suit matching Ragini’s and was about to remove his towel but Ragini squealed shutting her eyes with her hands. Laksh smirked naughtily at her while Ragini’s cheeks were getting crimson red.

Laksh in a fake concern tone: What happened bachha?

Ragini sighed knowing his tone and said calmly: Laksh, go to the changing room and change there.

Laksh whined like a kid: But I want to change here Ragini!

Ragini removed her hands and glared at him: But I want to wear my jewels Laksh!

Laksh smirked and winked at her: It’s ok! I don’t mind sharing this big room with you Ragini.

Ragini couldn’t blush more. She was fighting the smile on her face and trying to give a hard mean glare to him. She closed and opened her eyes. Even before she could know what happened, she found that she was in his arms while he was looking at her romantically. Her heart skipped a beat looking at his face too closely. She tried to push him and make him to get ready but he was not ready to listen anything. All he wanted to do is now kiss her pink plump lips insanely and make her merge completely on him. Their lips were just an inch away with each other; eyes were looking into each other deeply forgetting the whole world suddenly they closed, and their lips were about to meet but…

‘RAGINI?! LAKSH! OPEN THE DOOR’ a voice had come along with the knocking of their bedroom’s door. Laksh groaned and merging his head on Ragini’s shoulder mumbling ‘Villain of my romantic story is my wife’s sister! Wow!’ Ragini giggled and pushed him inside the changing room along with his dress and moved towards the door. She opened the door and found Swara standing at entrance with her small princess in her protective embrace.

Swara questioned without stopping: What took you so long to open this silly door? What are you doing? You haven’t even got ready? Guests had started to come and mom was asking you while you are simply…

Suddenly she stopped her question train making Ragini wonder what she is gonna do next. Swara suddenly smirked mischievously making Ragini nervous.

Swara: Why your cheeks are so red sister?

Ragini’s breath stopped. She immediately looked ground like wishing it to come and swallow her now. She didn’t meet Swara’s mischievous eyes. Swara giggled looking at her embarrassed. Then she pulled her inside the room and said: Fine! I will get the answers later but for now we need to get you ready!

With that she started to help Ragini leaving her for no options. At last Swara took Ragini downstairs making every man to gasp in her simple beauty. She just shyly looked down while her hands were on her baby bump having it in her protective embrace. Meanwhile Laksh came inside his room and found that Ragini had already left. He huffed while stomping his feet on the ground saying ‘She is indeed a Villain of my romantic times!’


After a while, Laksh comes down and noticed that most of the guests had already arrived and everyone was enjoying each other’s company. He just smiled at everyone with a small nod while his eyes searched for his beautiful wife. At that time he heard the most beautiful sound from his right side. He turned towards that side. A smooth breeze attacks him forming a smile on his face. His hair dances with the tune of the wind while his eyes falls on the woman who had suffered and faced a lot in her early life just to get his love for her…only for her, the woman who had crossed all the hurdles bravely and strongly with her pure love, the woman who made him to fall on his knees for her hand throughout his life, the woman who is now carrying his baby, which was made by their love, inside her womb, protecting it from all the evil eyes, the woman whom he introduces to the world as ‘my wife’. He was just frozen at the place he was standing. His eyes were twinkling with admiration, adoration, mesmerized, excited, happiness and…love which can be brought only by ‘his wife’.

Ragini felt a gaze on her. She turned around only to lock her eyes with her love, her husband. The emotions which were sparkling in his eyes brought a big smile on her face while her soft cheeks turn pink. His gaze becomes intense just by her small blush. She felt her heart skipping its beats but still having comfortable warmth making her heart swell with happiness and admiration. She feels that the feel on his eyes were only for her, she feels that his heart can be ruled only by her, she feels that all her the hurdles she had crossed to see his eyes filled with love for her is worth of it, she feels that the man who holds her heart and now her eyes is hers and only hers, she feels that she is going to give him the most precious gift in the world, she feels that he had chosen only her to bring his baby to the world, she feels that only he has the title ‘my wife’ to use on her. And so their eyes had spoken more words instead of their lips. Well, words could describe a feel upto a level but eyes could describe the feel that instantly hits the heart.

Their eyelock was broken when someone disturbs them at the same time. They tried to concentrate on their own conversation but their heart still rewinding their most beautiful eyelock again and again making them steal glances at each other. At last Laksh signed Ragini to come near him. Ragini raised her eyebrows signing ‘for what’. Laksh made duck lips and tapped his forefinger on it signing ‘a kiss on his lips’. Ragini widens her eyes and looked around to check if someone were seeing them. When no one had noticed them, she sighed in relief and glared at Laksh mouthing ‘No!’ for which Laksh pouted making Ragini to think ‘Aww cutie!’

Ragini turned towards her group while thinking about his pouted lips. Suddenly her phone vibrated indicating a message. She opened it and found it was from her naughty husband saying ‘Only one kiss Ragini…?’ Ragini turned around to look at him who was already looking at her reactions. She smirked and messaged him ‘:P?’ Laksh immediately took his mobile and checked the message only to narrow his eyes Ragini who was already grinning at him. She again turned leaving no room for argument.

But she was got frozen on her steps when she felt a smooth and cool wind on her. It waves only on her making her intake of that air and turn around to see Laksh blowing the air. Ragini shyly looked at him while he pleaded for her kiss. She just stood looking at him without responding. Laksh sighed and took a juice glass near his mouth while keeping his eyes on Ragini. Ragini smirked naughtily and pulled her lower lip in between her teeth and left it slowly while looking at Laksh with naughty eyes. Laksh gasped and dropping the glass on the floor and coughing. Ragini immediately went to him and rubbed his chest for soothing his cough. But actually she was tracing her fingers on his shirt causing tingling sensation to Laksh making his condition even more vulnerable. He looked at Ragini with wide eyes while Ragini looked at him with mischievous eyes.

Laksh whisper yelled: What are you doing Ragini?

Ragini just smirked at him and whispered: Everything I am doing is fair Laksh!

Laksh was about to say something but DP called everyone to hear him so he took Ragini’s hand and stood on the stage with his family members. His eyes suddenly started to search for someone but couldn’t find that person. ‘Hmm…so that idiot hadn’t showed his face for three weeks and for this party too’ He sighed and hold Ragini’s hand little tightly in possession ‘If at all I had known this before, I would have given that punch at beginning itself and would have lived with my Ragini and my family!’ He made a face and thought ‘Well! Atleast now that idiot gone…but still I am having some doubt on his silence…I should be little careful about him’

His thought was broken when Ragini whispered: Why you are having this grumpy face?

Laksh whispered back: Nothing! Just thinking about something!

Ragini looked at him with curious eyes and suddenly smiled knowingly: You are thinking about Chiraag, right?

Suddenly Laksh’s eyes became dark and said coldly: Don’t you dare to take his name!

Ragini gulped hearing his tone but still smiled politely saying: Ok! Ok! Cool down hubby.

He smiled hearing ‘hubby’ and nodded while Ragini sighed in relief.

DP: Hello ladies and gentleman! Thank you so much for coming to this party. This is not only the success party for our new project which is handled by my son ‘Laksh Maheshwari’ but also the naming ceremony for our granddaughter. So I request you all to enjoy the party and wish our granddaughter too! Thank you!

With that the naming ceremony started and Swara and Sanskar named her ‘Avni Sanskar Maheshwari’! Raglak were all the time teasing or stealing glances or shooting flying kisses to each other. But soon Laksh was taken away by Sanskar to meet some clients. Ragini stood in a corner and took rest for a while. At that time someone kept their hand on her shoulder. Ragini immediately jumped and turned around just to widen her eyes in shock.

Ragini whispered: Chiraag?!

Chiraag smirked and said: Missed me beautiful?

Ragini gritted her teeth in anger but still smiled politely at him and said: Not at all! Why should I? When I have such a handsome and caring husband why I should I miss someone…that too you?

Chiraag get anger but still he controlled it and said: Come on Beautiful! Let’s dance.

He just pulled her even before she could protest. Ragini tried to remove her hand from his grip but thought that it would be creating some mess, so she stopped struggling. They both were slow dancing. He tried to move closer but Ragini maintained the distance between them throughout the dance. Ragini felt very uncomfortable with him. She wished Laksh could come and take her whether gently or forcefully. But all she wants is get away from Chiraag move into Laksh. At that time only her eyes falls on Laksh whose eyes were dark with rage and hands clutched in tight fists. He was standing there like controlling himself from doing any drama. Ragini felt bad and guilt to see him like that. She immediately excused herself saying she is tired and moved towards Laksh. But Laksh just gives a deathly glare to Chiraag and went out without even glancing Ragini. Ragini felt hurt and goes back of him calling his name repeatedly.

Finally he came out to the garden and started walking back and forth. Ragini tried to walk along with him and tell her situation but she couldn’t as she felt really tired by then. Suddenly Laksh stopped and held Ragini’s shoulder tightly making Ragini flinch in pain. But Laksh didn’t cared.

Laksh in cold voice: What were you doing inside with him Ragini? Didn’t I say to you before ‘not to talk with him or get close with him’?

He pushed her little roughly and turned his back to her: Then why Ragini? Why you did this?

Ragini tried to say something: La…Laksh! I…I…he…

But Laksh just interrupted her by pulling her into his embrace by waist and looked at her with hurt, rage and pained expressions. Ragini couldn’t take them. She tried to speak but the words had died even before reaching her throat. He slowly cupped her face: Go and sleep! You look tired.

He just turned without looking at her any second longer. Ragini cried feeling his cold shoulder. She just rushed inside her room and cried herself to sleep. Laksh just stood in the party with pale and expressionless face. Chiraag was long gone and that’s good for him as Laksh was not in the state of any argument. All he could do is punch and fight now.

Finally the party was over, Laksh entered his room and found Ragini slept with tear strains on her cheeks. He felt bad for acting rudely with her. He slowly made her to sleep on his chest and rubbed her head through her hair in soothing her. Ragini was in deep sleep that she didn’t realize it but just pushed herself into his embrace even more.

Laksh in apologizing tone: I am really sorry Ragini! I didn’t mean to be acting towards you like that. All I wanted is to safeguard you from him. But when I found you in his arms I felt like I am the worst husband who could not take care of his wife. Now I understand that you tried not to create any mess but me an impulsive idiot couldn’t understand at that Ragini. Please forgive me Ragini. I just took away the anger on you Ragini. I didn’t mean to hurt you Ragini, I am sorry, forgive me!

With that he too had slept by pulling her closer to himself.

At early morning, at Raglak’s room,

Ragini was woken up by the nudging in her arms. She slowly opened her puffy eyes and looked at the person who wakes her.

“Come on Ragini! Get up! Let’s go for a walk! You will also feel fresh! Come on” said him pulling Ragini out of the bed. Ragini felt his behavior weird but still didn’t complain and went inside restroom and brushed her teeth and got ready for a morning walk. He tried to hold her hand but Ragini didn’t let him and walked little bit distant from him. At last they both had crossed MM gate and went away.

Few minutes after they had gone, a person entered MM. The guards were looking at him weirdly. He felt something fishy. So he rushed into his room and found his wife was missing on the bed. He searched for her in the whole house shouting her name ‘Ragini! Ragini’ but couldn’t find her. At last he went to kitchen and saw his mom there.

Laksh: Maa…where is Ragini?

Before even she could answer, the servant near her said in disbelief: But you are the one who had taken madam for morning walk just few minutes before sir.

Laksh looked shocked: WHAT? ME?

Suddenly his frowned eyebrows stood in a straight line, his eyes flamed with rage, his knuckles became pale because of his fists, and his broad chest falls up and down rapidly like a beast. He shouted at the top of his voice “CHIRAAG!” The whole family members arrived there on the other side near Ragini was in unconscious inside a car while beside her ‘he’ was driving with an evil smirk…

Biggg….isn’t it? Well it’s a big one for me! Phew! I know I am very late… but no sorry this time..heheheh…I was enjoying my days with my family…and now I am bit free…so I typed this big part…How is this part? Raglak scenes? Ending :P??

So I wanna ask…on whose POV you all want the handling my drunken wife part 2…Ragini’s or Laksh’s? I hadn’t updated because I felt the spark that I had while writing first part is not in second one… but still for you guys I am giving it a try…so say this on ur comments please…

And thirdly on ?24 jan 2016? I published my first part of my first ff in TU! I wanted to post this chapter too on 24th but couldn’t complete typing so I am posting it next day… I am happy that I completed 1 year on writing stories…???✨And important thing I don’t know when will be the next part because I have to think and then type…BIGGGGG JOBBBBb….????still I try to post it soon!! Sorry if it has any mistakes…
Well! Have a nice day! Thank you all!

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