RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 36

Hi RagLakians.. Ready for the twist? Yeah me too.. ๐Ÿ˜€ but one thing.. Don’t mind about anything.. I mean yes.. Laksh poori trah se sudhra nahi.. he loves his ragini..but he loves his ego more..! He has done so many mistakes for his ego.. And he might be doing more mistakes only for his ego.. After this part I think you’ll change your POV against laksh.. But please.. Don’t hate him.. _/\_ Take it easy.. ๐Ÿ˜€

<3 Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini
Laksh came out of the office..and looked around.. Ragini wasn't there.. Then he moved to his car and drove out… Ragini was walking on the road..heart-broken..it was a busy road.. Laksh was looking for her all around.. Just then his eyes fell on her.. As she was walking on the road.. Laksh came out from the car to go to her.. Just then she took out her phone and talked to someone… Laksh looked at her a bit confused.. Just then she ended the call…and laksh moved to come to her..just then a car came in front of her.. And aditya came out of it.. Laksh got shocked to see him.. And stopped.. He came towards ragini..

Aditya: Ragini..u here??
Ragini: Uh..Yes..i came to gv lunch to Laksh..
Aditya: (he looked at her face a bit confusingly) wat happened? r u ok??
Ragini: (faked a smile) Y…yes..i m fine

Laksh couldn't hear what they were talking due to the distance…he got burnt in anger seeing his ragini with aditya

Aditya: by the way its good only dat i met u..
Ragini: y?
Aditya: i wanted to tell u something..
Ragini: wat..?
Aditya: arey cum i will tell y..

He held her from her hands and made her sit in his car.. Laksh was angry as hell…his eyes got red in anger seeing him touching his.. Then aditya also got into the car and drove from there.. Laksh was angry like anything.. He made a fist of his hand.. Then he sat in his car and and followed his car.. Aditya's car got stopped in front of a hotel.. Laksh also stopped a distance away.. His anger was getting out of control.. He came out from the car..aditya also came out of the car.. And ragini too.. Then aditya smiled at ragini.. Ragini also faked a smile and got in with him..

They got in..and there was an another section in it..they got in that..and sat down on a set of table and chair…Laksh looked at them from outside.. Then he also got in and sat down..in the outer section… And there was a glass wall between them.. His anger was at its highest peak… Aditya ordered something for ragini.. Ragini said no but he still ordered it..their voice still couldn't reach him.. But he could see them clearly..

Aditya: Ragini.. i dont think u r fine.. Is everything ok..?
Ragini: (faking a smile) yes..everything is alright..

Laksh's eyes were getting fires seeing her smiling with aditya..

Aditya: Ragini..i was going to tell u something.. Actually i wanted u to meet someone..
Ragini: (confused) who?
Aditya: actually.. I found a girl for me.. we both love each odr very much..
Ragini: (got a bit happy) wow..who is she..?
Aditya: yes..i wanted u to meet her..she is coming here
Ragini: (smiled in happiness) u told dis to maa?? or chachiji..?
Aditya: no i am telling u only

Laksh was burning in anger.. A waiter came to him…

Waiter: sir.. u will have something?.
Laksh: (angrily) No…
Waiter: Sir we can't let you sit here if you won't order anything.. Sorry..u have to order something..
Laksh: (Got angry..) dont u know d meaning of NO..?

Everybody in the outer section looked at him.. Laksh looked around and got a bit normal..

Laksh: actually i m waiting for sum1
Waiter: Ok sir.. No problem..till then i will bring coffee for u..

Laksh didn't react.. And looked at aditya and ragini.. Waiter went from there..

Aditya: But look ragini.. until i settle everything..u will not tell dis to anyone(offered hand) promise?
Ragini: (thought for a while.. Then she put her hand in his hand) Ok promise..

Aditya smiled and held her hand.. And laksh's fire was coming out.. Then ragini smiled a bit.. Laksh got up.. And rushed to come to them.. He opened the door of that section..but then he stopped.. And got back.. He thought for a while and turned back in anger.. He came out and drove from there.. After he went from there a girl entered in the same hotel.. And came to aditya and ragini.. Aditya looked at her..smiled..and got up..

Aditya: ragini.. Meet her.. She is shanaya..

Ragini looked up and saw her.. shanaya (suggest me some actress :p ) smiled at her..

Aditya: And shanaya..she is Ragini…my friend nd Laksh bhai's wife
Shanaya: hi bhabhi..
Ragini: (smiled) hi.. come sit..

Then she sat with them.. and talked.. On the other hand.. Laksh came back to MM.. His anger was at its highest peak.. He came to his room.. Breathing badly in anger.. He then threw out all the things here and there in anger.. His eyes were red and teary in anger..

Laksh: U didnt do right Ragini..u didnt do right..u betrayed me?…me? (Shouted) how could you????

He acted like mad and threw things here and there..

Aftersome time..
Ragini came to MM.. She looked all around.. And was upset and disappointed by laksh.. She went into the kitchen and drank water..she took the glass back and then she reminded her romantic moments with laksh.. And her eyes got teary.. Then she walked upstairs to her room.. She got in and got shocked to see everything messed up like that.. She she looked around.. Just then laksh walked in..

Laksh: Surprise……..

Ragini turned back…. And he came to her with a straight face with redness and a bit angriness in eyes..

Ragini: (a bit angrily) wats all dis Laksh??
Laksh: (seriously looking at her) Where were u..?
Ragini: Laksh..i was asking dat…
Laksh: (closed his eyes in anger and then opened them.. Grinding teeth) I asked where were u..?
Ragini: (turning back) i went to ur office to gv u lunch
Laksh: n after dat??
Ragini: (turned her head a little) i went somewhere..
Laksh: (came forward facing her) Where??
Ragini: (looked at him.. But then angrily removed her eyes..and was ready to turn) Y shud i tell u?
Laksh: (Held arm and jerked her to keep her straight) bcoz i m ur husband..i shud know where my wife goes nd whom she meets…so now just tell me where were u??
Ragini: (was looking at him like that then she removed her eyes and started removing his hand) Laksh…its..its paining..
Laksh: (grinded teeth) Ragini i asked u something..
Ragini: (looked at him frustrated) I…I..went to (Removed his hand) meet my old friend..OK???

Laksh grinded teeth hearing her lie..and she turned to go..just then.. Laksh held her arm and twisted it on her back with which she cried….

Ragini: (cried in pain) Laksh..!
Laksh: (angrily)Lie…u r lieing..u lie everytime…everytime u only lied to me….u r a betrayer Ragini…u broke my trust

Ragini pushed laksh away..

Ragini: (shouted in anger and crying) lie…truth…betrayal…trust…u just dont talk about dese things….u r d biggest betrayer i hv ever seen in my life…u gave my brother a job in ur company..married him to ur sister..did so many things for me…just to get me..just to satisfy ur wants…just to satisfy ur ego..just to win a bet?
Laksh: (held her from her shoulder..shouted) Yes Ragini..i did so many things..just for u…just to bring u in my life..but wat did u do haan?? (Grinded teeth)u married me..nd den having an extra martial affair wid my brother behind my back
Ragini: (shocked..and shouted removing his hands) Laksh….!!!
Laksh: (shouted more) Dont shout Ragini..i myself saw u wid him..u were wid him in d hotel n den coming n telling me dat u were wid a friend??u know which type of ppl lie lyk dis??ppl who hv extra martial affairs lie lyk dis
Ragini: (shouted) Laksh..! (Disgust) Such a dirty thinking u have..it disgusts me to know dat u r MY HUSBAND

Laksh: Yes.. (Held her again with her shoulders) n dis is d reason dat u needed dat Aditya in ur lyf..Nd me (Left her holding his forehead turning back) i thought dat u started loving me (Looked at her) i loved u soo much..i pity myself dat i fell in love wid u (Held her shoulders again)Y did u do dis to me Ragini??Y did u betray me??Y even after me loving u soo much u needed dat Aditya in ur life
Ragini: (crying angrily..removing his hands)Bcoz now i dont want to stay wid u..i will go away from here(Moved to the cupboard)i dont want ur love..dont want ur anything

She opened the cupboard and started taking out her clothes just then laksh held her arm and turned her..

Laksh: U will go away from here so dat u can meet dat Aditya whenever u want..No Ragini.. (pulled her) i will not let u go anywhere..U ARE MINE..nd u will stay wid me only
Ragini: (crying..removing his hand from her arm) No Laksh..i will not stay wid u (Grinded teeth) U dont deserve anyone

Laksh got angry as hell.. She again moved to the cupboard.. Just then laksh held her arm and and dragged her aside near the bed..

Laksh: U ARE MINE RAGINI..i think u forgot dis..but now i will make u realize it

He moved to the door..closed it and latched.. Ragini got her eyes bigger..and he turned back..

Laksh: I did so many things for u..i even forgot myself to get u(then he moved to her..And she got shocked.. she backed off)became a new Laksh (Grinded teeth) but u dont deserve dis Laksh only..u deserve dat Laksh only which i was before i met u (She got pinned to the wall and he came closer)den ok..from today..from now..u will see dat Laksh only who just wanted u..
Ragini: (crying) No laksh…

Laksh held her face in his hand.. In anger..

Laksh: before loving u i want u..and now dis Laksh Maheshwari will fill his want..now i will make u realize dat..u r my wife..n i am ur husband
He moved his hands back in her hair…holding her face tightly in his hands.. She was stunned…

Ragini: Laksh….

He brought his face near hers..she was trying to push him back but he was strong…he was coming more closer to her and then he kissed her on her lips.. She tightly closed her eyes and her tears dropped down.. She tried to push him back but he didn't.. He sucked her lips and bit on them..he was continuously kissing her while she was getting restless..ragini just wanted to push him back and Then….he moved back looking at her..and she looked at with heartbeats fast..breathing fast..stunned big eyes filled with tears…. He held her hand and threw her on the bed.. She fell on bed..And he started opening buttons of his black shirt..ragini was shocked and stunned.. She started backing off on bed..

Ragini: (crying) N..no Laksh..dont even try to come near me..i will not be yours..u will not do this..u..u will not do anything lyk dis
Laksh: (taking out his shirt looking at her in anger)Now i will do lyk dis only Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari…infact i shud have done dis before only..

He took out his shirt and threw it aside..then he came up on the bed.. As she was backing off.. He held her legs and pulled her a bit.. She lied down.. Crying silently with fast heartbeats..But he was mad in anger.. He came just up on her..

Ragini: (crying) Laksh.. I will not let dis happen..
Laksh: (smirked a little) But today u wont be able to even stop me Ragini..

Ragini was nodding in no and then he captured her lips into his own.. She was trying to push him..he kissed her lips and then he sucked her lips.. Her tears rolled down from the sides of her closed eyes while he was kissing her.. She was trying hard to resist.. To stop him.. But then.. how long she could fight and resist.. So she stopped pushing him back..laksh also moved his hands and held her back.. He sucked her lower lip and then upper..and then he kissed her with which ragini reciprocated..laksh opened his eyes with her movement and then he closed his eyes and kissed her with more passion.. Both of them kissed eachother..ofcourse she was getting herself prepared for this since last three days and now this was happening..yeah not in the way they thought it to be..but it was happening.. She had surrended herself to him.. He broke the kiss.. Ragini was breathing fast and was crying silently as well.. He took off her dupatta and then started kissing on her neck..Ragini closed her eyes shedding off the tears.. He kissed all over in her neck and gave her the love bites..ragini was crying but was also breathing seductively with his every move.. He then moved his hand back on her back and pulled the string of her blouse while he was kissing on her neck.. Ragini felt this.. She wanted to stop him but she couldn't.. He moved his hand down on her back and ripped off her blouse zip with which his nails scratched her back.. She hissed but he didn't bother.. And then he took off her blouse down from her shoulders and arms….he kissed all over in her exposed body and then he he pulled down her bra stips revealing her beautiful curves..she felt embarrassed and covered herself with her hands..

Laksh: Ragini I am ur Husband.. (laksh held her hands putting them on either of her sides on bed) nd i have d right to see u lyk dis

Ragini was embarssed.. And he kissed one of her bre*st.. She took a deep breath with this.. And made a fist of her hand with this..He moved his hands up on her hands and interwined his fingers with hers and then he sucked onto her bre*st..she moaned but was still crying silently…he moved the other bre*st and kissed and sucked over there too.. And she moaned again clutching her fingers in his hands.. He moved down and kissed deeply into her navel.. She took a deep breath turning her head and clutched the bedsheet in her fists.. And then he moved down and took off her lehenga and then her innerwear too..now ragini was entirely exposed to her husband..he moved back..took off rest of his clothes too..embarrassed ragini pulled the duvet and tried to cover herself..and then he came to her again..He removed up the duvet and kissed on her thighs.. He moved up and kissed on her upper thighs.. And then he kissed and explored her exposed part entirely.. Ragini moaned hard clutching the bedsheet in her hands like she would would tear them.. Her tears were still rolling down.. She didn't want this to happen but she couldn't stop him.. He came up on her again…and then finally he entered in her.. She cried and shouted..

Ragini: Aahhhh….laksh….. (She cried) Aahh!

And she cried more..he entered fully in her.. held her body tightly against himself amd pulled the duvet up covering themselves.. Ragini was crying.. He couldn't see her like that as he loved her no matter what.. And then he kissed on her lips to soothe her pain..he kissed her softly and lovingly and thus they became one.. It happened…not in the way..that it could be.. But now they were one..!
After few hours.. Ragini's jewels…some pieces of her torn clothes were lying messed up bed.. Laksh was wearing his black shirt.. And turned back closing its buttons.. Still in anger.. And ragini was lying on bed covered in the white duvet only..crying silently..facing the other side.. And holding the duvet over her neck..then laksh moved to her.. And came closer to her.. He sat down near her on floor on his toes..

Laksh: Finally i won Ragini..i got u..now u r mine..ONLY MINE.. (She was still crying without looking at him.. He held her face and made her look at him..but she didn't) from today onwards..u will not go anywhere widout my permission..u will not meet anyone……only i have d right to see u and touch u..understood??

She was crying.. She didn't look at him at all..He kissed on her lips.. Then he moved back and left her.. And she was stunned and crying.. Helpless.. And broken.. Then he turned back.. But stopped realising something.. He turned back again and saw her cell phone.. Then he picked it up and threw it.. It broke into pieces.. And after that he got out of the room latching it from outside..ragini was left alone.. she was just crying.. She couldn't do anything.. Ofcourse she was ready for all this…but she never had imagined that this would happen like this…now she was just helpless and crying..
Laksh came out of the MM.. And sat in his car in anger..Then he drove to aadi's apartment.. He came there.. The gates were closed.. Watchman from the main gate came to him..

Watchman: namastey sir..
Laksh: open d gate..
Watchman: but sir no one is at home..
Laksh: aditya?
Watchman: sir.. he has gone outside..
Laksh: Where?
Watchman: dont know sir..
Laksh: When will he return??
Watchman: day after tomorrow sir..if u have any work den…

Laksh grinded theeth and drove back..he came to a place.. Then he stopped the car.. He was sitting in the car..his anger turned itno tears.. And yes..laksh maheshwari was crying.. He moved his hair back and closed his eyes..his tears rolled down..then he opened his eyes.. And wiped his tears…in anger… Then he drove back to MM.. He came to his room.. Ragini was sitting on bed.. Putting her head on her knees..Holding blanket up on her neck..Lifeless and crying..laksh was hell angry on her.. He came in.. Got his clothes from cupboard and went in the washroom..then he came out after changing..wearing sea greenish t-shirt with black lower.. He came on the bed.. Ragini was avoiding looking at him.. She was lost somewhere…laksh came to her and held her face in his hand..she wasn't looking at him..

Laksh: ur partner Aditya ran away..but till wen will he run?? i will just not leave him?? (She looked at him..with her crying eyes) once in childhood..he touched my toy..u know wat i did??i broke his hand nd after dat his mom dad sent him away from here..nd today.. (held her hand) he touched dis hand of urs (Looked to the other side) he touched my wife today(held her face)now i will kill him..will send him away from dis world only…Forever…nd u..?? (Grinding teeth)today i wud hv really killed u Ragini..but no…dat wud be a very small punishment for u…

Ragini's tears fell down from her eyes…she wasn't looking at him…laksh held her hair from the back of her head and pulled them a bit..to make her look up… She cried..

Ragini: (crying in pain) aahhhh…
Laksh: (grinding teeth) dis punishment is only good for u..u never deserved my love..u deserved dis type of treatment only

Her tears rolled down but He didn't bother..he kissed on her neck again..she closed her eyes tightly..as she was getting frustrated.. He then held her and made her lie down.. Coming up on her again.. And then he did the same with her again.. And the night spent like that.. In ragini's helplessness and in laksh's anger and crazy passion..she wanted to love him.. But not like this..she was so broken.. He wanted to love her.. but not like this..he was so broken too.. Huh… SO MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS..

Precap- SwaSan came to meet RagLak..but… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Apne Laksh ko galat mat samajhna girls.. _/\_ Pyaar me pagal ho kar ladka raaste se bhatak gaya hai.. :p SAHI RAASTE PAR BHI AA JAYEGA..!!

all d other parts of dis ff till d end r on facebook.. I am giving d link. I will not post anymore parts on tellyupdates as my exams r coming .do read all d parts n tell me in d comments how is d story

keep loving RagLak

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