RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 35

Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini
Next morning..
Ap and dp were gone.. Ragini was in her room..Wearing a light green color lehenga saari with golden blouse.. laksh came to her wearing white dotted shirt with black coat.. He saw that ragini was arranging clothes in the cupboard.. He came to her and she looked up..

Laksh: (cupped her face hands in his) Ragini no one is at home nd u have to stay alone i dont want to leave u alone n go but sumone has to look after d office works too So..
Ragini: Uhh.. u dont worry i will stay . no problem
Laksh: (smiled..and kissed on her forehead..and she got nervous) Take care of yourself.. Hmm??

She didn't look up.. And nodded in yes.. Then he smiled.. And went from there..
He reached the office.. In his cabin and saw nikita sitting there..laksh got a bit surprised but the he came to her..nikita saw him and got up..

Nikita: Good morning sir..
Laksh: Good morning.. by d way u didnt need to cum to office i wud have handled d work over here..
Nikita: I hv not cum here to take care of anything …i have cum here so dat u can take care of me
Laksh: (a bit angrily) nikita.. Just behave yourself.. (Then he got a bit normal) Nikita u r taking d wrong meaning of my concern for u I only love my Ragini She is my everything so by talking lyk dis or behaving lyk dis u will not get anything dats y it will b better if u forget evrything of d past n move forward Ok??
Nikita: No sir now i will not move forward.i will be here only n wait for u…nd i will wait for u until u hold my hand and take me forward wid urself
Laksh: (got frustrated)Ok if u dont want to listen to me den dont listen..as soon as papa cums i will transfer u to another company
Nikita: (faking a smile with teary eyes) I love u sir…i will have to listen to whatever u say..Love…who can know dis better dan u
Laksh: (in anger) Nikita stop it and get lost…

She took up the files and turned back to go.. Then she turned back to him..

Nikita:By d way Ragini is very lucky dat u love him…u r also very lucky dat i love u so much only i m d unlucky one..but no problem sir..i will spend my whole lyf under ur shadow only
Laksh: (got angry) nikita..please..get out…

And she went out of the cabin.. Laksh was frustrated.. He threw some files on floor in anger..

Then in night..
Ragini came in her room..wearing purplish saari..with floral blouse and tray of dinner in her hands.. She kept it on the table aside.. Laksh came out of the washroom.. He looked himself in the mirror and set his hair..ragini was staring him..then he turned back and she removed her eyes immediately.. But laksh smiled noticing that she was staring him.. He came to ragini.. And sat down on the sofa..

Laksh:wat hv u made in dinner??? (He opened a vessel) Oh.. Nice way to impress me..
Ragini: Maa told me dat u liked dal baati …so dats why..

Laksh smiled.. And held her hands..

Laksh: Come here..sit..
Ragini: (sitting next to him) Laksh.. Maa had called me..she was telling dat masiji's health is ok now
Laksh: (He smirked) Yes i hv talked to masiji..She's fine…but i hv told maa to stay der for sum more days..so dat v also get some more tym wid each other
Ragini: (irritated) U hv lunch..
Laksh: Ok.. but u feed me wid ur hand..(Ragini looked at his face.. He laughed) Arey..Feed na…am feeling hungry

Ragini got a slight smile on her face.. She nodded in disbelief.. then she took made a chunk and fed him.. Then he also made a bite and took it to her mouth.. She looked at him.. And he was smiling.. Then she opened her mouth and ate that.. After sometime they had their dinner.. And ragini came back in room for sleeping and laksh was lying on bed.. Ragini came there and lied on bed too.. Laksh changed his gesture and was looking at her smiling….

Ragini: Y r u luking at me lyk dat??
Laksh: Ragini.. You know….everytime i see u..i fall in love wid u

Ragini blushed a bit and removed her eyes..

Laksh: (came closer to her and removed her hair strands from her face)It gvs me so much happiness evrytym i realise dat u r mine.. I love you ragini.. I love you so much…

He was looking at her face so lovingly..and she was nervous..He was bringing his face near hers just then she stopped him putting her fingers on his lips..

Ragini: (nervously) Laksh..still..one..one..more day is left..

Laksh took a sigh.. And got back..

Laksh: oh god..dis..dis one more day.. But anyways..I shud sleep fast so dat dis one day also passes away… (He smiled) good night baby..

He lied down..and closed his eyes smiling..She looked at him for a while..then she reminded how he first looked at her in lucknow from his balcony.. After that when he talked to her for the first time in kitchen..After that when he came to her room.. " tum meri ho..got that" .. Her eyes were getting filled with tears..and a slight smile was coming on her lost face.. Then she reminded the moment he touched her bare back for the first time..Then the moment he said.."..main ragini se shaadi karna chahta hu.." The moment he tied handkerchief on her eyes coming closer to her..the moment he did the phere with her taking her hand in his hands..filled her mang with sindoor.. Tied mangal sutra around her neck.. The moment he took her jewels on the suhaagraat.. The moment he bit on her hand in rasam..the way he held her closer to him in the next morning. the way he put medicine on her wounded hand.. The way he touched her waist and she shriveled.. The way he clutched broken glass peices in his hands..then he said "in haatho ne galti ki thi maa, ussi ki saza mili hai inhe" the way he said to swasan " maine tum dono ko alag kiya isliye shaayad ragini mere paas ho kar bhi mujhse bohot dur hai.." Then the way he danced with her..holding closer to himself.. The way he cried "ragini..mujhe chhod kar mat jaao.. Main marr jaunga tumhare bina" then the way he touched her in the rest house.. He kissed on her neck..then how he kissed her for the very first time..and then how they were going to get intimate..she closed her eyes thinking all this with a silent smile..she reminded all the incidents she spent with him..

Next morning..
It was finally the day laksh was waiting for.. His b'day.. Ragini came into the room wearing a red lehenga with creamish golden border and golden blouse.. She saw laksh standing in the balcony wearing a black shirt..black jeans and brown blazer over it.. He was talking on phone.. Ragini came in the room and started setting the bed.. Laksh saw her.. He ended the call and moved to her.. She felt that he's coming to her..he came behind her and held her slowly in his arms.. And brought his face near her face.. She got shriveled and nervous.. Her heartbeats got increased..

Ragini: (in a low nervous voice) Happy Birthday…
Laksh: (Low and soft voice) Yes baby..Infact its gonna be my happiest b'day..

He turned her back.. Holding her closer to him.. And she looked at him..he was looking happy and was smiling.. Then she looked down.. He joined his head with hers..

Laksh: Bass… After today..our lives will change Ragini

He touched her face lifting it up and was about to kiss her just then she put a hand on his mouth… And he got shocked and a bit disappointed too..

Ragini: ..Not now..some time is still left..just wait for some more tym

Laksh held her hand and put it down..taking a sigh..

Laksh: I cant wait only.. i dont even want to go to d office today.. (Hugged her) Leave I'm not going to office today..Today whole day i will spend wid my Ragini
Ragini: (breaking the hug) No u r going to go to office now..Papa and chachaji r not der so d responsibility of whole office is on u….come on hv ur breakfast n go to office

She was going just then laksh held her from behind and placed his head on her shoulder..

Laksh: (just like a kid) No naa ragini..
Ragini: (smiled a bit) aaj aapka birthday hai iska matlab ye nahi hai ki aap baccho ke jaisi harkatein karenge..Today is ur birthday dat does not mean u will behave lyk a child today(removed his hand) Go now…

Laksh smiled..she moved ahead and he came after her following her.. Then they both had break fast.. After that laksh went office..he reached office and everybody started wishing him..

A man: Happy B'day sir..
Laksh: (smiling) Thank you..

Same happened until he reached his cabin.. He opened his cabin and saw that its decorated beautifully.. He smiled..

Laksh: (to himself) Accha..so dis is d reason Ragini sent me to office forcefully today

Just then a voice came from behind..

Nikita: Not Ragini…but i hv done all dis

Laksh's smile got vanished… He turned back and saw nikita.. His expressions turned into anger..

Nikita: (offering him a hand to shake hand with him) Happy b'day sir..

Laksh looked at her hand..raising half of his eyebrows.. Then he looked up at her face.. He put his hands in his pockets and smirked..

Laksh: thank you so much..

Then he turned back… Nikita felt angry.. She put her hand back making a fist of it..

Laksh: Go…bring d files of d company's new projects
Nikita: Ok sir..

She went from there.. And brought the files.. And saw that laksh was reading some file standing near the table.. She came in.. And put the files on the table.. Near him.. Just then her heel got disbalanced (obviously she did it intentionally) and the moment she was about to fell..laksh held her with his hands on her back and her hands were on his chest holding his blazer.. She looked at him and he was stunned.. Then he made her stand but she didn't left him.. And wasn't ready to get separated from him..

Nikita: Sir.. I love you..I really love you…

Laksh got angry and removed her hands from her blazer pushing her back..

Laksh: (angrily) Have you lost your mind nikita? (Showing her a finger)Stay away from me..if u r forgetting den let me remind u dat i hv a very beautiful wife whom i love very much..Now get lost
Nikita: (angrily) U love her soo much but does she love u??does she care for ur love?y do u even love har??she doesnt deserve ur love only..
Laksh: (shouted) Nikita..!
Nikita: don't shout on me sir.. Truth will not change…I know she doesnt love u n dats y u married her forcefully..U forcefully married her.. (Teary eyes) but wat do i do??wer do i go??
Laksh: Nikita stop this rubbish.. Enough is enough.. My Ragini loves me..but u cant see dat love..because u hv become totally mad..
Nikita: She loves u? really sir??..If she loves u den y dont ul share a husband-wife relation till now..? Tell me?
Laksh: Shut up..Dis is my n my wife's personal matter..u dont hv any right to speak about dis..u understand?
Nikita: (crying) Exactly sir..U dint gv me any right only..if u had married me instead of her den i wud not hv let any problem or sadness cum in nur lyf…i wud never let happiness fade away from ur face
Laksh: (irritated) Nikita please…Today am very happy..please dont spoil my day…Please..
Nikita: (came to him and held him touching his chest..crying) sir..please.. Please try to unserstand me.. I love you..i love u very much..U hv many ppl wid u wid whose support u can live but i only hv u please sir…please
Laksh: (irritated removed her hands)Nikita stop it..U nv become mad (Showing finger to her grinding teeth) I don't love you.. You got that..?Get out from here right now (Shouted a bit more) I said leave right now…

Nikita's tears rolled down.. She was looking at him.. But then she stepped and back turned and got out of his cabin crying.. Everybody looked at her as she ran out.. Laksh was very angry..he threw the files from the table in anger..then he sat down on his chair.. And moved his fingers in his hair looking up..and he closed his eyes for a while.. Then he got a call.. He opened his eyes looking at his phone and picked it up..

Laksh: Hello?
A man: Lucky?
Laksh: who's this?
Man: Lucky i am…i am Jeet

Laksh got silent.. And frustrated..

Jeet: I know u r very angry wid me.. i m also angry wid u.. but anyways..u cant stop me from wishing u on ur birhday.. Happy b'day yaar..
Laksh: Jeet..wer r u?
Jeet: At my home y?
Laksh: Can u cum n meet me?
Jeet: No…
Laksh: Y?
Jeet: U hit very hardly…

Laksh's anger changed into smile and slowly in laughter..

Laksh: saale r u less dan anyone??..
Jeet: dont call me saala..am not gonna make ur Ragini my sister
Laksh: (laughed) Y not?
Jeet: ..She also hits hardly…i still remember dat slap of hers..my ears had stopped working after having her slap

Laksh laughed..

Laksh: Laksh maheshwari ki wife hai.. She should be like that..
Jeet: Hmm…Are u in office..?
Laksh: Yes..
Jeet: Ok i n Amar r reaching der…Uncle will not say anything na?
Laksh: No yaar..Papa n chacha r gone out of station…ul come..but fast…i want to tell ul many things
Jeet: Ok..bye..
Laksh: Bye..

He ended the call.. And laksh smiled..

On the otherside in MM..
Ragini was preparing lunch for laksh.. In kitchen..just then..

Chandan: Bhabhi.. Can i get a leave???
Ragini: (worried) y suddenly?
Chandan: ..groom's family r cuming to see my sister..i hv to be der dats y i was asking for a leave
Ragini: (smiled) arey dis is such a good thing ok go
Chandan: (smiled)Thnx bhabhi

Ragini smiled and chandan went from there.. Then she came back to her work..and got worried..

Ragini: arey..I sent Chandan away..now who will take lunch for Laksh to office..

Just then swara came to the MM…

Swara: Ragini?

Ragini came out of the kitchen and smiled seeing her..

Ragini: swara..

They both came to each other and hugged eachother..

Ragini: how are u?
Swara: i m awesome..how r u?
Ragini: i m also fine
Swara: ..i was getting bored at home..den remembered dat u must also b alone at home..so i came here to gv u company
Ragini: Very nice i was really getting bored

Then they both got into the kitchen talking..

Ragini: Swara..How is Sanskar bhai??
Swara: sanskaar he is fully fine
Ragini: (smiled) oh nice..
Swara: n Laksh bhai..? today is his birthday na
Ragini: Yes he is also fine
Swara: so wat r u gifting my brother??..
Ragini: swara…i want to tell u some thing..
Swara: (held her hands) wat?tell me?
Ragini: swara I hv decides dat i will gv one chance to my n Laksh's relationship..i was thinking to gv our relationship one more chance
Swara: (got happy) Wow ragini.. (She hugged her) I'm so happy for you.. so finally u accepted bhai
Ragini: (smiled) He is my husband n now dis is d biggest truth of my life
Swara: Bhai ke liye issey bada gift to koi hoga hi nahi.. Main bohot khush hu.. Sachme..nothing cud be a better gift for bhai dan dis on his b day i am very happy…really
Ragini: u r happy n i am worried
Swara: Y?
Ragini: arey swara just now i gave chandan a leave..n nw i remembered dat i hv to send lunch for Laksh to his office..so now i was thinking how to send dis lunch..
Swara: y r u so worried??go n give dis lunch to bhai urself
Ragini: i shud go??
Swara: Yes..u go (Smiled) bhai will be very happy

Ragini nodded in yes smiling.. Then they talked to eachother more..
Then after some time in office..
Jeet and amar came to laksh.. Laksh hugged amar.. Then he looked at jeet.. He also looked at laksh.. Then they both laughed and hugged eachother..they sat down and started talking.. Laksh took them to the living area of his cabin..and they sat on the sofas..They talked to eachother.. And after some time ragini came to the office to give him the lunch..
She came there.. And asked a peon..

Ragini: Excuse me.. Where is Laksh maheshwari's cabin??
Peon: sir is busy right now
Ragini: Busy?? but i had brought food for him
Peon: (turned back) Madam ?? come come.i will take u to sir's cabin

He took ragini to his cabin's door..she got in.. And saw that it's been decorated so much.. Then she looked around..she heard voice of laughing of the men from the living area.. She put the box there on his table and walked to the the living area and saw laksh sitting with amar..and jeet.. She got shocked seeing him with jeet.. They were busy in talking to eachother.. And ragini was seeing them through the curtain..between living area and his main cabin..

Jeet: But Laksh..I really didnt know dat u wud be so mad after a girl
Laksh: I also didnt know yaar…dont know wats der in my Ragini..i just cant control myself whenever i see her

Ragini blushed..

Amar: Yes… dats y he didnt take his relationship to d next level till now(Laughed)
Laksh: Yes didnt take our relationship to d next level till now….So what? (He got up and walked to a side..then turned back) But…today..everything s going to change
Amar: Yes..i remember ur Laksh Maheshwari wala promise..u said dat u will gv us d good news of ur martial status
Jeet: He will not be able to do anything…she will shed 2-4 tears n he will again sleep holding a pillow
Laksh: (a bit angrily) shut up..Nothing lyk dis will happen..Today is a very big day of my life.. Today Ragini is going to accept me.. (Ragini smiled a bit) And den I Laksh Maheshwari will win his bet (Ragini's smile vanished) U know she challenged me dat she will never be mine.. But today she will be mine nd Today once more Laksh Maheshwari will win..(her big eyes got teary) Today i will make her mine nd den she will be mine forever… More dan love she was my want.. and lyk everytime dis tym also whatever i want will be mine.. I did soo many things to make her mine..After marriage also she didnt become mine.. for her only i insulted my sister.. Kept dat Sanskar alive.. Threw my bro Aditya out of our house.. And (A bit angrily grinding teeth) gave her low status brother a job in my company..a high post job…married him to my sister… (Ragini's tears rolled down on her cheek and she was stunned) made him d one n only son-in-law of d Maheshwari family… Just bcoz of my Ragini bcoz i wanted her.. And look.. I'm successful..a little late only..but Ragini will be mine.. And den i will throw Sanskar out of d company wid some reason.. Coz I can't handle that any servant works in laksh maheshwari's company..

Ragini couldn't tolerate this anymore.. She didn't understand anything.. She was feeling sorry for herself.. She thought that he's changed but no..he didn't… She stepped back and went out of there crying..

Amar: lucky watever u did wid her brother..der is sum logic in it but Aditya??y did u make him get out of d house??
Laksh: bcoz b4 my wedding Ragini n Aditya liked each other…dat Aditya..(Grinded teeth)i didnt want him to even luk at my Ragini dats y i made him to get out of d house
Jeet: oh…so dis is d real reason..
Laksh: Wat do u mean??
Jeet: see..she doesnt like u but likes Aditya dats y she isnt letting u to take ur relationship wid her to d next level
Laksh: its not lyk dat..b4 wen i touched her..she wud get angey but now wen i touch her..she just blushes (Smirked)
Amar: it maybe dat she is acting so dat u dont doubt her..
Jeet: U did soo much…just for a girl
Laksh:Laksh Maheshwari never learnt to lose…watever he wanted he got it…i like Ragini n i will get her too..but d truth is dat i Love Ragini very much..i didnt even love myself soo much..nd i am happy bcoz she has started to understand my love..she has also started loving me…sometime i just wanted her….but now i need her
Jeet: U r happy na..bass
Amar: Yes..u stay happy..v will also be happy

On the other side.. Ragini was heartbroken.. She came out of the office and cried putting a hand on her mouth..

Ragini: (to herself) Today also he just wants me..n i thought dat…i had started loving u Laksh..but u dont deserve my Love…Liar…Betrayer…u broke my trust

Then she wiped her tears.. And went out from there..after few minutes in office..

Jeet: Now v will leave
Amar: Yes.. Chal bye.. And all the best..

Laksh laughed..

Laksh: Thank you so much..
Jeet: Happy b'day again.. Bye..

Laksh hugged them and bid a bye to them.. Then he came back to his cabin.. And saw his lunch box on his table.. He called the peon..

Peon: yes sir?
Laksh: Wen did Chandan cum to gv my lunch?
Peon: Not Chandan but Ragini madam had cum sir
Laksh: Ragini came???y didnt u send her in??
Peon: i sent her in sir…didnt she meet u n go?
Laksh: (shocked) wen did she cum??
Peon: B4 sumtym

Laksh got worried a bit..

Laksh: Ok sir
Peon: Yes sir..

Peon got out of his cabin.. Laksh got worried.. He moved his fingers in his hair..

Laksh: Ragini came inside..y didnt she meet me n go…? (He then got his eyes bigger)Ragini heard all dat?? Shit! it wud be a big problem

He then took out his phone and called ragini… She didn't pick up..he got irritated and restless.. He then walked out of his cabin…and…..

Precap- The twist!!!

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