Raglak FF: The Time To Change [Part 19]

Next day morning,

Sujatha came to Baadi with a frown on her face while Maheshwari members followed her including Sanlak. Sharmistha saw them and greeted them to come inside but Sujatha showed her palm like signing her to stop and shouted “Swara!” Sanskar was trying to stop his mother while looking nervously but she didn’t stop calling Swara’s name till she came infront of them. By now Shekhar, Dadi and Dada came down. Laksh’s eyes searched for Ragini with a neutral face.
Swara bends down to take blessings but Sujatha stopped her and asked “How long will you take to come back to your sasural, bahu ji? It’s been more than a month and my son, Sanskar is not behaving normal nowadays. He is smiling like an idiot always, not eating properly, not sleeping on time, always talking on phone and muttering your name like mantra. What black magic have you done to my son, Swara?” Swara looked at Sanskar teasingly while he looked down in embarrassment.
Ragini came down when she heard loud voice downstairs. She was discussing about the project in her room with Arjun. So he too came down along with her. Seeing her Sujatha made a face and turned away and others didn’t bother about her existence. But Laksh looked at her like ‘phew finally!’ she too looked at him and raised her eyebrows like what’s happening here. He signed towards Swasan and Sujatha. At that time Sujatha grabbed Swara’s arm and asked her with frustrated look “Are you planning to live with my son or not?”

This time Swara’s concentration turns to Sujatha then to Ragini. Ragini was looking at Swara with hopeful look and nodded her head signing her to say ‘yes’. Swara then looked at Sanskar who looked at her with love filled eyes. They didn’t look away and maintained the eye contact until Sujatha shook Swara and repeated her question. Swara looked down and nodded while saying “Yes” Everyone was so happy to hear it and so was Sanskar. Raglak grinned and looked at each other while Ajjuttu sighed in relief that their operation is half completed. They then looked at each other then at Raglak who were still looking at each other. Their happiness didn’t last long as Sujatha broke the glass of happiness. She smirked and looked at Ragini with disgust look and said mockingly “So Naagin ji! Oops! What’s your name? Naag nah! Ragini! Ragini… naa!? So Ragini ji… will you sign that divorce papers now?”

Swasan and Ajjuttu gasped in shock while Raglak looked like a thunder had fallen on their head. They slowly looked at each other but Sujatha again taunted her saying “No… No! No looking there Ragini ji! Just sign the papers and get out of our life permanently Naagin ji!” Laksh fisted his hands in rage while Ragini shut her eyes painfully. Sanskar stopped his mother from speaking further but the matter doesn’t end there as DP started it saying “The lawyer is here with papers.” Shekhar went towards Ragini and said “I still care for you and that’s why I didn’t do anything to you for what you have done to your mother and your sister. If you want that care to be like that then sign the papers, or else…”

Before he could complete Ragini spoke bravely “You don’t have to say papa or say Mr. Shekhar Gaddodia. Because now I can take my own decisions and I can live independently. And this is my life; you don’t have any right to interfere in it after what you have done to my mom, my Janaki maa.” Everyone gasped in shock to see the Ragini they have known all the while is talking like this to her father. She again started to speak “I am very much better than you Mr. Shekhar. I atleast tried to fight for my love without caring about the hurdles but you… (She made a disgust face and said) If at all you have at least tried… my mom would have got a better man and lived happily or at least she would have been alive now.” She said while her eyes brimmed with tears while she continued saying “Everyone would have been happy. You with Sharmistha maa and Swara, Laksh with someone he loved and I… I wouldn’t have exist in this world and my soul would have stayed happy than living here and facing your taunting looks and mocking words.” Her voice breaks at the end. Laksh couldn’t see her fighting with everyone alone. He wanted to stand beside her and say he is with her but he knows her better. She needs to fight it alone after what she faced in her life till now. But still he walked towards her to at least wipe away her tears but her words she said next to Sujatha stopped him. She looked at Sujatha and said coldly “You don’t have any rights to talk to me like that because I am not your daughter-in-law anymore. Maybe lawfully but it is also going to end. So don’t dare to speak to me like that. I have decided already. I am going to sign those papers and leave everyone behind and live in some other place where no one could reach me.”

Her words broke the heart of Laksh. He stumbled a bit like someone had grabbed his ground underneath and kicked him off it. He tried to collect himself and speak but before that the lawyer forwarded the divorce papers to Ragini where Laksh had signed already. Ragini took those papers and a pen while the tears she had been holding back fall down. At that situation, she remembered the time she had spent with Laksh after she had came out of MM; from the night when she hugged him and cried till the last night when he kissed her forehead saying ‘goodnight’. She closed her eyes and tried to control her sobs.

Ajjuttu were looking at, Ragini and Laksh simultaneously while praying god to stop Ragini from signing it, with tears in their eyes. At last Ragini looked at her mom’s photo while Sharmistha breaks down seeing the state of Ragini. She felt that she is the worst mother to see one daughter happy and other one breaking down. She came forward and touched Ragini’s shoulder making her look at the mother she has now. “Please beta…! Don’t do this… I will…” But Ragini’s “maa…” stopped her. “I am not angry on you or on Swara. I just let my feelings out thinking about my maa, Janaki maa. I am still your Ragini maa. But the difference is… this Ragini became strong and bold. She doesn’t hesitate to say about her thoughts like the old Ragini. I promise you that I will live bravely like you and will make you feel proud of me.” Sharmistha looked at her with teary eyes and asked “What about your happiness Ragini?” Ragini let out a mocking chuckle and started to sign the papers while thought in her mind ‘I don’t deserve it maa.’

Before she could sign completely, the papers were being dragged forcefully from her.

She looked up to find Laksh glaring at her fiercely. He tear it forcefully while gritting his teeth and locking his eyes with Ragini’s and threw it in air with determined and aggressive look on his face.

Everyone was surprised to see that reaction from Laksh that too Ragini while Ajjuttu were happy that finally Laksh started to fight for his love. He came infront of her and took the mangalsutra that was hiding inside her salwar and said in cold tone “Till I am alive or say till this mangalsutra is around your neck, you are my wife. No one can change it. No one can… not even this Laksh (pointing towards himself) and this Ragini (pointing towards her), or say US, Raglak!” With that he left Baadi leaving a stunned Ragini making her remember her own words “Ragini and Laksh can never be together. Raglak can never be one.” while the family members were confused and angry by this behavior of Laksh. Uttara smiled heartily and thanked god for stopping the divorce while Swasan side hugged happily. But Arjun smirked and called someone. Everyone was standing like a statue because they were too stunned to get back to normal after witnessing Laksh’s stunt.
Suddenly Ragini’s phone rang making them jerk to the reality. She attended the call and said in a whispery tone “Hello!” She heard the person’s reply and said “Ok” She then said to no one in particular “I am going to work now.” and went from there. Now, Maheshwari family members go back to their house along with Swara. They were all fuming in anger and determined to know about Laksh’s behavior from himself. Arjun too drove towards MM. While at Baadi, Shekhar just sat down with a thud while Ragini’s words were ringing inside his brain like a mantra. He looked at Janaki’s photo while a tear slipped out of his eyes. Sharmistha felt bad for him and sat near him and wiped away his tear. “I am the wrong one after all!” He whispered in broken tone.

At MM,

When everyone entered, they saw Laksh pacing here and there with hard expression on his face. DP and AP moved towards him and demanded an answer for what he did in Baadi but he turned and looked at them with cold eyes and said “I don’t anyone to interfere in my life. It’s only my decision to have Ragini or not. So don’t say or ask anything about it.” With that he went to his room leaving everyone even more confused.
Arjun reached MM and said he wanted to speak to Laksh. He went to his room and found him lying on bed lost in his thoughts. He knocked the door to make him come back to reality. Laksh looked towards the door and found Arjun. He sighed and asked him to go away. But Arjun said “I will go Laksh. But before that can you answer me a question?” “What is that?” Laksh asked in irritated tone. “Do you love Ragini?” Arjun’s question got his off guard. But then suddenly he said “No!” Arjun smirked and asked “No?” Laksh gritted his teeth and said firmly “NO! Now get out!” He almost shouted making Arjun smirk widely while thinking ‘you will realize your love soon Mr. Maheshwari!’ With that he left from there. Uttara ran behind him making sure no one had seen her.

On the side,

Ragini was inside a car while Prakash was driving it. She got a call from him to meet him immediately. So she came to the office thinking it might be of some work issue. But he just asked her to come with him and started to drive the car. She asked him “Where are we going Mr. Malhotra?” He smiled creepily and said “To finish the incomplete works Ms. Ragini.” Though she had worked for him more than a month, she feels a bit uncomfortable with him. She doesn’t know why but he always gives her a feeling of anxiousness whenever she is left alone with him. Even now she is feeling that but still she smiled lightly at him and looked away. He stared her for longer and again concentrated on driving. His phone vibrated indicating a message. He looked at it and smirked then looked at Ragini with the same unknown look he had when Laksh went from the table shortly after Ragini, at the hotel.

At MM,

Uttara grabbed Arjun’s wrist and pulled him to a place where no one can see them. Arjun looked at her with astonished look while she looked at him with happy face. “Ajju, bhaiya finally cancelled the divorce. Now how we will make him realize his love?” Arjun was surprised to hear his nickname from her. He smiled and said “I have already planned and the plan is currently in progress.” Uttara looked excitedly and asked “What is the plan?” He smiled sweetly and pulled her cheeks saying “You think I will say it; that too to you?” She glared at him to which he smirked and looked towards Laksh’s room. He then said still looking there “He will get to know his love for his wife in the same way he gets to know how much she loves him!” Now Uttara was even more confused to hear it. But she didn’t question him more as she knows that he won’t answer her. So she decided to wait and watch.

On Laksh’s side,

He was sitting on his coach while staring at Ragini’s photo which he took when yesterday while Skydiving. He caressed her face while thinking about the moments they shared with each other. He then remembered how she was living with him before the truth came out and how much she changed after that night. He slowly traced her lips and let out a chuckle remembering the kiss he gave yesterday. He started to talk with the photo “It’s our first kiss right? Sorry I took it hastily. But I promise next time it will be sweet and passionate.” He smiled remembering her blushed face. His smile shortened when he remembered the morning incident. Anger raised inside him. He stood up and threw a glass on the wall glaring at nothing in particular.

He had never felt like that before. The feel he felt when she signed the papers was like ripping his already bleeding heart. The sudden pain inside his heart made him frustrated. He never felt that moment in his life before. Even when he saw Swara came with Sanskar as married couple, he didn’t feel like that. At that time he felt betrayed but not this. This is entirely different. He was even more surprised to see a tear falling without his own knowledge. He then took the photo and looked at Ragini’s intense eyes and asked “What are you doing to me Ragini?” With that he hugged the photo near his chest where his heart is beating abnormally now.
His phone vibrated making him frown. He looked at the message which made him froze. “I kidnapped your wife.”

So… how is the part today?
I hope I didn’t confuse anyone if so then do clarify it with me.
And what do you feel about…
Ragini’s decision…
Ragini standing for herself against Shekhar and Sujatha…
Laksh tearing the divorce papers… {I wish to see a scene like that… God! Namish’s reaction will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot in it!!}
Arjun’s plan…
Laksh’s words ‘What are you doing to me Ragini?’
You might have guessed the person. So what do you think will happen next?
Let’s wait and read!
Till then Keep smiling and Take care!
Love you all!

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