Raglak FF: The Time To Change [Part 18]

It’s been more than one month after Raglak’s last meet at that temple. He tried his best to meet her but she won’t meet him even after his ultimate blackmail that he would press every house’s calling bell in Baadi. When she didn’t respond him, he really rang the bell and even after everyone came out to know who rang the calling at late night, Ragini didn’t come out hurting his ego. When everyone questioned him why he rang the bell he just rubbed his nape and said “I forgot to say goodnight. So… Goodnight to everyone!” With that he ran away from there before anyone could catch him.

Even Arjun, Uttara, Sanskar tried to make them meet but Ragini stood stubbornly in her decision. Swasan were now dating and realized their love but didn’t confess it to each other. Laksh gets to know that Ragini started to work but he didn’t know where. He tried to find through his private investigator but Arjun stopped it secretly because he has an ultimate plan for their meet. As Uttara said before, Laksh was not behaving like his normal self. He just works too hard or sit simply and stare something and lost in his own thoughts or fighting with someone in their house. He became distant from everyone. His thoughts were now completely consumed by Ragini. He just wants her. Even now he didn’t find the difference between the want and need.

One fine day, Laksh came to a five star hotel to attend a meeting about his new project with his partner. Arjun was also there as he was also a partner in that project. Laksh and Arjun were discussing about the project that’s when Prakash Malhotra enters along with Ragini. Laksh was stunned to see Ragini after so many days that too as his co worker while Ragini didn’t expect Laksh there. She looked at Arjun like trying to know if he was behind this sudden meet. But he shook his head and kept his innocently making her doubt him even more. She again looked at Laksh. She found many changes from him. His eyes didn’t shine like they did before. It was like a dead person’s eye. But still she could find some warmness whenever she looks at him. The aura around him dominated with coldness and screamed with danger. His eyes gazed at her looking through her soul. Their eyes locked. Millions of emotions flow through them. Seeing each other after a long gap made them to drown in their feelings.

Their eyelock was broken when someone cleared the throat. Ragini looked embarrassed while Laksh glared at the person who made them to break their eyelock, Prakash. But Prakash just kept a straight face and said “Good morning gentle men. This is Ragini, the project manager. So everyone, shall we start the meeting if the staring contest is over.” Laksh looked at him deadly and just nodded his head. Ragini took a deep breath and explained about their project and plans. While the other two were listening to her speech, Laksh was busy in admiring her. ‘God… I miss her so much!’ he thought and just gazed at her. His intense stare made her squirm but tried her best to avoid seeing his eyes and his stare. After a long meeting, Laksh said ‘I want to see the project’s site. So Ms. Ragini should accompany me.” He just ordered her making her glare at him while Prakash said “Why not? Let’s go with him Ragini, is it ok for you?” He asked her while Arjun sat silently and watched the drama going infront of him. “I just want only Ragini, Mr. Malhotra.” Laksh said straight on his face making him frown at him. Ragini stood up and excused herself saying she needs to use restroom. After she gone, Laksh stood saying he needs to call someone. Arjun grinned thinking that his plan is going well while Prakash just looked at Laksh with an unknown look on his eyes.

At ladies restroom,

Ragini was washing her hands while lost in her thoughts about Laksh. She couldn’t push away how he watched her every move, from her mind. She sighed and turned around but gasped aloud seeing Laksh standing there with arms closed on his chest and gawking at her. She gulped and called his name “Laksh…” Hearing his name from her mouth fluttered his heart and stirred different emotions inside him. He let out a groan and came towards her. She just blinked at him and whispered while stuttering “WH-What are you doing here? It’s ladies restroom. You… you shouldn’t be here!” But he didn’t listen to her. He just moved closer and caged her between the walls. She looked at him with wide eyes and looked at the distance between them. She was shocked to see him so close to her. So she tried to push him away but before she could try, Laksh placed his lips on her.

She gasped making him pull her close to his body and kiss her hungrily. She just stayed still trying to grasp the situation she was in. When he bites her lower lip, she understood what’s happening. He is kissing her. He just stole another first of hers’. Her first kiss! Her eyes widen in realization and immediately pushed him with all her energy. She was breathing heavily and so was he. Her cheeks flushed just thinking how he kissed her. She could still feel the way his lips moved on hers’. She gasped and placed her hand on her lip unknowingly, making Laksh smirk at her and come close to her again. He then moved towards her ear and whispered “Hi wifey! I missed you so much!”

He moved away and pinched her cheeks like making them redder. He winked at her and went outside while she looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was covered in crimson red due to blushing while her eyes shine brightly and her swelled lips had a beautiful smile. She just shook her head trying to forget what happened just now. After taking many deep breaths she tried to walk out normally.

When she came out of restroom, she saw Prakash standing there waiting for her making her frown. He came near to her and asked “Are you ok, Ragini?” Ragini just nodded and said “I am fine, Mr. Malhotra! Why?” Prakash just looked at her and said “You were taking so much time and now you look a bit flushed. And so I asked!” Ragini’s eyes widen and remembered the kiss. She bit her lower lip and said “I am really fine, Mr. Malhotra. Thanks for your concern. Now shall we go?” He looked at her lips then at her cheeks and then at her eyes. He then remembered the smirk Laksh had in his lips and the look on his face like he has achieved something, when he returned back to them. He connected the dots and then looked at Ragini who was now walking along with him to their table. His jaw tightened and made his hand in fist. He then kept his face emotionless and then reached their table. They then shook each other’s hands and ended their meeting. Laksh took Ragini’s hand and dragged her to his car before she could escape from him. While Arjun smiled widely at them feeling happy for them. He then looked at Prakash whose eyes were darkened, jaw clenched and fist on his hand like controlling himself. Arjun frowned seeing his reaction but just brushed it off and said “Thank you so much for helping me to unite them Mr. Malhotra.” Prakash just looked at him and nodded with an expressionless face and went from there while Arjun thought ‘I hope he won’t cross his limits with Ragini.’ With that he too went from there.

Laksh was driving the car with one hand while his other hand gripped Ragini’s one hand. Their fingers intertwined, palms attached with each other’s, soft skin brushing with rough skin, warmness spreading inside their hearts. Ragini tried to take her hand but he didn’t let her go. He just released her hand only while changing gears and then immediately takes her hand in his’. She also let him do after sighing in defeat. No words exchanged. Silence was filled around them. Though Laksh liked it, Ragini didn’t. She felt awkward that too after what happened in the restroom. She couldn’t bring herself to ask him about it. She then let out a groan and switched on the music player to end the awkwardness. But Laksh immediately switched it off making Ragini angry. She glared at him and asked “Why did you switch it off?” Laksh smirked knowing that his plan is working and said “Because I don’t want it.” Ragini huffed and said “But I want it.” With that she again switched it on but he again turned it off. “Urgh” She gritted her teeth in frustration making Laksh chuckle. She glared at him but he just concentrated on driving with a constant smile on his face.

“What’s your favorite color Ragini?” He asked making her raise her eyebrow. “Why suddenly?” He just shrugged and said “To shoo away the boredom!” Ragini nodded and said “Red!” Laksh grinned that at last she is answering him. “Mine is black!” Laksh said to which Ragini rolled her eyes and said “I know!” Laksh looked at her surprisingly while Ragini looked at him with excited look and said “Now it’s my turn! What’s your hobby?” Laksh grinned and said “Partying and dancing!” Ragini palmed her forehead while he asked “What’s yours?” “Cooking” Laksh gave her a surprised look and was about to ask something but Ragini hurriedly said “My turn! How come you can go to party when papa ji is so strict?” Laksh rolled his eyes and shrugged while saying “Simple. I will sneak out and Sanskar bhai will help me!” Ragini chuckled hearing him while he said excitedly “My turn! I thought your dadi forcefully taught you cooking. But I never thought you also would like cooking?!” Ragini smiled and said “Yeah, she is the one who taught it to me like other things but still I have more interest on cooking and trying new dishes.” She grinned making him to grin back at her. Like that they were talking till they reach their destination.

After a while, they reached the site and discussed about the project and when Ragini tried to move towards the car, Laksh grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards opposite direction of the car. “Laksh, where are we going?” Ragini asked while walking with him but Laksh smirked at her and said “Surprise!” Ragini narrowed her eyes at her and said “I never knew that you will be dragging and surprising your project managers.” Laksh smacked her head lightly and said “Silly! It’s just for you!” He again walked forwards but she again asked him “Why me?” Laksh stopped and looked into her eyes. Then gave her his signature smile and said “Because you are special!” She looked at him with amazed look while he kept on walking while her wrist is still in his hand.

After a while,

“No! I won’t!” Ragini shouted. “Please Ragini. Only once, I won’t ask more.” Laksh begged her. “No! You kidnapped me and trying to ki… ki… ki… ki… ki… kill me” {dirty mind who thought it as kiss} Ragini yelled while Laksh sighed. They both were in air inside a helicopter. Laksh looked at Ragini with disbelief look then shook his head and said “You have to understand two things clearly Ragini. First, I didn’t kidnap you because you came with me willingly when I said I have a surprise for you and second, for god’s sake, I am not going to kill you Ragini, it’s sky diving. I promise you that this will be the best memory of our life. Come on Ragini. Let’s do it!” But Ragini shook her head and said “It will not be my best memory. It will be my last memory. No, I don’t want to die now! Leave me Laksh. Please! I am so scared.” Laksh was about to say something when a person came and said “Everything is under control sir!” Laksh nodded at him dismissively while Ragini had a terrific look on her face. “Come on Ragini. I wanted to give you a new experience but you are not cooperating.” He said sadly while she looked at him pleadingly and said “Laksh, please not this! I am really scared of heights. I feel like if we fly an inch above then I can meet my mom. Please Laksh, leave me!” Laksh sighed and looked at Ragini’s eyes and asked “Do you trust me?” She immediately nodded while looking into his eyes. He then forwarded his hand for her. She too took it while he said “Then trust me with this too Ragini.” With that he gripped her hand tightly and pulled her with him and jumped off the helicopter.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh” Both shouted. Ragini shouted in fear while Laksh shouted in excitement. Ragini’s grip on Laksh’s hand tightened more while her eyes were shut tightly. Laksh looked at Ragini and shouted in the midst of heavy wind “OPEN YOUR EYES RAGINI!” Ragini shook her head in ‘no’ too scared of saying it in words. “YOU WILL ENJOY THIS RAGINI. JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THE WORLD BENEATH YOU!” He shouted again encouragingly while Ragini slowly opened her eyes and locked it with Laksh’s excitement filled eyes. He nodded making her slowly look down. She gasped seeing the eye catching, heart robbing scenery beneath her. They were diving over a beautiful land where the yellowish grasses dancing on the tune of winds in the form of waves while the houses and sheds looks like a small palm sized cute box. Her jaw dropped widely like her eyes gone like saucers. She excitedly looked around to find giant mountains standing proudly while some animals were running on the grassland. She let out an airy laugh because of the happiness and excitement she felt in her heart. Laksh smiled genuinely seeing her finally loosening up her mind and enjoying everything around her. He wanted that. He wanted her to be happy no matter what happens. She excitedly looked at him and said “OMG LAKSH! THIS IS BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!” She complimented and once again started to see what’s around her.

Few hours later,

It became dark already. Laksh now stopped his car infront of Baadi while Ragini was sleeping peacefully in his passenger seat. He looked at Ragini adoringly and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. He leaned forward and slowly shook her body while calling her name quietly “Ragini, wake up! We reached Baadi.” Ragini frowned then slowly opened her eyes and looked at Laksh sleepily. He gave her a smile which she returned him back happily. She then fixed herself and got off the car. Laksh did the same and came to her side. She smiled at him and said “I was so happy Laksh. If not for you, I wouldn’t have experienced such adventures in my life.” Laksh chuckled and said “You have said this for 100th time already, Ragini.” Ragini pouted and said “I just can’t control my happiness and expressing it time to time.” Laksh grinned and said “That’s what I want. You being happy like this, always.” Ragini looked at him with amazed look while Laksh looked at her with adoring and loving look. Their eyes flared with that much happiness, that it fades the pain in their hearts.

Ragini broke their eyelock and looked away feeling her cheeks heat up. She took deep breath and said to Laksh “Bye!” But Laksh grabbed her wrist making her turn towards him. “Just remember this Ragini. I care for you more than everyone. I adore you and like you with all my heart. I just want you like oxygen. Just have this in your heart.” He looked at her with love, but he himself didn’t know that, which made Ragini’s breath caught on her throat. He leaned a little and kissed her forehead making her shut her eyes immediately feeling calm and happiness. When she opened her eyes, he was already looking at her with a smile. “Good night!” He whispered and goes to his car and drove to MM while she stood at that place looking at his disappearing car with mixed feelings… love, care, happiness, confusion and determination!

So… this is how Arjun tried to make Raglak work together!

How is the part?

So what do you think about…

Raglak’s meeting…

Laksh and Ragini’s first kiss…

Their nok-jhok in car…


Laksh’s words at last…

What will Ragini decide to do?

He still didn’t realize his love naa -_-

This Prakash…

Keep smiling and take care!

Love you all!

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