Raglak FF: The Time To Change [Part 17]

Ragini entered her room with heavy heart and pale face. When she entered she saw her best friend, Arjun, busily fighting with someone. Her puffy eyes again welled up with tears seeing him. She didn’t care about what he was doing. She just went and hugged him talking him in surprise. “Arjun…” She breathed out and sobbed clutching his shirt. Arjun immediately cut the Uttara’s call saying “I will call you later.” and hugged her back saying “Ragu… Shh! I am here. I am here for you.”

“I don’t know why this Laksh is doing like this, Arjun. One day he doesn’t want me and next day he comes back saying he wants me. He is playing with my emotions Arjun. Why? Why he wants me now? Why he suddenly he wants me back when I don’t want him.” She cried on his chest while he caressed her hair while hearing her silently. He pulled her and made her to look at him.

“Ragu… You love him right? Then why not give him a chance and live your life?” He asked confusingly while she looked at him with broken look and whispered in broken tone “I thought you understand me!”

Arjun gasped and immediately cupped her cheeks and cleaned her tears. “I… I understand you Ragu! I can understand your feelings but… but I don’t know what’s wrong in giving him a chance…” He said cautiously not wanting to hurt her while Ragini let out a mocking smile and said “How could I Arjun? How could I live with him when I already lost the trust he had for me? I broke his trust then how can I expect him to give a place for me in his heart Arjun? I am the one who messed everything Arjun. I hurt everyone just because of my one sided love. I just thought only about my own feelings and became a selfish witch. I lost everyone’s trust and love. I can’t even show my face to them. I feel disgusted with myself Arjun. I am such a bad human… No! I am not even a human… I am a sinner…”

Arjun immediately took her into a big tight hug stopping her words while she closed her eyes and let out her tears regretting what all she did in past. “You are not a sinner Ragini. The moment you realized your mistakes, you are back as my innocent bestie Ragu. You are a treasure Ragu. Please don’t even think so low of yourself again.” His own eyes welled up but he blinked them away to stay strong for his best friend. She cried even more but still she nodded at him.
After a while, she started saying “He maybe impulsive, childish and immature, but he has a good heart Arjun! A good hearted person deserves another good hearted person and not someone like me. (Fresh tears fall down her cheeks) I don’t deserve him. He deserves better…!” She whispered making Arjun shook his head but didn’t say anything.

“He might have taken this decision feeling pity on me after seeing my vulnerable state I showed to him that night, considering him as my mother. I don’t need anyone’s pity Arjun. I just earned for his love but when I realize that there is no way that he could love me, then why should I give our relationship a chance Arjun? Why?” She asked and closed her eyes tiredly while letting out her tears. She then longingly looked somewhere and said “I am missing my mom so much. If she at all she was me, then she would have made everything alright. I miss you maa.” She again closed her eyes and falls asleep like that while letting out a whisper “Maa…”

Arjun carried her and placed her on her bed and softly massages her forehead. He then took out a gold bracelet that he had bought for her birthday.

He tied it on her hand and said like taking oath “I want you to have a happy life which you are dreaming since your childhood. You deserve happiness Ragu and if that happiness lies in Laksh then I would do anything to bring your happiness to you, my Ragu. I will be always with you. This Ragu’s Ajju will never leave her.”
With that he placed a small kiss on her cheek and left from there thinking a plan to make him realize his love for her.

Next day…

Ragini woke up with a headache. She groaned and ran her hand through her hair. That’s when she remembered what happened last night. She let out a tired sigh and her sight falls on her wrist. She found a gold bracelet. She frowned and looked at its carvings ‘Bestfriend’! She immediately smiled and remembered how Arjun took care of her when she was so broken. ‘I am very lucky to have you in my life Ajju.’ She thought and placed the bracelet near her heart. That’s when she noticed the mangalsutra on her neck. She touched it and remembered how Laksh looked at her while tying it on her neck. She closed her eyes and thought ‘Laksh… We are going to separate in our life. But still you gave me some moment of happiness. I am so grateful to you. I will never forget these moments in my life. I hope you would move on in your life. You deserve better Laksh.’ With that she sighed and thought if she should have the mangalsutra on her neck or remove it, but then decided to have it till they get divorced. She then went to get freshen up.

She then decided to go to temple that’s when she saw Swara smiling to herself and running outside. She smiled and went outside to find her grinning at Sanskar while he was looking at her with dazed look. Ragini smiled and thought ‘Now they both were trying to improve their relationship so they won’t need our help.’ She then went towards the couple and cleared her throat.

Swara looked at Ragini with wide eyes and blushed immediately while Sanskar looked at anywhere but at Ragini. She looked at them with mischievous look and moved towards Sanskar. “So Sanskar… romance at morning itself… that too on the middle of the road?” She said with disbelief look and twisted his ear making him groan in pain while Swara gasped and said “Ragini… Ragini… leave him. It’s paining for him.” She looked at Swara with a frown and then it immediately turns into a mischievous one and said “Oh my sister couldn’t see her husband in pain! Aww… love is in air.” She wolf whistled at them making them blush. She laughed and said “I am so happy for you both. Go! Go and enjoy your date.” Swara hugged her and said “And I am so happy to see this Ragini.” Ragini smiled cutely while Sanskar said “Haan Ragini. I am so happy to see my ‘dupatta wali dost’ back!” Ragini smiled at him and said “You both look perfect each other. Sanskar! Take care of my sister!” Sanskar smiled at Ragini and placed a hand over Swara’s shoulder and said “Till my last breath.” Swara looked at him lovingly while Ragini grinned happily and gave them thumbs up. Then she said she needs to go to temple and waved them bye and went to temple while they gone for their date.

At temple,

She closed her eyes infront of God and prayed ‘Whatever that happened in my life is a lesson for my future. I learnt so much from my past. I just hope this past will leave from my mind and won’t affect my future. I hope Laksh would choose what is right for him and get happiness in his life. Swara and Sanskar should realize their love for each other. Everyone should be happy with or without my presence.’ She sighed and smiled at God’s idol and turned around. There stood Laksh. He looked at her with tired red eyes which shine a bit looking at her. He looked like a person who lost everything in his life.

His look made her heart shatter into pieces but still she tried to walk away but his voice stopped her. “Ragini…” Hearing her name from his mouth made her eyes to well up with tears.

She looked away making him feel hurt. She again tried to walk away but he stopped her by saying “Please hear me Ragini. Just once! Please hear my feelings for you Ragini. Please!” He literally begged her.

This made her look at him with determined look like this is the last time she is going to talk to him about this.

“Shall I say what you feel for me?” She raised her eyebrow at him which made him look at her with frown. “You feel pity for me!” She declared making him gasp and shook his head immediately. “It’s not like that Ragini. Just hear me…” But he was interrupted by Ragini. “It is like that only Laksh. You started to feel pity when I cried to you that night calling you as maa and sharing everything to you.” She sighed while Laksh looked at her with hurt look on his face. She again continued to speak “I have told this last night and I am saying this now too. First know the difference between want and need, then you would know you have taken a stupid decision of giving our relationship a chance and you be grateful to me as I have rejected the chance.” He was on the verge of crying when Ragini’s words pierced his heart into pieces.

“Ragini (pointing towards herself) and Laksh (pointing towards him) can never be together. RagLak can never be one. Just understand this and move on Laksh. Don’t disturb me ever. Please”

With that she ran away making her heart stone while Laksh looked at her disappearing back with stunned look on his face. He falls on his knees while tears rushed down his eyes. Her words rang in inside his mind like a mantra.
“Ragini and Laksh can never be together”
“Ragini and Laksh can never be together”

He shook his head in no while closing his ears but still they rang inside his mind.
“RagLak can never be one!”
“RagLak can never be one!”

“NO!” He shouted and vigorously shook his head in no. Once again her words rang inside his mind.

“Know the difference between want and need Laksh!”

He cried his heart out. He couldn’t take her ‘no’ as an answer. He was very much determined to get her back. He wanted to know how it feels when Ragini was near him always as his wife. He wanted to find whatever Arjun said to him is true or not. He wanted to know whether he started to love her or not. He wanted to show her how much he cares for her more than anyone in this world. He wanted to show her and this world that how much he likes her. But her rejection and those words just shattered him and break his already bleeding heart into millions of pieces. He cried like he never cried in his life. He wanted her to come back to him and just call his name to flatter his heart. But she was long gone. He just wanted at least someone to collect his broken self into their arms and say soothing words to him. But no one bothered about him or his presence. He then realized how Ragini would have felt on that night of truth. Even at that state, she came to him. She hugged him and cried her heart out. He thought ‘how much she loves me that she chooses me over everyone to be her mom’. Once again tears came out. ‘If you love me so much, then why can’t you give our relation a chance Ragini? Why?’

He opened his red eyes and muttered to himself “I am not your toy Ragini! You can’t control my life like this. You will come inside my life when I don’t want you but then when I want you, you are asking me to move on while let you go. Seriously?! What am I to you… an object or a puppet? I do have feelings Ragini. I will let you know and will bring you back in my life. I am not letting you go.”
With that he cleaned his tears and went away from there.

On other side, Arjun was driving the car while Uttara was sitting in passenger seat with an impatient look on her face.
“For god’s sake just tell where are we going? So I can think that I am safe.” Uttara asked tiredly while Arjun narrowed his eyes at her and asked “So if I don’t tell the place, you will think that you are in danger? If so I am not going to tell. Just die with anxiety.” He said and concentrated on driving while she looked at him disbelief look. “You know… you are such an egoist, full of yourself, devil in disguise, Satan of my life. I couldn’t even smile around him. Always teasing me and torturing my poor brain. I don’t know what happiness you will get by torturing this poor girl. You can just say where we are going so that I will be assured that you are not kidnapping me to kill me.” She blabbered while looking at the window. “Enough!” Arjun said irritated. “How can you talk this much? And from where your brain gets ideas to think like this?” He shook his head in disbelief and suddenly remembered Laksh, so he smirked and said “Oh yeah I got to know. Like brother like sister.” He smirked at her for which she glared at him and shouted “When did you saw my brother talking this much? And what do you mean by that ‘Like brother like sister’?” He smirked again and said “Well your brother Laksh would also think like this naa… so I said like that.” With that he laughed at her and expected her to smack his head or at least shout at him.

But she sat quietly while looking outside. He frowned and asked her “What happened fatty?” She just sighed and said “Camel, Laksh bhaiya is not like before. He just sits alone lost in his own thoughts. He smiles very rarely. He also disappears suddenly almost every night. And yesterday night, he came home drunk. Sanskar and Adarsh bhaiya made him sleep but he was mumbling something like ‘Ragini… come back to me… please…’ like that. I am worried of him. I just hope Ragini bhabhi will come back to our house.” Arjun just sighed and said “That is not easy Uttara.” She looked at him surprisingly as it’s his first time to call her name but still covered her face with frown and asked “Why?” Arjun then told what Ragini told him last night. “We need to first make Laksh realize that he loves Ragini. If at all he accepts it, then uniting them is easy.”

“So what should we do for it?” She asked while Arjun looked at her and said “I have an idea. And to carry on that plan, we are going to meet a person.” She frowned and asked “And who is that?” He smiled mischievously and said “And why would I say that to you?” Uttara looked irritated and punched his arm and said “You are a meanie!” He grinned and said “You are crazy!” She glared at him and said “You are a brainless monkey!” “You are a brainless beauty!” He chuckled at the end making her groan in irritation. Like this they fight till they reach their destination.

They got down from the car and entered inside a tall building. Arjun took Uttara’s hand in his’ and walked inside while she looked at him wide eyes. He finally stopped at a door with a board on it ‘Managing Director~ PRAKASH MALHOTRA’

Arjun knocked the door and got a reply “Come in”. They went inside and found a man in his late twenties looking at them like a hawk seeing its prey. His stare made Uttara feel uneasy while Arjun smiled at him and hugged him. He hugged him back and looked at Uttara and winked at her making her gasp then glares at him. He asked them sit and asked them “So what brought you here Mr. Mehra?” Arjun smiled and said “I just need a favor from you Mr. Malhotra.” “And what is that?” He asked and raised his eyebrow at him. “I want you to appoint a friend of mine in your office.” He frowned and raised his eyebrow and about to ask something but Arjun interrupted him saying “Her name is Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. (His eyes widen in surprise and shock.) Yeah, she is wife of Laksh Maheshwari, MD of Maheshwari groups of company. Actually they both are now separated due to a problem and we wanted to unite them. So just asking you to do this favor! Can you do it for us MR. Malhotra?” He asked hopefully while that man looked at them with frown then calculated something in his mind and smirked at Arjun and said “You know Mr. Mehra that’s not a big thing but still I won’t do anything for free.” He then looked at Uttara with strange look on his eyes making her to grip Arjun’s hand tightly. Arjun looked at her and tightened his grip on hers’ like assuring her. He then looked at that man and said in a now-back-off tone “She is my girlfriend Mr. Malhotra.” He immediately looked at him and said “Oh! I am sorry!” But his tone didn’t say that he is apologizing. Arjun just nodded and said “I will sign the new project with you.” That man grinned at him and said “You are smart Mr. Mehra. I will appoint her. Ask her to come here with the resume.” Arjun just nodded and said “Thank you so much for this help Mr. Malhotra.”
With that he stood up and left with Uttara. Uttara turned and looked at that man to find him watching her every move. She glared at him and went away with Arjun. When they settled in car she shouted at him “Are you mad? He looks like he is a playboy. And you are asking a job for Ragini bhabhi to this man. Are you stupid?” Arjun sighed and looked at her and said “Look at me!” But she turned her face away in anger. He cupped her face and made her look at him “I know that he is a playboy but I also know that he won’t touch his employees because according to him his reputation is more important than his needs. And I am applying Ragini’s job here because I have a plan to make Ragini and Laksh work together.” She frowned and asked “But how?” He winked and said “Just wait and watch baby!” “I am not your baby!” She said and pushed his hands while he grinned at her knowing that he is going to be entertained till they reach home.

So how is the part today?
What do you think about…
Ajju and Ragu’s bond!?
Arjun’s gift!?
Raglak’s conversation!?
Laksh’s decision!? Don’t you think he is obsessed with Ragini?
Arjun and Uttara’s fighting…?
What will be Arjun’s plan?
And what is your impression about this new man… Prakash Malhotra?
Will Arjun make Laksh realize his love for Ragini?
Will Ragini accept him after Laksh’s realization?
Let’s see… Till then keep smiling and stay happy!
Love you all!

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