Raglak FF: The Time To Change [Part 15]

Ragini looked at Laksh and said “We shall go out now or else Swara would find our plan.” Laksh just nodded and signed to Arjun and Uttara to come out of their hiding place. First Ragini and Arjun went towards Swasan. Arjun looked at them and said dramatically “OMG! Swara, you are here? We were searching for you at many places. But you are sitting here and it looks you didn’t even look for us?” He pouted then looked at Sanskar and smirked saying “Oh! Now I got to know why you never missed us, because you are enjoying your date with your pati parameshwar, isn’t Swara?” Swara blushed and Sanskar narrowed his eyes at him while Ragini thought ‘God please don’t make Swara feel suspicious over his overacting’. Then Swara frowned and asked “You could have called me naa, I would have said where I was.” Ragini and Arjun looked at each other not knowing what to say but suddenly Laksh and Uttara came infront of them making Swara to forget her question and Ragarjun to sigh in relief.

Swara looked at them and said “You guys are also here?” Sanskar looked at Uttlak then at Swara and said “We three came for shopping for this devil (Suddenly his head got smacked from behind, when he turned around it was Uttara giving him an innocent smile. He sent a glare towards her then continued saying) but then I saw you. So I came to say hi…” But Laksh interrupted him saying “But he just took you for a date abandoning us.” Swara and Sanskar exchanged looks while Laksh looked at Ragini and appeared as if he was so surprised to see her here. “Ragini, Arjun! What a surprise! You both were also here. What a coincidence!” Ragarjun looked at each other thinking that now his overacting may make Swara suspicious and then at Laksh giving a tight lipped smile and said sarcastically “Yeah coincidence!”

Sanskar got up and said to everyone “Ok. It’s time to go! (Then looked at Swara) If you are free tomorrow, shall we go for a movie?” Raglak and Ajjuttu looked at Sanskar gasping in surprise while Swara gazed at him and nodded her head. Sanskar grinned at her and said bye. He took Uttara and went outside while Swara started to walk while talking with Arjun like what all they bought.

Ragini just followed them behind but was suddenly stopped by Laksh who grabbed her arm and turned her around. She looked at him in shock then it turns into anger as she didn’t like his behavior from last night or say she didn’t want him to do like this, not now. She would have been the happiest person if he had done like this in past. But now, she just didn’t want this. She tried to free her hand but he gripped it tightly and enjoyed her struggles. She looked here and there and noticed some were looking at them. She didn’t want to give them a topic for their gossip. So she stopped struggling and glared at Laksh saying “Laksh, leave my hand.” Laksh frowned and asked “Why? I am your friend naa, so can’t I grab your hand?” Ragini still glared at him and said “Even Arjun is my friend but did he behave like this or did he behave like what you were trying to do last night?” Laksh gripped her hand even more tightly feeling angry and jealous and thought to himself ‘I am the only one who had that right, because I am her husband while Arjun is just her friend so he won’t do like that.’ Ragini winced at his grip and said “Laksh, it’s paining. Leave me!” Laksh looked at her with intense eyes and said “Never!” She was shocked to see this type of reaction from him. Her eyes blurred a little due to pain but still he didn’t leave her hand.

She was about to say something but a lady police, who was on the rounds, interrupted them. “What’s happening here? Why are you trying to harm that girl? Who are you? Now leave her hand!” Laksh loosened his grip but still her hand is inside his palm. He answered “I am Laksh Maheshwari and she is my wife, Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. We were just having an argument.” She didn’t look convinced so she asked Ragini “Is he saying truth? Is he your husband?” Laksh looked at Ragini for the answer while Ragini gulped in nervousness. She didn’t want to give him any trouble. So she just nodded and said in a low voice “He is my husband!” Those words were like honey to his ears. He grinned like he had never done before. Ragini looked anywhere but at him. The lady police frowned and said “You didn’t have any mangalsutra on your neck. Are you trying to save your molester?”

Raglak gasped and looked at that police in horror. Ragini immediately said “No, no! He is my husband and my mangalsutra, its here. (With that she took her mangalsutra that was in her purse and continued saying) It was broken last night. So we came here to repair it.” Laksh then continued saying “After that we got into an argument about where we can tie. I said we can just tie here and save time but Ragini said she wanted to tie in a temple, infront of God. I raised my voice a bit and she got scared. That’s it!” That lady looked at each other suspiciously and said “Ok, I believe you both only if you tie it on her neck infront of me!” Ragini looked shocked while Laksh just shrugged saying “No problem!” Ragini sent him a glare and said to that police “I can show you our wedding picture. Please leave us madam. I wanted to tie it infront of God! Please.” But that lady police just shook her head and said “What if he is your ex-husband and he is trying to molest you and you were trying to save him?” Ragini shook her head and sighed tiredly while Laksh looked at that police in disbelief while thinking ‘From where can she think like this?’ He then looked at Ragini who was about to argue and said “It’s ok Ragini, I will tie it here and for your happiness, I will tie again infront of God!”

Ragini’s eyes get welled up. Laksh felt bad seeing her tears rushing down. So he took a step closer to her and whispered gently so that only she can hear “I am still your husband Ragini, so don’t over think about this.” “But Laksh…” Ragini started but stopped when he placed his finger on her soft lips and asked “Do you trust me?” She nodded. He gave her an assuring smile and said “Then trust me with this too!” She felt a bit calm but still she was nervous and scared. He took the mangalsutra from her hand and tied it around her neck. He did it not to save himself from unnecessary problems but to claim his rights on his wife infront of the world. His eyes were focused only on her eyes, sparkling with strong emotions while his lips had a big smile like he had won a big lottery that too on his special day. While her tear filled eyes looked at him with so much emotions but the love she has for him sparkled more making him smile. When they were married for first time, he didn’t take the oath seriously but on this day, infront of the world, he once again made her as his wife and took the oath from the bottom of his heart.

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead like pushing off her worries, nervousness, fear and bringing out her love for him. Just when his lips met her forehead, a beautiful smile came across her lips. While closing the eyes and letting out the tear, she felt like she is the happiest girl at that moment. He slowly moved away and looked at her face while cupping her cheeks and thought ‘my god, I have such a beautiful wife!’

A sudden loud applause made them come back to reality. The crowd surrounding them was clapping their hands while adoring the couple and so did that lady police. She came forward and said to Laksh “I believe you both now, not because you tied the mangalsutra but because you showed how much you love your wife. You both look like made for each other. I apologize for using the abusive words but you guys know that the crime had increased in our country so it’s our duty to interfere whenever we felt something is wrong. The way you hold her hand and the tears in her eyes made me feel that you are abusing her. So, if there is any argument then keep it inside the four walls of your house. Don’t show it infront of this world, because everyone is so eager to notice other’s fault and speak on it. I hope you guys understood.”
Raglak nodded making her turn around and go. When she turned around, Laksh pulled Ragini’s hand gently and hugged her. He closed his eyes and sighed feeling content. While Ragini was frozen by his action, she was about to broke the hug but noticed that the lady police still stared at them while walking. So she wrapped her arms around his stomach and hugged him tightly while closing her eyes. She felt tears in her eyes seeing this side of him. She just kept her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat thinking that ‘maybe this will be our last hug’. Like that they both drowned in their own world.

After a while, Ragini opened her eyes and looked for that lady police but she was nowhere to be seen. So she immediately broke the hug and started to walk without caring the hurt look Laksh gave her. “Ragini…” He called her and tried to touch her hand but she turned around and joined her hands while letting out tears saying “Please Laksh! Leave me!” With that she ran away from there while he stood there looking at her disappearing back and whispered to himself “Why that ‘leave me’ sounds like it has a deep meaning?”

Ragini ran and suddenly stopped when she saw Swara. Swara came infront of her and asked “Where have you gone?” Ragini thought for a reason and said “I-I saw a temple on the way, so spent some time there.” Swara looked at her and said “You should have atleast informed me.” Ragini looked at her face for a minute then looked down and said “Sorry!” Swara knew for what she said it so she just nodded while Ragini asked “Where is Arjun?” Swara told that he had gone saying that he got an important work and started to walk while Ragini walked besides her thinking the past and the mangalsutra incident. She made a fist and took deep breath not to cry infront of Swara that’s when she heard her saying “You still love him.” Ragini looked at her immediately but didn’t say anything and just walked forward. “You love him so much that you can’t see him facing false charges even when he is going to divorce you, naa Ragini?” This time Ragini stopped walking and looked at Swara in shock.
“I saw everything that happened a while ago.” She said making Ragini to look away to control her tears. Ragini took deep breath and said “I-I don’t love Laksh. (She closed her eyes immediately to hide her feeling from Swara.) It’s an obsession. (Her voice is just above whisper. She opened her eyes while making her heart stone and said the hurtful words.) I did everything in past because I wanted him. I am obsessed on him. That’s not love.” Swara let out a mocking laugh and said “If you are obsessed then you would have planned something by now to be with him.” Ragini gasped while Swara started to walk again. “You wouldn’t have accepted the divorce and you wouldn’t have tried to unite me with Sanskar.” Swara said and turned around to find Ragini looking at her with wide eyes. “You thought I wouldn’t find it? I can see through you Ragini because you are my sister. And I know that you love Laksh even now.”

Ragini let out a sob and rushed towards Swara and hugged her tightly. She cried her heart out. She wanted a shoulder to cry at that moment. After seeing so many changes from Laksh and the no idea of what’s happening in her own life makes her pour her emotions out through tears. She broke the hug and grabbed Swara’s shoulder and said “I love him Swara. I love him so much but at the same time I realized that he can’t love me. I realized that because of my one sided love I hurt everyone especially you and him, Swara. I am sorry. I am so sorry that I had snatched your first love from you.” She again hugged her while Swara hugged her back and said “Don’t be sorry Ragini. Because of you I got to know what I felt for Laksh and what I am feeling for Sanskar.” She broke the hug and looked at Ragini and said “I never loved Laksh. He was just ‘the guy I am going to marry’ but with Sanskar… it’s different.” She sighed while Ragini was happy to hear it. She didn’t know for which part she is happy. She just chose the second one and asked “So do you love Sanskar?” Swara shrugged and said “I don’t know. But I know that I will fall for him one day. And so will Laksh. He will soon realize that he is nothing without you!” Ragini let out a mocking laugh and said painfully “Maybe in my dreams!” Swara was about to say something but Ragini stopped her and said “Let it be Swara. I don’t want him back in my life. Enough! Enough of this love, marriage, fight, tears. I just wanted to know myself now. After yours’ and Sanskar’s reunion, I would divorce Laksh and move on in my life. This is what I am going to do and no one change this decision of mine.” Swara looked at her proudly for her decision though felt sad that she couldn’t get what she loved. She hugged her and said “I am happy that my sister, Ragini is back!” Ragini chuckled and said “Haan Swara, we are one again as…” They broke the hug and said at the same time “Swaragini!” and giggled. They both then went home.

At MM, Laksh’s room,
Laksh was sitting on his bed drowned in his own train of thoughts. He remembered what all happened after Ragini’s truth was out. He remembered how they lived after their marriage. He sighed and ran his finger in his hair. That’s when his phone rang loudly gaining his attention. He frowned looking at the screen. Arjun calling! He shrugged and greeted him.

“You know Laksh, today is Ragini’s birthday!” Arjun said while waiting for Laksh’s reaction. Laksh was surprised to hear and immediately jumped out of his bed and asked him with both excitement and astonishment “What? Ragini’s birthday!? Why didn’t you tell me before? I would have…” Arjun interrupted him asking “What you would have done Laksh?” By his tone Laksh could sense that he was angry but he didn’t know why. So he said “I would have surprised with many gifts.” “Why?” Arjun asked coldly. Laksh didn’t answer but looked blankly. “Why you want to surprise her? Why? You asked why didn’t I tell you before naa… why you didn’t know it before? Answer me damn it!” He asked angrily then took a deep breath and continued “Didn’t Ragini say this simple thing to you? Just by this we can guess how strong your relationship with Ragini was! Isn’t it Laksh?” He asked sarcastically. Laksh felt a lump form on his throat. Every word Arjun said was true. He trusted her. He was with her but he didn’t try to know her or say he didn’t want to. Arjun continued “What Laksh? Cat caught its tongue?” Laksh tried to say something but no words came out of his throat. Arjun said “If at all you tried to know about Ragini, if at all you forgot about Swara and move on with Ragini, if at all you tried to be a real husband or at least a friend to Ragini, then you guys wouldn’t be at this state Laksh! Even when after knowing her truth you would have thought something sensible and lived with her now. Because every sane person knows how much they were lucky to have a wife like Ragini in their life. But you didn’t realize it. And I am damn sure, you will regret it!” With that he cut the call while Laksh stood there with stunned look on his face.

How is today’s part?
Swaragini united!! Yaay!
So whatever Arjun told to Laksh… is true?
Will Laksh realize without Ragini he is complete?
Let’s see what our hero does for his heroine’s birthday!
Keep smiling! Stay happy!
Love you all!

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