Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 2) by Aahana


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Airport :
Laksh is shocked seeing something or someone. (many might have guessed) he sees his mystery girl (ragini) on the floor above to his in the airport. He immediately takes her picture in his mobile. He saves it and again sees up bit she is not there. He thinks did he dream about her but then seeing her pic in mobile he realises its reality not dream. He runs to the above floor but she is no where seen. He thinks he again missed her. He comes out of the airport and sits in his car.he sees her pic and says i don’t know your name too angel but i am attracted to u. Is it only infatuation or love. I am totally confused

I think we are destined to meet. So i saw u again today. Let us see what is written in our faith and starts the car. He reaches the office and while keeping his phone in silent he sees her pic. He smiles and enters office. All are shocked to see him smiling as whenever he will be in office he will be serious. He goes to his cabin and all friends goes back of him. He says what happened. They all asks him the reason for his smile (strange friends right) and he makes an excuse. Then santosh gets a call and he goes to attend it. He comes back with a smile and says we came to know where they are. Lets go.

All goes there with police force and caught the criminals but they are just workers not the leaders. In the attack laksh was about to get injured but was saved. All returns back

Puja : laksh why don’t u take care of yourself. Always tries to save others but never think of yourself. Be careful yaar.
Payal : ha lucky. Please take care of yourself. Whom face did u see before going on mission. Today u are saves. The person is lucky charm to u.
All goes to their cabins but Laksh is remembering Payals words only. He saw his angels photo before going. He says see angel you are my lucky charm and i feel u are made for me. Please come into my life soon. He smiles and continues his work
After two days
In this two days Laksh realised that he is in love with his angel. He travelled in that area only thinking he may get a glimpse of her but no chance. He is disappointed but thinks of searching her after their mission.
All are in the restaurant as it is Aadarsh and Swetha’s first wedding anniversary. They are celebrating there. All others gives the couple a gift. Laksh goes to rest room and his phone is on the table only. At that time the phone rings and it is from AP. Santosh lifts the call and she speaks with all and wishes Aadarsh and Swetha. She cuts the call saying to inform laksh to call her later. At that time Santosh sees the wallpaper and gets shocked. It is rags pic and he shows it to all. Now all understands that rags is the reason for Laksh’s unusual behaviour.
Laksh returns and all glares at him. Laksh asks what happened and santosh shows him the phone. Laksh understands that they saw his angels pic and says shoot. (he mean ask now)

Santosh : who is she? Payal : what is her name? Aadarsh : where did u see her? Puja : why didn’t you inform us? Vinay : do you love her?
Santosh : why are u not answering us and again they all showering him with questions. Laksh is staring at them with blank face. Swetha bursts out laughing. All sees her as if she is an alien. She controls her laugh and says guys let him speak. U all are not giving him chance to speak. All nods and asks him to say
Laksh : i don’t know her name or her whereabouts. I love her. I want to findout her first and then thought to say u and he says what all happened from past few days
All looks at him as if he is a stranger. Santosh understands that he is truly loving her but what she has someone in her life. He prays god to make his assumptions wrong. All supports Laksh saying if she is the one for him then he will definitely meet her but they teases him to max level.
Laksh asks them not to inform to his parents and they agrees. He doesn’t want his parents to know before he meet her as they may have some expectations by that time. Party completes and all goes home.

Next day morning
Laksh is jogging in the park near to his house. A girl comes running and dashes him. He falls on the grass along with her.
He sees her face and gets shocked. She is his angel. He helps her to get up. She says thanks and runs from there before he speak anything. He is shocked to see her in such a state. Her dress is not tidy (not clean, don’t expect some other things) and her hair is messy. He observes that some are chasing her and she is running away from them. He senses that she is in danger and runs back of them. Before he reach her only some men takes her away in a car forcefully. He tries to follow them but as he doesn’t have his car he misses them. He notes down the car number. He again goes to park thinking he may find any clue but doesn’t find anything important. He then sees something on the grass. It is a chain. He opens the pendant and finds his angels photo in it. He keeps it with him.

He immediately goes to his home, gets ready and goes to office. He tries to trace the car but got to know that its fake number. he checks all the CC TV’s present in the nearby locality of park but doesn’t find the car.
All others reaches office and sees him tensed. He says them the reason and all tries to find some information but didn’t get any clue. They even checked the police stations to see if there are any kidnap cases registered but didn’t find any.
Laksh goes to search her in the nearby localities but doesn’t find her. He prays god to save her. They even did rides on the criminals who generally does kidnapping but didn’t find her. Laksh is totally depressed and feared for her. All are tensed seeing his condition and prays to god to keep her safe.

Two days passed but they didn’t find any information. That day night Laksh is going to his home. it is almost 2’o clock. They all had a meeting with officials and it became late. He is driving and gets a call from santosh. He stops the car and speaks with him. He then observes some person on the road. He thinks it might be some accident and cuts the call saying he will call later. He gets down and goes near the person. He notices that she is girl and fallen unconscious. He kneels down before the girl. She is in bridal dress. He moves the hair from her face and gets shocked seeing his angel there. He doesn’t understand anything. He sees no one nearby and thinks to take her home. he lifts her and takes to car.

He reaches the home and takes her to Janvi’s room. He places her on the bed and covers with a duvet. He goes to his room, changes his dress and comes back. He sits on the sofa in the room and sleeps there only.

Next day morning
Laksh wakes up and sees her sleeping. He observes her face in the sunlight. She is looking so innocent. He observes that there are no sindoor and mangalsutra and feels happy (thoda sa selfish). He without disturbing her goes to his room and gets freshen up. He returns her and observes that she is slowly gaining consciousness. She is whispering something but he didn’t understand. She suddenly wakes up and shouts no.
Part ends there.

Precap : what happened to her and will raglak become friends

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