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Hi friends…I’m back with next part thank you so much for all your encouraging comments so here is the next part…….

Link of previous part : Part 1


Sunny ( omi’s friend ) : I can’t believe you’re getting married omi???

Sunny said from beside him omi gave a small smile. 

Sunny : I’m not jealous of you though…..I’m not ready to give up my bachelorhood.

Sunny said with a laugh omi frowned  Lately all he’d been hearing was that Instead of people telling him how lucky he was he had been hearing how unlucky he was and how his life was about to end  How responsibility was about to come down on him hard Looking across the room at ragini he smiled  She looked beautiful in a white and silver sari but as he remembered their conversation from last night his smile turned back into a frown  He’d told her he wanted to go on a 2 weeks guys trip to Europe 3 weeks after the wedding and she’d told him no, no discussion, just no  He wasn’t used to anyone telling him what he could and couldn’t do His own brother didn’t tell him what to do How could ragini? 

Because she’s going to be your wife a little voice in his head said She’ll be able to tell you what and how to do things nd you’re going to have to listen omi felt himself break out into a sweat nd it wasn’t even just the Europe trip In the last few days he’d been really starting to have cold feet and he blamed his brother for starting it all All that talk about responsibility and settling down He’d been waking up in a cold sweat as of late When he’d asked ragini if she thought he’d rushed her into marriage she’d laughed and told him not to be silly She couldn’t wait to be Mrs.Maheshwari omi sighed and glanced over at his drunk single friends and for the first time he envied them But it was too late, there was no turning back now. Once he’d committed to something like this, there was no way his brother would let him back out  No way Taking a a big drink from his glass he told himself to stop freaking out and that everything would be okay.

 Swara : Oh my god he is so gorgeous!

Swara giggled like a little school girl beside Ragini nd she didn’t need to look to see who Swara was talking about It was the same person most of the young girls in the room were talking about…HIM.  Rolling her eyes ragini didn’t comment She knew there was no point She just didn’t understand what everyone found so desirable about him He was so cold…and scary Ragini shivered as she glanced casually in his direction Ruthless came to mind along with arrogant Look at him, she thought with a frown…standing there all bored as he glanced at his watch Like he’d rather be somewhere else that his own brother’s wedding party!   But she didn’t miss the fact that amongst all the guys that were around him, he was the one that stood out His style, his looks and his attitude unfortunately only made him more attractive. 

Ragini : Stop drooling Swara

she said sarcastically as she looked over at her friend. 

Swara ( squealed ) : I can’t help it….He’s so yummy I would love to get me some laksh maheshwari

Swara said staring at Laksh  ragini made a disgusted face. 

Ragini ( asked ) Why are we friends again?
Swara : Because you love me

Swara answered, not once tearing her eyes away from Laksh 

Ragini : He doesn’t know how to smile….he doesn’t have the ability

Ragini said as if that was the worst thing in the world. 

Swara ( with a smirk ) : It’s not his smile I’m after
Ragini ( gasped ) : You are too much!

Saying this ragini hits her arm nd swara giggled that night as Ragini climbed into bed exhausted she couldn’t help but smile The evening had been so much fun, dancing and laughter, even Mr.Kadus couldn’t ruin it She was happy  Really happy nd more importantly her dad was happy He’d been her mom and her dad for the last 9 years Ever since her mom had died he’d been there to take care of her But she also knew how much he worried and how important it was to him that she get married in a good family to an equally good man, who in her father’s eyes would take care of his little girl She loved her dad very much but he was a little skittish and even a little old fashioned He hadn’t wanted ragini dating omi for very long so when he had heard omi had proposed her dad had pushed ragini to accept it I’m going to marry him eventually she had thought, so why not now Hearing the beeping of her phone ragini grabbed it and pressed it against her ear. 

Ragini : Hi omi
Omi ( softly ) :  Hi ragini
Ragini ( quickly ) : What’s wrong? Omi : Nothing.
Ragini : Party was great wasn’t it? Omi : Hmm, yeah great
Ragini ( excitedly ) : Can you believe we’re getting married in less then 2 days!
Omi ( softly ) : Yeah less then 2 days.
 Ragini ( with frown ) : What’s wrong omi?….Come on you can tell me.   Omi ( quickly ) : Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?…I don’t want to pressure you….Go ahead with the wedding?
Ragini ( with confused ) : Offcourse, and you’ve never pressured me….omi, are you okay??
Ragini ( with hesitatly ) : You do want to get married don’t you? 
Omi ( paused & then quickly said ) : Offcourse I do!
Ragini ( with smile ) : Okay, I’m going to bed…I need my beauty sleep for my mehendhi party tomorrow….I’ll call you later.
Omi ( softly ) : I love you Ragini
Ragini ( with smile ) : I love you too.

she said Hanging up, she fell asleep smiling, anticipating the most beautiful day of her life “Mendhi Rang Layi” played as giggling girls danced infront of ragini she sat having her intricate mehendhi done

Swara : It’s so pretty

Swara said from beside her Ragini smiled as she looked down at her mehendhi design. 

Swara : So ragini you wouldn’t introduce me to Laksh last night….Promise me you’ll introduce me tomorrow after the wedding.
Ragini ( with an sigh ) : I don’t know why you want to meet HIM so badly.
Swara : Well for one thing Have you seen him? He’s gorgeous! Secondly, I have full plans on becoming your older sister in law I’ll be the jetani!

Swara said with an evil laugh.  Making ragini laugh. 

Swara ( added quickly ) : But don’t worry I won’t be the domineering type….Come on just promise me you’ll introduce me to Laksh 
Ragini ( with laugh ) : Fine, I’ll introduce you to him.

Ragini said She hadn’t talked to omi all day She hadn’t had a chance to call him and he was probably busy in celebrations in his home too She couldn’t believe that at this time the next day she would be Mrs.Ragini Maheshwari Just the thought of it gave her shivers.  

 Uttara : Ragini

Uttara said coming up to her a few hours later as Ragini danced with some of her friends. 

Uttara : Your dad is calling you…
He asked for you to come to his study.

  Ragini raised her eyebrows but nodded She suddenly noticed she hadn’t seen her dad for hours She knew he was busy with last minute wedding preparations but she wanted to make sure she got atleast alittle bit of time to spend with him After all this was her last night in this house The thought brought instant tears to her eyes As she walked by the mehendhi artist, the woman stopped her. 

Mehendhi artist : I’ll show you where I put your to be husband’s name on your hand.

the woman said in Hindi Ragini nodded and looked down at where she pointed ” Laksh ”  Ragini gasped The woman had written Laksh’s name in mehendhi on ragini’s hand. 

Ragini ( whispered ) : Oh my god! Ragini ( angrily ) : Why did you write Laksh?

The woman looked taken a back but she composes herself nd says

Mehendhi artist : I heard your friend say it so many times so I thought that was his name.

Ragini stared at her like she was crazy What kind of logic was that! she thought “Ragini” her dad called standing outside of his study ragini glared at the mehendhi artist and then rushed towards her dad She’ll just have to make a design over it and write omi’s name instead ragini thought as she walked into the study Pausing as she saw her dad, omi’s parents and in the far corner with his back to her… Omi’ brother. 

Ragini : What’s going on?

she asked hesitantly as she glanced at her father who suddenly looked so tired and weary At her words she saw his eyes fill with tears ragini quickly rushed over to him. 

Ragini ( in a panicked voice ) : Dad what’s wrong? Has something happened to omi

  Omi’s mom walked over to ragini and pulled her into her arms. 

Ap ( in a broken Voice ) My poor child

Ragini quickly pushed away Ap

Ragini ( with tears ) : Please, please tell me what’s wrong….Has omi been hurt?

  No one said anything and then finally HE spoke Turning around he looked at her, no emotion whatsoever in his eyes They betrayed nothing. 

Laksh : omi is gone.
Ragini ( helplessly ) : Gone where? Laksh : Gone, omi has left you…

giving a cold disbelieving laugh he shook his head nd says

Laksh : omi has run away from home.  

Ragini felt her knees give out and slowly she slid to the ground … “How could he have left her…he loved her..didn’t he?”….where her last thoughts before she passed out.  

So how is it???what do you think about this part??? please do share your views through comments…

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