Raglak ff : MOTHER OF HIS CHILD (Part 6)

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Hi friends….I’m back with another update thank you so much for commenting in previous update it really encouraged me alot thank u so much for all your support so here is d next part…

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Her eyes opened slowly,noticing the room filled with sunlight she looked at wall clock it’s 9:45am She could feel her body & mind relax because of this real & peaceful sleep As the sleepy clouds left her minds her skin turned red She slightly lowered her gaze & found the most handsome face of the world sniffed between her neck & shoulder His arm still around her bare waist possessively Her mind went back to the memory.


  She slipped in her mom charpai nd hugged her

Ragini : mein aap ke paas soun gi.( I will sleep near u )
Janaki ( with laugh ) : tu bari kab hogi? ( When will u grow up???)
Ragini : kyun aap nani ke paas nahi soti thi?( Y don’t u sleep near nani?? )
Ragini ( paused then again continued ) : maa jab aap nani ko chor ke aai thi,to aap kese soti thi?aap ko unki yad nahi aati thi?( Maa when u leave nani nd come how will i sleep???don’t u remember nani ??)
Janaki ( smiled ) : tumhare baba ne sab kuch bhula diya. .un ke sath hote hue kisi aur ki zarurat hi nahi hoti Duniya ke liye wo ab wo is duniya men nahi hein,par mere liye wo humesha the aur humesha rahenge….kyunke wo tumhare baba hen. .( Ur baba changed everything..when he is with me then I don’t need anything for world he is no more but for me is always there nd will be there because he is ur baba )

Ragini : aesa thori hota hai.( How will be happen like that )
Janaki ( laughed ) : aane wale kal mein tumhe meri baat par yaken aa jay ga. .ab so ja.( In future u will believe my words now sleep )

Flashback end

  She wanted to meet her mom,wanted to tell her

Ragini : aap sach keh rahi thi maa mujhe yakeen aagya ( what ever u said maa it’s true )

she kept staring him without a blink She was so confused on the unique feeling that only awoke in her by his precense His stubble tickling her sensitive skin,her each cell throbbing under his touch Feeling of his skin against her creating forbidden sensation in her Her breath caught in her throat at his stir in sleep To get up quickly she pushed the covers Her pallu lost somewhere under them,exposing her entire figure Her heart was beating fast,praying to God she reached for his hand,removed his fingers from her waist one by one She quickly sat up,tried to get up but couldn’t because her pallu stuck beneath his stomach She nervously tried to pull it But jerked to him because of his weight He didn’t took a moment in open his eyes feeling her silky hairs on his face Like everyday they felt pull of attraction in eachother eyes but today there was something else too Something like trust,confidence, assurance,emotions She embarrassed moved back Her flushed face,shy eyes telling

‘u r getting wrong……i was not going to kiss u’

His eyes were fixed on goddess of beauty infront of him She was bitting her plum lips nervously, unaware that made her look even more s*xy His eyes danced in delight as her angelic face changed numerous colour She quickly brought her free arm to cover her seductive figure Well her tiny wrist with few yellow bangles were not enough to cover her feminity.

Ragini (eyes lowered with shy) : mera pallu. .( My pallu…)

He shifted his head properly on pillow,still looking her but remain quite No,he knew its meaning,he knew proper hindi after all he left India after secondary school.So why was he quiet?. . because at a moment a thought came in his mind

‘zyada knowledge bhi acchi nahi hoti'( more knowledge too is not god )

She lift up her heavy eye lids & couldn’t stop her heart to admire him He was looking like a naughty child with ruffled hairs Looking handsome like Rajkumar of stories which her mother told her Rajkumar that brought never ending happiness in a girl life,that had heart of gold She had already knew he had heart of gold but the feeling that this golden heart feel for her,care for her gave untold happiness.

Ragini (slowly) : mera pallu. .( My pallu….)

But he was same innocent Her sensitive body was not able to bare the increasing heat She slightly lowered her arm,pointed finger to it

Ragini : aap ke neeche hai.( It’s below u )

As no chance left for more innocent act,he slightly moved his back upward & pulled out it She instantly tried to pull it from his fist Friction of his hand create fluttering butterflies in her stomach He took sigh of relief as she ran into washroom because if she sat here for a moment more he would surely pulled her in embrace.

At night :
On bed his eyes shifted from files to laptop Without looking,his hands searched for his glasses He confused looked on scattered files Finally his eyes fall on the naughty brat sitting a pillow far on bed Her book has resting on her knees,while his glasses moving up & down on her nose in full playing mood.

Laksh : oye. .

She straightend her back,took out his glasses He took it & picked her book too

Laksh : bohut time ho gaya hai so jao.( It’s too late sleep now )

Ragini was about to protest but he gave her a look

Laksh : so jao. .mein jaag raha hun,yahen kaam kar raha hun.( Sleep now….I’m awaking as I’m working here )

She slipped in covers,turned to other side The room was dark except for the small amount of light that shown from the moon through its window Her heart was racing like a small child,she repeat his words of last night in her mind

‘apne darr ka samna karna sikho’ ( ‘try to learn facing ur fear’ )

but still couldn’t find herself able to drift off She sat up,took out all her jewellery & the sari too that just left her in blue fitted blouse & soft cotton petti coat Its really hard for her to sleep in that long sari He was right,She was too missing her comfortable salwar suit but she was feeling so hesitate to ask him for new one because the old one were not expecting her growing figure She really needed some sleep so slowly moved away from the edge & crawled to other side hoping not to disturb his sleep She was just drifting off to sleep when she felt the touch of his hand sliding across her belly & his body cuddling up next to her She tried to moved away,her struggle broke his sleep Leaving the whole bed she was shifted in his side,on his pillow too?He asked sleepy

Laksh ( with closed eyes ) : kya kar rahi ho? ( What r u doing?? )

She knew he will surely scold her now after giving her long lecture last night She slightly moved away

Ragini : kuch bhi nahi.( Nothing )

He rolled over & made himself comfortable She could hear his breathing return but she was still wide awake She began to toss & turn,hoping to find a position she could finally fall asleep in His head shook because of shaking bed

Laksh : Ragini!
Ragini : mujhe darr nahi lag raha.( I’m not feeling scared )

He smiled on this innocent liar He already knew his words not enough for heal the wound of years but was so happy on her improvement He rolled over onto his back & pulled her to his chest

Laksh ( softly ) : pata hai! ( I know )

 For a moment,she felt awkward…her head resting on his bare chest,his arm wrapped around her tiny body but it all soon vanished feeling safe there She could hear his beating heart, suddenly wished she had not took off her sari Her curves were pressing against his side & her bare waist touching his She felt her heart began to race & her body grew hot She felt strong sensation of arousal She could tell he was feeling something too,his breath telling he hadn’t off to sleep yet She could hear his heart had began to race He brought his arm from her waist to shoulder,perhaps feeling that more appropriate place to rest it

But as he moved it his fingers trailed up her body giving her goose bumps & accidentally brushed across her sensitivity that made him froze She looked up to make him feel better Their eyes locked & she could feel her heart in throat Their bodies burning together difference of inches between their lips removed in a next moment He kissed her softly,his lips slowly pulling from her own She opened her eyes not even realising she had closed them His passionate eyes looking at her Their heart begged them to give up He kissed her again,this time his tongue slowly parting her lips to meet with her own Her body felt overcome with his kiss & she pushed herself closer to him letting her tongue dance with his nd his arms pulled her in tighter as they kissed They continued to kiss passionately,flow in the heat of passion Their moans & groans echoing in silence,creating fire Their love making was more intense & passionate because beside desire there was feeling that they belong to eachother.

Sometimes physical togetherness is more needed to assure your heart that everything is alright nd your loved one is with you

It is the first time I tried to write something romantic nd this what I had written do tell me how is it??? please do comment nd let me know how do u feel about this update

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