Raglak ff : MOTHER OF HIS CHILD (Part 5)

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Hi friends…I’m back with the update thank u so much for all ur response on my all works nd previous update so here is the next update……

If anyone missed last update here here is d link – Last update : Part 4
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       Looking for her he walked to terrace which had been turned into small garden for last two months It was not only the change he did for her,there were much more Like,His wardrobe,dresser. . everything filled with colours Hindi books,animation movies,documentary CD’s,imported wools,stitching stuffs & not to forget Goldie fish(her Shona) & her doll house. . .Long stories He didn’t wanted to disturb the flow of beauty infront of him so stopped at the entrance Sitting in centre of colourful flowers she was herself looking Rose Princess Her pink sari was perfect combination for her creamy skin Few silky strands from her lose bun falling  on her rosy cheeks She softly creased one of new bud Her eyes twinkled as she touch her stomach with same hand Her eyes had everything. .innocence,purity,love,affection,fear,wait,happiness & much more which was beyond his thinking level He folded his arms across his chest,leaned with the glass door Like daily same question came into his mind

Laksh : koi roz pehle se bhi zyada khubsurat kese lag sakta hai? ( how can someone look more beautiful day by day ??? )

Like answer to His question His heart replied in whisper

Laksh : she is not koi ( she is not someone )

He smiled softly at the reason of her increasing beauty,that came in his mind

Laksh : it’s reflection of his baby that is getting visible in her day by day.

‘His baby’. .these words made the wait more difficult for him. .Still 5 months+ 2 weeks more!!! His eyes danced in delight as his sight again settled on her view His heart as usually got chance to argue

Laksh : that’s not only the reason

His mind again hunt for the reason his eyes scanned her her pink pallu was wrapped around her waist exposing her curves and tempting skin Changing of hormones turned her into an irresistible woman from little girl Glow of her skin increased like her weight..Right weight on all the ‘Right places’ Whenever she smiled with these chubby cheeks her nose looked more sharp Whenever she dried her long wet hairs,all water drops die to lost in that velvety deep valley Whenever she walked enjoying cham cham of her payal,her hips sways in irresistible manner. . . .just terribly s*xy He shook his head in No. .this word felt so low infront of her innocence For her he will go with only “Beautiful. .incredibly Beautiful” for him she was the only Beautiful woman on earth because she was giving life to his blood. . because she was the only woman who made his heart feel…made him realize whtevr the circumstances life is beautiful Her eyes noticed him,he walked to her getting her welcoming smile He sat on his knees,next to her

Ragini ( excitedly ) :aap ne ye gulab dekha?pyara hai naa?kaka bohut koshish karte hein par ye gulab unse kisi mausam mein nahi lagta aur mene laga liya. .ab mein kaka ko chiraungi. ( Have u seen this rose???it’s so lovely na???kaka had tried to make this plant to be alive in all seasons but he failed nd I was succeeded…now I will tease him )

He quietly watched her in amusement She continue

Ragini : aap jo davai laey the naa is ke liye us ki waja se ye bilkul theek hai.( U have brought some pesticides na because of them now this plant is alive )

He brought his hand forward to new born flower She instantly grabbed his wrist

Ragini : nahi ( no )

He looked at her surprised she nervously let his hand go

Ragini ( hesitatly ) :wo. .itni choti si kalli hai. .itna bra hath. .( It’s so small bud ….Nd ur hand is so big….)

Her face was burning red,she looked for proper words

Ragini : matlab. .kaka bhi jab baag mein uncha bolta hein to phool darr ke murjha jate hen..matlab ( I mean …when kaka speaks in loud voice na then these buds becomes scared nd won’t become big one….I mean )

He turned his face to other side to hide his smile really things changes!. . because of ups & down of his life he had forgot to smile but now a days he couldn’t able to stop it just because of this pagal ladki he looked at her,found her big eyes puzzled & cheeks red he raised his hand

Laksh : ok i got it. .theek keh rahi ho tum.( Ok I got it….u r saying correct )

He could read relief on her face he added

Laksh : aur ye phool shehr ki dwaa ki waja se theek nahi hai. .ye islye itne sundar aur seht mand hein kyunke tum bohut man se aur pyar se inka khyal rakhti ho.( Nd these plants r not fine by just city’s pesticides …these r this much beautiful nd healthy because of ur love nd ur care )

She smiled like a little school kid She brush away hairs strand from her cheek,forgot that her hand was muddy He didn’t realised how his hand reached to her cheek & wiped it softly with his thumb Feeling of their touch remind them something which they both trying to forget from months It became impossible for him to pulled his hand back from her He cud feel disturbing in rhythm of her breath Her face flushed like tomato as her body tingled on his slight touch,on his gaze She got up,nearly ran from there Her eyes,her actions made him realize

“like him she too had A daily question in her mind”!!!

Without making a single noise he walked to shelf,kept the file back He felt relaxed seeing her sleeping peacefuly after long time He was about to went back to his couch when she snapped open her big beautiful eyes He looked at clock ‘1:30am’ His mouth open for a big yawn which he quickly covered

Laksh : tum aaram se so jao mein jaag raha hun ( u sleep peacefully I’m staying awake )
Ragini ( slowly sat up,innocently ) : me in thori si dawai kha lun.( Can I take small amount of medicine )
Laksh ( ran fingers in his hairs nd softly ) : mein ne doctor se bohut pucha hai wo nahi allow kar rahi. .Ab neend ki thori si bhi goli khana tumhare liye bilkul theek nahi hai..( I have talked with doctor but she isn’t ready to allow to take those medicines..now if u take sleeping pills it will be dangerous for u )
[ Guys,if u read the previous parts carefully there I had shown Ragini taking sleeping pills because she won’t get sleep without sleeping pills as she continuously have nightmares nd d reason for her nightmares u will get to know in this update ]

Her tired face drop in disappointment.

Laksh : tum teen din se aise hi bechain ho,beemar ho jao gi. .sone ki koshish karo.. ( from last 3 days u r restless if u continue like this u will fall sick ….try to get some sleep )
Laksh ( worriedly thought ) : ek ghante mein light chali jaeygi. .generator bhi factory mein hai.( Within 1 hr there will b power cut…nd generator too is there in factory )
Laksh ( assuring ) : mein jaag raha hun,tum aaram se so jao saree mein sote hue problem hai to change karlo..( I’m staying awake…u sleep peacefully…if u have problem in sleeping with saree u change it )

getting her look he instantly cleared meaning of his words

Laksh : chane matlab kuch aur pehn lo. .like salwar suit.( Change meaning wear something else…like salwar suit )

She nodded in no,slipped back in covers was he dreaming her scent?To clear his doubt he opened his sleepy eyes she was sitting on floor near his couch her head on the arms near his bare chest.

Laksh ( worriedly sat up ) : Ragini.

She looked up,her eyes were red because of crying her face pale just like her yellow sari He made her stood,cupped her face nd asks

Laksh : kya hua?. .tumhari tabyat theek hai?( What happened?…r u alright?? )

a loud sob escaped from her lips . .tears continuously sliding down from her puffed eyes His heart felt stabbed He made her sat on bed,fix pillow behind her He was pouring water for her (still standing) just then lights went off In a moment,She wrapped arms around him tightly like a scared kitten She was crying horribly in fearHe dropped the glass,wrapped arms around her nd says

Laksh : “sshh. .kuch nahi hota. .mein candle jalata hun” ( sshh… nothing will happen..I will just lit an candle )

She didn’t let him go,even tightend her grip

Ragini ( between sobs ) : mat jao. .mujhe bohut darr lag raha hai. ( Don’t go….I’m feeling so scared )
Laksh ( assuredly ) : me in yahi hun. .plz chup ho jao.( I’m here… please don’t cry )

Laksh tried to made her lay back nd while trying he asks her

Laksh : kyun darr rahi ho?tumhe pata nahi chalta tha,light to roz jaati hai kuch bhi to nahi hai.( Y r u scared??? power cut will be there daily u don’t know because u will be sleeping nothing is there )

Ragini didn’t let him move far from her

Ragini ( pleading ) : mujhe bohut darr lag raha hai mere paas so jao.( I’m feeling so scared please sleep near me )

Laksh paused aware of where it lead He understood her situation but couldn’t ignore the fact how irresistible they felt against each other He slightly pushed her to lay back but she grabbed his hands

Ragini ( pleading ) : aap so jana.mein. .mein bilkul tang nahi karungi. ( U sleep…I…I…won’t disturb u )

Laksh got in bed made her drink water

Laksh : tum theek se leto.( Lay properly )

She was not letting go his hand even for a moment He layed with her,Feeling her wet tears on his chest

Laksh : agar tum ne rona band nahi kiya to mein chala jaunga.( If u don’t stop crying I will go )

Laksh protectively wrapped an arm around her as she childishly tried to hold back her tears He creased her hairs softly till her breath reached near to normal.

Laksh : ro ro ke kitna bura haal kar liya hai kis se itna darr lagta hai tumhe. ( By crying continuously what have you done to yourself from whom r u scared this much )

Horror flashbacks flew infront of her eyes,she sniffed more in his chest by his constant asking she slowly uttered between her long breath

Ragini : …andhere se,jungle se,sanp se. ( For darkness,jungle nd snake )
Laksh : aur mujh se? ( Nd from me too?? )

He regret his slipped words He didn’t want to depressed her more but his heart which beat for her wanted to know his place in her heart His heart was beating fast for her answer The answer that could unlock the buried feelings & emotions in him,could washed the guilt,could give a new hope.

Ragini ( slowly whisper ) : j ab aap mere sath hote hein to mujhe kisi se darr nahi lagta. ( If u r by my side I wont be scared for anything )

He was not able to spoke after her words to make her comfortable he asked

Laksh : kyun itna darti ho?baccho ki tarhan? ( Y will u scared??like children?? )

Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks

Ragini : nahi bhool pati ( I can’t forget )
Laksh : kya? ( What ???)

His tone was so friendly & full of affection that she couldn’t stop herself

Ragini : apne baba ko.( My father )

He patiently wait for her to continue he wanted to share her sorrow,her grief she continued in lost of thoughts

Ragini : mere baba mujhse bohut pyar karte the mujhe humesha apne sath rakhte the mein maa ke sath nani ke bhi nahi jati thi baba ko chor ke maa bohut mana karti thi,mein choti hun,chaar saal ki hun par phir bhi baba mujhe apne sath kaam par jungle le kar jate the us raat buht andhera tha,maa bhi nani ke ghar thi baba ki cheekh sun ke men neend se jaag gai wo dard se bohut chilla rahe the aur mujhe kuch samjh hi nahi aa raha tha,kuch nazr nahi aa raha tha mein ne diya jila kar roshni ki to wahan bohut bara saanp tha. .mujhe dekh raha tha Baba ne mujhe bohut jane ko bola par mujhe bohut dar lag raha tha wo saanp chala gya,mein buht chillai par koi bhi nahi aay mere baba ka chehra neela hogya wo thande hogaey. .subha sab mere baba ko mujhse cheen kar le gaey,hmesha ke liye us andhere ne,us saanp ne mere baba ko mujhse cheen liya mein jab bhi aankhen band karti hun,mujhe wahi saanp nazr aata hai. .andhere mein mujhe lagta hai wo mere paas aa jata hai.

( my dad loves me so much he always keeps me with himself when ever my mom used to go to my nani’s house I won’t accompany her I always stays with my dad I was of 4 years then my dad take me with him to work in jungle it was night time I’m sleeping suddenly my sleep is broken by my dad’s shouting I opened my eyes and saw but I can’t see anything thing i lightened lanther nd goes towards my dad’s shouting way there I saw an snake a big snake it was seeing me by dad shouted be to go away but I was so afraid that I couldn’t go later that snake went away by itself after sometime my dad’s face became blue voodoo shouted for help even my mom too isn’t there no one come to help me after some hours it’s morning all came nd took away my dad from me forever thar darkness nd snake taken him away from me… whenever i close my eyes I feel that snake is here nd in darkness I feel that snakes comes towards me )

Laksh softly brushed away her tears

Laksh : kisi bhi cheez mein itni takat nahi hoti jo hum se hamare pyaron ko cheen sake. .sab bhagwan ki marzi hoti hai bas wo dusron ko uski waja bana dete hen.( There is no power in anything that could take away our lovable ones from us…it’s all god’s will that makes an reason to happen his will )

By saying this Laksh looked in her big innocent eyes nd again says

Laksh : tumhi kehti ho,maa dil mein hoti hai mein kehta hun baba sayaa hote hein humesha sath hote hen aur koi baba apne bacche ko kamzoor nahi dekhna chahte apne dar ka samna karna sikho,us se jeetna sikho apne dar ko darrao wo khud hi bhag jay ga dar insaan ko kamzor banata hai tumhari kamzori ka jab log fayda uthaenge to tumhare baba ko bohut bura lage ga tum chahti ho unhe takleef ho?( U will say na that mom will always stays in heart I will say that dad always stays as our shadow with us he doesn’t want his children to be scared he wants his children to fight with their fears try to overcome ur fear nd face it fear males man weak when people take advantage of ur fear ur dad will feel bad do u want him to feel bad?? )

To which She shooks her head in no.

Laksh ( softly creasing her face ) : to phir?ab tum nahi daro gi jab bhi dar lage to samjhna tumhare baba tumhare sath hain.( Then???from now u won’t be scared whenever u feel scared just think that ur dad is with u )

He softly kissed her forehead soon she fall asleep in his comfort but he remain awake Her innocent words,her innocent tone. . .He felt overwhelmed……

” The fact that you could be the reason of relief for a person who meant more than alot to you,then that will the happiness that couldn’t be measured ”

So how is it??did u guys like it????what do u think about this update?? please do let me know through ur comments….if u want to give me suggestions u can give it through comments I will waiting to see ur response

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