RagLak FF Chapter 17

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Scene starts with Ragini falling on Laksh & both fall on bed & have a eye-lock.
They come in there senses. Ragini gets up & sees that all had left. Laksh to gets up.
Ragini- Sorry Laksh…
Laksh- Its okay Ragini,
Ragini- Nahi, Sorry the way i behaved with you in these 5& 1/2 yrs. I knew it was not your fault but…
She gets teary eyes.
Laksh- Its Okay Ragini, it was your anger & pain which was inside you these yrs.
Ragini – So Friends….
Laksh (gives a mischivious smile)- Its not so easy to do frienship with Laksh Maheshwari. You have to pass a challenge for that.
Ragini- Oh really, so tell me what to do for becoming your friend.
Laksh- Are you sure you can do it.
Ragini- Yep, just tell me what to do.
Laksh- Okay then u have to kiss me on cheeks infront of whole Family.
Ragini- What????
Laksh- See I told you, u cant do it.
Ragini- I can do it.
Laksh- Okay then prove it, if you want my frienship.
Ragini- Fine & she walks out of the room.
Laksh smiles & thinks “Lets see Ragini how you complete this challenge.”

In Kids room-
Ragini was arranging there clothes when Swara enters.
Swara- Ragini..
She does not respond. Swara goes to her & shakes her a little.
Swara- What are you thinking.
Ragini tells her abt the challenge that Laksh gave her.
Swara- OMG, this Laksh is an Idiot. Should i talk to him.
Ragini- No way Swara, he forgot that i am Ragini, i can do anything.
Swara- So will you kiss him infront of whole family, but how.
Ragini – Just wait & watch. She smriks.
Swara & Ragini comes downstairs. They see whole Gadodia family present there.
They go and take there blessings. Sharmishta hugs Ragini & kisses her forhead. Aditya, Swara & Ragini have a group hug.
Uttara- See these brother sister forgot me. ( She said frowning)
Sanskaar- Awww, come my sister i will give you hug.
Sanskaar, Uttra,Laksh & Adarsh have a group hug to.
All the members smile.

Annapurna- After a long time happiness have come to our house. Now nothing bad will happen.
All the elders were talking. Ragini saw kids playing. She gets an idea.
Ragini goes to kids & say today i will also play with you. You all run & i will catch you. Kids get happy. Family members were happy to see this.
There were playing as ragini was running to catch kids she deliberately falls on Laksh (but to others it looked as if she falled by mistake) and while getting up she kisses his cheeks. (this was noticed only by SwaSan, Adarsh, Pari ,Adi & Uttra)
Ragini gets up & winks at Laksh. He was shocked by the sudden action of Ragini. Ragini gives a thump up to Swara. (Sanskaar,Pari,Adarsh,Uttra and Adi noticed this) Laksh was trying hard to hide his blushing.
Ragini goes to her room. Laksh goes behind her.

In the room-
Ragini- So Mr. Laksh Maheshwari i won the challenge. So friends.
Laksh- That was cheating you fall on me deliberately. He makes a puppy face. But inside he was very happy.
As Laksh gave his hand for handshake Ragini took her hand back.
Ragini- What do you think Mr.Laksh Maheshwari, you will get Ragini’s friendship so easily. No way. I completed your challange & now you also have to do something.
Laksh- What?
Ragini- Ya, are u afraid.
Laksh- No way, Laksh Maheshwari is never afraid of any thing.
Ragini- Okay, so do something special which i like the most. Only then you can get my friendship.
Laksh- Okay, challenge accepted.

Precap- What will Laksh do for Ragini.

So how is this chapter. You can suggest some romantic scenes.

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