Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 31) By Anaz

Blind of love ???
Part – 31

Laksh went out angrily ???? with teary eyes ….

Ragini heared this behind the pillar . …. tears starts to rolled down frm her eyes ???

But she belives dp didnt did anything ….

She goes near of dp and called him uncle……… ???

Dp turns towards her and hold her hand in pleading way … and said ….

Ragini … betta plz trust me i didnt tried to kill u … perhaps i am responsible for that agreement but i never ever think like that i am not such a cruel one … to kill my daughter…

Rag : uncle stop to talk like this i trust u , but tell me what happening here i cant understand anything ….

What agreement ?? Who tried to kill me ?? Then y laksh blamed u ….

Dp ( flashback )

After annapoorna death dp business starts to loss…

It was the time of laksh studying in clg … he was an amazing dancer … he was participated in big show … i am 100% sure he won the title … bcz of my loss i lost my patient … my business partners blame me and asked to pay penalty … that situation makes me helpless…

That time kavya father came forward to help me … but he puts one condition… when he won the title … want to arrange laksh & kavya marriage with my knowledge ….

Thats situation makes me to do like that .. i dont want to destroy his happiness

Flashback end :

Rag : so ??

Dp : in my point of view there is huge difference between passion and love …

If he failed in passion he can try again to get that but

If he failed to choose a real love its will be a great loss to him

I dont wanna give that pain to my son thats y i killed his passion….

Now i am very happy bcz laksh seek his real love its u ragini betta …

I did one mistake .. in my life that was …

I hide this truth to laksh …

Dp : ragini i didnt tried to stop ur mrg …

Rag : i can understand uncle. … i trust u ….

Dont trust him raginiiii….. ???? she turns back……

Rag : laksh…….

Lak : y pappa y did u tried to play with me again….

Rag : laksh … its ur pappa ….

Lak : yah ragini… he is…. but he dont deserve that position ….

Rag : she goes near to laksh and cup his face …. ???

He look her helplessly. ……

Rag : lsksh tried to understand his circumstances. .. he did this … only for u …

Lak : ragini dont tried to convince me …

Rag : laksh shall i ask u something … ??

Lak : looked her confused …. rocky folded his hand and listening …. dp still crying ….

Rag : did u love me or not ??

Lak : what the hell r u asking raginii ??

Rag : dont be angry … i need an answer …

Lak : of course. .. i luv u lot ❤❤ raginii

Rag : r u happy with me or not ??

Lak : what ??

Rag : i need an answer laksh …

Lak : nodded yes… ❤❤

Rag : this is the reason laksh …. uncle wished this .. only …

Lak : what do u mean ??

Rag : yes i mean it … he just killed ur passion to makes u success in ur love .. laksh …

This is ur turn laksh … u can choose any one in ur life passion or love …. ❤❤

Lak : of course my love ❤ nothing is important infront of u raginii…

She is very happy to heared that from him..

She cups his face and said so plz forgive him … he just do one mistake … in his life ..

U said now na passion had no role in ur life .. then what ?? Forgive him…

I trusted him… if u faith in me plz….

Lak : speechless … ????

Ok ragini .. i will forgive him .. if he happily welcome u as his daughter in law without making any problem ..

Rag : smiled ☺☺☺

Dp : came near to laksh and hugs him both r crying … ???

Lak : sry pappa ..

Dp : plz … no laksh …

Rcky : helo … its too late .. shall we go to mandap …

All r smiled ☺☺☺ and left that place ..

In mandap .. pandith ji starts to do all rituals one by one …

Raglak on the mandap then start pooja .. ??

Pand : where is girls father to do kanyadhan …..

Thats word hurt her so much …. she looked him … helplessly. …

Her father is here …. that sound makes both turn …..

Rck : ragini i called u sister na … so my father is urs too… i felt u like my own sis ..so our father gonna do this …

Ragin: smiled ☺☺ thats make her bliss

Pandith jii asked to raglak to walk around the fire … seven times to take vow ….

Laksh hold her hand ?? and starts to round … then both changed the position .. and finished that …

Then pandith jii asked him to tied a mangalsutra on her neck ?? while he tied that both shared an beautiful eyelock ???

Yeh moh moh ke dhaange ??

Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe ??

Koi toh toh na laage ??

Kin tarah girha yeh suljey … .. (yeh moh moh )

Then he asked to put sindhoor on her forehead … ❤❤

He filled sindhoor on her forhead …

( guyz i really dont know ur rituals .. plz adjust it , lets continue the story )

Pand : marriage is over u both r turned to husband and wife frm now onwards ???❤❤❤❤❤….

Raglak smiled … ??? she placed her head on his shoulder then hold his hand tightly …..

Hospital :

Kavya wakes up … nurse saw that and inform to doctor ….

Doc : now u feel better ….

Kavya : yes….

Doc i want to leave now …..

Doc : no chance u cant move now … its danger ..

Kav : shall i call to someone …

Doc ; k

Kav make call to her friend … and comes to knew raglak mrg is over…. her eyes turn to red ???? she throw that phone in anger ….

Doc : signald to nurse to put anaesthesia to her ….
.but she didnt allowed to inject ???finally they forced her and inject into her body …

She became unconsious …..

Maheshwari home : ( at night )

Rcky : laksh finally u won …

Lak : no rcky i didnt ….

Rcky : what do u mean ??

Lak : yes my mrg is ovr … but i didnt found who tried to kill her ?

She must paid for that …. before that i want to said my bitter past to my raginiii

Rcky : laksh no needs to tell that to her …

Lak : no i need to tell her

Before rcky finished his words laksh left thst place …

Laksh room :

Ragini waiting for her laksh … ?????
That full room decorated with beautiful roses and candles …

Laksh opend that door ….

Ragini heart starts to beat fastly …..❤❤❤

Laksh : losted himself after seeing her … in that lovely place ….

Laksh forward his hand to her …. she hold his hand …. and gets up from bed ….

Lsk : raginii… i want to share my past to u
Before we moving to next level in our life … i dont know how u gonna react after hearing this … i dont wanna hide this frm u

Rag : laksh … no needs actually. …. ( before she finish laksh interrupts )

Plz ragini let me allow to say … perhaps its creates a new problem in our life raginii…. thats y ….

So guyz hw was the episode …..

Precap : laksh told all to ragini….
Is she can accept him or not …. what was his past ( guess)

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