Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 26) By Anaz

Blind of love ??

Part – 26

Laksh cut his call and inform to raginii

Lak : ragini my frdz comng to our home to see u ☺☺☺

In the evg ……..

Rag : she smiled ☺☺☺ but hesitate ….

Laksh notice this and ask , what happened raginii ????

Rag : no response ….

Lak : shake her shoulder …. ?? r u here …

Rag : she hide her feelings to him and said nothing laksh …

Lak : ragu dont lie to me

Tell me frank ???

Rag : turns and said … laksh ur frdz r highly rich and modern na ….

Lak : yah ☺☺☺

So what raginiii

Rag : what means what ???

Lak : dont confused me ragu … ?? what is ur problem

Rag : laksh…. actually they r modern na … see myself .???

Lak : he gives a killing look to her ????

Rag : laksh dont look like that … this was hurting me .. ????

Lak : ok fine ☺☺☺

He cups her face ??? and make her look his eyes ??

She look him with hesitation … but his eyes spred positive energy to her ???

Lak : ragu here is no one gonna judge about ur culture and ur background

Rag :???????

Lak : see ragini perhaps they r highly rich but not in their hearts ??

But u know something
my ragus heart is very pure and enriched ❤❤❤???

Money cant stand infront of ur innocent ragu ❤❤❤

Modern life style also cant beat our treditional and culture mind it …

Rag : smiled ☺☺☺☺☺

Lak : u know ragini in my life i saw many girls ( modern , highly richly , classics ) but i dont have intrest in such people

I am only intrested in prettiest treditional girl ❤❤??

The one and only my ragu ❤❤❤ no one can take ur place ???

Rag : laksh i know u love me …

Lak : then what is ur problem raginiii

Rag : laksh … perhaps they dont like me means thats will hurt u na ???

Lak : perhaps they like or not …. i dont care about that raginiii its my life my decision i never allow anyone to choose my path and destiny ???

Rag : she felt better after hearing his words ???

Lak : don’t worry ragini nothing will happend i will be with u na ???

Someone knocked the door ;

Both turns to see whom ??

Its rocky ??? whats going on here ..

Rag : nothing brother … ☺☺☺

Lak : i thought u will come in evg …

Rcky : i am not just like frnd … i am ur best buddy mind it …

Lak : i know it man chill ???

Rag : k u both carryon I gonna ready for party ???

Lakn: ok go ☺☺☺

She left ……

Rcky : what happened laksh y ragini looking sad

Lak : thats not sad rcky

She hesitate to face our friends ???

Rcky : y

Lak : she lived in treditional culture but our frdz r living together type thats y …

Rck : i can understand her situation ☺☺

lucky y did u invite them ,, see her situation

Lak : rcky we can avoid this for this time but think how many times its will possible

She must face this society na soon , ??

Rck : u r also right

Lak : actually i really felt bad for her i dont wanna hurt her one side but she must overcome from that so this is the only way to broke her inferiority complex ☺☺

Evening :at party…..

Few friends ( grlz &boys )came to that party ☺☺

Lucky and rcky invite them one by one

All r happily speak with lucky and rcky

Rcky : eagerly waiting for someone so he often see front door … ???
Lak : notice this and goes near of him and said wisperly in his ears … waiting for sreya …..

Rcky : turns and blush ??? yes ….

Some foots step make them look back ????

Its kavya ☺☺

Hii guyzzzz …..

Both said hii kavya ☺☺☺☺☺

Kav : laksh did u waiting for me for long

Lak : no kavya ……

Kav : no means what ?? So u dont have intrest to invite me na ?? She tried to move on

Lak hold her hand and ask sry …. thats make her happy…. ☺☺☺☺

She smiled and pull him along with her …

After some minutes shreya reached there

She is rcky fiancee ???? he hugged her ….. and both joined in the party

All r raised same question. . Where is raginiii

Lak : blushed ??? and said wait i will call her
Shreya : brother wait i will call her so u carryon ( rcky invite her to change her mood)

She went to pick her from her room

Ragu sitting in front of mirror

She wore a red saree with simple golden work …… then put a simple make up. .. then as usual she wore mangalsutra and sindhoor

She looks damn cute in that ….. ????

Shreya said woow ??????

Ragini u r looking amazing in this dress how pretty u r …..

Ragu : blinking …. bcz she didnt know who she is ??

Myself shreya rcky fiancee ????

Ragu smiled and call bhabhiiii ???

Shreya : shocked ???? bhabhi …

Ragu : rcky is my brother na thsts y ….

Both share a great bonding within minute

Shreya told to her …. actually its too late raginiii so shall we go down

Ragu gets scared ????

Ragu i can understand ur hesitation see all r behave like me so dont worry na

She nodes yes ☺☺☺☺

All r enjoying their drinks with music

Shreya pick ragini ti down

Laksh friends look her in that dress ??

Boys are lost themself at first sight of her some grlz r jealoused ( kavya frdz ) others r happy

Lak forward his hand to her ??? ragu hold his hand and step down ….

All r clapped to welcome her….

Laksh introduced her infront of all ( he puts his hand to her shoulder )???

She is ragini my love … ???❤❤❤

Ragu blushed ??? she cant face them

Kavya : start to burnherself in anger ????

She knew her weakness ???? so she thought to use that……

She knew she is shy and cant face them without laksh support

So she announced to all ……. ???

Guyz now our laksh udbi ,no….no…wife gonna sing a song for us lets music …..

Raglak : shocked ??????

Ragu : no laksh …. plz

Lak : guyz ragu gonna sing definitely but not this time….

Kavya : guyz if u dont clap for her she behave like this so lets claps…..

Lak : understood he cant stop that ….
So he went to her and encourage her wisperly ( he said something muted to her)

She was on stage … she hold mike in her hand …….

She close her eyes……… (❤❤❤?? her mind fixed laksh face ) she remember raglak moments……. and start to sing …
( i translate that meaning of lyrics here )

Ennai naan yarendru sonnalum puriyathe ???❤❤❤
( u cant understand if i told who i am ??)

En kadhal nee yenru yaarukkum theriyathe ❤❤❤ ( no one knows u r my love )

Nee kettal ulagathai naan vaangi tharuvene ❤❤❤❤( i can bought a world for u if u asked me )

Nee illa ulagathil naan vazha mattene ❤❤ ( i didnt live in this worod if i found u r not here ??)

She opens her eyes and her finger noted laksh ( and sing )??

Unmai kadhal yarendral unnai ennai solvene , ❤❤❤❤

Neeyum naanum poi endral antha kadhalai thedi kolvene ….. ???

( i mentioned u and me r the true lovers if ask what is true love ❤❤❤❤

I will seek and kill it if it lied we r not true lovers ???

Ennodu nee irunthal …… uyirodu naan iruppene………. ❤

If u with me i will live in this world otherwise …. not ❤❤❤

Sng ended ……

Lak fully losted in her song ❤❤

Kavya ( dont know she is a singer ) so her plan is failed…….

All r start to clapped ….. shd opens her eyes ???

Both r in their eyelocks ???

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…

Teri ungliyon se jaa uljey …

Koi toh toh na laage …
Kis tarah irha yeh suljeh…


Guyz hw is the episode ….( if anyone wanna know which sng is that ” I” film sng )

Precap : ragini slap laksh frd ?? Y did she slap him ….

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