raglak fate around us – Episode 3

Hi guys I got very less comments 4 my perivious ff as im boring u sry I thought to make it 4 many ep
But I try 2 finish it soon
On the canteen

Manik:wat would u like 2 hav

Rags:as u wish

Manik:lets hav cold coffee

Rags:can u get it

Manik:of course

Manik went 2 get it suddenly sum1 held rags hand (s it was our sry her laksh) he brought her behind a big tree where no 1 can see them

Rags:wat r u doing

Lucky:I hav ask u


Lucky:wat r doing wid him

Rags:its non of ur buissness

Lucky:it is as I told u I should b the only boy hav ri8s on u

Rags:wat type of ri8s

Lucky:leave it don’t trust boyz

Rags laughing:even ur a boy

Lucky:every boy can not b ur laksh they can hurt u nd I cant see u hurt

Rags was touched and asked him with a cute face:will u not protect me

Lucky:I will but…

Suddenly rags hugged him 1st he was shocked but hugged her back there was no gap between them even air cannot pass through them rags 1 hand on his back and other running
on his hair laksh hands on her waist and back she can feel his breath on her neck they broke their hug ragini kissed him on his cheeks he kissed her in forehead suddenly they
heared manik southing her name she composed her and pussed laksh nd ran 2wards manik seeing he hugged her she was shocked seeing this laksh came running 2wards them and said its time 4 class he broke the hug without wasting a second laksh held her wrist and dragged her 2 the class manik wat hav u done wat y I cannot stay without her thinking this he 2 went 2 the class

The college got over it is now 4o clock

Swara was waiting near the college 4 ragini sanky came there

Sanky:cum let me drop u

Swara:but ragini

Sanky:I will tell lucky

Swara:k ty

She sat on the seat sanky called lucky

Lucky:hi bahiya

Sanky:can u drop ragini in her house

Lucky:wat about swara

Sanky:im dropping her

Lucky:k bhaiya only 4 u not 4 her enjoy ith babhi

Saying this he cut the call they left frm there

Ragini:how long should I wat di when I see u

Lucky:monkey im dropping u 2day


Lucky:sanky is dropping her

Ragini:ohh k

Manik came there

Manik:shall I drop u

Laksh:no im dropping her so plz

Maink:no problem ragini I asked my driver 2 repai ur scoorty by 6 he will leae it in ur house

Rags:that’s so sweet of u

Lucky:cam v monve

Rags:wait manik 2morrow is sundy and Monday v r going 4 the tour can v go 4 shppoing

Manik:k lets meet at xyz mall sharp 10


They all made a move laksh dropped ragini sanky dropped swara

At swaragini home

Dinning table

Ragini:pa ma im going 4 a tour on Monday wat u say

Shekar(swaragini papa):ok beta becarefull

Sumi:kk 4 how many days
Rags:1 week

Sumi:k u hav 2 call me daily

Ragi:k pakka luv u both

After dinner they went 2 their rooms swaragini thinking about sanlak slept

At sanlak house

Sanlak room

Sanky is sleeping with a smile on his face asussal dreaming about swara

Lucky:see he is sleepin don’t even worring about his little bro omg they both r going 2 shopping that 2 alone wat can I do I cant leave my ragini alone with him

Suddenly wow wat a great idea lucky wat nad wacth my princess ur prince cumming

preview:shopping masti and trial room hot romance

  1. Awesome love ur ff

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  3. Nice, adore the little comments you get they value more so keep going the story is realky interesting

  4. don’t bother abt cmmnt.think abt ur readers dr

  5. Nice epi…

  6. No dear. Ur ff is very nice. Please continue. Don’t stop it and waiting eagerly for next episode

  7. Don’t worry about comments.
    .continue writing not for others but for urself

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  10. Superb plz don’t end it dr… Ur ff is awesome… There r so many silent readers.. Plz don’t bother abt the comments

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