RagLak – Erase and Rewind (Episode 1)

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Hey guys, really sorry for the wait. Had writer’s block.here is the first chapter. Hope you like it.
The next update will be on Thursday.

Arika xx

“Lakshya, stop stuffing your face and finish your breakfast patiently”

“Sorry Ma, Neetu just called, I have a meeting. I will see you in the evening. Bye. See you too dad” I kissed mom’s forehead and rushed out

“Careful” I heard dad call behind me

I am Lakshya Maheshwari, a 27 year old architect. My parents, Durgaprasad and Annapurna Maheshwari, are my world. We have a very small world of our own and we are happy with it. When dad had started his own business, nobody supported him during his struggle, not even his own family. His only pillar of support was mom, who was there during every step of the way. Today, my parents’ success knows no bounds, their company is the best in business and all the people who treated them badly during their struggle years, now come to them for help. But neither mom nor dad, disrespect anyone, because they understand the feeling of being in need of a support. They taught me how to stay grounded. They never forced me to join the family business, they always encouraged me to pave my own path, and if I am successful, it’s all because of them.
As I reached the office, I rushed into my cabin, to see Neetu, my secretary arranging all the papers for me. Oh, Neetu. I would have been a mess if she wasn’t around.

“Good Morning, Sir. Mr Roy is in the conference room” she informed me as she handed me the files.

“Neetu, walk with me. What’s the brief?”

“Sir, Mr Roy is here for a township project, in the South City”

“Isn’t a township Keerti’s expertise? Why am I attending this meeting?”

“Sir, she is already in the conference room. But, Mr Roy has requested for you”

“Alright, thanks. I’ll take it from here”

As I entered the conference room, I saw Keerti was seething with anger, yet she was sitting quietly. She looked up as I entered, I gave her a questioning look, and she tilted her head towards Mr Roy.

“Hi, Mr Roy, it’s good to meet you. Lakshya Maheshwari” I introduced myself as I shook his hand.

“Good Morning young man, it’s a pleasure to meet you”

“So, as I understand you requested to meet me, Sir” I asked him

“Yes, actually our company is coming up with a township project, in the south city. I have heard high praises for your firm, and I have seen a lot of your work. That’s why i wanted
you to take up this work”

“As I can see your project plan is very detailed, I don’t think we should have any problem in taking up the work. My partner, Ms Sharma, here, has the expertise in township design and development.”

“Lakshya, I would like for you to take this project and Ms Sharma can assist you, if you want. I would be more comfortable that way”

His words hit me and then just to confirm my suspicion, I said “Unfortunately, Mr Roy. I am unable to take up this project personally. Though our other partner Kabir Mehra, might be able to take up this project”

“Wonderful. I think we can make that arrangement”

“Ms Sharma, do you agree with this arrangement?” I asked Keerti and she gave me a questioning look.

“I don’t see a point, of her disagreement here” Roy said

“Do you? Ms Sharma?” I asked again and she understood

“I am sorry, Lakshya. But, I don’t think we can take this project. Kabir is also busy with the Twin Tower Project and you have the Housing Project” she said

I then looked at Roy and said “Sorry, Sir. As you heard Ms Sharma just now, our firm is unable to take this project. Unless you would like Ms Sharma to think about your proposal”

“Lakshya, this project is very important to me and I want focused and capable architects to work on this. That is why I came to your firm” he said impatiently

That blew my head off; I picked up the phone and called Neetu in.

“Neetu, please come in. I need you to take dictation”

“Yes, Sir”

“This is an office memo to ban Roy Builders from our firm. No employee or partner is to pick up work or entertain Roy Builders perpetually”

“What kind of a sick joke is this?” Roy stood up in anger

“You see Roy; we take certain issues very seriously here. And when you sit here in our office and hurl insults my partner, I don’t tolerate such nonsense. I’m in fact upset with Keerti for not throwing your s*xist ass out of here even before I arrived. I suggest you pack up and leave before I call the security on you”

“Neetu, draft this memo, take Keerti, Kabir and my signature and circulate it in the office. Let’s go Keerti”

“You know, that’s why I love you” Keerti said as she hugged me

“Is that so?” Kabir popped up behind us

“Where were you?” I asked him

Let me introduce you to my two best friends Kabir Mehra and Keerti Sharma. I, Kabir and Keerti have been friends for over 10 years now and of those 10 years; Kabir and Keerti have been dating for 7 years. Yes, they’re those high-school-sweethearts kind of a couple. I love both of them, and I hate it when they get into their matchmaking mood and try to set me up with someone. It’s not that I have any kind of aversion to settling down; it’s just that, I never clicked with anyone.

“I told you, she keeps hitting on me” I joked with Kabir as she hit me with her elbow

“Anyway, both of you be ready tonight. We’re going for my friend’s restaurant opening, the one that I designed”

“Please, I don’t want to go to a stupid restaurant opening. I am not coming. No Way” I said

“Excuse me? Did I sound like I was taking permission from you? No. I am telling you that we’re going. That’s final. Anyway I have a Skype call now, see you guys later” she kissed
Kabir and disappeared into her cabin

“I’m bailing tonight” I said

“If you do that I’ll kill you. Come with me” he pushed me into my cabin and then took out a ring box. Now, I am not expert on jewelry. But, damn, the ring that he got was enchanting.

“Oh, Kabir; Yes, of course I will marry you” I said a squeaky voice and he punched me in the gut

“I’m proposing to Keerti, at the restaurant opening tonight. You better not bail”

“Dude, you’re proposing at somebody else’s opening day? No arrangements?”

“I have already made all the arrangements with her friend. You just concentrate and get her to the restaurant on time”

“I am so happy for both of you. But, why is someone else doing the arrangements? Why was I not informed about all this?”

“Because you can’t keep a secret, also, I just got the arrangements done. That is why I was late today”

“You’re insulting me.”

“I know”

“It’s your day today; otherwise there would have been a brawl here right now”

“By the way, what happened with Roy’s meeting? I saw him seething while he left”

I narrated the whole incident to him. “What an ass” he said

“Neetu will bring a memo. Sign it. I banned Roy Builders from our Client list”

“Great. Don’t forget to pick her up at 8.”

“Will do”

Tonight is going to be interesting.


“The place looks amazing” Kabir said

“All thanks to your girlfriend. 3 months ago, I never thought this place could look so beautiful”

“Speaking of girlfriend, I need your help”

“I would be delighted to be of help”

“I am planning to propose to Keerti tonight. I was wondering if I could do it here. You’re her closest friend and she would love to share her special moment with you”

“Oh my god, Kabir, this is such a great new. Of course you can propose to her here. I will make all the arrangements and I am going to bake her favourite cupcakes and flowers, oh and I need to instruct the photographer, and -”

“Ragini Gadodia. Relax, take a deep breath and focus” Kabir said

“Okay, I’m calm. I will take care of all the arrangements. Have you picked out a ring?”

“What do you think?” he asked me while showing the round-cut-diamond ring

“Oh my heart, this is so beautiful. Keerti is such a luck girl”

“Now that I have your approval, I can be sure of my choice. Thank you sweetheart” he said as he hugged me

“Now, get out of here and let me do the arrangements. Go”

“I shall see you today evening, then”

How on earth could Kabir even think that I would be able to focus when I had just heard the most wonderful news? I have known Keerti for five years now, we met through a common friend, we lost touch with that friend, but ended up being each other’s soul-mates and Kabir is the free gift with her. I have never seen two people being so much in love, as much as these two. Both of them are such amazing souls, I am so happy they found each other. This is the kind of love I want, where it just feels natural to be with that person, like life has always been this way.

My parents also had a love like that. My parents, Shekhar and Sumi Gadodia, have struggled a lot, the circumstances were such, and they could not help it. Even with all the hardships, they made sure I had everything I required to be successful in life and it is because of their strength that I have achieved so much. After I graduated in hospitality, I wanted to open up my own restaurant, mom and dad suggested to get some experience, before I venture out on my own. What I didn’t know was, when I was saving up from my salary, mom and dad were saving for my dream. I worked for two years in the hospitality industry, at the end of my tenure; my parents gave me the money they had saved up for me and my restaurant.

Five years ago I had opened my first restaurant and to my luck, it became a hit and today I am opening third restaurant. I was happy that I made my parents proud. After a long period of struggle, we finally got a strong hold on our life. It is said that, once someone has fulfilled their life’s purpose, they attain salvation. My dad fulfilled his purpose of life and he attained his salvation. Three years ago mom and I lost dad to dengue, he passed away in his sleep. It was difficult or mum and me to cope with his death, but Keerti and Kabir and their parents handled both of us and were our biggest support.

“Reena, please get me a decorator. And get me these ingredients” I said to my secretary as I handed her a list

Oh I can just feel how amazing it is going to be tonight.

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