Raglak-ek kahani do lafzon ki (episode 2)

Guys i am very much sorry for late.I was not getting any idea but now i am back just my account is changed.Now i will not talk more and will start the episode

The episode starts with ambulance takes Laksh.Ragini does not go with the ambulance as she feeled something weird in the forest.After the ambulance went Ragini slowly walked towards the forest.She heard someone’s footstep and got scared

Ragini:Who is there?!

She shouted but no answer.

She walked more towards the forest when someone catched her from behind.She tried to scream but the man kept his hand on her mouth.

Ragini was having tears in her eyes.The man was to keep her in the car when someone punched him hard on face.Ragini came towards the person.

Person:How dare u to kidnap Ragini!?

The man runs from their.

Ragini:Thank u so much Sanskar for saving me.

Yes the person was Sanskar.

Sanskar:Ragini i am ur bff so no sorry and no thank u.

They both smiled.

Here in hospital Laksh’s condition was critical.The doctor’s were trying to save him.They gave him shock treatment but still no response.

After somehour Doctor came out of the operation theatre and said to a nurse

Doctor:We have to take care of him as he is in coma and is a famous lawyer of kolkata.

Here in the forest Ragini and Sanskar were happy when Ragini suddenly remembered about Laksh.

Ragini:We have to go to city hospital.

Sanskar:But why?

Ragini:Laksh have met with an accident.

Sanskar:That famous lawyer?

Ragini:Ya now lets go.

Ragini and Sanskar leave for city hospital.Ragini tells Sanskar everything about their friendship and all.

They reach the hospital.Sanskar stops the doctor.

Ragini:What happened to Laksh?

Doctor:That lawyer?

Sanskar:Yeah yeah

Doctor:He has gone in coma

Saying this the doctor lefts.Ragini was and was about to fall when Sanskar catches her by her shoulders.

Sanskar:Dont worry Ragini he will come back from coma soon.

Ragini starts crying and hugs Sanskar.

6 months leap

Laksh has now come out of coma.He misses Ragini as now he lost all his contacts with Ragini.

He removes his phone from his pockets and sees Ragini’s photot

Laksh:Where r u Ragini?I really love u where r u?

On other side Sanskar buyed a house besides Ragini’s house.

Sanskar knocked the door and Ragini opened the door.

Sanskar:May i come in?

Ragini:Yeah u can.

Sanskar enters the house and suts on sofa.Ragini closes the door.

Sanskar:I think u should meet Laksh.What if he would be back from his coma?

Ragini:If he would be not be back from his coma then my heart break into pieces.I cannot see him in that condition.I love him alot.

Precap-Laksh finds out Ragini’s address.Laksh gets heartbroken.New entry.
Guys hope u liked this episode and i want 100 comments.Next episode will be updated soon.

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