RagLak- Aliens at my house (chapter 3)

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Ragini wakes next morning…

‘Ahh… It was not a dream..that aliens and that baby.. I don’t know how many surprises I have to see further..’

She yawns and comes out. Chotu is flying around the house, while Sanskar is trying to feed food for him.

‘Good morning Ragini…’ Sanskar says and goes away. Ragini just smiles and comes near wardrobe.

“Hmm..this is my 1st day for college. However, I’m going to be in final year.. I don’t know..how can I make new friends..??”
She takes out a dress..

“Wow..this red frock suits me best..!!!” She says looking herself into mirror placing dress on her.

Chotu just comes inside flying and takes dress from her hand. He flies away.

“Chotu..!! Give it back..!!” Says Ragini and runs behind him. She comes out of room…and while she is running she accidentally bumps into Laksh.

Both falls. Laksh is on floor and Ragini is on him. There are just inches of gap between them. Her cheeks turn red.

Suddenly she comes back shouting..
“Hey..! Don’t you have any other work than staking me..??” Sh shouts.

“For your kind information it is you who have bumped into me..!!” Says Laksh expression less.

“You have come in middle intentionally..!!!” Ragini tights her hands.

“Don’t feel yourself as a miss world, as boys are behind you..!!” He says going away.

“You jerk..!!” Ragini shouts.

Sanskar prepares breakfast for all. Ragini and Laksh are seriously eating.

Sanskar… “guys, any problem..?”

“Nothing..!!” Both shouts at a time. Sanskar nervously smiles and takes a gulp.

Laksh… “Sanskar, people shouldn’t know that you are a alien..! Just pretend being human being and avoid flying. Even chotu also..!!”

Sanskar… “but, why shouldn’t people know..??”

Laksh… “I went to meet Adarsh bhayya yesterday night. He was desperately experimenting to find aliens. If he find…”

Ragini nervously… “if he find..??”

Laksh… “he is going to dissect them..!! And he is going to make them as slaves for his show down..!!”

Sanskar and Ragini shocks .

Laksh… “so….”

Sanskar … “I understood…! I should avoid flying..!!”

Raglak nods their heads.
Chotu denies from raglak going to college. He cries that he will go along with them. But, Sanskar stops him.

Next they rushes to college. They both are in same college.

“Look..!! No one in college should know that we are staying in same house. Otherwise, it becomes a big mess..!!” He tells walking without looking at her.

“Even I’m not interested to talk about you…!!” Ragini says with attitude.

Then suddenly a girl comes in front of Laksh.

“Laksh…who is this new girl..??” She asks with a pretty smile.

Laksh nervously,,… “ka..kavya..!! She is new to college it seems. So, I was leading her to college..that’s it..!!”
Laksh looks at Ragini to say yes..!! Ragini too nods her head.

Kavya comes forward and shakes hand with her..

“I’m Kavya..from degree final year..!!”

“Wow..!! Even me same class. I’m Ragini.”

“Nice meeting you Ragini… let’s meet back in class..” says Kavya and rushes into college.

Ragini looks on smiling.

“Ragini…!!! Try to be far from me when she is around..!!!” Warns Laksh and keeps going.

“Why I will try to be close to you..??” Ragini shouts. Then suddenly she thinks, “what did he say just now..? I have to be far from him when she is… that means he loves her..??”

Ragini makes her eyes big. “Can he have gfs too…??” She confuses.

Ragini comes into class. Boys and girls are talking together. She feels nervous. Bcz, she has studied in girl’s institution always. Boys are new to her. She silently walks to last bench. She feels more nervous when all are looking her as alien.

She is about to sit in back bench… a rowdy girls batch comes and threatens her.. “this is our place..!!”
Ragini silently moves back.

“Come here…!!” She hears a girl’s voice. Ragini turns and looks. A girl calls her.

“Sit beside me. This seat is empty…” she says. Ragini smiles and sits beside her.

“I’m swara. You..??”

Ragini too introduces herself.

Adarsh steps into the class.

“Hey my students..!! I’m your physics teacher again in final year…!!!”
All drop their heads in upset.

“Miss.Ragini, the new student. Plz come here..!!” He says.

Ragini amazed goes near lecturer bench.

“You all don’t know about Ragini. She is the only daughter of shekar and shomi who are scientists in NASA.”
Whole class amazes.

Ragini feels proud. She sees Kavya is waving hand to her.

“She is staying at present in Laksh’s house…as her parents are far..” he continues.

Laksh keeps hand on his head.

Whole class amazes… “what…???”

Then Ragini looks at Laksh. “What..?? He is same class of mine..??” She thinks.

Then Ragini observes the back bench rowdy girls are talking something looking at her.

Kavya’s face expressions become sad listening to it. Swara observes it.

“I don’t give intro to any students..! But ur special ragini.. bcz, ur daughter of scientists, even I’m a scientist. I’m proud to be a teacher to a scientist’s kid..!!”

All look at Adarsh boringly. Ragini smiles nervously.

“You can ask any doubts to Laksh regarding class or college bcz… he is the CR.”

Ragini shocks… “what…?? He is class representative..!! I can’t believe this..!!!”

Laksh smirks a little. Kavya observes their eye language and becomes sad.

After intro, Ragini sits in her place. Adarsh is continuing his class.

Ragini bends her head and then she looks at Laksh. He was listening to class and he was not concentrating anything else.

Swara…. “hey ragini…have you observed one thing..?”

Ragini…. “what…??”

Swara… “kavya and that rowdy batch girls were looking at you jealously after knowing that you are staying with Laksh…”

Ragini… “umm..but why. ??”

Swara… “bcz… Laksh is dream boy in college for many girls. And he in turn never cares any girl. He never look at anyone…which made him more special. He is best at sports, dance and even he is a college topper..!!!”

Swara kept on telling about Laksh…but Ragini’s thoughts are somewhere…

“What..?? A boy who peeps into girl’s room secretly, who bumps intentionally, who is really unkind with me, is best boy in college..?? I wonder what he is thinking now..??”
Ragini is thinking looking at him.

Suddenly Laksh’s eyes turn aside and see her. Their eyes meet…!!!

Soon she turns away her eyes and he too.

Ragini holds her heart… “why my heart is pumping fast..??? Ragini…cool…inhale…exhale…”

While she is relaxing herself..she suddenly shocks looking something out from window.

Chotu is floating in sky.

Precap: Raglak’s first adventure for chotu.

Dears… thanks everyone for comments…
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