RagLak- Aliens at my house (chapter 1)

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Hai to all… Thank you so much for all the comments..!! I’m very happy.
Introducing of this ff is already given yesterday..this is 1st chappy.
(This ff is simplified from a japan anime)

An experiment lab….

Adarsh is doing some experiments b4 computer…

The signals seemed to be disturbing. He removes his glasses and looks at computer curiously. “Come on…!!” He says biting his teeth.

The signals start becoming strong..!!!

His eyes bulge and sweet comes.

“Come on…!!” He shouts..,

But…suddenly the signal collapses.

“Damn it…!!!” He shouts and breaks a glass……


Scene shifts to a railway station….

A tall thin girl gets off from train. She takes out her big pink suitcase big light pink luggage bag a purple back pack. She has pink pearls bracelet a thin gold chain her curly hairs are free. She is wearing a pink skirt with white top. She moves her hair back from her ears and the long ear rings are visible. She raises her kajal eyes which are big to tie any man… her lips has a pleasant smile…

Now..her face is shown.. she is Ragini…!!

She looks at her mobile for a note which she written. It is the address she has to go..

“Seems to be durga uncle has not come yet..!! I have to go on my own..!!” She says and struggles with her luggage to come out.

She sits in auto and thinks what happened in past…

Her parents Shomi and Shekar has to leave to US for working in NASA.

‘Ragu beta, u have to stay in Maheswari house for one year till we return..!!’ Says Shomi setting her luggage.

‘Mamma but, I’m in final year degree now. I will stay in hostel for this one year..!!’
Tells Ragini.

‘No..! Durga prasad uncle is nice friend of us. He will take nice care of you more than hostel..!! We have took admission in a college there already..!!’
Says shekar setting some files.

‘What..???!!!’ Ragini astonishes, ‘But, what about my friends ..? I have to miss my friends..!!’

‘You will get more friends there..! Only one year know Ragini..! We have to finish this mission as scientists. We will come back in one year and your degree also finishes..!!’
Says shomi looking at her.

Ragini looks on…

‘Now, you have to go by yourself to that town..! You will be brave girl right..!!’ Asks Shekar putting hand on her head.

“Meow..!!” Ragini answers sadly.

Shekar shomi leaves to US.

Ragini comes to the town… She is dragging her suitcase, holding the bag and cursing auto fellow.

“My parents left everything for me and went..!! That auto fellow left at colony entrance but taken extra money..!!! Duffer.. stupid..!!”

She comes and stops at a mansion. She looks at it from up and down.

“Is this is the place where I’m going to stay..?? Is this is Maheswari mansion..??” She looks with amazing eyes.

‘Ragini beta…’ she hears a voice and she turns back to see DP.

‘Sorry beta… I forgot to receive you being busy in house chores’ he tells.

‘Hehe..no problem uncle. See, I came on myself..!!’

‘I have seen you long time ago, when u were a child..’ he tells taking suitcase in her hand and both walk into the house. He shows a room to her.

‘This is your room beta. You can be free..!!’ He says and goes.

Ragini smiles and takes cloths from her suitcase.

“I have to take a fresh bath after this tired long journey..!!” She thinks and goes to bath. She just closes the door and forgets to bolt.

She takes bath and comes out with towel. She is rubbing her hair to wet. Suddenly..the door opens.
“Who’s inside..??” She hears a male voice.

Ragini shocks and looks at him.

It’s Laksh. He shocks looking at her.

“Aaaahhhhhh….!!!” She shouts.

Laksh runs out closing the door with red cheeks. She runs and bolts the door.

Her voice trembles, “I could have done this before..!! Did he see everything..??” She shocks and shouts… “no…!!!”

After sometime….

Laksh and Ragini are sitting opposite to table at dining. DP is in middle chair.

‘I’m sorry ragu beta. This boy doesn’t know how to behave with girls..! Laksh..! Tell her sorry now..!!’
Dp orders.

Ragini was bending her head. Laksh was looking at other way.

“Papa, I didn’t do any wrong..! I don’t know there is a girl inside. Moreover, she would have closed door properly..!” Laksh tells.

Ragini looks at him in anger,
“You need not tell that me you jerk..!! I know what to do..!!”

Laksh reciprocates, “hey..! I’m not a jerk. You are a earth worm..!!”

Ragini anger increases, “earth worm..!!! You are a stupid bug..!!”

Laksh.. “you are such a non sense..!!”

Ragini… “you are the non sense..!!”

“Stop….!!!” DP shouts. Both becomes calm and they are panting.

‘Laksh, is this is the way to talk with guest..??’ … DP

“Papa, you didn’t inform me at first that someone is coming and I don’t know how to live with this problematic girl if you go to pilgrimage..!!”

Ragini gets angry again… “I’m a problematic girl..?? Fine..!! I’m leaving this house..!!”

Dp… “calm down ragini beta.. I will explain him.”
He turns to Laksh, “laksh, I’m not going to pilgrimage now. Probably my friends might have postponed it.. but if they call….”

Just then DP gets a phone call. Ragini and Laksh glares at him.

“What pilgrimage starts today..? Visiting all north Indian and South Indian temples..!! That’s awesome. I would not miss that..!!!” Dp runs to room.

Ragini and Laksh tries to stop him.

“Papa, you can’t leave us like this..!!” Laksh

“Laksh, now I’m leaving Ragini’s responsibility on you. You are a man now. Take her care. And, let me go..!! When I’m healthy itself, I have to visit all temples..!!”
Dp tries to convince.

“No…! Don’t be selfish..!!” Says laksh.

Then DP comes to Ragini.

“Ragu beta… I don’t know when my old life will over..? Before that, it’s my wish to visit all gods. Plz beta… let me go…” Dp asks with tears.

Ragini looks on….

Dp starts going away. Laksh tries to stop him.

“Let uncle go Laksh..!!”

Laksh stops.

“It is not right to break someone dreams..” she tells. Laksh looks at her amazed.

“Thanks a lot ragu beta… laksh, if you need anything money are in locker. Do take care of Ragini…!!!”
Says Dp and leaves.

Laksh sighs.


It’s already dinner time. Ragini and Laksh are sitting calmly and having dinner.

Ragini pov… “what should I do now..? It’s first time for me having dinner lonely with a boy. (Her cheeks turn red) I have to inform this to mamma and go back to hostel..! I can’t stay alone with a stranger boy..!!”

Her thoughts are disturbed by Laksh.

“I’m sorry for that…!” He tells.

She looks at him.

“I’m not a jerk as you think. It was just an accident. I really don’t know that you are in..!!” He tells looking at his plate.

“Even I’m sorry. I have reacted too much..!” She tells slowly.

“Hmm…don’t worry about anything. Till your parents come, this is your house too..Good night..!!” He tells and leaves to his room.

Ragini still at dining, “he is not that bad as I thought. But, i have to leave from here..!!”

“Meow…!!” She sighs.

Suddenly, she hears a great sound of crashing from out. She shocks. Laksh runs and comes there.

“What may be it..??” He amazes.

Then suddenly they sees something is flying from window. Ragini scares and holds Laksh’s shoulder… “ghost….!!” She exclaims.

Laksh slowly keeps moving to door. “No..! Don’t go..!!” She clutches his shirt.

He looks at her. “It’s ok. Don’t worry.”

Ragini remains as stone looking at him. But soon she leaves his shirt thinking what she has done.

Laksh opens the door. They both amazed to see a saucer like vehicle.

Suddenly the door opens… Ragini will be trembling in fear. A white space suit person comes out whose eyes shine..

Ragini faints looking at it.. “Ragini…” laksh tries to wake her and looks at that.

That person removes the mask and reveled to be Sanskar..!!!

Screen freezes on his smiling face.

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