Ragini’s L. I. F. E. Shot 9

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Laksh was standing there think what to do, when someone taps on his shoulder.

It was swara: what do you think ? you confused right?


Swara: ……..

Laksh: what?

Swara: wanna know why they blamed you?

Laksh nodded

Swara: because they don’t know who’s taken then pictures they think it’s you.

Laksh: it was me though

Swara: well they don’t know they do they.

Laksh: but who’s done that

Swara: me

Laksh: why

Swara: because I hate you and don’t want my sister to be hurt coz of you again

Laksh: but your hurting her yourself by sending these types of things thinking gah it’s me

Swara: even if I do that they all think it’s you.

Laksh was just gobsmacked ?

Swara walks off

Laksh: these sisters are too much

Rv’s room:

Ragini: Rv I love you ❤️

Rv: love you too

Ragini: so….

rv: so….

Ragini: ….

Rv: I know what your thinking ? dw nothing will happen if you have the trust on me and we stay like this for ever

Ragini: I will always trust you.

I don’t trust that laksh.

Rv: his always up to something. But forget him for now and concentrate on us.

Then they started to have fun. (Not going in to details, well not as good as @sukorian)


Swara: we have to do something to laksh and make him go away from here.

Sanskar: he wouldn’t go from here as ragini is here.

Swara: think Sanskar what can we do.

San: idea ? we can send laksh back to India saying that there’s no one there to look after then business and dad and his dad have to go somewhere urgently.

Swara: then he will tell you to go back.

San: I’ll tell him I can’t I’ll have to stay with you and I’ll look after the company here

All were down stairs eating dinner ?.

San: laksh I need you to do me a favour

Laksh: say Sanskar

San: I need you to go India for me

Laksh: what? Why?

San: dad and your dad have to go back to their him town to see their I’ll uncle so there’s no one to handle the business is we need someone to be there now, so will you go please?

Laksh: why can you go? What does it have to be me?

San: because I have to look after Swara, so will you?

Laksh: I’ll think and let you know.

He gets up and goes.

To be continued.


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