Ragini’s L. I. F. E. Shot 8

Rv nears her and kissed her for head (as she is like a sister to Rv) someone takes pictures of them

Everything was fine that day no fights no argument no nothing just peace…

Next day:

Everyone was having breakfast…

While they were having breakfast, the postman (PM)comes and says:


Ragini gets up and goes…

PM: mam post for Mrs Ranveer Singh?

Ragini: that’s me.

PM: sign please

Ragini signs it and goes inside.

She opens the post and there was couple of pictures of RV hugging a girl.

She started fuming her anger was not imaginable.

Ragini comes to the hall,

Ragini: RANVEER.

Dadi: what happen why are you screaming.

Ragini: where’s RV ?

Rv comes there.

Rv: what happen Ragini?

Ragini: what’s is this??

She throws the photos in the tea table.

Ragini: what’s this Rv? Huh? Are you cheating on me?

Rv: no Ragini your thinking wrong

Ragini: what? How? The picture shows everything

Rv: that’s not the truth

Ragini: then what is??

Rv: please believe me I only love you

Ragini: if only me then why are you hugging and kissing her?

Rv: silent. Why aren’t you believing me Ragini that’s all lies.

Ragini: how can you prove that it’s all lies?

Rv: I don’t know how to make you believe me but trust me I was not cheating on you I would never ever do that.

Ragini: no Rv this is not working out

Rv: what isn’t working out?

Ragini: this our relationship it’s just not right

Rv: no please don’t say that please I love you I can’t live with out you please

Ragini: no sorry Rv I can’t live with a cheat.

Swara: Ragini what are you saying? He can’t do that

San: Ragini please think before you take these types of steps please

Ragini: no HE cheated on me I can’t live with a person like him

Dadi: Ragini! What sort of behaviour is this?

Is this what I taught you?

Ragini: please dadi ma he cheated me

Rv: please Ragini why don’t you trust me. I will die please I didn’t cheat on you.

Ragini: I want divorce Rv.

Ap: please beta think once he will be saying the truth.

Ragini: no aunty his not.

Rv: so this is how much you love me yeh all the thing we had been through and now your just doubting me because of these pictures.

Ragini: yeh that’s all my love is.

Ragini moves towards laksh: this is what you wanted right? Me and Rv splitting ??

Laksh looks at her with no expression

Rv comes and side hugs her.

Laksh is more shocked ?: what you guys where arguing right now what happen all of a sudden?

Ragini: laksh please don’t act we know that you took these pictures of Rv hugging ? that girl. Really, what made you think that I will doubt rv over the pictures?? Do you know who that girls is? Her name is Ria she is sister come bestie of Rv.

Laksh: no no no but he was kissing her

Ragini: their always like that they hug and he kisses her forehead that doesn’t mean anything. Why are you gonna so cheap laksh?

Laksh: because I want you.

Ragini: you don’t love me laksh your obsessed with me. Even though I’m tell you that I don’t love you you keep torturing us. Just leave this please get out.

Laksh: ….

Rv: Ragini leave it lets go

They all leave.

Laksh was standing there think what to do, when someone taps on his shoulder.

It was swara: what do you think ? you confused right?


Swara: ……..

To be continued????

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