Ragini’s L. I. F. E. Final shot

Last epi; sanskar asking laksh to go and look after the company in India and laksh said he will let him know about his decision.

He gets up and goes.

Laksh P. O. V.:

I think I should leave her life and go away. I mean everyone’s life and go, live how I want too and who ever I want too, but it’s hard to move on from her. I know it’s my fault and I am going through all the pain just because I rejected her. The destiny has played its game and now I’m paying for it. No I need her back in my life. Yes definitely I need her I am not going back to India at any cost without my Ragini, but at the same time I need to focus on business too.

Ragini: I cannot change!! I cannot think about leaving RV or my family I love them and they love me to bits if I love they will stop living, they have all done so much for me I cannot be selfish.

Next day:

Ragini goes in to laksh’s room,

Ragini: ‘knocks’

Laksh: come in

*Goes in*

Laksh: hi Ragini, what a surprise

Ragini: I’m not here to surprise you, we need to talk can you meet me at *nando’s* later in the evening today

Laksh: sure anything you say

Later that day:

They meet in the place they fixed.

L: tell me Ragini

R: laksh can please leave my life I want to be happy with my husband and children please understand. You’ve always been like this. It’s always been about you and what you want. For once please let someone else live with what they have now and please just move on.

L: how?

R: go back to India and leave me to live in peace.

L: okay but tell me one thing did you love me? Then why did you move on?

R: I did love you, more them my life. The thing is you didn’t love me when I was with you, you loved me when I was in hospital and which was out of pitty, I didn’t want that so thats why I did this drama. Also have moved on with life, which I think you should do the same.

L: ……..

R: Listen I know its hard and I’m sorry, but please let me live in peace.

L: I understand. I’ll leave just for you. One thing I want you to know, I love you and will always be there free you.

Back the mansion

Everyone present:

L: I have decided to go back to India and look after the business over there.

AP: why all of a sudden?

L: thats none of anyones business but I have decided to go back so no more questions. I just informing you all not asking for permission.

All nodded there head.

The next day Laksh left for India.

Finally happy days are back. Once laksh left a month later…

Rv: you didn’t the right thing Ragini. I love you ?

R: I love you too baby.

Rv: when are you going to have our own baby.

R: I have a surprise for you. She give him a paper, he looks at it and gets shocked ?.

Rv: really? Ragini nods omg I’m excited.

All the family members come in and: so are we!!!!

Yes Ragini was pregnant ? and was excited.

Their life was going on smoothly and calm after laksh left.

Everthing was and normal. They were a happy family.

The End.

Final Thank you for this ff ?? and A big HUG ? ! Sorry I know this update is sh** but I didn’t get any good ideas so I had to end it.

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