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Part 5 best friend promises
Who do u think u r . how dare u raise ur hand at me” said laksh was all red in anger choking rags .she was about to get pass out when laksh scream and next think he was lying in floor holding his knee in pain .Someone hit him on his legs
f**k b*t*h ahhhh my leg” abused laksh in pain ,breathing heavily with his eyes wide open not getting up from floor as he’s feeling really tired now(drink’s effect)
RAGS open her eyes to see what happened. ….. Her vision was blurry due to tears in eyes, alcohol in her blood and scars n bruises in body .she breath heavily blinking her eyes multiple time to get better view.it was some shadow holding a stick coming towards her “OMG’ think rags as she was scared now +

No no plzz do…do…don’t come near me plzz” said rags curving herself in a ball hugging her knee shivering badly
RAGS it’s me R U alright” said the person it was girl voice. Rags immediately recognized her voice getting her face out of her knee to look at the person now she can see clearly
ISHITA ” said rags rush to her n hugging her hard thanking god in her mind n started crying

OMG u came” cried rags “thank god u came ” she was continuously crying dragging ish in floor hugging her

What happened here ” said ish hugging her back as she was really freaked out by the scenario ” this guy here cannot be laksh .he isn’t like this” said ish as she knew him he was a very good friend , it was hard for her to believe. BUT what she saw was impossible. Rags with her messed up hair swollen lips bruises and scar all that .She was not able to take that, that her best friend was molested not just that molested by her love, on her birthday. She remembered when she was about to go to pool area when she heard some 1 scream on house backside she thought to be some intruder she found a stick nearby garden for safety and was about to call watchman but then she hear moaning voices .She peek a bit to see what was going on which made her numb for few minutes .she saw her bestfriend was begging her bf to leave her she was not able to react but when she saw he was strangling her that’s when she get panicked n hit him on his right leg not hard but strong enough to weak him . she wanted to hit him on his head but she don’t want murder anyone to

Rags was continuously crying hugging her more hard as her life is dependent on her .ishita got that her bestfriend need her she was smoothing rags hair to calm her pain after few min rags was feeling bit better thr was no talking ,the only think they can hear is laksh murmurs
Rags pov:

I love u rags , I really do plz love me plzzz” murmured laksh still feeling lazy laying on floor, audible enough for us to hear but we all were still freeze to thr places not daring to move. I n ish jumped a bit when we heard a beep sound it was ishita cell phone .we broke hug now finally getting some sense I’m making my hair n dress a bit representable I can’t go out like this and ishita was looking at cell screen don’t know what to do she give me her cell to show me mahi been calling to her. I take the call tell her to come to shree room directly , getting myself and ish up from the place to go the shree room leaving laksh at the cold floor. I can’t fall weak, I can take care of myself when my friends are with me .y laksh y did u ruined everything it’s was going perfect y did u lose control. Was it alcohol, was it me dress like this what was it, my head is busting right now. I’m still having pain in my vagina, my lower part is all wet, I’m ashamed of myself how can I let this happened. Thank god shree grandparents’ r not home yet. I have to move on, forgetting the this day but I can’t just leave laksh like this I love him so I text abhi to come to back side of house to get laksh as he passed out and he replied okay he was with his driver so I don’t have to worried about them being drinking n driving. Also it’s not good if anyone got to know about this. Ish covered me nicely so maids were not suspicious at all .maid told us that Shakti left and shree been sleeping. We enter her room to see mahi was already thr siting in bed beside shree who was in her deep sleep with mouth wide open snoring like a little child with drool leaking from her mouth.

Finally u here what took u so long” said mahi to ish giving her hug

And whr were u finally got time for us ” mahi said to me finally noticing my outlook mahi was a bit shock to see my appearance

What happened to u” said mahi getting worried I wasn’t even able to stand it was hell paining I can still feel something wet coming out from my vagina oh god I’m goanna ruin the bedsheet but I need to sit I can’t hold it so we all sit on shree bed and when I told mahi everything she was shocked n damn angry, blaming herself that she would have been thr to save me

M so sorry rags it was my fault u all were drunk and I was not I could have stopped that b4 anything of this shit happened” said mahi hugging me

What happened is happened now we can’t go back, can we? We have to move forward forgetting everything u guys won’t tell any1 I’m myself goanna tell shree the right time and ya no parents involve no teacher no police no nothing this thing we will our secret okay? ” I said making them clear ,not getting any response from them as they quite look shock from my behavior “girls r u listening” i repeated they just nod at me , I sigh , my cell beeped

Abhi texted. He took laksh with him in his home he’s fine , still a bit drunk but no worries” I said looking at the text abhi send

R u alright is it paining “said mahi touching my bruises on my neck n arms

No I’m not fine, it’s paining everywhere” I said again started to cry covering my face with my both hands
So u won’t taking any charges against laksh ur going to let him go away with this” said ish

I don’t know I have no idea what should I do my mind is numb now ,y would he do that what got into him” I said still crying

I know what happened he couldn’t control his fu*king hormones he loosed his mind we can tell ur parents they will take him down” said ish angrily

And then what, han, then what, don’t u know my father ” I yell ” what he’s going to do lodge a complaint against laksh then what han he will go to jail his career will be over his family will be disgraced ur scholarship will be cancel and my brother if he get to know about this he will murder laksh b4 he go to jail and what about me my image will ruined my parents won’t trust my choices anymore I will be housebound, society will judge me, school pupil will look pity on me and all kind of jerks will try hit on me +

U want this for me say it c’mon say it out loud” I yell at ish trying to control my tears

Shut the f up bi**hes I’m trying to sleep here” yelled shree covering her head under the pillow as she was getting disturb from all the noises shocking ish
Ignore her she’s drunk” said mahi ignoring shree

Calm down rags and am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt u ” said ish hugging me

I’m sorry too, u saved me today thanku so much’ I said

Tell us what u want we will do whatever u say” say mahi hugging me from other side

For now just be with me and do as I say plz this should be our thing no one else should know about this plz girls this is my birthday and I want this gift from u plzz” I said finally convincing them

Hey by gift I remember happy birthday sweety ” ish said giving me a gift

Open it plz hope u feel better from this “ish said .when I open it I was shock n happy she Remember. Few months back my parents gifted me a very expensive watch. It was really good but I lost it somewhere. But how did ish get this watch she’s not rich like me, shree and mahi but we don’t care. But how did she get this much money +

Ahnn Ish this is beautiful but it’s really expensive how did u manage do get this” I asked ish

Well it is not the original it’s the first copy it was so hard to find this watch I went on 5 different stores and finally found it and after 1 hour bargaining I manage to get this” she asked me.

It’s perfect so that u were stuck but u didn’t have to” I told her

Oh c’mon why are u being so formal? It’s just an investment so that you give me something better and very very expensive on my sweet 16 ” she said finally making me laugh I was feeling much better now. Haha she’s such money mind we all know that, she was the last one to join our group in in 9th standard she is a scholarship student. At first there was no interaction between us but we had this clash with her on laksh’s birthday. Laksh was our senior and super popular and I swear he was the Greek god of our school, who would miss to go to his party. Shree convince me to ask laksh out on his party as she know I have this huge crush on him and had been stalking him on fb, twitter and every social media site. So I have this huge birthday present to surprise him dressing super cute which was ruined by ishita as she got to know about my surprise. She told me she already set her eyes on him and she will never let me get anywhere near to him WTF, Does she really think she have chance beside me, I was so angry that I started to fight with her, we were thrown out of party and next day our catfight was school breaking news. But the favor was in my hand as the next day Greek god laksh himself came to my class and proposed me in front of whole class. He told he already knew about my surprise as shree told him about my crush and he also feel for me that’s y he invited everyone to show that I was his official girlfriend now, aweeee I love shree for this she’s the best and obviously my answer was yes, all were cheering for us but ishita expressions were worth looking for and I just gave her the look ‘yes take that b*t*h’. But my bad luck we again had this clash in my house when we were paired up for assignment she bust out I ruin her chance of being rich yes u heard right she confess she wanted to date laksh so he can spent his money on her ‘blo*dy gold digger’ was my first Impression and I started to judge her. Next day we found out that this year scholarship were cutting out so few scholar students will have to leave school and ishita was one of them and she knew it. WTH scholar students deserve more than any of us spoil rich bratz. And that’s whr we got to know as she told us that laksh’s dad was sponsoring the sport’s team if she would to get close to laksh, his dad would have favor her I was feeling bad that I judge people to soon without knowing others pov. She belong to a lower middle class family who don’t even support her bcuz she’s a girl she’s been doing part time jobs just to take care of her small expenses. But I felt very bad everyone deserve a good education so I talk to laksh’s dad about ish and he agreed to take ish expenses ishita became really good friend of mine and laksh and then later became the part of our group. Even she changes her idea of becoming an architect to business as she take oath from us if she tutor us we will invite her in our family business and we don’t have any problem with that she has the mind which every business man possess” POV end

Oye earth to rags promise me u will give me better gift” said ish

Okay” I said

Yayyyy” ish happily cheered but she fall from the bed as some pillow hit her hard “ouch” shout ish massaging her temples
Don’t u understand I’m trying to get some sleep here ahhhh my head paining get out dogs” yell shree kicking me n mahi both from her bed as she was extremely annoyed

WTF” whisper ish

I think we should all go to our house now, m really tired too and tomorrow is the first day of school ” yawn mahi ” and rags if u need anything just ask ok” said mahi in low voice we can’t mess with the sleeping lion can we

Okay but I need to change first I can’t go house like this” I said changing myself to my previous clothes wear makeup to hide my scars

Hey mahi can u keep this dress with urself Idon’t want keep it as it will remind of this assault and I can’t throw iteither as shree gifted me this” I upsetly asked mahi she nodded. Mahi went withhis driver and I dropped ish at her home she was firm that she will go by autobut I can’t leave her alone at 11’O clock I can’t trust any1 not when what I justwent through it. I reached my home. I hope my parents shouldn’t be home yet but god will u ever listen to me





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