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Rags POV

hey it’s been an hour whr r the boys n ish” said I between dancing +

All three were having fun when again light gone out

Spotlight fell on the next side of pool we can see the 3 guys standing thr giving thr backs ,they turn around they were

laksh Shakti Abhishek
Hey ragini first HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL and Heye guys hope I didn’t make u wait so long I just wanted make everything perfect for my girl happy birthday baby I hope all ur wishes come true and hope our love get more this year” said laksh making me blushing so hard +
MUSIC” yell laksh

Hone laga sunset

Hai bhai tera full set

Hai motion bhi dekho mera ban’ne laga ” sing laksh doing some sidhant move by coming towards on dance floor

Dekho toh haseena ko

tejasswi prakash as ragini gadodia
shrenu parikh as shrenu parikh
namish taneja as laksh maheswari
mahima makwana as mahima makwana
nikita sharma as kavita sharma

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Wannabe Kareena ko

Thumko ko fever hai chadhne laga” sing Shakti luking at shrenu making her

Thoda hard sa hoke

Thoda gentle sa hoke” sing laksh doing waltz move with rags

Thoda senti sa hoke

Thoda mental sa hoke” sing Shakti mesing shre hair a liitle

Saare, saare, saare, saare..

Let’s nacho!” everybody started to dance the signature move of let’s nacho

Chalo nacho!

Everybody let’s nacho!

Chalo nacho!

Chalo nacho!

Kar dance full-u

Romance full-u” sing laksh kisiing rags forhead

Kar dance full-u

Oh baat sunle (x2) ” sing abhi making mahi dance with him

O naacho!

O naacho!

O naacho!

Everybody let’s naacho!” everybody started to dance the signature move of let’s nacho

Chadha hai bukhar, party karni lagatar

Mere yaar din char zindagi ke tu jee le” sing abhi doing some fawad moves with mahi

Ho jaao taiyar, yeh gaana hai on repeat

Dekho bajti hai beat, naa pado tum yun dheele” sing Shakti doing some beat moment with shree

Bakwas bhula ke koi step sa banake

Haath upar uthake puri jaan lagaake

Saare, saare, saare, saare, saare

Let’s nacho!” sing laksh making every single person stand on thr feet

Everybody let’s nacho!

O naacho!

O naacho!

O naacho!

Everybody let’s nacho!” laksh finished song everybody did big applause for him after the song I cut they cake and people rush to buffet

So happy sweet sixteen birthday my princess ” wished laksh making me wear a very expensive necklace and shree was making sure that everyone takes pic of us with every angle
OMG is that real diamond babes this is so beautiful I m always going keep it with me thanku thanku Thanku so much baby” I said kissing him on his cheeks +
All were clapping n cheering for this amazing couple I was feeling so proud
I love u to babes and this diamond is nothing infront of u ,ur r my real diamond” pecking her lips gently infront of everyone

Everbody Aweeeeeeee making me extremely blush

Heys rags happy birthday ur big girl now” said Shakti giving brotherly hug and a present to me

Thanks Shakti I hope u didn’t have to much hiccups today I was continuously cursing u for about half n hour making 101 plans to kill u to break my girls heart” I joke pulling out of hug

Haha no kiddo i didn’t hiccups” said Shakti

Hey BTW whr is is ravi I didn’t see him today from morning” I asked

Well we have these universities test coming next week so we were preparing for that only ravi going to stay in my house till the tests are over I was also busy but shree threatened me that she will break me and by break means not just breakup but literally break my every single bone” said Shakti giving fake scared looked

Okayyyyy” I said I really wanted my brother to come we never miss eo birthday

Hey it’s alright he already buy you something very special once u get home u will recieve it” said Shakti knowing our bro-sis bonding making me cheer up

Happy birthday rags here’s ur gift ” said abhi giving me gift

Thanks abhi ” I said giving side hug to him

Oh here is my gift i brought this on airport hope u like it ” said mahi giving me gifts

Thanku guys this is so much for me I love u all ” I said inviting all to group hug

Hey Sanskar came” said laksh when he see sanskar comin
Hello ragini happy birthday” said sanskar giving me a shopping bag

Thankx sanskar OMG it’s this dress sanskar own creation this dress is fabulous ” I said getting happyYes I design it. I design my own clothes ur really special to laksh so I wanted to gift specially the best I could came up with” Said sanskar

Thankuuuuuuuuuuu so much ” I said getting blush n proud of laksh

Here give me all ur gifts maid will keep on ur car” said shree giving my gift to maid

BTW where is kavita I need to talk to her ” asked sanskar

What work u have with her” asked Shakti getting glares from shree

Well I have this show coming it’s held in Mumbai fashion house it is the show for fashion students all have to be new faces new designer new model new style so I decided to participate I need atleast 12 models 6 girls n 6 boys ” said sanskar

Well then y don’t u see rags then she’s also really good in posing” said shree

Rags was his first choice He asked me but I refused I know how much rags is perfect I just don’t want my girl to be the poster girl for those idiots horny freak guys who r going through puberty ” said laksh everyone started to laugh making rags blush hard as blood rushing her cheeks
Rags pov:

I was always happy to see this side of laksh I always wanted laksh to make me his possession it’s not that I never get loved I always get love from my family friend teachers relatives but none to compare it with laksh he’s different very special he is the one I will get old with n thr is nothing which can separate us

and whatsoever this show is not that big whoever participating in this show no one knows who they are so just chill” said laksh making shree quite

Well whatever u say but this show is very important to me u know guys india biggest designers going to judge us if I even manage to come 1st 2nd or 3rd I can mark my name in industry to be the new youngest fashion designer well u kids have fun I m going to kavita and laksh don’t wait for me I will directly go to my friend house , once again happy birthday rags” said sanskar leaving all laksh rags shree Shakti mahi and abhi

So party adhi khatam bi hogai but ishita madam ka door door tak namon nishan nahi hai some1 plz contact her wo kahan hai” said rags getting frustrated

Hey chill u know na uski family kitni conservative hai” said mahi

Ya I know but still u said she will here anytime soon whr is she party khatam hone ke baad ayegi party it’s almost over” said rags

Whose said party is over arey abhi tu party shroo hui hai” said shree taking wine bottle which was hidden in her bags
All started to cheer to see wine except mahi

Hey not again yar and rags tm drink handle bi nai kar sakti remember tmne shree ki sweet 16 me kya kia tha ” said mahi

POV started:

Yes I remember how I can I not I was so wasted that was my first time drink and I had actually throw up on her birthday cake but shree didn’t mind she don’t like cake anyways and when I have gave him perfect present why will she hate me . the gift was a very romantic date with Shakti making her officially mrs.future Shakti arora

But I can’t still believe mahi she never do the things which we do she never bunk never play pranks she’s a perfect example which all parents give to thr child even my parents also do that ‘look at mahi be like mahi dress like mahi ,mahi mahi mahi ‘ she’s complete opposite of us but still she never judge us. I remember when the first time we met her in 8th standard in starting we hated her as she’s some kind princess we started creating messes for her like this one time we send a love letter to P.E teacher by her name she was call to the principal office the principal was smart enough to match her handwriting which wasn’t matched at all . after that principal started to check everyone writing in our class cuz she new how students in this school create problems for other .Me and shree had literally freaked when my writing match principal decided to inform my parents (my parents love me but they never going take her daughter as a bully not when they knew that I also gone through that phase ) I was all about to bust in cry when mahi came forward and took all the blame she even claim that she threaten me to write this letter I n shree were shocked we can’t let poor girl take our blame so we also accepted the truth but she was so firm that she was the one who write the letter and we were firm that we write this letter

MORAL OF THE STORY: all our parents were called and we all have been grounded for whole week with no tv no cell phone only n only school we were so guilty that we don’t even dare to look into mahi eyes she was the first one to forward her hands for friendship we accepted immediately

POV end

Hey c’mon yar mahi itni modern family se belong karti ho still itni simple kaise ho sakti ho well leave that u don’t want to drink fine but rags will if she wants and even if she’s wasted that’s my problem not yours I will take care of her ” said laksh +

Whatever” huff mahi

Yes I want ” said rags





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