Jhanki: RAGINI RUHI WAKE UP IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL ‘ I heard mom scream from downstairs, I get from bed take a good shower did my makeup pack my bag did my breakfast and ready to face another hell day, I just hope the day get less creepy but I started to think the fault r in my stars. Till now my 16th year is not going too well I just hope it doesn’t get more messed. I was all set to start my single life. I was the first one no wait 2nd one to enter school, yuvi is already present thr lost in his world, y is he smiling goofily, I think he’s watching something on his cell phone, I tip toe to him and WOW confirmed he’s is love with mahi, I startle him he was caught red handed

Yuvi: rags u scared me ‘ he said his breath was uneven

Rags: OHHH u scared, so mahi han ‘ I said teasing him, he nod he told me about his crush I was so happy but I remember what dad said I should respect mahi’s decision. I said I can’t help him cuz mahi feeling meant more for me than him, and he just nodded but that didn’t stopped me from teasing him he was so red looking so cute and in less time we got to know he’s really innocent guy really pure heart at least he seems like. We were enjoying when others joined us, he escort us to class it was funny he was walking between us, shree made him do this. Classes were fine but again I had a clash with laksh, in break time divyanka mam stopped me for something I was left alone with her she wanted to thank me, we had a beautiful chat b4 she leave shree text me they r waiting for me in canteen I was about to thr, when I was pull sudden to an empty classroom of course who else Mr. drama king laksh maheswari, he lock the door and face me

Lak: how r u? I can see u find ur self a new friend or a boyfriend perhaps ‘he said sarcastic, I frown what he’s talking about I don’t have time for this
Lak: how r u? I can see u find ur self a new friend or a boyfriend perhaps ‘he said sarcastic, I frown what he’s talking about I don’t have time for this

Rags: just tell what u want? ‘I was irritate how can some 1 be immature

Laks: an explanation can be best ‘ now I smirk

Rags: explanation u want, okay so yes I’m finding new friends maybe boyfriends y does it matters to u ‘his expression become stiff ‘look laksh ur really acting like immature baby u don’t want see the truth that’s not my fault I seriously thought to give this relation a 2nd chance but u have to ruined it u insulted me in front of whole school , try to ruin my image , some of them still think I’m some kind of horny girl, u ruin it all ‘I said to him in anger which anger him more. He smirk

Laks: I ruined it I was always thr for u ragini I don’t remember anything from party but I’m sure of it that I can’t do anything like u said. U probably lied

Rags: ya and y I will I lied?

Laks: cuz u want sanskar now, u r bore of me and u want him ur immature

Rags: see that’s what I have been telling u, u urself made these stupid stories decided all by ur self, u r not listening to me, ur such a stupid kid ‘ he smirk again gosh he look devilly handsome when he do that, stop rags u can’t think about him anymore he’s not worth it

Laks: that’s the reason u want sanskar not me ‘I frown in confusion ‘u think I’m young for u ‘he said in husky voice stepping towards me which make me gulp hard I started to step back till I hit the my back to wall shit I was always mesmerize by his voice no plz god don’t let my f**king hormones control me plz he covered the entire space between us that even air can’t pass through’ u think sanskar is more manly for u ‘I shrug my breathing became uneven he leans to my neck and lick my throat I was trying to control my moans ‘ur still wearing it’ he whisper

Rags: what ‘confuse

Laks: my necklace ‘reality hit me y was I still wearing it I don’t want him in my life and I already decided that. Yes I still have some feelings for him but he crushed my fantasies now he going to face it

Rags: yes cuz I promised u that I will wear it all my life but now I breaking up that promised just like I break up with u ‘I pushed him back and throw his chain to him. He look hurt, disappointed but he owns it ‘I don’t want anything to do with such immature ‘he smirk again gosh will ever goanna stop doing that, I think he’s doing this on purpose

Laks: off course I’m immature and ragini want mature guys and I can tell u rags that sanskar is really mature guy. Mature enough that he won’t date such a characterless girl like u ‘I gasp he abused but what I can more expect I tried to fight back my tears

Rags: yes I’m sl*t whore and characterless then y r u after me’ I smirk at his response ‘ur right laksh I think sanskar is better choice than u ‘I can see his folded fisted getting white UH OH I have leave b4 something happened so b4 he do anything I ran from thr as break was also over. But laksh grab my hand tightly he came to me whisper in my ear

Lak: yes ur right it was my mistake that I wasted my 2 years on u, u know what u r ragini, ur just an kid pretend to be bold to fit in, nobody knows the real face behind ur this plastic makeup, ur just a cry baby who can just fantasize. I can assure u, the sl*ts like u can never get their prince charm I will make sure of it ‘he spit his venom at me and left, I directly went to girls told them everything I was really upset but ‘I don’t care anymore’ that’s the mantra I have repeating to myself from starting but it still effecting, don’t know what happened to yuvi I think he’s also ignoring me. I tried to confront him he said its better we maintain distance y would he say that he didn’t said this to ish mahi n shree but only me y? Does he also think I’m some sort of sl*t? I was really upset also cuz of all these and to the sugar on a top farewell party we held in school, Friday break for our most favorite n worst teacher, Karan sir was giving me some teasing smile like from next week my life will cum extra messy.

God when this 16 year will be over. My parents also sense my tension but I gave them all the other reason without telling actual one. Shree being the best again got the best idea come up with the GIRLS NIGHT IN to cheer me, yes she the best It’s been so long we have our girl’s night. She arrange all in her house. Me n mahi easily got permission ruhi also wanted to come but shree made some stupid excuse that she only effort 4 at one time blo*dy hell she can afford 4000 people y would she refuse her I can see ruhi was upset but she decided to go with mum n dad to Paris cus mum wants to attend the fashion show thr, dad never refuse her so he arrange this trip, but the main point shree is planning something more or she never refuse any1 not ru she always treat him like her own kid. Shree always treat the people she love as her pets just like me ish mahi n ya yuvi haha it was so funny shree wanted yuvi to apply girls makeup.

Ish was the tuff one, With great difficulty we manage to take ish out of house, shree arrange three tickets to Delhi with 3 night stays in five star hotel and give them to ish making it look like she have won some kind competition, ish shameless parents n brother snatched ticket from ish and went to Delhi leaving her alone, she didn’t mind she was in fact happy, that for few days she can actually live like a normal person.

So finally Saturday came we all had arranged everything in shree’s house, dada dadi went to some kiddy party but I was scared of her expressions, she was giving me sheepishly smile I can tell something is cooking in her devil’s mind.

Ish: so everything is set

Mahi: hey I bring some night suit as this is girls night in so I brought the s*xy ones ‘ shree was still smiling sheepishly

Rags: shree what cooking in the pretty head of urs?

Shree: thr is no girls night in ‘confusing us all

Mahi: but y I thought to enjoy, u said it

Shree: we will

Ish: how?

Shree: because we r going to GIRLS NIGHT OUT ‘she scream happily

Rags: okay u mean like mall and fancy restaurants right ‘she nod no closing her mouth tight got she’s a suspense queen ‘shree spill the beans ‘she took something from her bags which look like identity cards and forward to us

Shree: select one each ‘she was smiling biting her lower lips

Rags: what is this ‘I took a card KAMEENI sorry sorry it’s kamani hehe

Mahi: what r these for? Whose id cards r this

Shree: these r no ones, all fake

Rags: what we goanna do with this kameeni choudary sorry kamani choudary

Ish: I know I know ‘she raise her hand like KG kid ‘I saw in the movie fake id mean we can go to pubs or bars and drinks yayy ‘OH that nice I always wanted to go thr but we r not 18

Rags: but we won’t be allowed we r underage

Shree: why do u think I arrange these fake ids

Rags: but we don’t look 18+ and here in this id card kamini is 25

Shree: nothing is impossible when shree is here ‘she said dramatically ‘I will give u an awesome makeover no body going to recognize us

Ish: it’s risky

Shree: when shree is here have no fear, just raise ur hands if ur with me ‘I was 1st one to raise hand really wanted to go out, followed by ish but mahi seems angry UH OH

Mahi: if that was the case y did u call me

Shree: mahi dear I know how ur like and u know what we r like, we will go to a pub and will enjoy that will not change and u have to tag along because we at least need one responsible person with us I also call yuvi but he refused us saying he wants to meet his dad. Point is u know how last week for us especially ragini’s was so tuff ‘she nod, heads down’ don’t u think she needs some changes in her life if we close ourselves in the house whr she was assault will she feel better ‘she nod no ‘ so u will come along right? ‘she nod yes making us all happy we all cheer and hug eo

Mahi: but we don’t have any cloths with us, we can’t go in these stupid pajama’s

Shree: u really think I will plan something without preparing for it, all is prepared ;she open her closest a new collection nice, obviously her mom ‘ I asked mom, these dresses came this morning, chose anything but u rags I have already choose for u ‘she show me the dress

Rags: it’s beautiful but u didn’t had to how come u made these fake id’s

Shree: 1st I know u will look hot and 2nd yes it was a bit difficult to make these fake id’s but don’t underestimate me ‘without wasting more time we all got ready in our dresses, shree did our makeup so heavy trust me I don’t look young anymore now but I look pretty. We all get ready take our selfies didn’t post in fb cus we don’t want our families to see this,

We all get ready take our selfies didn’t post in fb cus we don’t want our families to see this,

we all went with shree’s car, and after half an hour we reached to a pub which seems crowded

we all went with shree’s car, and after half an hour we reached to a pub which seems crowded

Rags: ahn shree I don’t think we will get entry here this place is so crowded

Shree: oh sweetheart u so naïve ‘I frown ‘look don’t give this sweet innocent little kids expression, just walk to that place like we own it, and han learn ur fake id names

Ragishmah: yes sir ‘we acted like soldiers ‘ we all get down from car and we were cat walking I was about to join line when shree walk further and we all followed her with poker expression and the security guard was scary for a moment we thought he catches us the way he was looking at us but then woo hoo he let us in

Shree: see I told u na

Rags: shree ur the best

Shree: I know baby I know ‘we walk to inside thr was so loud music and dark, a bar on the side this place is cool I love it

Rags: girls let dance ‘we all cheers loud we all were dancing crazily when song change to let’s nacho. Shit this song just gave me the memories of last week that dance he did for me he wanted to love me more or lust me more, my eyes became teary again it’s really hard for me to forget about him, I spend my 2 years with him it just can’t go like this, in dark thr was almost impossible for my friends to see and I will not allowed them to see me like, they r working so hard so that I can move on in my life and I’m still thinking about that jerk what he said mature guys like sanskar will not date a characterless girl like me. I’m a cry baby pretend to be bold, I don’t wanted my friends to know my mood this will spoil our night so I stopped dancing went to side they all joined me to ask I told them I was thirsty, we all went to bar

Shree: excuse me 4 beers plz ‘ bartender was staring at us from head to toe and then again went to his work ‘ excuse me our drinks

B: sorry u girls r underage it’s against the rule ‘ we all gasp how does he know, he look old like 50

Rags: hello my name is kamani choudary and I can assure u we r not underage but we took ur comment as compliment ‘I smile trying to be smart’ but hey thankx for calling us young we feel fresh now but plz we need drinks asap ‘it work he making our drinks yes I’m so good in lieing so proud of myself keep it up rags I pat my back in my brain, all girls look impressed by me I smirk at them in proud then laugh together, he serve our drinks after some time ‘thankx ‘ I take a sip OH COME ON that’s not beer that’s apple juice ‘ hey that’s not right order

B: that is absolutely the right drinks ‘ we were so pissed off what’s that man’s problem

Shree: look serve us our drinks or we gonna complain that ur not doing ur job well ‘she said angry

B: well sure kid u do complain I don’t care anyways today is my last day I’m getting retire from tomorrow and ur complain won’t matter, I know dolls like u put so much amount of makeup to look old, guard only allowed u girls u can so u can attract some youth, u girls r just decorative piece for places like this ‘ we were so shock look at his guts man ‘but I know my job I won’t give u any alcohol

Rags: listen u don’t give drink fine but shut the hell up

B: OH is it that miss kamani choudary plz suggest urself some new fake name.

Rags: what wrong with kamani

B: well it’s sound like kameeni and my sir name is choudary so plz don’t insult my name ‘he pissed me off I was about to attack back to old man but

Mahi: hey girls relax u ‘I stopped myself and he went back to his works ‘look girls I also think drink won’t suit us plz let just enjoy apple juice ‘we nod, apple juice was good I order one more AHHHH! That man nerves he smirk at me he came to me

B: so this is my last drink serving to the most prettiest young women ‘he said that making me blush maybe after all he’s not that bad ‘there u go doll

Rags: thankx

B: ur welcome it’s a good bye then miss kamani

Rags: hey wait a min I’m sorry I shouldn’t had shout on u like this

B: it’s okay dear I don’t mind but seriously suggest some other name ‘ I laugh he left cool guy, shit I drank too much apple juice it god it’s really really good, I need to pee

Rag: hey girls I need to pee

Shree: wait let me come with u

Rags: no I’m fine I will be back soon ‘she nod I left for washroom, but the door is lock I tried to knock few times but no response, few voices were coming from inside, sound like girls scream obviously in pleasure and I didn’t want to witness this scene I have watch porn one time and it was so gross I almost puke, it was one of shree’s crazy ideas I watched she said we should know about these things but I think this will come naturally when ur with right person, it again remind me of laksh shit LAKSH LAKSH LAKSH ,y cant he just leave me alone let alone my thought at least I’m again crying I want release my stress but how I can’t go in thr this is so embarrassing what should I do, I was thinking about some idea when my sight went to boys loo, I sigh I don’t have any other choice right now, I tip toe to boys loo I peek through the door YES no one was thr I run to bathroom cube as quick as possible yes I moan loud this is the real pleasure, releasing ur stress hehe I was done flush as soon as I open the cube door, shit a boy was thr he was washing his hands he saw me through the mirror

Boy: hello s*xy lady need some help in thr?’ he said with his teasing smirk

Boy: hello s*xy lady need some help in thr?’ he said with his teasing smirk

Rags: sorry ‘confuse

Boy: u know masturbating cannot satisfied one’s need’ I was shock he just didn’t said this oh I forget I moan aloud he think I was pleasuring myself shit, he was stepping towards me f**k not again I don’t want any other guy in my life but he close the distance between us shit rags do something but what?

Rags: no ur thinking wrong I was just…’he cuts me whispering huskily

Boy: thr should 2 bodies to feel that pleasure, to feel the spark ‘he put his hand on my waist and then blow his breath on my lips, I can’t take this anymore so I angrily pushed him hard but man he was strong I tried to kick to his main point but what he did next blew my mind, he had hold my hands above my head and places his right knee between my legs, and with his left leg he’s stopping my right leg and this again remind me of the same scenario, laksh did the same all guys r the same, last I was save by ish but who will save me now ish won’t get future vision that I can enter boys loo, I was disgusted, I closed my eyes giving up I started to tear up but I don’t want to cry anymore I’m just tired of crying ,few min pass I didn’t feel anymore moment so I open my eyes he has this concerned look on his face

Rags; m sorry, girls loo was closed and I really need to pee, that’s y I came here’ I said to him looking him in eyes suddenly I wasn’t disgusted anymore and he left my hand

Boy: m sorry I was trying to tease u but u got really scared I didn’t mean to make u cry ‘he genuinely look sorry but I can’t trust anyone else so I left immediately I saw girl loo was open now I went thr to wash my hands and to re touch my makeup, I just notice my eyes r all dried does anyone else notice I have been crying to much of course cry baby as laksh said ‘well u know what LAKSH f**k U, I’m gonna prove u what I can be?’ I left loo I saw shree ish n mahi waiting for me, sometime pass

Ish: hey girls those boys r looking at us ‘which boys I turn to see shit he’s the same guy who I met just now in boys loo, I can’t tell my friends this they will get more tense already they doing so much for me,

Shree: look they r coming this way

Boys: hi girls, I’m sooraj ‘he waved us but he was looking at me, I just notice how handsome he is ‘these r my friends ayush amit n jai

Shree: hey I’m sheena these r my best friend layla(mahi), tania(ish) and Bestest k..

Rags: ANGELA my name is angela fernandaz ‘ I don’t know what got into me I saw this show and the name just jump into my mind I really don’t want to be called kamani

Sooraj: well hello, welcome to my pub

Shree: ur pub

Soor: yes sheena my pub ‘we nod we just hope he don’t guess our age he will throw us out ‘can we join u pretty ladies

Ish: sure but for that u have to buy us drinks

Mahi: no u don’t need to guys,

Soor: hey come on it’s not the big deal ‘finally we got the drinks the boys buy us, I can see mahi was getting angry but kept quiet cus of me I thanked her through my eyes ‘so angel han

Rags: it’s ANGELA I prefer angela ‘he chuckles n shrugs

Soor: okay angela tell me something about ur self

Shree: I will tell ‘shit she’s drunk

Rags: sheena relax thr nothing to tell about me I’m some boring chick not much interesting about me

Shree: 10 INTERESTING POINTS OF MY BESTEST FRIEND muah ‘she kissed me on my cheek now no one can stop ‘

1-she’s my Bestest friend

2-she’s super-HOT ‘all started to laugh I was blushing

Soor: I know that

Shree: u know ‘he nod ‘okay so

3-she’s single ‘boys started to hoot haha I won’t lie if I say I don’t enjoy these attention

4-she had breakup last week on her birthday ‘I again became upset but I was chill out now

Soor: oh so last week ur birthday happy belated birthday how old r u ‘shit

Rags: 25 ‘I breath in n out heavily, I can see he was shock

Soora: no ways I can tell ur not 25

Mahi: she maintained herself, u know she’s model

Soor: OH wow u look like one

Shree: 5-she’s superb model

6-she love me the most sometime sings me lullaby

And the last 7-

Soor; hey u said 10 interesting facts

Shree: sorry math me kamzor hn but she’s love math

So 7-she’s superb dance ‘she eyed us all ‘so guys what ur waiting let’s dance ‘all were laughing and started to dance mahi was keeping an eye on us when I caught an eyes of man, FIREWORK

So 7-she’s superb dance ‘she eyed us all ‘so guys what ur waiting let’s dance ‘all were laughing and started to dance mahi was keeping an eye on us when I caught an eyes of man, FIREWORK

I feel it was FIREWORK he’s not looking at me anymore but y. sooraj came to me

Soor: may I have this pleasure to dance with u ‘he said in his husky voice

Rags: yes I will love that ‘I started to dance with him everything seems more beautiful maybe alcohol, mahi just ran somewhr maybe she also need to pee, I was dancing with sooraj but my eyes were still on that man sitting on the corner, I don’t know why I had this craving of his one look, I didn’t even saw him properly, sooraj stopped dancing suddenly, he was looking deeply in my eyes. Shit I know this look he was about to kiss me but I turn to other side and he kissed my hair, I pushed him a bit he cute but he’s not what I want

Sooraj: I’m sorry angel I think I’m drunk ‘he said holding his head I helped him sitting on couch and turn to see other but FIREWORKS he was watching again don’t know what happened to me without talking to any1 I walk towards him, it’s darks here can’t see his face properly I wanted to see I love fireworks dad always take me n my friend on new year the best firework place, I reach to the bar stand beside him, he’s the best firework so beautiful and I forward my hand to him

Rags: hello angela ‘I forward her hand

Man: aditya Kapoor ” I shake hand with her god she really really HOT

Man: aditya Kapoor ” I shake hand with her god she really really HOT

Angela: so will u by me a drink ‘he smirk, this boys I tell u all r the same will they ever stop smirking,

Adi: I don’t know u ‘his voice is so FIREWORK, I had this sudden urge to touch him, will it burn if I touch him ,

Rags: can I touch u ‘he was shock he again smirk

Adi: all girls r the same

Rags: Aditya roy Kapoor ‘he’s confuse

Adi: sorry

Rags: my favorite hero Aditya roy Kapoor and I love fireworks

Adi: fireworks ‘I nod

Rags: ur eyes showing firework best firework

Adi: y

Rags: they r giving me butterflies in my tummy ‘he chuckles taking the tequila shots ‘buy me one

Adi: u already seems a bit drunk ‘he looking curious at me

Rags: I never had these shots b4 in my life ‘he frown

Adi: haha joke ‘I nod no ‘okay’ he gave me his shots

Rags: I don’t know how to take it

Adi: do u really want to do it ‘I nod yes ‘okay first take this pinch salt then drink this in one gulp and then taste this lemon’ I did what he told but the drink was to bitter I spit it all out, he laugh at me blo*dy hell

Rags: y r u laughing ‘he shrug

Adi: I’m not, ur funny ‘I didn’t found anything funny here does he think I’m immature just like laksh I again take the shot this time I did it

Rags: I did it, it is burning it so yuck ‘he was still laughing, I was so angry y was he laughing at me ‘ shut up don’t laugh at me y u hate me ‘I yelled he stopped laughing

Adi: I don’t hate u ‘he’s serious

Rags: u love me? ‘ I asked looking deeply into fireworks, dad said don’t get to close to fireworks we may burn ourselves and he’s not saying anything, I saw ish n shree exiting from pub, I was about to go to them but I was pull by a sudden force he hugged me, hiding me in his body, it was burning but I’m not feeling any pain but it was tickling in my tummy ,he whispered

Adi: come to my room plz, ‘he was pleading me

Rags: okay ‘I mumble against his chest I don’t know how he take me when he take me and whr he take me I’m just going with flow

As soon as entered the room he smashed his lips against mine he is mumbling something

Adi: thanku for choosing me over sooraj ‘he mumble against my lips I can see his tears rolling down, how can be this possible does firework fall rain, no this water will ruin the firework, I stand on my toes to reach his height I drank the tears from both of his eyes

Rags: plz don’t cry it will ruin my fireworks ‘he look astonished ,he against kissed me hard, it’s beautiful I kissed him back he smash me against the wall and I don’t feel my legs on floor anymore, he had picked me up from my knees and wrap my both knees in his waist,

I moan a lot it’s feel f**king good, he’s good kisser he’s breaking the kiss every minute so I can take breath, he know what he’s doing, he take me to his bed and throw me ‘OUCH ‘I bounce a bit but he just stand thr looking at me what he’s thinki…

I moan a lot it’s feel f**king good, he’s good kisser he’s breaking the kiss every minute so I can take breath, he know what he’s doing, he take me to his bed and throw me ‘OUCH ‘I bounce a bit but he just stand thr looking at me what he’s thinking I can’t understand ,he took off his jacket and then his shirt and throw it god know whr, I was just staring at him when he bend and grab my both foots and pull me by my foot to the edge of bed, he cup face and kissed me on forehead and whisper huskily

Adi: ur mine ‘he bit me on my neck

Rags: AHHH! ‘I moan he then slide his hands to my arms then grab my both hands, he was staring at me, did he just hypnotize me so I have to do everything he wants me to, he take my hand and rest on his belt, he nod, I understand . I open his belt quickly and took off his pant he hug me again, I can feel his hand going down he pull my shirt up took off me and throw it somewhere, he kissed me again, our body was merging together he was so hot I was feeling like burn but right now I’m MOTH attract to this fire I want this fire, he broke the kiss and started kiss my neck while massaging my bare waist, he then open my belt I helped him taking off my jeans I was naked but his body was covering my whole body I don’t have to feel ashamed, but he was so strong he put all his weight on me which make choke

Adi: sorry u alright ‘I nod he turn on his back making me sit above him gosh his body is so hard It feel like stone age ,he grab the back of head and pull me to kiss him I did it was so groan shit something happening I pushed him ‘r u alright ‘ I nod no holding my tummy tight

Rags: wo I-I-I need ‘YUCK…I throw up on him SHIT, I started to cry’ my firework ruined shit now thr is no light all dark………



Shit she just throw up on me I think she passed out I can’t sleep like this but i’m tired, what is she model maybe, she’s really skinny I can see her ribs from her body even her br*ast size look small, I pick her up and went washroom I washed all the dirt from her using towel I wished she didn’t had pass out like this I really wanted to do this. I never feel like this b4 a FIREWORK I also clean myself b4 taking her to couch I throw all the bedsheets she ruined it and make her lay on bed and I also lied on other side of bed but I can’t keep my eyes shuts I’m tired I need to close my eyes but I don’t want to what if she disappear it maybe a dream, never in my life any girl left sooraj for me that must be a dream I wish I never woke from it. She was shivering but thr no blanket all r ruined she ruined it, I smirk I climb up on the top of her and cover her, shit she start coughing I’m too heavy for her and I again lay back in bed and pull her above me she was just in her black bra and undies I wish I could remove this barrier between us but I will wait after all I have already marked her mine, I smirk again looking at the love bite I gave her. I wrapped my arms around her tiny body so she can’t get aways from me and dozed off to sleep.






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