Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 12) MAHA EPISODE

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Lets begin

Swpi entrs baadi breathng heavily
Rag comes to them
She şigns them wat hpnd
Sw:aapķa fan tho smart nikla di..
Rag gets confused
They tell her the incident
Rag laughs..
Jst then rag sees that she got a new msg frm sanskar
She gets scared
She shows it to swpi
They too gets shocked
S:nw u got to know that I am ur true fan.. so I sent ur 2 actress..
I want know why u don’t want to meet me
Tell 18 century actress that fake ragini .. to never make these types of joke.. and I want to meet u at any cost..
So wen will u come to meet.. if u don’t then I will come.. nw I m eager to meet u…
Till then bye..

Trio gets utterly shocked
Piya :an aur karna sanskar ji.. sarcastically
Sw:wat i hv done
Rag:bcs of u..matter became complicated..i said dont go
Sw:u only said na di to go..
Pi:di said only to go once..
Sw:i m big fan of sanskar so thought
Pi:to gain his attention..ryte..
Sw:no..i wanted a selfie..and autograph
Rag:stoppp…nw think wat to do..i dont want meet him..
Swpi:yess..he got ur numbr..then he vl get our address too
Rag gets tensed..
Rag:i vl tell to bhai..he vl do anything..as i dont want to meet him
Sw:dont tell to bhai
Voice:shonu..wat r u hiding from me..
Its raj..
They gets shocked
Raj:mrng wat r u both doing in cafe?
He goes to rag and hugs her
Sw:voh..hum..piya ko coffee peena tha
Piya gets shocked
Raj:sw..jhoot mat bolo…meine tum logon ko dekha tha
They both nw again shocked..
Rag chodona bhai..u cm so early..
Raj:mom want her daughter..with her before going back
Rag:ohhh..ok lets go
Raj:i want the ans swpi(strictly)
Raj laughs..
Raj:u both see ur face at mirror..ur both’s face is like u saw ghost..
Raj holds rag hand:lets go..
They leaves..

San:still laughing her face must be watched..bt i m confused..y rag didnt cm to meet me..
Lak was lost in his own world
San sees this
San:she is beautiful rytee
Lak:most beautiful girl i ever saw..swara..wat a beautiful name..her voice..
San silently laughs
San:u hv to face raj..before swara
Burst out into laughter..
Lak:bhai kyun aap uska naam lete ho..bt bhai i think i m in love..
San:in one meeting hw cn u say that..
Lak:i hv read somewhere..that if u r in love..a ray of light vl touch ur eyes..u vl feel a strong wind blowing to u..u feel music every where..if u see her u want to stop the time..u want to hug her..
San:stop stop stop..yeh sab kithabi baatein hai
Lak:ha..bt i felt sm thing..seeing swara
San laughs:in that case all the best..bt i dont believe..
Lak:u vl soon believe..that too with ur anami..
San interrupts:no..i m just her fan..
Lak:yeh lo..saari ladkiyan tujpar marti hai..tune aaj tak ek ladki ko aank utakar bhi nahi..sorry sorry except..orange dress wali..tho aaj tu ek artist ko milne ko mar raha hai..

Ap comes
Ap:today v r leaving..this raj didnt come till nw
Suj:wr is this raaj he said he vl come in 20 mins..he vl bring them..bt see he didnt come..till nw..its been 1 hr
San:whom to bring i mean who is coming..
Ap:swaraginipiya are coming..
Hering this sanlak gets happy..
Ap:y r u happy
San:ur one daughter in law is coming
Lak gets shocked..he stamps san foot
Ap:u tell san
They hear horn sound
Suj;i think raj came..
She happily goes..ap too goes..
Lak:san..wat wr u doing few mins ago!!
San:i m doing ur work easy..
San:nw lets go..they came..
They excitedly goes..but feels sad as its nt raj its some of their relative..
San:lets call raj..i vl ask wr r they..
Lak coughs
San:dont u think..u shld consult doctor..
San:nw a days u r coughing..
Lak gives a angry look

San then calls
San:raj wr r u?..v hv to go airport..
Raj:v cant come to home..as there is traffic..there u all come to airport..i vl come there itself..
San:sadly okkk..

San then goes to apsuj..says this to them
Dp:then we shld leave..
Rp:yes..lets go..
Jst then san gets call..watttt?no i cant come nw..no plzz..i hv some imp work..u manage there….ok..
Ap:wat hpnd beta?
San:my office got fired..
Dp:then u must leave..there
San:no papa..
Ap:u go san
He takes blessing frm them and leaves

They too leaves..to airport..

Lak dp ap ram su reach there

They r waiting for raj..jst then raj reaches..lak was talking inthe phn his back was faced to them
Su ap hugs swaragpi..
Swaragpi takes blessings frm dp and rp
Dp rp hugs them
Rp:raj..u did wrong
Rp:u took ur moms to them..u left me..nw after neeting them i dont want to leave..
Dp:nt only u..he left me too
They laughs
Suj:v vl come soon..as i cant sit..there i want to sit with my daughters
Rp:ya even me too
Lak comes..swpi gets shockef..
They turns..
Then tthey leaves
Raj:lets go nw sissy..
Rag back was faced to lak..
He sees swpi turned their faces..he controls his laugh..
Jst then raj gets cl..
Its frm dida
Raj:ha dida..
Raj:ok..dida..dont worry i m der na..
He cuts the cal

Lak slowly moves towards swpi..
Lak: jii..mein tho confuse hoon..aapko mein kya bulaun..aapne tho mujhe baatya hi nahi
Sw:ab tho gayi..
They runs to raj..
Hides behind him
Rag:wat hpnd to them..bhai i m tiered i vl wait near ur car ok…
Raj smiles ok
She leaves
Lak sees her leaving:o o i coulnt see her..
Raj:wat hpnd to u both
Swpi:please save us frm him
Raj:wat did he do?
Lak i vl tell
Raj:ye batao aap log kab mile
wen did u became frnd wid sanlak..
Sw:u knw them..bhai
Raj:arey..they r my frnds..we r living togethere
Swpi:watt?why always this happen to us!!
Raj:stop ur drama..rag is waiting i vl go..if u want u cn come wid lak..ur new frnd rytee..do u hv any prblem lak
Swpi gets shocked
Sw:no bhai..v vl come wid u
Raj:wats ur prblm i cant understand..i m leaving come with lak..
He leaves
Lak:so miss swara..subah tho tum sanskaari ladki..nw..he sees top to bottom
She is wearing jeans and top
Sw:v hv to leave..

In car
Rag:y dida caled..and wr is swpi
Raj:dida called becs..piya’s mom called them..for some urgent work..they vl return after 3 or 4 days
Rag:oh..den swpi
Raj:dey vl come dont worry..
They leaves

Swpi wre going to sit at back..
Lak:wait..do i look like driver to u
Sw:gorilla ke tarah dikta hai
Lak:did u said anything
Pi:no..y r u asking
Lak:anyone shld sit at frnt
Pi pushes sw and she sits at back
Sw left no other option bt to sit at front..
She sits..lak smiles..

Then lak gets a cal frm sanky
San:wr r u?
Lak:back to home..
San:can u plzz..come my car
Lak:i knw u helped someone..and
San:u knw rytee..then come
Lak:ok..bt v hav our spcl frnd wid us
San:spcl frnd
Swpi ssees lak shoched

Lak smiles:u vl get to knw..
He cuts the call

Lak:bhai is waiting..cn v pick him
Sw:is it ur car?
Sw:then y ru asking?
Lak stops the car
She gets out and sits at back
Lak:y r u going back
Sw:ur brthr is comng rytee..

Lak then leaves

San:he said spcl frnd…may be ragini
He smiles
He is wairing
Lak comes
San sees back
He sees swpi
He gets sad..
San then goes and sit..
Sw interrupts:i m sorry..di laksh se milna nahi chahti..
Lak:wait its nt me it him..he is her fan
Sw:then y u said lie.lak:look who is talking a
Sw glares him
Lak:ji se sanskar
Sw:js shut ur mouth for sometime atleast..
San laughs

Sw:plzz sanskar..my di doesnt want to meet u
San:bt y
Lak:mera bhai ek rockstar hai is par saari ladkiyan marti hai..tumhari behen kya cheez hai
Sw:meri behen sabse alag hai
San:par kyun..
Sw:she nt only u bt..she doesnt meets any stranger
Lak:bhai is nt stranger bt Rockstar Sanskar Maheshwari
Sw:ya bt she doesnt knw na!!
Lak:wat??wat do u mean
San:sw..i want to knw..y she cant meet me..

Rag:wr is swpi
Raj:they vl come..accha hai na..dekho aaj kitna shanth hai..
Rag laughs..
Rag:i vl cook smethng..
Raj:no today i vl cook for u..
Rag:no bhai..
Raj:u jst sit here..u jst say wr is the ingridients..ok
Rag nods

At car
Piya:di ko accha nahi lagega math batao..
Sw:y to hide..
San:say..curiosity is killing me..
Sw:then listen..she cant talk to u and listen to u
san:i m asking the same..y
Sw:i mean she is deaf and dumb
Sanlak are shocked
Pi:so she doesnt want to meet..anyone
Sw:we never saw her this much happy…she loves raj bhai more than any..we r confused that hw she got so close to bhai in small addition of time..
Pi:she never wants to see hatered towards her bt..she loves all..
Sw:actually we r twins..she is jst 2 mins elder to me..i still calk di jst because..if she is around..i never miss my mom
Lak:even raj..he nw a days..only speaks raagu..
San is still shocked
Sw:plzz sanskar..she doesnt want to meet u
San:bt i want to meet her..
Sw:but y?
San:y i cant say..bt i want to meet her..
Sw:ok..as u wish..bt u shldnt hurt my sis..
San smiles..possessive..
Swpi smiles..
Sw:ok then u come tonight..
Sanlak:ok..they smiles..

They reach baadi..
They see raj car..
They smiles..
They leaves..

Swpi enters
Sees rag putting her palm in face
They runs to her wat hapnd di
She points to kitchen..
They goes shouts BHOOOOOTHHHHH
rag laughs
They comes back to rag..

Swpi:why r u laughing..?(lil scared)
Rag:its raj bhai..
She again laughs
They too laughs..seeing him
Raj was fully covered with Atta..
Raj comes pours some Atta on swara
Ragpi laughs seeing they
Swaraj wink..
They too pours atta on ragpi..
Rag lightly..beats raj..
Piya is running after swara pia’s leg slips and she was abt to fall..bt raj holds her..
Swarag sees this and smile..
Sw gets a idea..she winks at rag

Sw goes to rajpi
Sw:bhai u love her na?
Sw:piyu..u love bhai rytee?
She laughs loudly..both then gets out of the world
They both blushes
Sw:look someone is blushing..
Rag goes to them..hugs them..

Sw:guests r cmng tonight
Sw:someone spcl
Rag(strictly):who vl clean this..
Swpi points to raj
Rag laughs..u all go i vl clean this..
Raj:no we all done this so we alk vl clean..
Rag:first go and clean

They all clean themselves..
Then starts to clean
Rag cooks food..
Raj:wat vl i wear
Sw:ya wat vl u wr..bt i hv a confsn..wat vl i call u nw..bhai ya jeeju
Piya blushes
Sw:piya dont blush this much..my bhai vl be crazy on u..
Rag:dont tease them..bhai u come with me..she gives him shek dress
Raj:whose dress is this?

She goes..

All gathered in hall except rag
Raj:wr is rag
Pi:she wont come..if any guests r coming means..
Raj:y so..i will bring her..
Pi:no..let her be there
Sw:ya..bhai guest must be arriving..

Jst then sanlak arrive
Raj gets shocked..
Raj:ur spcl guest is sanlak
Sanlak smiles
He hugs them..
San eyes is searching someone..
Sw sees this and smiles
Sw intensionally puts juice on him..
Lak:cant u see
Raj:san u clean
Sw:i vl take u
San goes with her
Sw:she wont come out..u only shld go..i made
this plan to u to meet her..
San smiles:tanks
Nw u go..he goes bt confuse there were 2 rooms..
He goes to 1 rm..
He sees nobody there..
He then goes to washroom he cleans comes out and sees the same earing wch got frm the gir(orange dress wali/rag)
He sees it..he smiles

San pov
This is destiny or what i dont knw..
I dont knw wat’s happening with me..bt i can say that something spcl is happening..
Pov ends

He then moves to 2nd rm
Opens the door..
Thadaaaa power cuts(kya timing hai)
He sees that one girl trying to light the candle
He smiles
He goes to her and take match box frm her..
He lights the candle..
He sees her..
He gets mesmerised seeing her..he feels music..light comes..a strong wind passes by him..then he remenbrs lak’s word..he smiles..

Rags gets scared seeing him..her hear beat increases..
Her hair falls on her face he then puts her hair on back of ear..
He felt that his heart is skipped to her..
She was abt to run frm there he holds her hand..
A deep eyelock takes place…

End of this chapter..so frnds wat vl hpn next!!
Please give ur reviews on this ep…

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