Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 11)

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Lets begin..

Swpi gets ready to go..rag comes..
Rag:dont go..
Sw:y di
Rag..stays silent..
Pi:swara di is saying ryte..we shldnt go..u r fooling..i think he got doubt on u
Sw:no piya..if he got doubt then..he vl nt call me..i mean di..no i mean me
Then they leaves

Lak:bhai..bad news
Lak:behenon ka bhai bhi uth gaya hai..roz subah tho late ut’ta hai aaj kya hua..
San:wat vl v do nw?
Raj: r u going smewhere..
Lak:voh..i want to show a girl to him
Lak gets scared
San:girl no..she is our teacher..
Raj:dat’s great i vl too come..
Sanlak:no means no
Raj:ok..san u changed..u becm like lak..ok i vl leave i hv to go a client cm to meet me
Sanlak:ok go
Raj confused:i vl go..y r u both doing like this?
He leaves..

They too leaves

Cafe swpi r waiting..
Sanlak comes..lak gets mesmerised seeing swara
San:he points to swara..she is anamika
They goes to them
Sw:hi sanskaar ji
Piya audible to swara smilingly:yeh kuch zyada nahi ho raha dont act like di..it doesnt suit you

San to pia : v couldnt talk yesterday who r u?
Sw:she is my frnd!!piya
Lak:hii piya
Sw:who is this
San:my bhai laksh..actually there is a confusion
Sw:wat confusn
San:actually i didnt text u..its him
Swpi gets shocked
Sw:sanskar ur name rytee
San:s bt he used my name..
Piya silently laughs
Lak:so miss..ragini..
Sw was in her own thoughts..
Piya slightly beats her in elbow..
Sw:ha ha..ragini mein hi hoon
Lak audible to sanky
Lak:yeh pakka anamika bhi nahi hai..aur agini bhi
San:i think u r rytee

Raj comes to cafe wid client
He sees swpi with 2 boys..their back is faced to him..
C:raj..wr r u..cme
Raj:jst one min i vl..u order smething i vl come nw
Then he sees sanlak wid them
He gets shocked then sansakaar sees him
He gets shocked..
Swpilak didnt see him
San signal lak
Lak too gets shocked
Lak talks with sw pi..
San silently leaves..to raj

Raj(sarcastically):teacher!!rytee sanky
Swpi sees san is talking to someone..nw raj’s back is seen to themm
Sw:whom sanskar speaking to
Lak:a frnd
Sw likes lak company
And piya gets bored by their talks
Piya:swara chale..
Sw:ha then she bites her toungue

San:woh..humari frnds hai
Raj:swara aur piya tumhari frnds kab bani
San:swara aur piya

Sw:swara kaun swara..
Lak:piya called u swara ryte
Sw:no..she called me ragini..
Lak:no..i heard
Sw:ok bye..
Lak:wr r u going wait!


San:aur ragini
Raj:raagu..bhi aayi hai..kahan hai raagu..
San:who is d girl in salwar?
Raj:u r telling frnds..and u dont knw their name!
She is swara
San:oh swara
Raj:wr is ragini?
San:she didnt come..by the way hw do u kne them..
Raj:swarag hi meri behnen hai..
San:ok u go
Raj:wr..i want to meet them
San:no..u vl disturb our frndship(smirking)
San:go raj u goo
Raj goes

San:tho ragini..why she herself didnt come?
I vl get answers by this fake ragini and her friend

San goes to swalakpi

San:i want to show u an amazing placr vl u comr wid us
Sw:sure y not
Swpi leaves they r in frnt..
Sanlak in back
San:she is not ragini
Lak:she is swara rytee
San:hw u knw
Lak:its a long story..hw u knw
San:she is one of raj’s new sis..othet one is ragini
They both smirks

Sw:wr r u both lost??
Sanlak comming

They goes to hill…
Sw:y u brought us here
Lak:there is a spcl thing in this hill
San:if v scream your name ur original name comes in return
Swpi confused
Lak:u both scream na my name..plzz
Swpi confusef:ok..LAKKSHHHHH
Return voice:laksh laksh laksh
Swpi laughs :wats new in this?
Sanlak:v vl show u new in ur name RAGINI JJIIII
swpi r confused
Sanlak screams:SWARAAAA
Ret voice:swara swara swra
Swpi gets shocked
Sanlak:see we screamed RAGINI..bt in return SWARA
sw gets shocked
Sw:piya inhe kaise pata chala
Piya:mujhe kaise pata..!!
Sw:wat r u saying
Sanlak:that we must say..wat r u saying..
Sw:its late v shld go…
San:wait ragini jii..oh sorry swara jii kya bolu
Lak:yea..wat we shld cal u..
Pi:i must leave..bye swara
Sw:wr r u going..
Lak:wr r u going piya wait ..
San:yea u tell wat we shld cal her
Sw:only audible to pi..ab ek hi rastha bacha hai..
Sw:loudly bhaaaaggggg
They both runs
Sanlak burst into laughter..both highfies

Scene ends with laughing face of SANLAK and scared face of SWAPI


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