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I made Kavya positive and Laksh accept Kavya in the previous chapter.
Ragini- A Story (CH-8)

Scene starts after 6 yrs—
A mansion is shown. A lady is sleeping. She sees something in negatives.
She sees- She is sitting in a car, A lady is also sitting with her. Two men are sitting in front. One is driving the car. The four are talking and laughing. Just then the guy increases the speed of the car. The ladies ask him to slow down. He says that he can handel. They keep on talking. They see a truck coming and shouts.
Suddenly the lady wakes up with jerk. She is sweating like hell. She is none other then Ragini. She see besides the bed. She drinks water & sees the time. Its 6’o clock in the morning. She gets ready & goes to a room. She sees two kids sleeping peacefully. A smile comes on her face. She goes to them & wakes them lovingly.
Ragini- Ridhaan (6yrs) wake up beta & Riddhi (4yrs) wake up.
Ridhaan- 5 minutes mumma….
Riddhi- Haa mumma….
Ragini- No way, u guys will be late for school. (Ridhaan in class 1 & Riddhi in class prep)
She tickles them a little. They wake up & sit on the bed. But there eyes are still closed.
Ridhaan- Okay mumma, we are opening our eyes.
They both bro-sis open there eyes & finds Ragini standing with a smile.
Ridhaan & Riddhi- Good morning mumma… They go & hug her…
(This was there daily routine, they used to open eyes to see ragini with a smilling face. They says that seeing her face there whole day wld go happily.)
Ragini- Okay now u both go & do brush. Then i make u both get ready for school.
Just then Savitri dadi enters the room.
Savitri- ragini did ur naughty kids woke up.
Ridhaan & Riddhi- Good morning badi dadi….
Savitri- Good morning…..

And they went for brushing…..
Savitri- Ragini bete… Swara had called me, today is her son’s birthday na, so she has called all of us to MM.
Ragini (with anger)- U shld have declined her offer , dadi.
Dadi- But beta, its Sharad’s (SwaSan kid) birthday. She called so i could not decline her.
Ragini- But dadi…. just then,
Ridhhan- Mumma, its sharad birthday na, we will go na, i wanna meet mashi, mausha ji, nana, nani & all of them. Plz…. (he said making a puppy face)
Riddhi- Yes mumma…..
Ragini (gives a fake smile)- Okay fine, u both go with Badi dadi in the evening.
Riddhi- And mumma, u will not come.
Ragini- Woh…. Beta i have an important work, okay. Now go & get ready. Ridhaan first u go & bath & then i will make riddhi bath.
Ridhaan- Okay mumma…..
Dadi thinks — God, plz make everything fine…. And she goes from there.
Ragini makes Ridhaan & Riddhi ready. She to gets ready.
Ragini- u both go down i am coming.

They go. Ragini goes to her room & takes a gift out from cupboard. She thinks– I will give this to Sharad in school only. She to goes down.
Ridhaan & Riddhi very having breakfast.
Ridhaan- Mumma.. gift…..
Ragini- Yes, this is for Sharad, i will not be able to go in evening that’s why….
Ragini- Okay dadi, i am going to office, after droping them to school. U plz pick them up in afternoon & take them to MM in evening, i will be late.
Dadi- Okay beta…

Outside school–
Ragini & Kids are waiting for Sharad (5 yrs old). He arrives with Sanskaar & Swara. He sees Ragini. He goes to her.
Sharad- Mashi, how are u?
Ragini hugs him & says- I am fine beta, happy birthday. She gives him a gift.
Sharad- What mashi, u will not come to our home this year also. He make a sad face.
Swara & Sanskaar too comes there.
Ragini- Beta, i have important work, so i will not be able to come.
Swara- Ragini, how are u.
She does not reply. Swara feels bad.
Ragini- Okay , sharad.
Sharad- Okay, mashi.
Ragini- Fine , now u guys go to classes. They enter the school.
Swara- Ragini….. woh….
Ragini ignores her, sits in the car & goes away.
Swara gets teary eyes. Sanskaar consoles her……

Precap– What happened in these 6 yrs???? Stay tuned……

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