Ragini Her Life (Intro)

Ragini knows that laksh loves swara instead of her. She gets upset. A car hits her and she is joined in hospital. Sanskar truth is out. She decides to help sanskar..


Ragini calls swara and laksh to the cliff and handover one poison bottle to them. Ragini gets surprised to see that laksh was concerned for swara more than her.

When she threw the bottle in between both of them, Laksh is not reacted but, swara pics the bottle first..
She is about to drink, Laksh snatches it from her hand.
“I will drink poison swara because I can’t see you die.” He was much bothered that she will drink poison but that was not for ragini.

Ragini gets hurt with his that word.

“And what do you think? I can see you die?” Swara says, this shatters Ragini more.

“That means, laksh loves swara truly. Not her? Swara too loves laksh but she is not saying out. What use I come in between them more?”
Ragini thinks.

She laughs painfully, swa…Lak looks at Ragini.

“Swara and Laksh. That is not poison bottle. I was just acting.”

They both looks on.

Ragini in tears,

“Laksh i just called you here to get confirmed that at least you have love on me or not. But, you have proved me wrong again. You always loves swara, not me. Then what use of getting back of you always??”

“Ragini I’m sorry”

“There is no need of sorry Laksh. You made me mad for you. And finally betrayed me. It’s ok, i will slowly digest this fact.”

Ragini says and goes away in tears. Swara follows her. Laksh looks on.

Sanskar meets Ragini at temple.

“I’m not joining in your plan sanskar. We can understand each other pain. Bcz both pain r same. I don’t want laksh to suffer from that pain too. I can’t help you.” Ragini goes away.

Sanskar don’t understand what to do.

Ragini sits in her home and keeps crying bitterly looking at Laksh’s coat and watch.

Hello all,

Now tell me Which pair do you want.. raglak or rag with otherone.? It won’t be rag..san bcz, sanskar was main reason for change in ragini and in my case Ragini doesn’t deserve him.
Plz rag..san fans don’t be angry with my words.. i said what i felt.

  1. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear….loved it dearr….

  2. Nice yaar

  3. Ragini with other hero at that point of story I thought both laksh and Sanskar don’t deserve her

    1. I want raglak but before that I want to see ragini with someone else ( Karan teacher or parth) just to make him jealous ?

  4. Sindhura

    Then even Laksh won’t deserve her. So someone else for ragini

  5. nice…..ragini & karan tacker….

  6. Superb di…raglak plz

  7. I want Raglak only, But after a huge transformation in laksh

    1. I accept and want laksh should go through a lot .he should not get her love so easily like SR .

  8. awesome part update soon
    i wish it should be raglak but the way laksh loves swara makes me feel it will not look good making it raglak so its better making new pair who can give her happiness .even one more request dont show swa…………………………………….lak pair i dont need their love story

  9. Laashya

    I can’t imagine someone else in Laksh place in Ragini life so RAGLAK only

  10. Some other hero yaar pls but not laksh as he also doesnot deserve Ragini like sankar.pls other hero no laksh .

  11. Pls some other hero not laksh n sanskar but they should realize their mistake n Ragini deserves some other.

  12. Rag with other hero… No laksh pls

  13. Raglakkk only

  14. Hate Laksh but want raglak

  15. Raglak some jealous for laksh

  16. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it…i want raglak…but laksh should suffer to get ragu love….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

  17. Ragini with some1

  18. Ragini with parth

  19. Awesome

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