Raghav Tiwari gets injured while shooting for Hamariwali Good News

Hamariwali Good News fame actor Raghav Tiwari got injured on the sets of the show while shooting for a stunt scene. In a recent interview with BT, Raghav talked about it and shared, “Thankfully, I didn’t suffer from any serious injuries and I am currently shooting for my track. I got bruised on my back, knees and feet. The doctor said there isn’t much to worry about and that my injuries will heal soon.”

He admits guilty for enjoying doing action sequences and won’t hesitate to perform stunts again. He says, “I have always enjoyed doing stunts. In TV shows, very rarely do we get a chance to perform stunts, so when this opportunity came up, I just couldn’t say a no. I wanted to do it myself. I have been craving to be a part of some real action sequences for a while now and these small scenes on TV also make me happy.”

When asked how he got injured, Raghav says, “For the ongoing track, I had to do a scene in which I am fighting my ex-wife’s current husband. During the fight, I had to slip from the terrace and fall on the ground. I was tied on a harness while shooting. I had to fall to the ground from the terrace and when you see me on screen, I fell through a lot of wires, which gave me bruises on my body. I have a little pain in my knee and back. While doing it, I knew I could have hurt myself a little, but I didn’t mind that.”

Though the actor was offered a body double, he requested to do the scene himself. “The show’s makers did provide a body double because the stunt was risky. But I requested them to allow me to do the scene. As an actor, I’m always ready to take up such challenges. I’m living my dreams of doing action scenes and a lot more while shooting for this show,” he signs off.

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