RadhaKrishn 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bheem Kills Jarasand


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Jarasand orders Sishupal to not let junior brahmin/Krishna go anywhere, he will kill senior brahmin/Bheem first and then Sishupal can behead junior brahmin. Sishupal says he had doubt on junior brahmin from before. Bheem says he was waiting for this moment since long. Krishna asks him to just wait for 1 signal. Jarasand and Bheem’s fight starts. Bheem overpowers Jarasand at first. Jarasand says he underestimated brahmin and over powers him. Bheem overpowers him again. Jarasand gets gadha/mace and says it is allowed in fight. Bheem also gets gadha and defeats Jarasand. In temple, a citizen informs that here they started Krishna’s prayers, in palace a brahmin is fighting with Jarasand and looks like Jarasand will be defeat. Someone says it is impossible. Radha says why isn’t it possible, they saw Krishna today with their will power, which was impossible. Someone says Jarasand is immortal.

Bheem tears Jarasand into 2 pieces and throws them away. Jarasand laughs that he is immortal and reunites himself, reminiscing a female monster Jara reuniting 2 pieces of a baby and naming him Jarasand and making him immortal. Bheem thinks how is it possible and tears Jarasand again. Krishna thinks Bheem got busy in wrestling so much that he forgot his words. Jarasand pins Bheem and says he will die today. Bheem says if he cannot kill Jarasand, Krishna will. Jarasand asks where is Krishna. Bheem looks at Krishna. Krishna picks a stick and tearing it into 2 pieces and throws them in opposite direction. Jarasand seeing that shouts no.. Bheem tears him into 2 pieces and throws in opposite direction, killing him finally. Sishupal asks junior brahmin/Krishna who is he as he got Jarasand killed. Krishna warns him to dare not try to know who he is, else he himself will forget who he is; warns if he wants him to call his senior. Bheem angrily looks at Sishupal. Sishupal afraid walks away. After sometime, Krishna and Bheem get into their original avatar. Sishupal yells at Krishna. Krishna counts and says his days are nearing. Sishupal orders soldiers to kill Krishna and Bheem. Krishna says Bheem killed Jarasand and is the new king of Magadh. Soldiers say he is right. Bheem orders soldiers to throw Sishupal in jail. Krishna stops them and says Sishupal will die soon, so let him enjoy his days left. Sishupal says he will kill Krishna soon and walks away. Krishna says he will wait for that. He then orders Bheem to return to Indraprastha and help Yudistra in Rajasuya yagna, he will meet him directly there.

Krishna then meets citizens who chant Sri Krishna ki jai and thank him for getting rid off cruel king Jarasand. Krishna says selecting Jarasand as their king was their decision, they should choose their king carefully from hereon. They all chant Sri Krishna ki jai. Radha tells Krishna that everyone are praising him. He says according to him, they are praising them both. They both then spend quality time on swinger. Krishna says whenever he remembers her journey, he is proud of her thinking she learnt so much in such a short span. Radha says she learnt everything from him. She asks why did he tell Sishupal that he will give him chance to fight. Krishna says Indraprastha’s rajasuya yagna will start and it is a big event. Radha says then he should go, why didn’t he go with Bheem. Krishna says some journeys have to be taken alone. Radha asks to be specific. Krishna says Bheem will meet an important person in Kamayak van. Radha says its an asur land, whom Bheem will meet there. Krishna says a powerful monster Gathotchak who will never get tired even if he fights for ages. Radha asks who he is and why will Bheem meet him. Krishna says their meeting is important and very fierce. Radha asks what does he mean. Krishna says Jarasand was brought up by asur Jara, so asurs eager to kill Bheem; now Bheem has to fight a battle which he cannot win.

Precap: A lady asur tells someone killed Jarasand and they should submit his powerful blood to Mahamaya. Gatotkach gets ready to fight with Bheem.

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