RadhaKrishn 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun’s Divine Experience

RadhaKrishn 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun tells he understood that he has to fight against his dear ones for dharma, he also understood that nobody dies as soul is immortal, he understood that he has to follow dharma not bothering about karma. He asks why fate chose him to perform karma, why he is chosen as Hastinapur and Indraprastha’s Yuvraj, why he has to fight against Bhisma pitama and Guru Dronacharya. Krishna says because Arjun has feelings, his body is perishable, but his soul is forever; he is made of 5 elements which he didn’t brought himself. He continues his lengthy moral gyaan describing how a person tries to change elements for his benefits and will be unhappy for life. Arjun asks why he should understand all this. Krishna explains in detail.

He starts asur king Bali’s story and says Bali to keep his wife happy wanted to rule all 3 words and even Indra’s place. Guru Shukracharya informs Bali that his 100th yagna and after giving 3 charities, he will be first asur to take Indra’s place. Bali says charity is his favorite task and he will give whatever is asked. Krishna says Bali should have told he will try, but instead he told he will give. Indra walks in in Vaman/midget avatar and asks land worth 3 steps. Shukracharya warns Bali not to agree as its Indra’s conspiracy. Bali says he cannot back off from his promise. Indra dev conquers universe in 2 steps and Raja Bali asks to keep his third step on his head. Krishna says Bali was overconfident and took wrong oath. Arjun says he understood that his soul is immortal, he is made of 5 elements and he has to just perform his karma as he is not fighting with anyone. Krishna continues his moral gyaan satisfying Arjun’s mind. Arjun says he understood everything.

Arjun further asks he described many stories from different times, how does he know all this; world will ask how is Krishna know all this, etc. He kneels down and requests him to show his true form. Krishna says Arjun is right, he has to show how is he related to all these stories. He chants long Geeta Shlokas and show his Narayan’s avatar.

Precap: Krishna says he is the universe, he is start and he is end, he is Mahadev, Indra, Narayan, he is everything, he knows whole universe’s knowledge as he is knowlege, etc.

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