RadhaKrishn 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravan Kidnaps Sita

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RadhaKrishn 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ravan kidnaps Sita to take revenge from Ram and Lakshman for insulting Shurpanakha. Sita calls Ram and Lakshman for help. Ram returns to hut and finds Sita missing. Radha says Ram and Sita’s love for each other is very special. Ayan says story was very nice, they should go home as its late night. Radha asks Nand and Ugrapath to think about her story tonight. They all walk away while Krishna smiles looking at her.

Kans seeing Akroor returning asks if Mahamaya succeeded. Akroor asks Kans not to mess with Krishna as he is very divine. Kans shouts he is more powerful than Krishna and he will find out how Mahamaya failed.

Balram tells Krishna that today it looked as if he was speaking via Radha’s mouth. Krishna says Radha and Krishna are same, now Radha has to reunite Barsana

people and free Krishna from his problem. Balram asks being in human form, how can Radha reach her truth. Krishna says as a human, she has to reach her destiny alone and they both cannot help her. Balram asks how is it possible. Krishna says Radha has to sail through alone and tomorrow is asthami which is a day of sacrifice and it is most important for Radha.

Mahamaya meets Kans and asks how can Krishna not fall into her prey. Kans says it is possible and she has to defeat Krishna, else a cowherd will win over her and then nobody will pray her. Mahamaya gives him a weapon and says with his all Barsana women will be hypnotized and he has to use it once carefully. Kans thinks he will use it carefully and then even tridev cannot help Krishna.

Radha sees Vrishbhan returning and speaking to Nand and Ugrapath. Vrishbhan says like Sri Ram, they have to help their women. Nand says he is right. Ayan says if they support their women, they have to bear Kans’ wrath. Nand says they cannot be so senseless and should help their women. Radha thinks she needs to find out who Krishna really is. Kans on the other side orders Akroor to use Mahamaya’s weapon and bring Krishna to him.

Radha gathers Barsana people, and Krishna describes today’s importance describes the value of love in their life. Ayan shouts there is no need for his gyaan. Radha says they can hear Ram and Sita’s love story instead. Ayan says there is no need for that. Balram asks what problem he has, Nand is sahayak/interim mukhiya and should decide. Nand asks Radha to continue her story. Radha continues that after Ravan kidnaps Radha, Ram shatters and with Lakshman searches Radha all around the jungle. Sita warns Ravan that Ram will reach her soon and will get her freed.

Precap: Ravan tells Sita that he wants to marry her.
Sita says Ram will kill him before that. Hanuman meets Ram. Balram seeing Mahamaya’s weapon in Akroor’s hand says if this is used, it will create disaaster. Krishna says lady of love Radha will fail this weapon.

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