RadhaKrishn 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Rescues Radha From Kans’ Soldiers

RadhaKrishn 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kans’ soldiers run towards Radha to catch her. Radha calls her friends for help. Krishna holds her and runs. They stop far away. Radha scolds Krishna why he informed soldiers that she is selling Barsana pots. Krishna smiles and says he just helped her. She continues and asks who asked him to help her. He asks her to think again. She says she does not need his help. Soldiers enter and walk towards her. Krishna asks Radha if she does not need his help even now?

Vrishbhan and his friend reach market and ask someone if they saw 3 potter girls. Man asks if he is asking about 3 girls from Barsana, they provoked Kans’ soldiers who ran behind them to catch them. Vrishbhan gets tensed for Radha. Radha’s friends rush back home and inform Kirtida how they revealed customer

by mistake that pots are from Barsana, customers denied to go against Kans, Kans’ solders running behind Radha, etc…Kirtida gets worried for Radha. Her sister consoles her not to worry, Radha will be fine.

Radha hides behind Krishna when Kans’ soldiers head towards her. Krishna asks if she does not need help even now. She agrees. He snaps fingers, and she stands freeze. He tells soldiers they must be searching for Kans’ end, his nephew, he is knows who he is. Soldier asks who is it. Krishna says he is from Gokul, Nand and Devaki’s son, Krisha/Kanha, and he is Kanha. They all laugh that he cannot touch confront soldiers, how will he confront king Kans. Krishna smiles. Soldiers attack him. He just touches them and they fly in sky and fall in front of Kans injured. Kans asks who are attacked them. They say Kans’ end/kaal, Nand’s son from Gokul, Krishna. Kans fumes in anger and says his enemy is in Gokul then.

Krishna walks towards Radha next. Radhakrishn…song..plays in the background. Krishna disappears. Radha gets back to normal and thinks where are soldiers and where is that young man. She walks toward home confused. Krishna is seen sitting on wall smiling. Radha reaches hoe and sees everyone’s attention on someone. She walks in further and sees Krishna enjoying laddus sitting on swinger. Kirtida relaxes seeing Radha and asks where was she, good this young boy saved her. Krishna describes how he saved Radha from Kans’ soldiers. Radha angrily says wrong, he did not save her. Krishna says she cannot describe what happened. Radha warns to shut up and describes how Kans’ soldiers followed her and she reached a place, then… Krishna says she cannot describe anything further..

Krishna then describes beauty of flowers and plants and beauty of heart and says Radha did not identify her as her body forgot him, but if one can see by heart, they can identify anyone, Radha will identify her by heart soon..

Precap: Brishbhan asks Krishna who is he. Krishna says he is one after seeing whom Radha opened her eyes, he is Nand’s son Krishna. Radha realizes he is the one who plays bansuri/flute and troubles her, she will not spare him today. She with her friends surrounds Krishna.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Why no monday update???? 😢😢

  2. Swetalina Priyadarshini

    The description of krishna, how he saved Radha frm Kans’s soldiers is really too funny. 😀

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